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“What?” said Chinny, who was a up a quarrel with, I might get one up,” little deaf.

said the Doctor; “ but as it is, it won't “I don't know who you're talking pay. I care nothing about Seabray or about,” replied the Doctor, turning in his tribe, but I will not hear her name his saddle, and hurling the sentence at bandied about." Chinny, as if he did know very well, “I wasn't bandyin' nothin'; I jest and would rather not discuss her merits asked your opinion of the girl," said there.

Chinny. “Why, the Colonel's daughter, of The Doctor rode his horse ahead, course: who else could I be talkin' about without deigning any reply. in these diggin's ?”

“He 'pears to be riled; I guess she's “ You might be talking about squaws, soured on him," said Chinny, turning for all that I know."

to Richard, “He needn't get mad beYou might, Doc. ; but I'm a little cause the girl don't like him. She partic'lar,” replied Chinny, with a grin. hain't no call to like him. He's too

“If my opinion is worth any thing gruff, and may be she can do better to to you, I'll give it," said the Doctor. like somebody else.” Here he stroked “I think Miss Seabray the handsomest his chin in silence, and seemed rather and smartest girl in the country; but pleased with his reflections—much more she'll make a man dance, if he don't so than Richard was with his own remind his eye. Regarded merely as a flections, as he looked at this low fellow, handsome woman, she can't be sur. and wondered if Mary could tolerate passed.”

him, or care much for the Doctor. Now, Doc., you talk like a boy," “Now, I try to please her," continued said Chinny, playfully.

Chinny; " for the good-will of a dog is "I feel like one sometimes."

better than his ill-will; and it's jest so “I've noticed you did when she's with a woman. I know she's goodaround. I guess you kind o’like her lookin', but you can't always tell by the don't you, Doc. ?"

looks." The Doctor pulled his horse about in Richard caught Chinny's eye watchfront of Chinny, and said, savagely, ing him in an inquisitive, sharp way, as Suppose I do ?”

he turned, and said, “Why, that's your business, of course; “What do you mean I met Miss and there ain't no hurt done, either, in Seabray on the boat, and she appeared hankerin' after a putty girl," replied to be a superior woman. Do you mean Chinny, in a soothing tone. “You ain't to say any thing against her ?" goin' to get mad about it, I hope. Bein’ “No, I didn't say any thing, 'cept sweet on her is one thing, and gettin' that you couldn't tell by the looks, and her to be sweet on you, is another," he you can't. I don't feel below her,” he continued, cruelly, as he backed his continued, doggedly. “What I know pony off into the grass.

about her or her father-whether he's “ Chinny, I guess you want to quarrel respectable, and has always been, or with me," said the Doctor. “You act not been, is nobody's business." to me like a man who is aching all over “I guess no one wishes to make it his like a stone-bruise, to get down into the business,” said Richard ; "and as far as grass here, and settle some difficulty. Miss Seabray is concerned, she probably It must be that you want to take the does not desire your endorsement." conceit out of somebody.”

“Oh, you think she don't, eh ?” said Chinny protested that he was not he, with a sneer. ' May-be you know aching at all, and did not want to set- more about her business than she does tle any difficulty, though he looked herself ;” and he acted as if he had pale, as if he might be aching about the documentary evidence of a very convinregion of the heart.

cing character, proving her affections for “If there was enough of you to get one Chinny.

It was rather unpleasant for Richard have. Your name don't happen to be to lower himself enough to be civil to French, does it ?” Chinny; so be rode ahead to enjoy the "It does happen to be," replied Richlandscape.

ard. “We have to make the clouds do for Plumb looked at him amazed, and mountains in this country," said the then suddenly assumed the indifference Doctor; "and of course, being a West- of a man who was not to be imposed ern man, I'm bound to stand by the upon, or lured into any indiscreet exWest and all her institutions, though pressions. I tell you, privately, that the clouds are “I bought an interest in Globe City, very poor substitutes for the regular old of some men in New Bolton; and Corocks themselves. But we know enough lonel Seabray gave me a certificate of to appreciate whatever we happen to this land as security until the papers love that is nice--which is the highest were completed,” said Richard. "I'm wisdom, as this world goes; and out a stranger in the country, but I suppose here, at Plumb's Lake, now, is some- it's all right. I'm on my way now, with thing as handsome as a canoe."

