The Roman History, from the Foundation of Rome to the Battle of Actium, Volume 4

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J. and P. Knapton, 1741

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Pagina 236 - Plurimum audaciae ad pericula capessenda, plurimum consilii inter ipsa pericula erat. Nullo labore aut corpus fatigari aut animus vinci poterat. Caloris ac frigoris patientia par ; cibi potionisque desiderio 10 natural!, non voluptate modus finitus ; vigiliarum somnique nee die nee nocte discriminata tempora; id quod gerendis rebus superesset quieti datum...
Pagina 366 - With curls on curls they build her head before, And mount it with a formidable tow'r ; A giantess she seems ; but look behind, And then she dwindles to the pigmy kind.
Pagina 359 - Fortuna non mutat genus. Videsne, sacram metiente te viam Cum bis ter ulnarum toga, Ut ora vertat hue et hue euntium Liberrima indignatio ? 1 0 Sectus flagellis hie Triumviralibus.
Pagina 333 - Flaminius, were divided in thought by as many various anxieties, as there are different misfortunes, to which conquered troops are expofed ; and nobody yet knew what they were either to hope or fear.
Pagina 300 - Whilft they were fearching every where without finding any thing to make them amends for the time they loft, the enemy efcaped out of their hands.

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