Historical and Biographical Sketches of the Progress of Botany in England from Its Origin to the Introduction of the LinnŠan System, Volume 1

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T. Cadell, 1790 - 712 pagine

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Pagina 161 - Botnnicum" of Zwinger, Basil, 1696, and finally in a new edition of the same work, so late as 1744. Thus did the genius and labours of Gesner add dignity and ornament to the works of other men, and even of some whose enmity he had experienced during his lifetime. Besides the above mentioned, Gesner left five volumes, consisting entirely of figures, which, after various vicissitudes, became the property of Trew, of Norimberg, who gratified the public, by the pen of Dr. Schmiedel, with an ample specimen...
Pagina 279 - ... for that he never did, and often declared that he ever thought it 'an unlawful oath, but he said he could not declare, for those that had taken the oath, that no obligation lay upon them ; but feared there might.
Pagina ix - Science, which even in a fpeculative view, holds no mean rank, and, confidered practically, is clofely connected with medicine, and with the arts and elegancies of life, has been held forth as a trifling and futile employment. In truth, he properly is entitled, in any degree, to the character of the Botanift, whofe ac^quirements enable him to inveftigate, to defcribe, and fyftematically arrange, any plant which comes under his cognizance.
Pagina 277 - ... of the sciences he loved. Incited by the most ardent genius, which overcame innumerable difficulties and discouragements, his labours were, in the end, crowned with a success before almost unequalled. He totally reformed the studies of botany and zoology ; he raised them to the dignity of a science, and placed them in an advantageous point of view : and, by his own investigations, added more real improvement to them in England than any of his predecessors. The extent of his improvements in science...
Pagina 90 - Realmes, commonly used in Physicke. First set foorth in the Doutche or Almaigne tongue by that learned D. Rembert Dodoens, Physition to the Emperour : And nowe first translated out of French into English by Henry Lyte Esquyer.
Pagina 177 - Lambeth ; and about 1629 he obtained the title of gardener to Charles I. Tradescant •was a man of extraordinary curiosity, and the first in this country who made any considerable collection of the subjects of natural history. He had a son of the same name, who took a voyage to Virginia, whence he returned with many new plants. They were the means of introducing a VOL. XXX. B variety of curious species into this kingdom, several of which bore their name.
Pagina 81 - ... paid to the native productions of his own country,- had given him a comprehensive view of the natural fertility of the soil and climate of England; which, from the tenour of his writings, seems to have been, at that time, by some people much depreciated. He opposes this idea with patriotic zeal and concern, and alleges various examples to prove, that we had excellent apples, pears, plums, cherries, and hops, of our own growth, before the importation of these articles into England by the London...
Pagina 74 - Hunting of the Fox and Wolf, because they did make havock of the Sheep of Jesus Christ," 8vo. Tanner mentions a few other articles', and there are several of his tracts yet in manuscript, in various libraries. He collated the translation of the Bible with Hebrew, Greek, and Latin copies, and corrected it in many places. He procured to be printed at Antwerp a new and corrected edition of William of Newburgh's " Historia gentis nostrse,
Pagina 255 - Perfuafive to a Holy Life, from the Happinefs which attends it, both in this World and *. in the World to come.
Pagina 31 - I will give one instance,' says Pulteney in his ' Sketches of Botany,' ' from Apuleius, of that credulity and superstition which, sanctioned by antiquity, yet prevailed in the administration of remedies, and exhibits a melancholy proof of the wretched state of physic, which through so many ages had not broken the shackles of Druidical magic and imposition. As a cure for a disease called by the French Vaiguillette nouee, you are directed to take seven stalks of the herb lion's-foot, separated from...

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