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To each rebel sinner pardon,
Free forgiveness in his name:
How important!

Free forgiveness in his name.

3 Tempted souls, they bring you succour ;
Fearful hearts, they quell your fears,
And, with news of consolation,
Chase away the falling tears:
Tender heralds

Chase away the falling tears.

HYMN 248. C. M. [#]

Blessings of the Gospel.

1 WHAT glorious tidings do I hear
From my Redeemer's tongue!
I can no longer silence bear;
I'll burst into a song:

2 The blind receive their sight with joy;
The lame can walk abroad;

The dumb their loosened tongues employ;
The deaf can hear the word.

3 The dead are raised to life anew
By renovating grace;

The glorious gospel's preached to you,
The poor of Adam's race.

4 O wondrous type of things divine,
When Christ displays his love,
To raise from wo the sinking mind,
To reign in realms above!

HYMN 249. C. M. [#]
Spread of the Gospel.

1 GREAT God, the nations of the earth
Are by creation thine,

And in thy works, by all beheld,
Thy power and glory shine.

2 But thy compassion, Lord, has sent
Thy gospel to mankind,
Unveiling what rich stores of grace
Are treasured in thy mind.

3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings spread
The spacious earth around,
Till every tribe and every soul

Shall hear the joyful sound?

4 Haste, sovereign mercy, and transform Their cruelty to love;

Soften the tiger to a lamb,

The vulture to a dove.

5 Smile, Lord, on each sincere attempt
To spread the gospel's rays;
And build in every heathen land
A temple to thy praise.

HYMN 250. C. M. [#]

Sinai and Zion.

1 NOT to the terrors of the Lord,
The tempest, fire, and smoke,-
Not to the thunder of that word
Which God on Sinai spoke,-

2 But we are come to Zion's hill,
The city of our God,

Where milder words declare his will,
And spread his love abroad.

3 Behold the blest assembly there,

Whose names are writ in heaven!
And God, the Judge of all, declares
Their vilest sins forgiven.

4 The saints on earth, and all the dead,
But one communion make;
All join in Christ, their living Head,
And of his grace partake.

5 In such society as this

My weary soul would rest :

The man that dwells where Jesus is

Must be forever blest.

HYMN 251. C. M. [#]

Rich Treasure in earthen Vessels.

1 How rich thy bounty, King of kings! Thy favours how divine!

The blessings which thy gospel brings,
How splendidly they shine!

2 Gold is but dross, and gems but toys,
Should gold and gems compare;
How mean, when set against those joys
Thy poorest servants share!

3 Yet all these treasures of thy grace
Are lodged in urns of clay,

And the weak sons of mortal race
Immortal gifts convey.

4 Feebly they lisp thy glories forth,
Yet grace the victory gives;
Quickly they moulder back to earth,
Yet still the gospel lives.

5 Such wonders power divine effects;
Such trophies God can raise ;
His hand from crumbling dust erects
His monuments of praise.

HYMN 252. L. M. [#]

Excellency of the Christian Religion. 1 LET everlasting glories crown

Thy head, my Saviour and my Lord;
Thy hands have brought salvation down,
And writ the blessings in thy word.

2 In vain the trembling conscience seeks
Some solid ground to rest upon;
With long despair the spirit breaks,
Till we apply to Christ alone.

3 How well thy sacred truths agree!

How wise and holy thy commands !
Thy promises, how firm they be !

How firm our hope and comfort stand! 4 Should all the forms that men devise Assault my faith with treacherous art, I'd call them vanity and lies,

And bind the gospel to my heart.

HYMN 253. C. M. [#]

Triumph of the Gospel.

1 LORD, send thy word, and let it fly,
Armed with thy spirit's power;
Ten thousand shall confess its sway,
And bless the saving hour.

2 Beneath the influence of thy grace,
The barren wastes shall rise,

With sudden greens and fruits arrayed,-
A blooming paradise.

3 True holiness shall strike its root
In each believing heart;
Shall in a growth divine arise,
And heavenly fruits impart.

4 Peace, with her olives crowned, shall stretch
Her wings from shore to shore ;
No trump shall rouse the rage of war,
Nor murderous cannon roar.

5 Lord, for those days we wait; those days
Are in thy word foretold:
Fly swifter, sun and stars, and bring
This promised age of gold.

HYMN 254. S. M. [#]

Excellency of the Gospel.

1 BEHOLD, the heavens declare
The glory of our God;
The starry firmament on high
Proclaims his power abroad.

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