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V.3 No.53-78 1846-47

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As we have hitherto, on the completion of each of our former Volumes, seized hold of the opportunity to address a few words to our readers, regarding ourselves, our objects, and our hopes of success in working them out, we are unwilling now to discontinue a ceremony which we have felt to be an agreeable one, although, in truth, we have not on the present occasion much to say.

Our objects have been so often explained that we feel it to be quite unnecessary that we should say another word on that subject. Of our success in working them out, if we may judge by the favour with which we continue to be received by the public, we have every reason to feel the most gratifying assurance.

We shall continue in the same course by which we have reached our present honourable position in the periodical press, diligently searching everywhere for such intellectual fare to lay before our readers, as will nourish into health and vigour, not their understandings only, but also their principles and affections, and taking care to present it in a form, and with accompaniments, fitted to refine their tastes, and permanently to elevate their whole habits of thought.

We take this opportunity of stating, that we have entered into arrangements with some of the most eminent Artists of the day, for the supply of Illustrations for our succeeding Numbers, of a character which we venture to say will defy competition. Determined to sustain unimpaired the character this Magazine has already earned, of furnishing, for the gratification of the popular taste, Illustrations which, for design and execution, have never been equalled at the price, we have at a great sacrifice added materially to the expense of that department of the Magazine, and have secured the services of gentlemen whose names stand among the highest in the ranks of living Art. Prints of some of the best pictures intended for the exhibitions of the present season, will early appear in this Magazine, brought out under the superintendence of the artists.

LONDON, April, 1847.

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