Doctor Blodgett and Mr. Chinny, to see They had seen the place for miles; Globe City." first, a speck on the bottom of the after- Plumb's sunburnt face softened to a noon clouds, then a tree, which had smile, as Richard said this; then his finally widened into this grove of oaks, snowy teeth glistened, and he broke with the clear water shimmering be- into a loud laugh, while the echoes yond. There was a house of logs, laid round the lake joined him in jolly: up with the bark on, and before the chorus. door sat a girl knitting.

“ I took you for a land-shark, around The lake was nearly round, and about jumping claims,” said he. “Get in the a mile from shore to shore.

boat, and I'll row you up to the house. " You'd call that a pond, down East," I'm glad you've come out here, and I said the Doctor; “but we can't waste hope you'll conclude to settle. If you water in that way, out here on the do now, I'll sign over all my interest in prairie. This, now, is a lake—and here that piece, and something to boot; but is the lady of it,” said he, dismounting, Colonel Seabray can't have a foot of it; and introducing Richard to Miss Plumb. and he knew it, or he'd never have let She was alone. Her father had gone out fishing. They could see his boat Richard felt that he was getting into near the shadow of the other shore, like deep water. He could not think why a speck on the glassy water.

Plumb had asked him if his name was Away there, to the right, French, French, as they had never before seen said the Doctor, “is the land given you each other. But Richard had always as security by the Colonel. The water- been haunted by a brooding mystery. fall you hear is the outlet of the lake; When he was a mere child, his father, and the gulls are hovering over the who was in business in Albany, suddenly shoals, watching for small fish. I think absconded, in a fit of jealousy, it was you couldn't find a better place to found supposed and had never since been a city.”

heard of by his family. Shortly after Richard walked down to look at it, he left, his partner, one Simon Leach, and Plumb, seeing him on the shore, ran away with most of the partnership came up with his boat.

funds, which left Richard's mother “Want to buy land ?” asked Plumb. nearly penniless. She died soon after

“No, sir; I believe I have the papers this, intrusting him to the care of his for this,” Richard replied.

uncle, who had educated him. This “I guess not,” said Plumb. “I think mystery concerning his father had hauntit belongs to me, without you've got ed him like a presentiment of evil; yet rather stronger papers than I think you he was shy in making inquiries; for he

you had it."

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did not want to publish such an un- marked with the town and range, showpleasant chapter of family-history. ing that they were just six miles east of

The Doctor was the first one at the their southeast corner. landing.

“I'll have to give it up," said the “Do you know, French, that this is a Doctor, looking puzzled. wall-eyed pike?” said he, holding up There,” said Chinny, at last, “it

แ: the fish. They are the gamiest chaps corners in that knoll, and lays just the that swim these waters; and I'm bound other side." to have a throw at them to-morrow,

if They all galloped up to the summit. Globe City sinks for it."

The Doctor was thunderstruck. There Nothing could dissuade him. So they was nothing to be seen of Globe City, all went fishing, except Chinny, who for miles, but an immense marsh. Wild preferred the shore. Miss Plumb not duck swam about the market-place; only pulled in some of the largest fish, and muskrat houses were located along but sang the best, and said the wittiest the principal avenues. The only spot things of any one on board. Plumb where there appeared to be any land was rather silent, and looked at Richard was a row of bogs, marked on the map a great deal.

as High-street. It was there that RichWhen it was time to start next morn- ard's friend, the captain, thought of reing, Richard left his cosy little cham- tiring to, when he gave up his wild ber overlooking the lake, with a feeling ocean-life and ceased a rover to be. of regret; for this was a new, fresh, free "Chinny," said the Doctor, looking atmosphere, where man seemed Nature's very pale with rage, are you a knave, guest.

