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became a Baptist. This for some reason it was so here. I was but twelve years did not suit his particular moral dia- old, but remember all as well as if it thesis, and he tried Methodism, which were last week. Never, while this reche found still worse. With him “all ollection remains, can I call such a state ways appeared to lead to Rome”-and ecstasis (a term by which your doctor there he brought up and stayed,—for means disease), or accept in this regard the rest of his time a consistent, deyout, the definition of a materialistic psycholand earnest man.

ogy. I am sure I do not understand Ten years later he came to that test the subject; but that such experiences of sincere profession, beyond which, at are real, and not illusory, I have no least in this world, there is no appeal. more doubt than I have that the gloriOne raw March day, he returned from ous sunset before me is not a subjective a walk over Federal Hill, feeling chilly vision. and depressed. On the next, an acute Father's death left us all Baptists, attack of pleurisy declared itself. It with as little expectation of change as was the first time he had ever been sick, is now entertained by the reader of but he felt at once that his end was at turning Buddhist. More than a decade hand-settled his business, and gave has passed since there has been a Bapdirections for his obsequies. For three tist among us.

All are members of days his strong frame wrestled with the other Protestant churches, except one Angel of Summons, but the pains of daughter, who is a Roman Catholic, death had no power to break the an- and unconsciously responsible for the chorage of his faith. His was no such heading of this article, so far discursive, euthanasia-such translation almost, as as she first brought the writer among we sometimes see among our Methodist “the nuns "-having entered, at her friends—but I am not sure that I do not own desire, some years ago, a convenlike it better. He had a sister-in-law, tual school in Canada-and gone over a mother in the Campbellite Israel, a to Rome, of course. most devout and excellent woman, but I do not remember that I ever hated brusque of speech, and greatly in earnest nuns particularly, as I did priests; my then, who, being at his bedside, said to feeling being rather that they were great him, a little while before his departure, fools, and the priests responsible for their "Well, brother A., you have found your unjust incarceration. But I had become religion comfortable enough, I dare say, considerably mollified before my first to live by-how does it do to die by ?" acquaintance with them three weeks A gentleman of the old school to the


Occasional correspondence with last, whose native politeness even the the superior of the school at which my King of Terrors had not discomposed, sister was a boarder, had resulted in a he made answer, “ If you will have the highly favorable opinion of her on my goodness to remain with me for a few part. How much this was strengthened hours, my dear sister, you shall see for by a personal acquaintance, covering yourself !” And she did. “I die,” said several extended interviews, need not he, shortly after, " in the faith and com- be related here. If a face like a Mamunion of the Holy Catholic Church, donna, an air and ways so natural that trusting for salvation only in the merits they would be called artless in a girl of our Saviour Christ." And with this

(she told me she was forty, and had betestimony, he “fell asleep.”

come a nun when very young),


perSix years before this, father had pass- fection of lady-like manners joined to a ed on through the Baptist gate, trusting purity and goodness that no moral diag+ and triumphing in the same salvation. nostician could mistake, and practical If ever perfect love had cast out fear, if wisdom which no man of sense could ever death was swallowed up in victory, fail to recognize, are desirable things in if ever a mortal, not yet unclothed, a mother superior—there was no misentered spiritually into the Blessed Life, take made in her selection for that

VOL. II.-37

office. I shall be much older than now swan's down, a clothes-press at the head when the impression made during our of each bed, the contents of which, brief acquaintance lapses or grows dim. opened at random, were found arranged

In the course of a journey of twenty- with perfect system and neatness, a sepseven hundred miles, I visited (pro- arate lavatory and furniture for each vided with proper letters of introduc- pupil in like condition-in a word, a tion) quite a number of convents, and, complete expression of just the habits though known at each as an unwaver- (for the young ladies attend to all this ing Protestant, was in all cases received themselves), which the best of mothers with cordial welcome, and treated with try to teach their daughters, often with the most polite attention. Through very limited success. As we entered some I was shown from garret to cellar, each room, all the inmates rose, bowed, in such detail and with such entire and remained standing until we retired. frankness, that I quite forgot to look for the culture of manners is a specialty at the inquisitors' rooms.

