Literature in New South Wales

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T. Richards, Government printer, 1866 - 197 pagine
"To trace the growth of letters in this community, from the earliest period of our history to the present time, and to shew in what manner that growth has been influenced by the productions of the Mother Contry."--P. [1]

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Pagina 11 - And indeed a child of the public he is in all respects ; for while so well able to direct others, how incapable is he frequently found of guiding himself ! His simplicity exposes him to all the insidious approaches of cunning ; his sensibility to the slightest invasions of contempt. Though possessed of fortitude to Stand unmoved the expected bursts of an earthquake, yet of feelings so exquisitely poignant as to agonize under the slightest disappointment.
Pagina 167 - These two are so closely allied that it is doubtful whether they might not be considered varieties. CALLA NITIDA.— WJ Foliis ovato-lanceolatis acuminatis, scapis compressis foliis brevioribus, baccis monospermis. Found at Pulo Pinang. This is a large subcaulescent species ; the leaves are from a foot to a foot and a half in length, ovate lanceolate, acuminate, very entire, very smooth, with numerous parallel nerves proceeding from a middle rib.
Pagina 131 - is a memorable day in the history of New South Wales. I shall be a baronet, you will be knighted, and my old horse will be stuffed, put into a glass-case, and sent to the British Museum!
Pagina 143 - Gasparin in a speech which, as relating to a development of one branch of the economy of the institution so important in its results that it may claim to be regarded as the commencement of a new era in the history of the colony, we feel ourselves justified in quoting at length : In calling the institution, which it had founded at Mettray, an agricultural colony, the Societe Paternelle incurred a very serious obligation toward the public.
Pagina 100 - The | Lusiad | of | Luis de Camoens, | closely translated. ' With a portrait of the Poet, A Compendium of his Life, | an Index to the principal Passages of his Poem, | a View of the " Fountain of Tears," [ and marginal and annexed notes, | original and select.
Pagina 182 - ... certainly ; but did we not swear, both together, that not a hair of her head should be hurt? And when, flattered by our involuntary devotion, she departed with a healthy, lively step, shewing her small smooth ancles, and now and then turning her profile to us, and laughing as before, — did we not, dashing blades as we thought ourselves, snuffle and blow our noses, and shake hands without the least motive, like two fools? And afterwards, notwithstanding that gratuitous fit of friendship, did...
Pagina 18 - The utility of a paper in the colony, as it must open a source of solid information, will, we hope, be universally felt and acknowledged. We have courted the assistance of the ingenious and intelligent — we open no channel to political discussion or personal animadversion.
Pagina 91 - Shuts too on early evening's hour, Soon as the sun has lost its power, Like a fairy's parasol (If fairies walk by day at all); Or, it may quicker gain belief To call it her silk neckerchief, Dropt before she blest the place With her last night's dancing grace: For surely fairies haunt a land Where they may have the free command Of beetles, flowers, butterflies, Of such enchanting tints and dyes: Not beetles black (forbidden things), But beetles of enamell'd wings, Or rather coats of armour, bossed,...
Pagina 27 - The adversity of the past year was, of course, felt by the Press as well as by other interests. To four of our contemporaries, indeed, it proved fatal. The Free Press and Examiner, after a very brief, but noisy career, gave up the ghost. The Monitor, having lost the master hand which had from the first guided its affairs, had reached the respectable age of sixteen years when it, too, slept the sleep of death; and even the poor old Sydney Gazette...
Pagina 89 - FROM distant climes, o'er wide-spread seas we come, Though not with much eclat, or beat of drum; True patriots all, for, be it understood, We left our country for our country's good...

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