A Provincial Glossary: With a Collection of Local Proverbs, and Popular Superstitions

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Edward Jeffery, 1811 - 304 pagine
This volume is a provincial glossary containing a collection of local proverbs and popular superstitions.

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Pagina 186 - I am an old man, sir,' quoth he, 'and I may remember the building of Tenterton steeple; and I may remember when there was no steeple at all there. And before that...
Pagina 267 - Any one that shall use, practise, or exercise ' any invocation or conjuration of any evill or f wicked spirit, or consult, covenant with, enter' taine or employ, feede or reward, any evill or * wicked spirit, to or for any intent or purpose...
Pagina 181 - A Knight of Cales, A Gentleman of Wales, And a Laird of the North Countree ; A Yeoman of Kent, With his yearly rent. Will buy them out all three...
Pagina 267 - ... charm, or sorcery, whereby any person shall be killed, destroyed, wasted, consumed, pined, or lamed in his or her body, or any part thereof...
Pagina 251 - ... it vanishes away, frequently in a flash of light ; in which case, some ghosts have been so considerate as to desire the party to whom they appeared to shut their eyes : - sometimes its departure is attended with delightful music. During the narration of its business, a ghost must by no means be interrupted by questions of any kind ; so doing is extremely dangerous : if any doubts arise, they must be stated after the spirit has done its tale. Questions respecting its state, or the state of any...
Pagina 297 - Hence, perhaps, exclusive of the additional labour, was occasioned the high price demanded for tolling the greatest bell of the church, for, that being louder, the evil spirits must go farther off to be clear of the sound, by which the poor soul got so much more the start of them ; besides, being heard farther off, it would likewise procure the dying man a greater number of prayers.
Pagina 301 - Toppinge there is a well dedicated to St. Oswald. The neighbours have an opinion that a shirt or shift taken off a sick person and thrown into that well, will show whether the person will recover or die ; for if it floated it denoted the recovery of the party ; if it sunk, there remained no hope of their life : and to reward the Saint for his intelligence, they tear off a rag of the shirt, and leave it hanging on the briars thereabouts; where," says the writer," I have seen such numbers as might...
Pagina 286 - This knot I knit, To know the thing I know not yet, That I may see The man that shall my husband be : How he goes, and what he wears, And what he does all days and years.
Pagina iii - The utility of a Provincial Glossary to all persons desirous of understanding our ancient Poets is so universally acknowledged, that to enter into a proof of it would be entirely a work of supererogation. Grose and Pegge are constantly referred to in Todd's

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