And I bear all Catholic schools. A young woman witness only to the truth, when I say might come out of such an institution a that several of them were, in their ap- dunce, but hardly a gawk or a slattern, pointments and discipline, the most And some of us, who think it a quite complete educational establishments I venial deficiency that a good wife and have yet seen. Take the conventual mother should be unacquainted with the school at Hochelaga near Montreal as conic sections in geometry, and the thean example. Within three hundred ory of compound radicals in chemistry, yards of the St. Lawrence River, com- will regard the habit of order, cultivamanding, from its upper stories, a view ted so assiduously with regard to both of the city and mountain of Montreal, time and tangible things, at these semithe islands, and the Victoria Bridge-a naries, as more helpful and valuable than vista thirty miles in all directions, of as all the mastery of French and waxwork, fine prospect as can be seen in North pastel abbeys, and worsted flowers, so America — stand the church, convent, patiently and successfully communiand school, in a single building, with a cated. hundred acres of grove and garden at- Our visit was made on a Sunday aftertached. The school alone is larger than noon. The girls, scattered through the any female college I know except Vas- recitation-rooms, were mostly engaged sar—the halls, say, fifteen feet wide by in writing to their parents and friends. nineteen high; balconies and bay win- The spacious and elegant receptiondows in abundance; on the roof a prom- room on the first floor was filled with enade-deck covering perhaps an eighth happy children and their relatives who of an acre, surrounded by a balustrade; had come from the city, or farther than separate study and recitation-rooms for that, to see them. Whatever of idolatry each branch; every apartment heated may be charged against the ancient with steam and thoroughly ventilated; faith, there is none of the Lord's Day. ample space and provision for calis- There was perfect decorum, but all were thenics and indoor exercise generally; as cheerful, and many as merry as if library, restricted of course in range but they had been at a May-party. large; organ, twelve “grand” pianos, One great attraction of these conventand all other means for musical ac- ual schools is their cheapness. You complishment of every kind,--it had can educate your daughter at the best at least all the instrumentation neces- institution of the kind in Canada for sary for the physical comfort and æsthet- about one-third, including the difference ic culture of its inmates. The two ex- in the currencies, of what it would cost tensive dormitories were particularly you at a Protestant seminary of similar admirable. Here the genius of Order grade in the United States. And with appeared to reign supreme. The bed- this, the Catholic school will grow rich linen on the couches was as white as at its business, while the Protestant one,

unless amply endowed, is begging do- passed every day; and I do not think nations. The secret of the difference is in they numbered over fifty, for years, the conjoint vows of celibacy and pover- Two weeks ago I visited this school, ty resting on the nuns. Whatever diver- and was told by Father Wilson's sucsity of view there may be as to the moral cessor that he had two thousand chilvalue of these restrictions, there can be dren under his charge. I also looked none as to their economy. The teachers in at the school I attended when I was get no salaries for their labor, and cost fifteen years of age. It has one of the their employer—the church-nothing largest endowments in the State of but the absolute necessities of a most fru- Ohio: had about two hundred pupils gal life. Those who have had to do with then, and has about two hundred now. the building up of Protestant churches is it not evident that we must change can realize the superiority of the Roman these ratios, or cease to be a distinctivesystem in these particulars. Every brick ly Protestant people within the next and beam, every shovelful of earth or seventy years ? trowelful of mortar in the Protestant Father Wilson has built half a dozen house, costs money. And wben the edi- .churches since then, is pow engaged fice is completed, and you get a young upon the largest one in America, and I minister, “ without incumbrance," at do not believe he has cost the Catholic a small salary, he marries the pret- laity three hundred dollars per annum, tiest girl in the congregation within a one year with another, since he took year, and you are in for a parsonage. orders. Then, of course, the salary must go up, A more apparently cheerful class of and in a little while, besides the minis- people than the nuns I have yet to see. ter, you will be supporting the gospel They seem to have buried with the exin the shape of his matronly helpmeet, citements most of the annoyances of half a dozen unpromising scions, and life. “Those who do not know us," two Irish Catholic servant-girls. said one of the superiors of the Loretto

