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And spread thy shield's protecting blaze

Where dangers press around my head. 4 A deeper shade shall soon impend,

A deeper sleep my eyes oppress; Yet then thy strength shall still defend,

Thy goodness still delight to bless. 5 That deeper shade shall break away;

That deeper sleep shall leave my eyes; Thy light shall give eternal day ;

Thy love the rapture of the skies.

HYMN 515. 8 s. M. [#]

Morning Praise.
1 LAUDED be thy name forever,

Thou of life the Guard and Giver !
Thou who slumberest not, nor sleepest,
Blest are they thou kindly keepest!
God of stillness and of motion,
Of the rainbow and the ocean,
Of the mountain, rock, and river,

Hallowed be thy name forever ! 2 God of evening's yellow ray,

God of yonder dawning day,
That rises from the distant sea
Like breathings of eternity !
Thine the flaming sphere of light,
Thine the darkness of the night :
God of life, that fadeth never,
Glory to thy name forever!

HYMN 516. L. M. [#]

Morning Devotion.
1 Awake, my soul, and with the sun

Thy daily stage of duty run;
Shake off dull sloth, and joysul rise

pay thy morning sacrifice. 2 Illumined by the light divine,

Let thine own light to others shine ;
Reflect all heaven's propitious rays,

In ardent love and cheerful praise. 3 Lord, I my vows to thee renew ;

Scatter my sins as morning dew;
Guard my first springs of thought and will,

And with thyself my spirit fill.
4 Direct, control, suggest, this day,

All I design, or do, or say,
That all my powers, with all their might,
In thy sole glory may unite.


HYMN 517, C. M. [#]

Morning or Evening Hymn.
1 On thee, each morning, O my God,

My waking thoughts attend,
In whom are founded all my hopes,

In whom my wishes end.
2 My soul, in pleasing wonder lost,

Thy boundless love surveys ;
And, fired with grateful zeal, prepares

Her sacrifice of praise.

3 When evening slumbers press my eyes,

With thy protection blest,
In peace and safety, I comniit

My weary limbs to rest.
4 My spirit, in thy hands secure,

Fears no approaching ill;
For, whether waking or asleep,

Thou, Lord, art with me still. 5 Then will I daily to the world

Thy wondrous acts proclaim ;
While all with me shall praises sing,

And bless thy sacred name.

HYMN 518. L. M. [b or #]

Evening Recollections. 1 ANOTHER fleeting day is gone;

Slow o'er the west the shadows rise ; Swist the soft-stealing hours have flown,

And night's dark mantle veils the skies. 2 Another fleeting day is gone,

Swift from the records of the year ;
And still, with each successive sun,

Life's fading visions disappear. 3 Another fleeting day is gone;

But soon a fairer day shall rise,
A day whose never-setting sun

Shall pour its light o'er cloudless skies. 4 Another fleeting day is gone ;

In solemn silence rest, my soul ;
Bow down before his gracious throne,

Who bids the morn and evening roll.

HYMN 519. C. M. [#]

Evening Contemplation.
1 See, the bright monarch of the day

In ocean dips his beams;
While from his brow a parting ray

In milder glory streams.
2 The moon, pale empress of the night,

In sweet succession reigns,
And finely paints, with silver light,

The mountains, vales, and plains. 3 The planets in progression rise,

And shine from pole to pole ;
Their pleasing course delights our eyes,

And charms the rising soul.
4 The starry arch in grandeur glows,

Through all its ample round :
Great God, thy power no limit knows,

Thy wisdom knows no bound.

HYMN 520. L. M. [#]

Family Duties and Blessings.
1 FATHER of men, thy care we bless,

Which crowns our families with peace :
From thee they sprung, and by thy hand

Their root and branches are sustained. 2 To God, most worthy to be praised, Be our domestic altars raised

; Though Lord of heaven, he deigns to dwell With saints in their obscurest cell.

3 To him let each united house,

Morning and night, present their vows;
And children of the rising race

Be taught his precepts and his grace.
4 O may each future age proclaim

The honours of thy glorious name ;
While, pleased and thankful, we remove
To join thy family above.

HYMN 521. L. M. [bor #]

Communion with the Heart. 1 RETURN, my roving heart, return,

And chase these shadowy forms no more ; Seek out some solitude to mourn,

And your forsaken God implore.
2 And thou, O God, whose piercing eye

Distinct surveys each deep recess,
In these abstracted hours draw nigh,

And with thy presence fill the place. 3 Through all the mazes of my heart,

The search let heavenly wisdom guide,
And still its radiant beams impart,

Till all be searched and purified. 4 Then, with the visits of thy love,

Vouchsafe my inmost soul to cheer,
Till every grace shall join to prove

That God hath fixed his dwelling there.

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