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may find mention of the lecturing-tour Sugar plantation on the Mississippi, of General and Mrs. Gaines. They de

15 miles above New Orleans..... $12,000

Two cotton plantations on the Mislivered, in company, a series of lectures,

sissippi, 60 miles above New Orupon subjects which would seem to be


60,000 strangely dissimilar. The General had Lands bought of W. Simpson, on the a new Plan of National Defence; his Mississippi River, 80 miles above wife descanted upon the Horrors of

New Orleans...

20,000 War. In Wilmington, they thus jointly Lots in New Orleans, bought in 1862,

of Judge Polot....

80,000 took up an evening in the old Town

A square bounded by Gravier st., in Hall, appearing before a large audience, New Orleans, bought in 1813..... 80,000 and devoting the proceeds to rebuild Lands on Bayou Tèche....

30,000 the burned St. Andrew's Church,

Lands on Bayou Lafourche..

30,000 The General died in 1849. Once

Lands on Aux de Plaquemine...... 10,000

Teo thousand acres of cotton land on wore alone, his widow has still fought

Bayou Bæuf...

500,000 the battle with unwearied energy. The Seven thousand acres of land on fortune left her has been long since ex- Nezipique River......

50,000 hausted. Thousands upon thousands

One hundred and ten thousand acres of dollars have been advanced, to be

of land on Amitie and Conetie repaid when she gained her property. Eighty thousand acres of cypress

Rivers, and East Baton Rouge.... 1,000,000 It is perfectly safe to say that the ex

swamp, near Ouachita River...... 29,000 penditures in this suit have reached Three lots on Gentilly road, three into millions.

miles from New Orleans....

20,000 So violent was the antagonism to her

Debt due from Chew & Relf to Mr.

Clark, at his death.... in New Orleans, that her life there has


List of debts due to Mr. Clark, filed been than once endangered. by Chew & Relf...

100,000 Pistol-shots have been directed at her, List of debts due to Mr. Clark, filed and once a bullet passed through her by Chew & Relf......

98,000 bonnet.

Debts (mortgages) released and disTo-day, Mrs. Gaines is doubtless the

charged by Chew & Relf.......

80,000 wealthiest woman in America. The Total......

.$5,009,000 true value of the property adjudged to For all this property the counterher cannot be accurately estimated. It claimants doubtless number thousands. embraces some of the most improved Minute legal investigations and suits at portions of New Orleans, dwellings, law can alone ascertain them all. stores, warehouses, public buildings.

Is it not, then, truly a "most remarkA schedule, filed in 1839, shows a

case ?

Can ingenious fiction portion of the Clark estate, as well as it weave more curious texture of romance could then be estimated. It ran thus :

than this story of real life?

Pending the question, its heroine, at A cotton estate and lands inherited

the age of sixty-three, is a charming from his uncle, Col. Clark....... $200,000

and still beautiful woman, whose years Two cotton plantations derised to bim in 1812 by Mr. Wilkins, with

seem not over forty. The incessant toil, one hundred negroes on each of

the innumerable trials, the terrible them.....

200,000 strain upon brain, nerve, and muscle, Debts due from Wade Hampton for

have been to her a fountain of youth, Havana Point sugar plantation... 800,000 The Maison Rouge Grant.....

whose fresh vitality may long give her

2,000,000 Lands purchased of Louis Bouligny,

enjoyment of the fruits won in this law. lying in Wasbita....

10,000 suit of a life-time.





Fips came to my desk in the office of Now, then! The Daily Censor, one afternoon,-Phi- “Gasby,” said he, in a voice a little letus Fips. You know Fips ? He is oily with the business suavity of the son of Old Fips, for what I know-Old professional soliciting agent, “I've been Fips, who had rooms in Austin Friars, doing pretty well in this insurance busiand who drew long horse-hairs out of ness; and I appreciate the value of your the cover of his high stool and ate them services to me in it, too." with such a great appearance of appe- “ Then could you let me have another tite, as is at length related in “Martin fifty dollars ?" I asked, with so steady Chuzzlewit.” Fips has been long ener- a face, that Fips was discomposed, and getically at work, and is extensively came to a “disorderly halt." I laughed, known, as agent for the Children's Life and told him to go ahead without the and Anti-Measles Insurance Company. compliments. In behalf of that most benevolent and “Well,” said he, “you know Gouseful corporation, and at the instance

rum? of Fips, I had aforetime composed some Thoroughly,"

