Berenice II Euergetis: Essays in Early Hellenistic Queenship

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Springer, 3 feb 2016 - 245 pagine
Berenice II Euergetis (267/6-221 BCE), the daughter of King Magas of Cyrene (Libya) and wife of King Ptolemy III of Egypt, was queen at an important juncture in Hellenistic history. This collection of four essays focuses on aspects of chronology, genealogy and marital practices, royal ideology and queenship.

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The Marriage of Ptolemy III and Berenice II
Berenice II in Art and Artifacts
Astronomy and Ideology in the Coma Berenices

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Branko van Oppen de Ruiter is visiting research scholar and curator at the Allard Pierson Museum, the archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He publishes widely on Ptolemaic queens, Roman Egypt, and objects in the museum collection, as well as on modern architecture in the city of The Hague.

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