Not so, in the organization of a order to me, “think our life one monotCatholic parish. Twenty-five years ago, onous vigil and prayer. If such were Father Wilson (some time previously a the case, we should be, without doubt, partaker in Methodist love-feasts) com- very stupid people. There are but few menced the building of a church edifice minds so constituted as to bear the perat an interior town in Ohio. I do not petual contemplation of spiritual subremember, and do not believe, that jects without injury. The most of our there was a man or woman in his con- duties are active, and sufficiently varied gregation with other income than what to give healthful employment to the was derived from day-labor. Most of different faculties of the mind. In atthe ready money was collected from tendance on the sick, in ministering in Protestants. But Patrick and Michael various ways to human want and suffergave labor, with spade and trowel, and ing, in teaching children such knowlKate and Bridget made strawberry- edge as will make them safe and useful festivals and fairs of needle-work, where- in this world, and happy in the next; by they got much gear, chiefly from we find a great deal to do besides tellheretics; and in a few years Father ing our beads. Why, Mr. Wilson finished, all but the steeple, the continued, “when I was sent from finest and largest stone-church in the Dublin, with others, to establish the city-ten times larger than he needed Loretto order in Canada, it was part of then, but filled, including aisles and my instructions to visit and inspect gallery, every Sunday now. At the epery church and convent where I stopsame time, or shortly after he com- ped on my route, to familiarize myself menced the church, he started a parish- with plans, materials, and prices, that I school with twenty-five or thirty ragged might better understand how to erect, pupils—which I, a schoolboy then, as well as conduct, a school of this

." she

kind. I built this house” (a large and own time and way, miraculously attest substantial stone structure, admirably the authority of His church and the located), "and I think it well built, as efficacy of prayer, I have no more quesfar as it goes; but our order in this tion than I have in regard to the reality country was new and poor. If we had of that usual order of providence which had more money, it would have been is the more common expression of His larger and better."

will. No new fact in science has to run We had some discussion on doctrinal such a gauntlet of criticism and tests as points, unleavened with that disputa- a new miracle in the Catholic Church; tious spirit so inevitable in doctrinal but when, after the most careful examipolemics between fellow-Protestants. nation, it has been authenticated by the There was no desire manifested to argue Holy Father, we credit it as unreservedme down. It may be that I did not ly as we do those recorded in the New need arguing down as much as, I am Testament. And in this, we, as believsorry to say, many otherwise intelligent ers in the Bible, are consistent-not you. and fair-minded Protestants do; for I Did not Christ say that, when the Paraknew that papists did not worship clete was come, His disciples should do images, or pray to saints as we pray to greater things than He had done? Christ;* I had no urgent objection to Were not the apostles, before commenccelibacy on their part, was rather favor- ing their ministry, to wait at Jerusalem able than otherwise to a purgatory, on until they were endued with power from general principles, and did not try to on high ? You know how that power answer the sixth chapter of the Gos- was manifested on the day of Pentecost. pel according to St. John.

Once we

And at our Saviour's last miraculous touched on the Catholic claim of mira appearance, before His ascension into cles. “I have been a nun,” she said, heaven, did He not join with the very “ for more than twenty years, have been obligation to perpetuate His religion a great deal in different communities, the promise of its perpetual attestation some of them large ones, and I never by a catalogue of miracles as wonderful saw or knew any one who had seen any as any you will find in Butler's Lives thing of the kind. I have known, occa- of the Saints'?And then she quoted sionally, those who supposed they had the Douay rendering of Mark xvi. 15, 20. seen visions, and in these cases I have Among the nuns with whom I begenerally called in the physician, not

or less acquainted-and the priest, and under proper treatment there were many of them—I did not see they have usually disappeared. We any one who appeared dissatisfied or are taught not to anticipate such things unhappy. There was, of course, great -indeed, to suspect what appears at diversity among them-five different first to look like them. But that God nationalities at least to start with-all does, in these as in days gone by, in His ages, and all grades of the intellectual

scale. They did not all look like ma* Justice to the Roman Catholic theology demands donnas, or talk like our mother supethat we should say, here, that our contributor's rior; but all did look as if they had American love of fair play towards another sect