," said I. N. B. Gorum pretty ahle papers (I flatter myself), in owns and runs a weekly newspaper, and the way of advertisements and prospec- has his little defects. In fact, he is a tuses, which fact had occasioned the terribly uncomfortable fellow to deal present call on me.

with in moncy matters. Mr. Philetus Fips bustled across the “ Gasby,” resumed Fips, his fat and room and shook bands with me somewhat fussy face shadowing with ardently, and smiled upon me so beam- righteous indignation, “I do hate a ingly, that I knew he wanted some- mean man! There's that infernal Gothing.

rum's been and diddled me out of two Gasby,” said he, in his mellow hundred dollars this very morning, my hearty way,

you're a good fellow !" commission on an advertisement I got “ I will be,” said I, “ in half a min- for him. He went and saw the parties ute, when I've sent this copy up-stairs. after I had received the ad, and now Sit down."

he says he got it himself. Gasby,"And I shoved him into a chair, here Fips grew pathetic,—“I'm a poor gummed down five scraps of newspaper man. I've a family to support. Yet, on a white sheet, scratched in a para- you know I don't care for money. But graph of manuscript, wrote at one side, it wounds me—it wounds me deeply, to “Run up,” dashed upon the other side be so imposed upon by one whom I betwo or three corrections of the press, lieved to be a friend. It's very painwrote in one corner at the top, “Nonp'l ful ! " lead and solid,” walked across the And Fips shook his head with a room, thrust the page into a tin box grave disapprobation, and pursed up hanging in a hole, and jerked a bell- his mouth, and opened his rather dull handle. Invisible powers instantly round eyes at me. whirled the box rattling aloft to the “ You know," I remarked, “I told composing-room. I returned, crumpled you once never to trust Gorum any fura mess of maimed newspapers into the ther than you could sling an elephant waste-basket, thrust another lot upon by the tail. But you'll never get that the dirty bare floor, and having thus money back. What are you going to cleared my decks for action, I turned do about it?" short round upon Mr. Philetus Fips, “That's just what I've come to see and said,

you about,” said Fips, instantaneously


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brightening up. “ I've got an idea. “ Dallying with my golden chain, I smiling put Big thing-monstrous !" And Fips,

the question by,” after an odd fashion of his, jerked to

and asked some other ones. and fro in his chair and slung his legs All those who peruse the present unone over the other once or twice. Then affected record will remember that durhe resumed :

ing the summer and fall of the year of “Going to quit this agency business, grace 1864, there was in New York (and to begin with. This affair this morning elsewhere) a very large quantity of decided me to act instantly. But I've United States paper-money, and also a taken my measures already, most of very large quantity of excitement about 'em. I'm tired of being an understrap- Petroleum, our very rocks having begun per, to be ordered and kicked about by to drop fatness—or rather to spirt it these folks that I go and solicit, and out, in perfect rivers—as if to realize that I go and solicit for. I'm going to the promises so long ago made to the be 'big Injun 'myself.” Here Fips' not Hebrews. This wonderful oil had particularly intellectual face assumed a boiled in the brains of Fips as the funny air of prophetic dignity, his voice trophies of Miltiades tumbled about in lowered, and he bent towards me as he the brains of Themistocles, and I soon continued—“ I'm going to get up a

found that the man-I had not thought Petroleum Company."

him so much of an organizer-had really And slapping me vigorously on the set up his machine-I don't mean a derknee, he threw himself back in his chair rick and engine, but a Company-and with a look majestic enough for the that it would necessarily go whenever President of a powerful Corporation, or steam (viz., money) should be turned on. for Alnaschar himself, that magnificent " You say you've got it fixed," I obSultan of the Future. Having contem- served. “You've got to have a charter plated his prospective glories for a and by-laws." moment, Fips added, with the charac- He pulled out a fist-full of manuteristic sentiment of a vulgarian intent script from his pocket. “Here 'tis,” he to wreak on others the injuries he said ; "all ready to be recorded." thinks he has received,

Good," I replied ; " let me see who “ We'll see who'll kick folks about

your corporators are.” then!”