or only the dupe of one? Have you But they made the forenoon merry been playing this trick on us, or only with songs of praise and thanks, as they playing second-fiddle to the Colonel ?" jogged along toward the promised “Hold on now, Doc., that won't do," land : discussing questions of architec- said Chinny, with the familiarity of a ture, parks, and city adornments; then, rogue addressing his fellow. “You've down to mill-wheels, and the probable set this thing up strongern ever I did. profits from woollen factories, if they Don't you know you said there was an should conclude to build one or two, oak-grove and a good water-power ? after the grist-mill was finished at Globe Now, I said there was a good waterCity.

power, . provided you could drudge it They passed over some broken coun- out below, so as to use the water-and try, crossing streams and small prairies, there is, ain't there? You can't plead until afternoon next day, when they no baby-act on me, Doc." came to a belt of timber, then a prairie Answer

my question ! ten miles wide.

know that this was a marsh when I first " This is the wrong road,” said the talked of buying in ??? Doctor.

“Of course I did," said Chinny. "I “No, sir," replied Chinny. "I can't was in, wasn't I? You don't s'pose I be fooled on findin' land-I've followed was so green as to git in without knowit too long."

in' what I was doin', do you? When I “But this is not the way the Colonel do git into a scrape, I won't plead a came when he showed me Globe City, baby-act, and throw off on my friends." and I tell you it's wrong," said the Doc- “ Such a plea would be unnecessary," tor, stopping ; "and I don't purpose said the Doctor, savagely, “ for you following you any farther, for we must would be protected under the statute have passed the place already."

concerning idiots. But the Colonel is Chinny looked about him a moment, responsible; and as he is a liar and a then rode up to a bunch, and getting swindler, I think it is very clear that I down on his knees, pulled away the have a call to cowhide him. The Globe grass, and disclosed a corner-stake, City he showed me was a plain of a

Did you

thousand acres, high, dry, and band- and cranes, from every ward in the city. some, with a grove in the middle, and Between his fits of laughter, the Doctor two streams running through it, and no sat up in the grass, and said to Chiny, more like this place than paradise is who had clambered to dry land, and like purgatory.”

was fishing in the mud for his boots, “Why, you went up on Speculator's “I wonder if the authorities haven't IIill,” said Chinny, his mouth widening turned on all the mains, and forgot to with the playful hyena grin. “ I never shut 'em off again. Fire-insurance rates was idiot enough to be took up there. must be low here. I say, Chinny! why It's where we take all them idiots that don't you call the police to go for your will doubt our words, and will insist boots ?” on seein' the land, you know, Doc. "A joke's a joke,” whined Chinny, One speculator used to call it Pisgah. coming up the knoll barefooted, with I wouldn't have thought it of you; for his boots in his hand; "but this thing I thought you had your eye-teeth cut, is too mighty trash on me.” Doc."

"Don't plead the baby-act, Chinny!" This enraged the Doctor beyond en- “I ain't,” said he; “but jest look at durance.

them clothes once. The next time you're “ At least one of the gang shall never goin' to pitch me into the slush, I'd like take another victim up there," said he, to know it in time to take 'em off: rushing at Chinny, and pulling him clothes cost money." from his horse.

“It's your own fault; for in your Chinny was a great coward, and capacity as founder of the city, you yelled “ murder !" lustily, as they went ought to have that place 'drudged' down in the grass together. But like a out, so you wouldn't get your clothes coward cornered, he fought desperately muddy,” said the Doctor. "But, joking and destructively, scratching, tearing, aside, now, Chinny, I tell you that you and biting whatever he touched with are a lucky dog, for I intended to drown teeth or nails. The punishment was so you, but concluded that I couldn't afford suddenly administered, that Richard to risk my neck for so small a matter. threw himself on the grass, and shouted Put on your boots in thankfulness that with laughter. Here were judge, jury, justice is again foiled ; and go you to and sheriff, instantly rolled into one, Old Bob, for I've got the worth of my and meting out justice, “ without fear, money out of the concern, and I'll dofavor, or the hope of reward.” It was nate my share to him for religious pura bolt from the gods, unobstructed by poses. You can work together here for legal meshes.

each other's good. Come on, Chinny!" Chinny, with his fears to back him,

“I don't know whether I will or not," was a sinewy antagonist, and struggled said he, doggedly. so fiercely that they rolled to the water's “Suit yourself about that,” replied edge. Here the Doctor seized him by the Doctor. “You have looked into the coat, and with a sudden turn hurled this thing deeper than any one else, and him into the water.

