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were the degenerate offshoots from these, able than their private houses, or difmay be a question; but the presump- fered from them except in size. tion strongly is, that, with the disrup- We are compelled, therefore, to resign tion of the ancient Toitican empire, of the traditions of great cities with white which Palenque was probably, at one walls of stone, covered over with mystime, the capital, various fragments terious symbols, and with steps crowded were thrown off, and driven by force with the worshippers of a primitive reof circumstances into remote districts, ligion, to the poet and romancer, or where, in the course of time, they devel- surrender them as the gppropriate propoped peculiar characteristics of their erty of enterprising exploiters of suppo

At any rate, the earliest accounts sititious Aztec children. The fact of the of the Lacandones represent them as a existence of a frontier people, in, the relatively barbarous if not a nomadic heart of Central America, of the same race, strongly contrasting with the more stock with its most advanced and powadvanced and polished nations above erful nations, and with character, habenumerated, although, so far as language its, religion, and government, little, if is concerned, betraying an intimate rela- at all, changed from what they were tionship with them. In Peten, the Itzaes at the period of the Discovery, is one built temples and other edifices, closely sufficiently interesting in itself. It reresembling those of Yucatan, but less in quires none of the "pomp. and cirsize and somewhat ruder in construc- cumstance" of gorgeous speculation to tion, such as we might expect to find in draw to it the attention of the student the weaker efforts of a colony. But in and adventurer, who may find here a Lacandon we have no account of such more interesting and important field of structures, in the towns reduced by the research and investigation than among Spaniards ; nor does it appear that the the desert-snows and icebergs of the poles, temples of its people were more remark- or among the sable savages of Ethiopia.

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So much to do, so little done!

In sleepless eyes I saw the sun ;
His beamless disk in darkness lay,
The dreadful ghost of YESTERDAY!

So little done, so much to do!

The morning shone on harvests new;
In eager light I wrought my way,
And felt the spirit of To-DAY!

So much to do, so little done!

The toil is past, the rest begun :
Though little done, and much to do,

TO-MORROW makes the world anew !
VOL. II.-36



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up there.


where you can buy vacant lots to specuA SAIL-BOAT, swinging idly by its late on, you know." stake among the rushes in the river- “Have you many lawyers here ? ” inmouth, and four row-boats, drawn up quired Richard. the beach, comprised the entire ship- "Well, yes, a kind o' prairie lawyers ping interest of New Bolton; and its are plenty enough about the country; imports, as far as could be seen, consist- but nobody in it reg'lar at this place, ed of one trunk.

'thout it's bein' mixed up with most “ You're goin' to stop here, stranger, every thing, 'cept catchin' white-fish. I reckon ?" said a red-faced man, in a You, now, look like a reg'lar," said the rancous voice, as he sauntered down to landlord. the landing, with his hands in his " Yes,” replied Richard, pleased with pockets.

the compliment, “I am a lawyer by “Well, yes,” replied the stranger; profession, but I think I should have “I've come ten or twelve hundred miles no scruples against indulging in a profitfor that privilege, and I should like to able land speculation.” stop, if there's a hotel, and no objec- “No, it won't do to be partic'lar, tions."

'specially when it don't pay,” said the "Jest what I thought, from your landlord. “Besides that, you'll have to looks; and if you'll give me a list on take land, if you do any business. I t'other end of this trunk, I'll take you took land for board, and land for horse

This is the only 'bus we keepin', until I got land-poor, and run now," said the first speaker, good- couldn't pay taxes. I don't know what humoredly, wiping his forehead, as he I'd done if it hadn't been for a flock of put the trunk on the piazza.

Dutchmen that stopped here, and gobThe hotel was a roomy log-house, bled it all up for me. It never gets to surrounded by large oaks picturesquely be a drug with them fellers. They're scattered over a grassy slope, and com- always land-hungry. It's a good thing manded a view of the back-country—a for the West, too; because we work off prairie, stretching off into the western rough pieces and swamp-lots on to 'em. horizon. On the lake-side was a wide They call every thing land, where they piazza, shady and cool for afternoon can touch bottom with a ten-foot pole." reveries. Every thing in and about Richard admitted that this was the house was as sweet and clean as great country, and walked out. He water and whitewash could make it. had been three weeks on his way from The stranger stepped up and registered the East to this Western shore of Lake his name—“Richard French, Albany” Michigan, and now found, in the doves -in a dingy, dog's-eared little book. about the barn, the mud-swallows' nests

“ New Bolton is not as large as I ex- under the eaves, and the cosy martinpected,” said he.

houses in the surrounding oaks, such “Well, it's a young place, and hasn't suggestions of peace, and home-like done growin' yet,” replied the landlord. hospitality, that he spent the first six " If the West was all built up and fin. days listening to the birds, watching ished, there wouldn't be any West; it the gulls dipping their white wings in would all be East, and you'd have to the lake, watching the sails in the go further on-China, perhaps ;-and offing, and thinking of Mary Seabray in that'd be inconvenient; for you will go Chicago.

