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peace: for had the war continued, our present heavy burdens would have been made vastly heavier; therefore, silence your murmurings, and join with me in praising the Lord.

I would now then proceed to make some further improvement of the subject.

1. You may learn from hence, that the Lord is awfully holy in hating, and impartially just in punishing, sin: yet is be good, and ready to forgive, and plenteous in mercy to all them who penitently and heartily call upon him. Tremble then, stout-hearted sinner: that God whose law thou hast broken, whose gospel thou hast neglected, whose grace thou despisest, and whose justice thou defiest, is a consuming tire, a jealous God, vengeance belongs unto him, and he will repay. He whose justice and power bring nations so low for iniquity, can easily, and will certainly, bring thee low, even into hell, except thou repent, and believe the gospel.

Be'encouraged, poor trembling sinner: fear not to call upon this gracious God: return to him in his appointed way, who now kindly invites thee; and never did tender parent more cordially and affectionately receive a returning prodigal, than God will welcome thee.

2. You see that this harmony of perfect justice and holiness, with rich and plenteous mercy, which is the perfection of beauty, the loveliness of God, doth require the interposition of the divine Medi

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ator, and the infinitely valuable satisfaction of his death; otherwise, every exertion of pardoning mercy and love to sinners, would imply a defect of justice, and imperfection of holiness. It is only in the person of Jesus, Emmanuel, that this harmonious glory of God can be seen. In him the law is magnified, justice satisfied, holiness manifested, and mercy exercised, and God appears a just God and a Saviour. Through this Mediator, God dwelling in human nature, even sinful nations are dealt with in mercy. And, poor sinner, if thou receive not CHRIST and his atonement, if thou come not into the presence of God, through the intercession of his Son, thy dependence on God's mercy, but not in his way, will be found unwarranted presumption. God will not dishonour himself by being unjustly merciful to please a rebel. Come then, but remember Christ saith, “ I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no “ man cometh to the Father, but by me.”

3. T'ear no enemies to our national prosperity but iniquity. God spares us a little longer. If reformation take place we shall be preserved, otherwise our doom is not far off. Seek, then, by prayer, each of you, for mercy and grace, through the intercession of Jesus, and thus aim at personal reformation. Repent, and bring forth fruits meet for repentance. Use your influence and authority in your families, connexions, and dependences, to promote their reformation : pray for those you

cannot influence : it is the duty you owe to your country ; it is the duty the occasion calls for.Suffer then the word of exhortation.-As you value your national security and prosperity, as you value your precious souls, be not slothful in this work. Were all, were half, were a tenth, thus minded, glorious effects would follow.-Despise not the day of small things ; yield not to discouragement: arise and be doing, and the LORD will be with you.

4. Did you sigh, and mourn, and pray sincerely, during the late calamities? And hath GOD heard your prayers ? Then be sure you thank him for it; and admire his condescension that he vould notice your poor defective prayers. Forget not to pay the vows you made unto him in the day of your distress ; but especially take courage to pray more abundantly for the time to come. Many are tempted to neglect the blessed duty of intercession almost entirely ; our prayers, say they, are so weak, we scarcely know how to pray for ourselves ; it seems presumption to think our prayers can do any good. One soldier indeed is a fee. ble defence to the nation ; but large armies consist of single soldiers : should each forsake his post, because his single help is inconsiderable, we must fall a prey to our enemies; but when each preserves and maintains his post, we are well protected. Our weapons, my fellow-soldiers, are earnest prayers : that christian who helps not the cause of

his church and nation against their enemies by his prayers, deserts his post, and leaves, for his part, the coast defenceless. One has as good a right and reason to desert his post as another: it all desert, if none remain to make intercession, we are defenceless indeed. But if each christian abounds in this duty, our cause shall certainly prosper. Pray then, my brethren, each of you, under this persuasion, that you are one of a numerous army of supplicants dispersed all over the land ; and uni

tedly intreat the LORD to preserve peace, to re, vive religion, to reform our manners. Intreat him

to bless your king and his family, with all the blessings of time and eternity; and to continue his descendants a blessing to these lands for generations to come. Intreat the Lord to impart his grace to our princes and nobles, that they may improve their greatness, wealth, and influence, to promote and adorn true religion. Pray that magistrates may be indeed “ for a terror to evil doers, "and for the praise of them that do well:” that ministers of the gospel may be endowed with knowledge and wisdom, judgment and experience, bold, ness and faithfulness, humility and holiness, zeal and love. Did you pray more for us, we should live more holy lives, preach more powerfully, and be blessed more abundantly with extensive useful. ness, Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth labourers into his harvest: pray for the conversion

of wicked clergymen, those blind leaders of the blind : pray for the rising generation of ministers, that they may be furnished and prepared for the work and charge, that is about to devolve on them: pray for the places of education of our youth, publick and private; that men may thence come forth qualified, and disposed to serve God in church and state; and that the rising generation may be trained up to godliness and honesty : pray that bigotry, superstition, error, and real enthusiasm, may cease; that offences and divisions may be prevented ; that all true christians may love one another with a pure heart, fervently; may adorn the gospel by exemplary lives; be filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory; and strive together for the faith of the gospel. Pray for your children, relations, neighbours, benefactors, and enemies, be sure not to forget them. Pray for the spread of the gospel, the fall of antichrist, the calling of the Gentiles, the conversion of the Jews, and the universal prevalence of true religion, Finally, my brethren, pray for the unworthy author of this exhortation, that both by his life and doctrine he may set forth the true and lively word of God, and when death comes, may be found so doing.

5. Perhaps, at the time alluded to, you did not heartily pray, but have since been taught to pray: well then, you have double cause for thankfulness:


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