He showed me the list of officers and “ Well,” said I—for a sub-editor on a trustees. I was amazed. The man had daily morning paper has no time to a good name, to begin with, respecting waste on glory, nor in reproving mean which it is particularly true in organizsentiments. If Fips wanted to pay me ing a Petroleum Company, that it is money for doing work, I was ready; equivalent to, if not better than, great otherwise I must “look through the riches.

This was

" THE NEW YORK exchanges." So I said, “ Well,-biz- AND LONDON PETROLEUM COMPANY." biz! What can I do, and how much And in his list of officers and trustees can I get ? "

were enumerated an eminent politician, “ All sorts of things,” replied Fips. an eminent surgeon, several business “And you and I will not disagree about men of decidedly high standing, an the pay."

editor of a city-paper, and six people And the cunning chap looked at me who lived out at Timothyville, the very with a whole-souled glow in his rather centre and emporium of the oily realms fattish face, which he meant should of Western Pennsylvania. knock off at least twenty-five per cent. “ Timothyville !” said I. How, in from my price.

the name of all that's greasy, did you I smiled back again, more sweetly get these men's names ?'” than he-if there be choice of sweetness “ Well,” said Fips, with gratified in men’s grins-and, like the chancellor pride, “I was able to induce 'em to

take an interest with us."

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Now I knew perfectly well that Fips the man had opened the campaign with was tangled with some old debts, was a daring and swiftness that would have

as poor as picra," as they say in the pleased Napoleon the Great ! country, and, as I supposed, totally Rooms, rooms !" I exclaimed without hitch or hold upon any actual "how the mischief-how about rent?' capital, influence, or means of any kind “ Biffles and 1-Billles is to be our whatever.

secretary-contrived to pay a quarter's “But do they put in money? Or do rent in advance, and cash for the furnithey put in land ?” I asked. “If you ture. Took every cent we could raise, have these men, and are getting oil though - but not a word of that, now, you certainly don't need any of Gasby.” my help in puffing and advertising?" “Well, but land ?

You've got no Well," said Fips, “ I'll tell you all land? Are you going to go and ask about it."

people to make you a clear present of a And so he did-almost all. The in- million dollars for you and Bifles to genious Fips had hitherto nourishe: speculate with ? " his scheme by having either end of it Fips drew out another lot of printed (so to speak)“ boost” the other, The Handbills with a manuscript tail. It idea of his Company had occurred to contained about fifty items, all numhim while he was getting risks for the bered in a row, of descriptions of propChildren's Life and Anti-Measles Insur- erty, whereof the following are speciance Company, up in Venango County and thereabouts. While running about “ 23. The Working Interest, being on his Life-and-Anti-Measly errands, he three fourths of all the Oil, in a leasepicked up a good deal of information hold estate of half an acre, known as about oil-property, and of acquaintance the MacCrackly Lease, on Popcock with business men in those parts. So Creek. This invaluable estate lies in a he quickly laid out a scheme, having— direct line between the celebrated China like Calvinism and the Sixth Ward, Well, so called from its depth, and now Five Points. These were :

yielding Seven Hundred Barrels a-day, 1. Stock One Million Dollars.

and the famous Hicockalorum Well, 2. The intended officers and trustees now yielding Eight Hundred Barrels ato be bribed by receiving shares gratis, day. There is room on the MacCrackly the same to become money by subse- Lease for sinking at least Fifty wells, quent financiering.

and one is to be immediately begun by 3, Timothyville corporators to be the Company." influenced by the example of those in “ 49. The Tumdediddle Farm. This New York, and vice versa.

is an estate in fee simple, of One Hunthe mutual boosting part.

dred and Three Acres, on Gooseberry 4. Appeal to the public (by advertis. Run. It is only Five Miles in a direct ing) to buy stock.