may know of divers reasons for settling “ Hee hoo!" yelled the Doctor, across

here. Good-by." the marsh. “G-l-o-b-e C-i-t-y!” he

“Look o here!" shouted Chinny, shouted to a row of muskrat houses, "you ain't goin' to leave me in this fix, half a mile down; “« French Avenue, 'mongst prairie-wolves and Indians, are come and get your patron-saint! Hee hoo! I've brought him home, and left

“ Not if you'll put on your boots and him in the s-u-b-u-r-b-s!"

come along,” replied the Doctor. Going to the top of the knoll, and putting his hands to his mouth, he uttered a series of yells and warwhoops

CHAPTER III. that scared up hundreds of ducks, loons, The Doctor reined his horse about,


round pace.

and started across the prairie at a good He heard at Plumb's that the Colonel

had left New Bolton, and would not “I would beg pardon,” said he to be back in two weeks; so he postponed Richard, “ for having been a party. to the cowhiding to a more convenient this swindle, if I had not been so duped season, and concluded to try wall-eyed myself. I suppose you relied on my pike. judgment, and I'll try to make you Miss Plumb urged Richard to stay whole, in some way.”

there a few days, but he declined. So “Do you really think,” said Rich- she prepared, with her own gracious ard, “ that the Colonel is an ingrained hands, a lunch that would have fed a rogue? Is he not a gentleman, forced pic-nic party of Choctaws, and intrusted by pressing circumstances to turn some to him a note for Miss Seabray, with very short corners ?”

many kind messages. The Doctor looked at Richard incred- “When you come to found a city on ulously.

your land here, please make our house “I should not like to think, Doctor," your headquarters," said she to him. he hastened to explain, " that Miss Sea- “I have some improvements in ornabray's father is a rogue.”

mentation, which I hope to see incor“French,” said the Doctor, softening, porated into your plan.” “that's the only good thing about Sea- Richard promised to adopt her sugbray. He's a man of broken fortunes gestions, and rode away in a gloomy fit but she's a beautiful girl.” He rode of the blues, which came as the clouds along in silence, looking at the grass, come, and would go as they go, to come and added, " She's a charming girl, and again some sunny morning. if it wasn't for her father, I don't know Chinny was not naturally a very lively what I might do. The Colonel is figur- companion; and on this particular ocing to marry her to my amiable friend, casion he was splenetic, even bellicose, back there, for he's in the power of our when Plumb's Wood had sunk into the beloved barefooted brother, in some grass behind them. way. , At any rate, Chinny is rich-for “If I can euchre him, I will !” said this country-and the Colonel is cramp- Chinny; "and I think I can. I've got ed for money; so they have struck up a a little money to put up on it, any how; bargain, and the consideration, on Sea- and I'll put it up, too. I've stood bray's part, is his daughter."

a good deal from Doc. Blodgett-bout “But she will never consent to this," all I ever shall, I reckon. I can stand said Richard, quickly.

bein' blackguarded, but I can't stand “She will not know of a bargain. bein' throwed into the slush, 'mongst She has pride," said the Doctor, “and pollywogs; and I'll have him throwed wants to go to Europe, and Chinny's out of his office of paymaster, to pay for money will take her there in as fine it. The loss in money won't be much, style as any other man's money will. but regardin' the disgrace of bein' She flies high in her notions. She's no throwed out by his friends, it'll be a ground-bird, and, in my opinion, thinks little tedious on him." as much of money as is good for her In this bewitching way did one of the health. All this she gets from the Co- founders of Globe City exhilarate the lonel. She is not to blame; but still young man whose interests had now bethat won't make it any pleasanter. If come identified with the West, while a you want something in your house, soft June breeze was rolling the long French, next to the unpardonable sin, emerald waves against their horses' marry a flirt, or the child of a scamp." feet.

He was moody and confidential by At the New Bolton Hotel they found turns all the way to Plumb's Lake, and Colonel Seabray and two men waiting not entirely consistent, either, in many for Chinny. One was a speculator and of his remarks concerning Miss Seabray. the other a railroad man. They had

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