Standard Guide to Cuba

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Foster & Reynolds, 1905 - 180 pagine

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Pagina 120 - once 12 doce 13 • • trece 14 catorce 15 quince 16 diez y seis 17 diez y siete -18 diez y ocho 19 diez y nueve 20 veinte 21 , veinte y uno 22 veinte y dos 23 veinte y tres 24 veinte y cuatro 25 veinte y cinco 26 veinte y seis, 27 veinte y siete 28 veinte y ocho 29 veinte y nueve 30 treinta
Pagina 60 - I wish to live in peace with your Lordship and the church, as I have shown in all that has hitherto occurred, and I hope that your Lordship will not give me reason to alter my intention. I kiss your Lordship's hands. Your humble servant, ALBEMARLE. Havana,
Pagina 106 - had for a year and a half endeavored to diminish the disease and mortality of the Cuban towns, by general sanitary work, but while the health of the population showed distinct improvement and the mortality had greatly diminished, yellow fever apparently had been entirely unaffected by these measures.
Pagina 107 - i. The specific agent in the causation of yellow fever exists in the blood of a patient for the first three days of his attack, after which time he ceases to be a menace to the health of others.
Pagina 74 - THE next day, which was Good Friday, about twilight, a long procession came trailing slowly through the streets under my window, bearing an image of the dead Christ lying upon a cloth of gold. It was accompanied by a body of
Pagina 149 - he was facing the entrance he found the mouth of a river on the south side of sufficient width for a galley to enter it, but so concealed that it is not visible until close to. Entering
Pagina 49 - On the 27th of November, 1871, there were sacrificed in front of this place, by the Spanish Volunteers of Havana, the eight young Cuban students of the First Year of Medicine: Alonso Alvarez de la Campa, José de Marcos Medina, Carlos Augusto de Latorre, Eladio Gonzalez Toledo, Pascual
Pagina 107 - In February, 1901, the Chief Sanitary Officer in Havana, Major WC Gorgas, Medical Department, US Army, instituted measures to eradicate the disease, based entirely on the conclusions of the commission. Cases of yellow fever were required to be reported as promptly as possible, the patient was at first rigidly isolated,
Pagina 17 - HAVANA is a city of palaces, a city of streets and plazas, of colonnades and towers and churches and monasteries. The Spaniards built as they built in Castile; built with the same material, the
Pagina 135 - Ships. Thus he departed with all his Men, taking with him only fix of the principal Prifoners as Pledges. Next Day the Spaniards brought the Cattle and Salt to the Ships, and required the

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