Stress Blasters: Quick and Simple Steps to Take Control and Perform Under Pressure

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Rodale Press, 1 gen 1997 - 170 pagine
Providing a wide range of anti-stress techniques, including exercise, sex, food, humor, hobbies, and pets, a valuable guide to reducing stress for a better quality of living also shares the secrets of some of the world's greatest stress busters. Original.

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The Stress Epidemic
Identifying Stressors in Your Life
Performing under Pressure

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Chichester is an award-winning health writer, personal trainer, and licensed EMT. He is pursuing his Master's in Public Health from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, on a competitive scholarship from Rotary International.

Perry Garfinkel has been a contributor to the "New York Times" since 1986, specializing in travel and cultural trends. A veteran journalist who has covered the overlap of East and West for more than thirty years for many major publications, he has been falling on and off the meditation cushion for just as long. He lives on Martha's Vineyard. Visit him at

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