found their vocation, and were satisfied than his own leads him to concede even more than his opponent would be willing to accept. Tho Ro

with it. Their hearts were, indeed, no man Church does, in express terms, profess and easier to read than those of the laity, and encourage the worship of images, but claims a distinction in the sort of worship paid to them, which probably many of them enshrined some relieves it of the charge of idolatry. On the subject holy sorrow; but there certainly was of prayer to saints, the position assumed by Roman

no visible sign of regret for the world teologians is also the

contrary of that stated by they had left behind. That the means worship is only the worship of sacrifice ;—that they they employ, and the ends they propose, do “pray to saints as Prolestan's pray to Christ ; " would not suit you, Protestant reader, while they offer to Christ a worship such as Protestants do not practise--the “unbloody sacrifice" of

is very far from being proof that they the Mass.--Editor of Putnam's Magazine.

may not be the best possible ones for

came more

them. All over the Christian world her incorporation in it, will determine there are souls struggling for something even the first step in the process. The above the vulgar joys and sorrows of life is one of complete self-abnegation commonplace existence, asking that and most arduous labor. The postulant their “ Lamp of Sacrifice”_one of the must be in sound health, body and deepest and divinest principles that mind, thoroughly devoted, and steadGod has planted in our clay, the one fast of purpose. These points affirmaby which we are most nearly His spir- tively settled, she enters a convent on itual offspring, and, it may be added, a six months' probation. If this is satthe one 'most in need of the wisest hu- isfactorily completed, she begins a two man reason and the clearest heavenly years' novitiate. During all this time guidance to trim and use aright—be she assumes no pows. At the end of lighted by a noble enthusiasm and fed the two years and a half she is as free by some transcendent mission. Such to change her mind and return to the souls usually make terrible shipwreck: world as she was before her probation. this world is no place for them ; its But when, after this extended test, she chill is fatal to the flame, and the Pro- takes the veil-that, in symbol, shuts methean fire, once out, is never lit out all purely secular interests and puragain. There are those who have suits—there must be no looking back. struggled to accomplish such a voca- She lays aside every weight, to run the tion to the bearing of bitterer woes race set before her. For evermore the than men will take for wealth, love, world is crucified to her, and she to power, or fame. No philosophy that the world. ignores the spiritual elements of hu- Were there not some who, without manity will explain our many-sided knowing more, should know better, I nature. Man does not live by bread would not refer to the vulgar insinuaalone.

tion sometimes heard, of conventual unIt is when he is clothed, and housed, faithfulness to celibate vows. The time, and fed, that he begins to be in want. I trust, has come--and we do not owe He is an animal, the king of animals, its advent to the Church of Romeand some of his greatest mistakes arise when truth can afford to be honest; from ignoring this fundamental fact; and just men, however strong their anbut he is something more.

tipathies, should be ashamed to charge in his unstable mechanism are two war- guilt which is not only unproven, but ring natures. The harmonious integra- negatived by all the evidence upon the tion and development—the at-one-ment subject. Sensuality, especially when deof these is the true and final office of tached from the order of nature-family science and religion.

and domestic ties-makes marks in both Judging from the zeal of the Church the physiognomy and physiology of its in making proselytes, one might infer devotees, which no one can hide. You that it was equally anxious to increase know the woman of the demi-monde the number of those who take upon when you see her on the pavement or them its final vows. This, however, is in the street-car. You may find the not the case, except under important traces of most human impressions on the limitations. If, after having been a lay faces of the nuns—but not that. Every member for a proper time, one wishes physician with a conventual practice to become a nun, she must first satisfy knows that their diseases (and those of her spiritual director, and the superior the genital plexus are not infrequent), . of the convent to which she desires to are of the celibate type. If of that attach herself, that she has a true “vo- class, they are most probably those for cation,” as it is called, to such a life. which the medical attendant of your No mere desire on her part to be a nun, family is treating your unmarried sister no consideration of the mere pecuniary and your maiden aunt. There are no gain that may accrue to the order from reservations in the confessional of pa.

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