Managing for Accountability: Preserving the Public Trust in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

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Wiley, 15 mar 1996 - 255 pagine
The high-rish investment of public funds by an Orange County official, the United Way fiasco, and the fraudulent investment scheme of the Foundation for a New Era Philanthropy—these are just a few examples of headline-making scandals involving public and nonprofit organizations. The question is "Who's in charge?" To restore trust, public and nonprofit leaders must act responsibly and make accountability a strategic priority. This book helps identify the strategic issues related to accountability and outlines effective tools and methods for implementing standards of responsibility and accountability. Managing for Accountability shows how to take a proactive approach to accountability and offers a range of practical, proven strategic management approaches, advice on implementing strategic tools, illustrative examples, useful checklists, and diagnostic tools. The author explains how to conduct an accountability audit that focuses on internal strengths and weaknesses, demonstrating how to set in motion targeted systems that will ensure that public and nonprofit organizations meet the expectations of the public. The book cites numerous examples of organizational successes and failures, including a pointed examination of the Orange County bankruptcy scandal—an analysis that clearly illustrates the benefits and risks of entrepreneurial public management. In addition, the book discusses ways organizations can foster a culture of accountability using leadership strategies and the proven technique of employee empowerment. Managing for Accountability is an invaluable guide for organizations struggling with issues of accountability and for managers who want to maintain their outstanding record in serving the public trust.

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Tools for Managing Accountability
Case Studies of Accountability Challenges
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KEVIN P. KEARNS is associate professor and associate dean of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Puttsburgh. He is also director of the certificate program in nonprofit management at that school.

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