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fpeak of him occasionally; we ought of fet purpose to unfold the scripture doctrines concerning him, that men may be acquainted both with -- his person and undertaking, and have clear and enlarged views of that glorious Deliverer, to whom they are indebted for all that they possess in a present world, and for all they hope to enjoy in the next. In particular, we ought frequently to remind our hearers, that he who came to seek and to save lost finners of mankind, is “ the beloved and

only begotten son of God,”—“the bright“ ness of the Father's glory, and the express “ image of his person;"_" that Word which “ in the beginning was with God, and was “ God, by whom all things were made, 6 and without whom was not any thing “ made that is made :" That in order to purchase redemption for us, he condefcended to become the Son of man; or, in the emphatical language of the Holy Spirit, that “ the Word was made flesh," and afsumed our nature into a personal union with his own divinity: That this incarnate Word, or God manifested in the flesh,



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after he had published a most pure and perfect law, and exhibited an example of equal and as absolute perfection, at length laid down his life as a true and proper sacrifice, to satisfy the justice of God, and to expiate the guilt of an elect world : That having thus made his foul an offering for fin, he soon after triumphed over death, and him that had the power of death, by rising from che grave, and afeending to his Father's right hand, where he now fitteth as priest upon his throne, interceding for his people, and dispensing those gifts which he purchased with his blood ; from whence he shall come again in the character of judge taking vengeance upon them that obcy not his gospel, “ to be glorified and " adınired in those that believe,” and to complete the consolation and joy of his faints. These important truths ought to be fully explained and repeatedly insisted upon :

" For this is life eternal, to know " the only true God, and Jesus Christ, es whom he hath fent." The natures and offices of our great Redeemer, the glory of his Goducad, the merit of his blood, and


the efficacy of his Spirit; the constitution of that covenant whereof he is mediator, with all the promises thereof, which are exceeding great and precious; and especially the way or manner in which guilty polluted.creatures are vitally united to this allfufficient Saviour, who, “ of God, is made “ unto them wisdom, and righteousness, and

sanctification, and redemption :” These, and other doctrines connected with them, are as necessary to the souls of men, nay infinitely more so, than food is to their bodies. Other things perhaps are desirable to be known; but these must be known, or people are undone for ever : and therefore none can be said to preach Christ who overlook these important, these essential truths, or treat them in a careless fuperficial manner.

2dly, To preach Christ Jesus the Lord, is to handle

every other subject of discourse in such a way as to keep Christ continually in the eye of our hearers.-We must acknowledge him as the author of the truths we deliver, and improve them fo as to lead men to him. It is not sufficient VOL. II, F


that we publish the laws of Christ, unless we publish them as his laws, and press obedience to them by those motives and arguments which are peculiar to his gospel, In recommending the great duties of morality, we should represent them as the genuine effects and proper evidences of faith in Christ, and love to God; directing our bearers at thc same time to the Spirit of Christ for assistance, and to his merit for the acceptance of all their services : and, after all, we should remind them, that as they are at best “ unprofitable servants," instead of depending upon any thing done by them, as the ground of their justification, in whole or in part, they must renounce all confidence in the flesh, and seek to be found in Christ alone ; “ not having their

own righteousness, but that which is “ through the faith of Christ, even the righ“ teousness which is of God by faith.”

These are not trivial circumstances, as some represent them to be: on the contrary, they are essential to the right preaching of Christ; and if they be omitted, I can easily conceive it possible for a minister to preach all his life long upon the moral


precepts of Christianity, without any other effect, than to lead his people away from the Saviour, and to carry them hood-winked into everlasting perdition. The apostles of our Lord, and they furely are the best and most approved patterns for our imitation, introduced, upon all occasions, the peculiar doctrines of Christianity, both into their discourses and epistles ; and never failed to press the duties they enjoined by those regards which are due to Christ himself. Thus, humility and self-denial are recommended by the lowliness and patience of Christ: Chastity is enforced by this confideration,

" that our bodies are the mem" bers of Christ, and the temples of his “ Spirit.” . We are exhorted to abound in alms-deeds, “ because Christ for our fakes " became poor," and in testimony of our thankfulness to God “ for his unspeakable “ gift.” Husbands are charged to love their wives,

" as Christ loved his church :" and servants are commanded to be faithful and diligent, " that they may adorn the « doctrine of God their Saviour.” In short, Christ is so deeply engraved upon every

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