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Richard had first seen her while he colored dilutions made use of in trying was in a desponding mood, at Detroit, men. where she came on board the steamer, After the Colonel had gracefully lost bringing sunshine and hope to him, five games, and liquidated each time, and two trunks and a bandbox to the he turned to Richard, and said, baggage-master. It had been his privi- "The fact is, Mr. French, we have a lege to console and assure her while the speculation up, and we feel willing to boat was struggling across that wind- give you a chance in, if you want it. tossed waste of waters, up Lake Huron, You have heard of Globe City ?" and through the Straits of Mackinaw “ Heard of it? Why, yes, sir ! I down into stormy Michigan. She had heard of it all the way out here," replied gone on the steamer to Chicago, for a Richard. short visit, and would soon return to There was at that moment hanging her home in New Bolton. There had just over the Colonel's head, a map of been a subtle fascination about Miss Globe City, five feet square, which he Seabray, from the first moment he saw had studied for an hour the day after

and yet, at times, he felt repelled, his arrival. as if some malign spirit stood between “You say you heard of it all the way them.

out here; they were good reports you He had now been six days trying to heard, I reckon ? " said the Colonel, his determine that be cared nothing about eyes shining. her; and Mr. Chinny, a cunning, un- * Very good, indeed,” replied Richscrupulous land-speculator, rich enough ard. “The captain of our boat had to be greedy, seeing him idle, and at- some lots on High-street, where he tracted by his youthful and ingenuous thought of building when he retired. appearance, invited him to play a social He offered to sell me some lots cheap, game of euchre. Richard's partner in but I wouldn't buy without first examthe game was Doctor Blodgett, who had ining the property." formerly lived in Albany near Richard's “Not under any consideration ?" uncle, and they had become acquainted. asked the Colonel. The Doctor was one of the solid men of “ Not under any consideration,” reNew Bolton-postmaster, storekeeper, peated Richard ; "though I think it is and land-agent-although he intrusted a good place.” most of his business to a deputy. He “It is the place," said the Colonel, was about thirty-five years old—a frank, decidedly. “ Just look where these and, when aroused, a lion-like man. two rivers meet now. There is water Chinny's partner was Colonel Seabray, enough here to drive a hundred run of a man on the downhill-road of life. He stones-ain't there, Chinny ?" made some vague attempts at the court- “Yes, two hundred," replied Chinny, ly style in manners, and was as much with the air of a man who intended to of a gentleman as could be expected, be moderate; "and four hundred, if considering the poor quality of the raw you could only use all the water." materials Nature had furnished. He “Why, so there is water enough in was naturally weak and untruthful, and Lake Michigan to run all creation, if artificially worn and torn by evil temp- you could only use it,” said the Doctor, tations and too much whiskey.

laughing. Now, to make this thing interest- “ But what henders usin' this Globe ing,” said the Colonel, shuffling the City water—'cept drudgin'out below ?” cards with great dexterity, “ let us play asked Chinny. for the drinks."

“ That's precisely what I'd like to This included cold water, cigars, her- know,” replied the Doctor. “ I'm sure rings, sardines, pickled oysters, and all I don't know what hinders the water the liquids, from aqua-fortis, used in from running down hill, nor what good trying coin, down through the highly- dredging would do, except to make a



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« But we

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deep hole for fish, unless you dug “But I have no money,” said he, through to China, and got an outlet. when he had recovered his breath. Now, Chinny, be modest; throw in “ Well, but you're expectin' money, three hundred run of stones, and call it I reckon ?” said Chinny. one hundred for the present; because "Yes, I expect to earn some, by-andthere is a good water-power, and that's by," he replied. enough for your purpose, I guess."

Certainly you will; for of course "I was going to say," interposed the you'll take toll of the emigrants coming Colonel, “ that it is now a geographical in,” suggested the Colonel. centre, and is bound to be a commercial " That's the way I got my start," said one too, Globe City is; for wherever Chinny, grinning like a playful hyena, water centres, population will. Now, thinking of the many good bones he this place is sure to control the milling had picked in his time. business for twelve miles each way “ They'll have to get their papers that is, sixteen townships~'three hun- drawn up,” continued the Colonel, not dred and sixty-eight thousand, six hun heeding Chinny; "and as you can't dred and forty acres,'" said he, reading hope to see the parties more than once from the margin of the map.

or twice in a lifetime, you'd better take will throw you in three quarters of this, heavy toll when you do see 'em.” which I call liberal, and say one hun- ** But just as like as not he can pay dred thousand acres—just to make it somethin' down,” insinuated Chinny. round numbers. Now, this is the pret- “No, I can spare but four hundred tiest wheat-country in the world, and dollars,” said Richard, smiling a faint will average twenty bushels to the acre; apology for the small amount. but say one quarter of that, which “Very well,” said the Colonel, magmakes half a million, and all coming to nanimously; " that will do. We never your mill ycarly. This, now, at the go over a party's pile, nor higgle, nor remarkably low price of ten cents a do any thing small in these matters. bushel for grinding, is fifty thousand Give us what you've got, and we'll take dollars for the mill alone, each year, the balance when you're flush." clear profit. Well, fifty thousand dol

