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us this day our dair tre

forgive those who teen

tion; But deliver a na

Then shall the West
hath pleased thee to repas
Infant with thy Holt May

adoption, and to incorpo into thy holy Church bly top

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unto righteousness

, and ried with Christ in his crucify the old man

, o abolish the whole bote that as he is made Paris Death of thy Son, ke me Partaker of his Resurrec Chat finally, with the rain

1oly Church, he mar 3 ritor of thine érerlastas hrõugh Christ our Lone Then, all standing up

. It

Fess prayers unto hiz know and believe to his soul's corrupt affections, and daily pronɔst may lead the rest kät health; and that this Child may be cecding in all virtue and godliness nd; ing to this beginning

virtuously brought up to lead a of living. Eis- ? Then sbali de szikle godly and a Christian life : remem- 1 Then shall he add, and say, ch


are to take care that this Hallowed be wie represent unto us our profession; Child be brought to the Kingdom come; Thre

which is, to follow the example of Bishop to be confirmed by him, so on Earth , as its inde our Saviour Christ, and to be made soon as he can say the Creed, the

like unto him ; that as he died, and Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Comforgive us our treapta

rose again for us, so should we, mandments, and is sufficiently in

who are baptized, die from sin, and structed in the other parts of the us; And lead us not so rise again unto righteousness ; con Church Catechism set forth for that

tinually. mortifying all our evil and purpose. Amen.


IN HOUSES. ceive him for thine on! The Minister of every Parish shall often admonish the People, that they de

fer not the Baptism of their Children longer than the first or second Sunday *next after their birth or other Holy Day falling between, unless upon a great

and reasonable Cause. hey being dead unto si they also uhey shalewarn them, that without like great cause and necessity,

when need shall compei them so to do, then Baptism shall be administered
as followeth.
1 First, let the Minister of the Parish (or, in his absence, any other lawful

Minister that can be procured) with those who are present, call upon God,
and say the Lord's Prayer, and so many of the Collects appointed to be said
before in the Form of Public Baptism, as the time and present exigence will
suffer. And then, the Child being named by some one who is, present, the
Minister shall pour water upon it, saying these words:
N. 1;baptize thee in the name of holy Church, he may be an Inhe.

the Father, and of the Son, ritor of thine everlasting Kingdom,

and of the Holy Ghost.' Amen. \through Christ our Lord. Amen. shall say to the God 2005. Then the Minister shall give thanks/ And let them nát doubt, but that the unto God, and say,

Child so baptized is lawfully and suf

ficiently bapuized, and ought not to WE yield thee, hearty thanks, be baptized again. Yet nevertheless,

most merciful Father, that it if the child which is after this sort es, to renounce the drie hath pleased thee to regenerate this baptized, do afterwards live; it is

expedient that it be brought into the g works, to beliere in le Infant with thy Holy Spirit, to receive him for thine own Child by

Church, to the intent that if the Miadoption, and to incorporate him nister of the saine Parish did himself

baptize that Child, the Congregation is Infant be taught us to thy holy Church. And humbly may be certified of the true form of

we beseech thee to grant, that he, Baptism, by him privately before being dead unto sin, and living used : In which case he shall say unto righteousness, and being bu

thus: ried with Christ in his death, may

mothers this Exhortation YVORASMUCH as to

hath promised br makin

rye him; ye must reme is your parts and dute:

all be able to lemn vow, promise, on he hath stere mat

to the due and prescribed Order 2 better, ye shall call crucify the old man, and utterlil CERTIFY you, that according

abolish the whole body of sin; and of the Church, at such a time, and sed, the Lord's Prater Death of thay Son, he may also be nesses, I baptized this Child. Spice, that he mar list that as he is made Partaker of the at such a place, before divers witags which a Christians that finally, with the residue of thyi any other lawful Minister, then the 7 Commandments, and Partaker of his Resurrection; SO 9 But if the Child were baptized by

od that he marknow that

and cheer

ar Sermons ;

Minister of the Parish where the declared his good will toward Child was born or christened, shall them: for he embraced them in examine whether the same hath been his arms, he laid his hands upon lawfully done. And if the Minister shall find, by the answers of such as

them, and blessed them. Doubt bring the Child, that all things were ye not therefore, but earnestly bedone as they ought to be ; then shall lieve, that he hath likewise favourhe not christen the Child agai it, but ably received this present Infant; shall receive him as one of the flock that he hath embraced him with of true Christian People, saying the arms of his mercy; and, as he thus:

hath promised in his holy word, I

CERTIFY you, that in this case will give unto him the blessing of

all is well done, and according eternal life, and make him partaker unto due order, concerning the of his everlasting kingdom. Wherebaptizing of this Child; who is fore, we being thus persuaded of now by baptism incorporated into the good will of our heavenly Fa. the Christian Church: For our ther, declared by his Son Jesus Lord Jesus Christ doth not deny Christ, towards this infunt, let us his grace and mercy unto such In- faithfully and devoutly give thanks fants ; but most lovingly doth call unto him, and say the Prayer which them unto him, as the Holy Gospel the Lord'himselč taught us. doth witness to our comfort on this wise.

