American Education, Volume 10

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New York Education Company, 1906

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Pagina 32 - The year's at the spring And day's at the morn; Morning's at seven; The hillside's dew-pearled; The lark's on the wing; The snail's on the thorn; God's in his heaven— All's right with the world.
Pagina 332 - GRADE Robert of Lincoln is gaily dressed, Wearing a bright, black wedding coat; White are his shoulders and white his crest; Hear him call in his merry note: "Bob-o-link! Bob-o-link! Spink, spank, spink!" Look, what a nice new coat is mine; Sure there was never a bird so fine. Chee, chee,. chee.
Pagina 13 - The Wind ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds about the sKy; And all around I heard you pass, Like ladies' skirts across the grass— O wind, a-blowing all day long, O wind, that sings so loud a song! I saw the different things you did, But always you yourself
Pagina 647 - the soul by tender strokes of art, To raise the genius and to mend the heart, To make mankind in conscious virtue bol'd, Live o'er each scene, and be what they behold; For this the tragic muse first trod the stage, Commanding tears to stream through every age.
Pagina 521 - Dreams, books, are each a world; and books we know, Are a substantial world, both pure and good; Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood, Our pastime and our happiness will grow.
Pagina 327 - We get no good By being ungenerous, even to a book, And calculating profits ... so much help By so much reading. It is rather when We gloriously forget ourselves, and plunge Soul-forward, headlong, into a book's profound, Impassioned for its beauty and salt of truth— 'Tis then we get the right good from a book.
Pagina 51 - The Rich Beauty of Helping a Child "He who helps a child helps humanity with a distinctness, with an immediateness which no other help given to human creatures in any other stage of their human life can possibly give again. He who puts his blessed influence into a river blesses the land through which that
Pagina 24 - of mine a-boating— Where will all come home? On goes the river And out past the mill, Away down the valley, Away down the hill. Away down the river, A hundred miles or more, Other little children Shall bring my boats ashore.
Pagina 66 - He entered the house, which, to tell the truth, Dame Van Winkle had always kept in neat order. It was empty, forlorn, and apparently abandoned. This desolateness overcame all his connubial fears—he called loudly for his
Pagina 283 - complex sentence: The evening was far advanced. The squire would not permit us to change our traveling dresses. He ushered us at once to the company. The company was assembled in a hall. The hall was large and oldfashioned. 5. Correct the following sentences and give the reason for each correction:

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