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Full of mercy to restore us,

Mercy beaming from above. 3 Every secret fault confessing,

Deed unrighteous, thought of sin,
Seize, O seize the proffered blessing,
Grace from God, and peace

within ! Heart and voice with rapture swelling,

Still the song of glory raise;
On the theme immortal dwelling,

Join the universal praise.


HYMN 268. C. M. [#]

Excellency of Scripture.
1 FATHER of mercies, in thy word

What endless glory shines ;
Forever be thy name adored,

For these celestial lines.
2 Here may the wretched sons of want

Exhaustless riches find;
Riches above what earth can grant,

And lasting as the mind. 3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,

And yields a rich repast;
Sublimer sweets than nature knows

Invite the longing taste.

4 O may these heavenly pages be

My study and delight;
And still new beauties



And still increasing light.
5 Divine Instructer, gracious Lord,

Be thou forever near ;
Teach me to love thy sacred word,

And view my Saviour there.

HYMN 269. C. M. [#]

The Scriptures.
1 LADEN with guilt, and full of fears,

I come to thee, my Lord;
For not a ray of hope appears

But in thy holy word.
2 The volume of my Father's grace

Does all my grief assuage ;
Here I behold my Saviour's face

In every sacred page.
3 Here living water gently flows,

To wash me from my sin;
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,

Nor danger dwells therein.
4 This is the judge that ends the strife,

Where sense and reason fail ;
My guide to everlasting life,

Through all this gloomy vale.
5 May thy wise counsels, O my God,

These roving feet command,
Lest I forsake the happy road

That leads to thy right hand.

HYMN 270. C. M.

C. M. [#]
Glory of the Sacred Pages.
1 WHAT glory gilds the sacred page,

Majestic like the sun !
It gives a light to every age ;

It gives, but borrows none.
2 His hand that gave it still supplies

His gracious light and heat; His truths upon the nations rise ;

They rise, but never set.
3 Let everlasting thanks be thine,

For such a bright display,
As makes a world of darkness shine

With beams of heavenly day. 4 My soul rejoices to pursue

The paths of truth and love;
Till glory break upon my view

In brighter worlds above.

HYMN 271. L. M. [#]

Nature and Scripture compared.
1 The heavens declare thy glory, Lord ;

In every star thy wisdom shines ;
But when our eyes behold thy word,

We read thy name in fairer lines. 2 The rolling sun, the changing light,

And nights and days thy power confess; But, lo, the volume thou hast writ

Reveals thy justice and thy grace.

3 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest,

Till through the world thy truth has run; Till Christ has all the nations blest,

That see the light, or feel the sun. 4 Great Sun of Righteousness, arise ;

Bless the dark world with heavenly light: Thy gospel makes the simple wise ;

Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right. 5 Thy noblest wonders here we view,

In souls renewed, and sins forgiven :
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew,

And make thy word my guide to heaven.

[blocks in formation]

1 BEHOLD, the morning sun

Begins his glorious way ;
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey. 2 But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light;
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight. 3 How perfect is thy word !

And all thy judgments just ! For ever sure thy promise, Lord,

And men securely trust. 4 My gracious God, how plain

Are thy directions given !

may I never read in vain,
But find the path to heaven.

HYMN 273. C. M. [#]

Conquests of God's Word. 1 THE thirsty earth receives the rain,

And drinks the cooling showers; Fresh verdure re-adorns the plain,

And wakes the drooping flowers. 2 The blushing mead, the fertile field,

Shall be with blessings filled ;
And seed to him in plenty yield,

Who has its bosom tilled.
3 The living word of life divine

Its conquests shall extend,
Till every heart, in every clime,

Shall in submission bend.
4 Uninterrupted praise shall flow

From every creature's tongue,
And psalms and hymns by all below

In choral strains be sung.

HYMN 274. L. M. [#]

Scripture Teachings.
1 Bright Source of intellect above,

Father of spirits and of love,
O dart, with energy unknown,

Celestial beamings from thy throne. 2 Thy sacred book we would survey,

Enlightened with that heavenly day,
And seek thine influence with the word.
To teach our souls to know the Lord.

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