line from the great Hicockalorum Well, 5. (Last, and chiefest.) Sell oil and already mentioned, and has wells in pay dividends. Big ones. Ten per actual activity on every side of it. It cent. a month was the least figure. affords abundant room for sinking Five

Actually, Fips had even hired offices, Hundred Wells, and parties now stand those well-known and splendid and ready to take leases of it at $1,000 the commodious rooms on the ground-floor acre, besides half the oil.” at No. 714 Broadway, on the corner of “ We've secured all that,” said Fips Vicar-street, in that magnificent New to me. “The land is ours. I have such Jersey sandstone edifice, the Naphtha offers of it and such refusals of it seBuildings. No hole-and-corner work cured to me in writing, that unless the or back-attic desk-room for Fips! rest of the scheme is an entire failure, Why, those rooms must rent for at least the Company holds the real estate of five thousand dollars a-year! I declare, which that is a part.”

This was

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I pondered a moment.

go! It must go now! Confound it! “ This is all a fair, square, genuine, Can't you think of something ?” bona-fide business enterprise, is it, Mr. “Now, Fips," I answered with deFips, on your word ?

liberation to this impassioned appeal Certainly, it is,” said Fips, with a (based, by the way, on fortunes to other thoroughly hearty smile, and grasping folks and a little hire to me)—"now, fervently the hand I offered—“perfectly Fips, could you meet that advertising bony-fide" (he put but one syllable in bill at the end of three months, if I fide), “in every particular, on my could get you so much time on it ?” word."

With the most fervent asseveration In short, I agreed to be aiding and Fips affirmed it; and indeed specified abetting Mr. Fips in the launching of sundry commissions and moneys coming his craft. He was business manager and to him, which did in fact show that he real Company; Biffles, the Secretary, could do as he said. being his creature, and old Judge Flut- Well, Fips," said I, “just have this terbug, the President, a mere heathen

express understanding with me--that I god, set up to attract the golden offer- shall have charge of all the advertising ings which were to be raked in by that your Company does, for, say two Highpriest Fips, standing behind and years, at the commission we agreed on, pulling the strings occasionally to make and I will guarantee you three months. the image wink and kick. I for my part I can do it with Spreademout & Co., was to draw up any requisite narrative, the advertising agents, by a personal recommendatory, or other papers, and to pledge; and I believe you can pay if have charge of the advertising; my pay necessary.” to be (a proper amount) in money and Fips agreed, with enthusiastic readiFifty shares in the Company, and also ness, many assurances of present thankwhatever percentage off the cost of ad fulness and future gratitude, and reitervertising I could extort from the news- ated averments that he knew I was a paper-men in consideration of bringing good fellow; and our bargain was them the business.

closed. Cash in advance for the advertising, Now it remained to draft an adverhowever,--that was the final pinch. tisement, which should serve also as a About the salutary effects upon that prospectus, to distribute by mail. After big trustful booby, the Public, of Adver- consultation with Fips, I procured some tisements, when the same should be newspapers with articles on petroleum, sufficiently taken, there was no doubt; read a learned paper in an encyclopecertainly none in the minds of Philetus dia, examined prospectuses of half-aFips, Insurance Agent, or of Ananias dozen other companies for suggestions Gasby, Newspaper Sub. But cash in what to do and what not to do, and advance?

went vigorously to work. What an ad Fips could not do it. It was abso I drafted ! (In the newspaper offices lutely necessary to put in at least $5,000 and the advertising business they say instantly. Fips might as well have "ad”-it means exactly as much as tried to take hold of Long Island under " advertisement,” and is two letters Brooklyn Heights, and stand it up end- instead of thirteen.) Dear me! very ways on Montauk Point. The silence few people know what a matter of high of aspiring impecuniosity fell upon us, art it is to draw a good advertisement. presently broken, however, by Fips, hor- The task is much like that favorite tatory :

classical amusement of composing in“ By George, Gasby, this thing must scriptions. The facts must be stated go through! There's over five hundred tersely, handsomely, takingly; the petroleum companies already. It's high whole must be set off with "display tide in oil, and there's a fortune in this lines," "stud-horse type” (to use the enterprise for every one of us. It must strong technic of the composing-room),

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