Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends

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Simon and Schuster, 15 giu 2010 - 256 pagine
These stories offer us an introduction to the complex oral traditions of the varied civilizations of one of the world's most fascinating regions.

Exotic, clever, and poignant, Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends invites you into a magically distinctive world. Originating from the far corners of the globe—China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia—these tales teach us about morality and mysticism in enchanting ways. Organized by universal folkloric themes, Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends features animal stories, tales of magical skill, explanations of how things came to be the way they are, delightful depictions of the clever and the foolish, ghosts and supernatural beings, and legends about heroes and gods. From "The Supernatural Crossbow," a Vietnamese tale, to the Malaysian story of "The Man in the Moon," each piece in this collection explores a self-contained, dreamlike universe that both delights and transports the reader. Shaped by the geographical and cultural influences of a people, these stories offer us an introduction to the complex oral traditions of the varied civilizations of one of the world's most fascinating regions.

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Asian-Pacific folktales and legends

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The 65 myths and folktales in this volume are gathered from the rich heritage of legends in eight East and Southeast Asian countries, with the largest number of stories coming from China (17). The ... Leggi recensione completa


Introduction How Things Came to
Pan Gu Nuwa and Gonggong China 16
The Sun and the Moon Korea 18
The SaltGrinding Millstones Japan 23
The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac China 27
HalfChild Indonesia 31
How the Tiger Got His Stripes Vietnam 32
The Mosquito Vietnam 35
UmpongUmpong and Babakud Malaysia 128
Planting Pears China 132
The Magic Cap Korea 133
The WonderTree Indonesia 136
Serungal Malaysia 137
The Dog and the Cat Korea 139
The Man in the Moon Malaysia 143
The Story of Tam and Cam Vietnam 146

The DaTrang Crabs Vietnam 37
Animal Tales
MouseDeer Tales Indonesia 49
Three Fox Stories Japan 53
The Jellyfish and the Monkey Japan 56
The Crackling Mountain Japan 58
The Miraculous Teakettle Japan 60
The Turtle and the Monkey Philippines 61
The Mouse Lord Chooses a Bridegroom Japan 66
The Old Tiger and the Hare Korea 68
The Locust the Ant and the Kingfisher Korea 71
Myths and Legends 18 Archer Hou Yi and ChangO China 76
The Herdsboy and the Weaving Maid China 78
The Sea Palace Japan 81
Momotaro the Peach Boy Japan 84
Kaguya Himé Japan 88
The Ballad of Mulan China 95
The Supernatural Crossbow Vietnam 98
Rajah Solimans Daughter Philippines 104
Magic Gifts
The Tokkaebis Club Korea 112
Ma Liang and His Magic Brush China 117
The Tonguecut Sparrow Japan 123
Little One Inch Japan 126
Ghosts Dreams and the Supernatural 38 The Onis Laughter Japan 158
The Vampire Cat Japan 162
The Painted Skin China 166
The Man Who Sold a Ghost China 171
The Legend of Arang Korea 173
The Centipede Girl Korea 176
The Crane Wife Japan 181
The Lizard Husband Indonesia 184
The Wolf Dream China 188
Escaping from the Ogre Indonesia 192
The Pedlars Son China 195
The Story of Nai Prasop Thailand 201
The Dream at Nam Kha Vietnam 206
The Glass Stopper Thailand 212
The River Gods Wife China 217
Of Course China 220
King Bato and Asin Philippines 223
S5 Ooka the Wise Japan 225
Wise Magistrates China 234
Poisonous Persimmons Korea 236
Shade Selling Korea 237
Ah Jins Unlucky Words China 240
The Foolish Soninlaw China 244

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