Emerging Biological Threats: A Reference Guide: A Reference Guide

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ABC-CLIO, 23 dic 2009 - 327 pagine

What biological agents should we truly be afraid of? Which have garnered more attention than they warrant? Emerging Biological Threats: A Reference Guide is the antidote for the confusion surrounding the potentially devastating impact of pathogens on the human community. Written by a frontline professional in epidemiology, it is the most authoritative yet engagingly written resource available on the real risks we face, and the countermeasures used to confront them.

Emerging Biological Threats provides the information needed to understand significant direct threats to human health, as well as those that impact us indirectly by destroying livestock and crops. Focused primarily on the United States, it offers science-based yet accessible explorations of HIV, influenza, drug-resistant pathogens, tuberculosis, meningitis, and more. In addition, the book assesses current predictions about the future spread of various diseases as a result of climate change and overpopulation. The book concludes with chapters on relevant environmental and sociological trends and a discussion of current public health strategy.


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1 Introduction
2 Five Big Ones
3 Five More and Complications
4 Food Insecurity
5 Food Insecurity Continued
6 Making Things Worse
7 Fighting Back

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Joan R. Callahan has a PhD from the University of Arizona and has worked as a researcher and consultant for over 30 years, most recently as an epidemiologist for the Naval Health Research Center and as a contractor for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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