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fection of that facrifice which he offered up to the Father ; together with his ability and willingness “ to save to the uttermost “ all that come unto God by him?" Animated by these spiritual discoveries of the Saviour, encouraged by his kind invitation to come to him, and constrained by the Father's command to believe on his name, did you humbly and thankfully receive him as the “ unspeakable gift” of God to men ? saying with the Apostle Paul, • What things were gain to me, those I « counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, “ and I count all things but loss for the «

excellency of the knowledge of Christ

Jesus my Lord: And do count them « but dung, that I may win Christ, and “ be found in him, not having mine own « righteousness, which is of the law, but " that which is by the faith of Christ, “ the righteousness which is of God by 56 faith.” Was this acceptance entire and unreserved; did your heart confent that he should be made of God unto you, wisdom, and righteousness, and fanctification, and redemption; your prophet to in- .


66 The

struct you,

and your king to rule over you, as well as your priest to justify you by his blood ?-Have you relished, or do

you now relith, the sweetness of his grace ?--Above all, let me ask you, have you felt its power and influence upon your temper and practice? The grace of the gospel is not only the parent


peace and joy, but an effectual principle of holiness in all who partake of it. This was the doctrine which Paul delivered to. Titus, Tit. ii. 11. et seq.

grace of God which bringeth falvation, “ teacheth us, that denying ungodliness, " and worldly lusts, we should live fober

ly, and righteously, and godly, in this present world.”

This is not only the most satisfying evidence, that we know the grace of our Lord Jesus Chrift; but fo effential an evidence, that where it is wanting, I can read of nothing in the whole book of God to supply the defect, or that can be substituted in the place of it. I. read of a dead faith,—a presumptuous hope, a false peace,--and a name to live; but all these are refuges of lies, which ere long shall be “ swept” away " with the besom




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a of destruction." Whereas the true faith of the gofpel is every where represented,

working by love," and " overcoming « the world."The hope of the gospel incites all who are poffelled of it, “ purify themselves, even as he" whom they hope to enjoy “is pure.”

--" The peace of God which palleth all understanding, keeps," or guards, the heart “ and mind," and fortifies the believer against the fierce assaults of his spiritual enemies. And it is the distinguishing privilege of those who " are not under the “ law, but under grace ;" that “ fin shall *t not have dominion over them : They * have put off the old man with his deeds, 6 and have put on the new man, which is after God is created in righteousness and

true holiness.” They show, that they live in the Spirit, by walking in the Spirit ; and give proof that they are “ rifen with « Christ,” and “ know him in the power “ of his resurrection," by “ seeking those " things which are above, where Christ “ fitteth at the right hand of God." These äre the words of truth: they are pure



words, like filver tried in a furnace of earth, and purified seven times.

And they are written in such capital letters, and expref. fed with such plainness and precision, that no sophistry can either darken their meaning or impair their force; unless it be to those unstable fouls who are

ever learn« ing, but never able to come to the know« ledge of the truth ;" “ who like children

tofled to and fro, and carried about “ with every wind of doctrine, by the flight “ of men and cunning craftiness, whereby

they lie in wait to deceive." I therefore repeat upon this occasion, what I have often inculcated, and the Scriptures of truth uniformly teach, that the gospel-salvation is a present salvation; and that the Lord Jesus Christ is not only a deliverer from “ wrath “ to come," but that, in the mean time, he faves all who trust in him, from that sin which renders thein obnoxious to wrath; first, by expiating the guilt of it by his death, and next, by breaking the power of it in their hearts, through the operation of that Spirit which is the seal of their adop

tion, tion, the earnest and first-fruits of their future inheritance.

These are the particulars - upon which I would have you to examine yourselves impartially, as those who expect a judgement

Some of them are so effential to the character of a Christian, that every one who truly believeth in Christ, must have a consciousness of them in his own mind; for none was ever born into the family of God, without such a conviction of guilt, pollution, and weakness, as rendered the Redeemer both necessary and precious in his esteem. And though the enlightened mind will discover much imperfection, and many humbling blemishes, even in the fairest of those fruits which are the product of true and saving faith ; yet (unless it be in those who are but newly entered into the school of Christ) the effects of his teaching, must, in some degree, appear in such gracious fruits as I just now mentioned. And I should betray the trust committed to me, and reproach that grace I profess. to magnify, if I encouraged any to conclude,

to come.


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