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HYMN 424. L. M. [+] Spiritual Provisions devoutly acknowledged. 1 The Lord, our Shepherd, feeds his flock,

And shades them with the towering rock;
Our God provides each heavenly good,

And fills our souls with lasting food. 2 Where pastures grow in living green,

And spread a rich and flowing scene,
There do we rest, when toil o'ercomes,

Inhaling all the sweet perfumes. 3 Where waters of salvation flow,

To cheer the humble vale below,
There doth our Shepherd kindly guide,

And for our parching thirst provide. 4 When from this fold we ever stray,

He marks our wandering, devious way,
Reclaims our souls to blissful rest,

And brings us leaning on his breast. 5 Shepherd and Bishop of my soul,

O make thy wounded servant whole;
Continue all thy gifts of love,
Till I shall reach thy fold above.

HYMN 425. 75 M. [# or b]

Devout Thanks and Supplication. 1 Thanks for mercies past receive;

Pardon of our sins renew;
Teach us, henceforth, how to live,

With eternity in view.

2 Bless thy word to old and young;

Grant us, Lord, thy peace and love; And, when life's short race is run,

Take us to thy house above.

HYMN 426. C. M. [ #]

Devout Desires.
1 ETERNAL Source of life and light,

Supremely good and wise,
To thee we bring our grateful vows,

To thee lift up our eyes.
2 Our dark and erring minds illume

With truth's celestial rays; Inspire our hearts with sacred love,

And tune our lips to praise.
3 Safely conduct us by thy grace,

Through life's perplexing road,
To pleasures which forever flow

At thy right hand, O God.

HYMN 427. 8 1. L. M. [ # or b ]

God's Presence the Refuge of the Afflicted. 1 When dread misfortune's tempests rise,

And roar through all the darkened skies,
Where shall the trembling pilgrim gain
A shelter from the wind and rain ?
Within the covert of thy grace,
O Lord, there is a hiding-place,
Where, unconcerned, we hear the sound,

Though storm and tempest rage around. 2 When, wandering o'er the desert bare,

Of burning sands and sultry air,

We've sought the cheerless region through,
But found no stream to meet our view,-
'Tis then the rivers of thy love,
Descending from thy throne above,
Supply our wants, and soothe our pain,

And raise our fainting souls again. 3 When in a weary land we tire,

And, all unnerved, our powers expire,
With toil, and care, and heat oppressed,
Where shall our languid spirits rest?
0, who could bear the blasting ray,
And all the burden of the day,
Did not a Rock in Zion stand,
O'ershading all this weary land !

HYMN 428. C. M. [#]

Constant Devotion.
1 BEFORE the rosy dawn of day,

To thee, my God, I'll sing;
Awake, my soft and tuneful lyre,

Awake, each charming string.
2 Awake, and let the flowing strains

Glide through the midnight air,
While high amidst the silent orbs

The silver moon rolls clear:
3 While all the glittering, starry lamps

Are lighted in the sky,
And set their Maker's greatness forth

To my admiring eye.
4 And, as the gloomy night returns,

Or smiling day renews,

Thy constant goodness still my soul

With benefit pursues.
5 For this, I'll midnight vows to thee

With early incense bring;
And, ere the rosy dawn of day,

Thy lofty praises sing.

HYMN 429. L. M. [b or #]

Abide with us.
1 ABIDE with us; the evening shades

Begin already to prevail ;
And, as the lingering twilight fades,

Dark clouds in fields of azure sail. 2 Abide with us ; the night is chill ;

And damp and cheerless is the air; Be our companion, stranger, still,

And thy repose shall be our care. 3 Abide with us; thy converse sweet

Has well beguiled the tedious way; With such a friend we joy to meet,

We supplicate thy longer stay. 4 Abide with us; for well we know

Thy skill to cheer the gloomy hour; Like balm thy honeyed accents flow;

Our wounded spirits feel their power. 5 Abide with us; and still converse

Of him who late on Calvary died;
Of him the prophecies rehearse ;
He was our Friend they crucified.

6 Abide with us; we feel the charm,

That binds us to our unknown friend; Here

pass the night secure from harm, Here, stranger, let thy wanderings end.

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HYMN 430. 8 & 7s. M. [6]

Devotion. 1 Far from mortal cares retreating,

Sordid hopes and fond desires, Here, our willing footsteps meeting,

Every heart to heaven aspires. From the fount of glory beaming,

Light celestial cheers our eyes ; Mercy from above proclaiming

Peace and pardon from the skies. 2 Who may share this great salvation ?

Every pure and humble mind;
Every kindred, tongue and nation,

From the dross of guilt refined :
Blessings all around bestowing,

God withholds his care from none;
Grace and mercy ever flowing

From the fountain of his throne. 3 Every stain of guilt abhorring,

Firm and bold in virtue's cause,
Still thy providence adoring,

Faithful subjects to thy laws,
Lord, with favour still attend us;

Bless us with thy wondrous love;
Thou, our Sun and Shield, defend us :

All our hope is from above.

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