“ But I should like to see the place," lars dropped down in front of a party said Richard ; " for I determined, when every year, is enough to make him stag. I started West, not to buy a pig in a ger a little, ain't it? But don't you see that that's only one item? Look at the “Oh, well; them's town-lots you rise in property. Why, a man wouldn't meant then !” said Chinny, with his want more than one block to make him sweetest smile. “This ain't no pig in wealthy. Now, then," he continued, a poke. You don't buy a four-story sweeping his hand across the map, concern here, you know. You're comin' glancing from the Doctor to Chinny, in on the ground-floor, don't you see, and fixing his eyes on Richard, we jest like the rest of us ?” three gentlemen here are the founders “Now, then," said the Colonel, aland owners of Globe City; and we pro- most shutting his eyes for mathematical pose to give you an equal share in, be- accuracy-“there's one thousand acres cause we like your style; and, another at one-twenty-five-twelve hundred and thing, when a party comes here to iden- fifty. Surveys, lithographing, traveltify himself with the interests of the ling expenses, and sundries, twelve State, we want to give him a start." hundred and fifty more; so it costs you

He had so far succeeded in giving just six hundred and twenty-five to como Richard a start that, for a moment or in. I guess you don't call that bad for :wo, Globe City and its founders seemed a quarter interest, Mr. French-not to be dancing about in a mist, he was when you consider that the city is so overwhelmed by the magnificence founded, all ready to your hand. You'll of the offer and the Colonel's generosity. get your share of honor too; for we'll



put you in as an original founder, We'll

with a statement, as President of the change the name of this avenue-the Globe City Company, showing that Mr. longest one in the city. There it is," Richard French, party of second part, said he, writing with a pencil, in large was entitled to an undivided one-quarter letters, “ French Avenue.”

interest in the whole of Globe Ci "If the land don't advance a thou

per map; which would be delivered to sand per cent. in two years,” said Chin- him, his heirs or assigns, on payment of ny, “ I'll eat a gopher. It can't go back two hundred and twenty-five dollars. on them figgers, that's certain. Land is This was signed with a long back land; that's one of the satisfactions o' flourish on the final letter, so flaming comin' in on the ground-floor. Land and exuberant as to suggest ideas of is land always; and the hay that this princely wealth. tract grows every year would bring Fortified with this document from what we ask for the soil, if it was only Miss Seabray's father, Richard walked cut and sold."

the silent and spacious avenues, and “I believe it's a good bargain,” said among the straggling houses of New the Doctor. " It lies in a valley, and Bolton, with that easy dignity befitting looks as handsome as a picture. The the founder of a city. great attraction for me is the oak-grove He felt that Fortune, instead of being where the Park is located. I don't

coy or unkind to him, had come and think that the map does the place jus- graciously plumped herself down in his tice in that respect, Colonel.”

lap. “But we'd rather have a party agree- Wherever he went there was buzzing, ably disappointed when he comes to see and always in the same key. The rise it, you know, Doctor," said the Colonel, in land was enriching all who dealt in raising his eyebrows virtuously.

it. . A great many poor men had cleared Well,” said Richard, relying on the ten thousand dollars each, this very Doctor's recommendation, “I'll look at summer, by speculating. He did not the papers."

see them, but they were about the coun“I'm migăty sorry they are at the try somewhere, getting richer every register's office,” said Chinny; "but day. The old hive, East, was swarmthey are all right. The money you are ing, and all New Bolton had to do, was to pay will be used to settle a small to get out with its tin-pans, cow-bells, balance due Government. If we hadn't looking-glasses, and dinner-horns, and wanted the money bad, to make this " make 'em settle.” very payment, you couldn't have got The question was how best to start a : the quarter interest, on them figgers— 'town, and what seeds to sow that a not with my consent."

city might spring up. Some men “If you ask any other security than thought there was nothing like a news my word of honor that it's all right- paper to build up a place, while others which no party ever did ask yet,” said were quite as sanguine concerning a the Colonel, swelling a little—“ I'll give saw-mill and carpenter's shop. This you this certificate for a quarter section man insisted that a store was the thing, out on Plumb's Lake. It's pretty land, and that man a stone-quarry; while one and there's a water-power too. I think toothless old chap, deficient in hair, and it is going to be a fortune to some man greatly gifted in ears, thought a Tunker yet.”

church was the all-in-all. " I don't doubt your word, Colonel,” It was hard for Old Bob, as he was said Richard, anxious to propitiate the called, to keep from talking, having no father of a handsome daughter; “but teeth to hold the words in. He was an if it won't make much difference to you, artesian-well of words, though the founl'll take the certificate."

tain-head was not so high as the proRichard laid down the money, and prietor supposed. Having talked the the Colonel passed over the certificate, white folks out of humor, he had been


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