Digital Photography Expert: Light and Lighting

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Lark Books, 2003 - 160 pagine
Instructive text and images of major tools and equipment make this comprehensive resource essential to every digital photographer's library. With it, they can master both the technical and creative aspects of lighting through a combination of traditional photographic skills and the limitless possibilities of digital technology. Three-hundred-and-fifty photographs--including before and after shots--and expert information demonstrate the key techniques. The full spectrum of light, and how the camera measures it, is explained, along with advice on achieving color accuracy. Photographers can experiment with natural light, bright or dim; explore frontal versus side lighting; and see what can be done indoors using window techniques, tungsten light, flash, candlelight, and post-production techniques. Here's how to make the most out of built-in and portable flashes, fluorescent and studio lights, diffusion, and every possible aspect of photographic lighting.

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