OUR Father, who art in Heaven, Then the Minister shall say as fol- Kingdom come; Thy will be done

Hallowed' be thy Name; They lows: or else shall pass on to the questions addressed to the Sponsors.

on Earth, as it is in Heaven; Give Hear the words of the Gospel

, forgive us our trespasses, as we for

us this day our daily bread: And written by St. Mark, in the tenth give those who trespass against chapter, at the thirteenth verse.

us; And lead us not into tempta. THEY brought young children tion; But deliver us frota evil.

to Christ, that he should touch Amen. them; and his disciples rebuked I Then shall the Minister der and the those who brought them. But when name of the Child; which being by Jesus saw it, he was much displeas- the Godfathers and Godmothers proed, and said unto them, Suffer the nounced, the Minister shall say az little children to come unto me,

follows: and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I DOST thou, in the name of this say unto you, Whosoever shall not all his works, the vain pomp and receive the kingdom of God as a glory of the world, with all covetlittle child, he shall not enter there-ous desires of the same, and the in. And he took them up in his sinful desires of the flesh; so that arma, put his hands upon them, and thou wilt not follow, nor be led by blessed them.

them? 1 After the Gospel is read, the Minis- Ans. I renounce them all; and,

ter shall make this brief Exhortation by God's help, will endeavour not upon the words of the Gospel.

to foilow nor be led by them. BELOVED, ye hear in this Gos- Minis. Dost thou believe all the

pel the words of our Saviour Articles of the Christian Faith, as Christ, that he commanded the contained in the Apostles' Creed? children to be brought unto him ; Ans. I do. how he blamed those that would Minis. Wilt thou be baptized is have kept them from him; how he this Faith? exhorteth all men to follow their Ans. That is my desire. innocency, Ye perceive how, by Minis. Wilt thou then obedient bus outward gesture and deed, he ly keep God's holy will and com

ister has

stu, lieve, that he hath bene

health ;

- faithfully and deront's
I the Lord'himsell tangkan
O'R Father, we artista Infants

he thr

ere the declared his med mandments, and walk in the same

FORASMUCH as this Child - shail them: for henter the days of thy life?

hath promised by you, his Surebeen his arins, he lul Ans. I will, by God's help. ties, to renounce the devil and all them, and blessed 1 Then the Minister shall say,

his works, to believe in God, and to ve not therelire, tez We receive this Child into the serve him; ye must remember, that Durably received this area Here the Mi: Flock, and do* that this Infant be taught, so soon lach trai he hath embra nister stall make sign him with the as he shall be able to learn, what a zing the arms of his mers a Cross upon the sign of the Cross; solemn row, promise, and profeshath promised in this ? Child's forehead. În

token that sion he hath"here made by you. zse will give unto him the

hereafter he shall And that he may know these things ng eternal life, and make is not be ashamed to confess the faith the better, ye shall call upon him jie of his everlasting kinelane of Christ crucified, and manfully to

to hear Sermons; and chiefly ye is fore

, we being thus er fight under his banner, against sin, shall provide, that he may learn the to the good wil of our best the world, and the devil;

and to Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the ir ther, declared br les continue Christ's faithful soldier Ten Commandments, and all other v Carist, towards this ba and servant unto his life's end. things which a Christian ought to

know and believe to his soul's

and that this Child may be as to the Omission of the sign of the Cross, as in the Public Baptism of !y and a Christian life: remember

ing always, that Baptism doth Then shall the Minister say, represent unto us our profession Kingdom come;

SEEING now, dearly beloved which is, to follow the example of forgive us our trespasiest of Christ's Church ; let us give rose again for us, so should we, us this day our daily as Fenerate, and grafted into the body like unto him; that as he died, and on Earth, as it is in Hebrethren, that this Child is re-four Saviour Christ, and to be made wire those who treste Lhanks unto Alnıighty God for these who are baptized, die from sin, and Cion; But deliver is in our prayers unto him, that this tinually mortifying all our evil and

Child may lead the rest of his life corrupt affections, and daily proaccording to this beginning. ceeding in all virtue and godliness

I Then shall be said, all kneeling, of living. nounced, the Minister

EWE yield thee hearty thanks,
most merciful Father, that it

1 Then shall he add and say,
hath pleased thee to regenerate this YE are to take care that this
Infant with thy Holy Spirit, to re- Child be brought to the Bishop

ceive him for thine own Child by to be confirmed by him, so soon as

adoption, and to incorporate him he can say the Creed, the Lord's I his works, the ran into thy holy Church. And hum- Prayer, and the Ten Command

bly we beseech thee to grant, that ments, and is sufficiently instructed The, being dead unto sin, and living in the other parts of the Church

unto righteousness, and being Catechism, set forth for that purI wilt not follow, but buried with Christ in his death, pose. av crucify the old man, and utter

IT But if they who bring the Infant to and that as he is made Partaker of

the Church do make such uncertain God's help, will endea abolish the whole body of sin ; the death of thy Son, he may also

Answers to the Minister's Questions, be Partaker of his resurrection; so

as that it cannot a pear that the

Child was baptized with Water, in that finally, with the residue of thy the Name of the Father, and of the holy Church, he may be an Inheri-) Son, and of the Holy Ghost (which

are essential parts of Baptism) then through Christ our Lord. Amen.

let the Minister baptise it in the Form

before appointed for Public Baptism inis. Wilt thou be beyne er of thine everlasting Kingdom,

Then, all standing up, the Minister
shall say to the Godfathers and God-

of Infants; saving, that, at the dip

ping of the Child in the Font, be ep God's hol, mil hothers this Exhortation following: 1 shall use this form of Words:


Then shall the Ministers name of the Child: the Godfathers and G4


DOST thon, in the more

Child, renounce

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ory of the sporld, with s desires of the sam: ful desires of the field

m? Ans. I renounce


blow nor be led by the Jinis. Dost thou belich cies of the Christian ! ained in the Aposts in 18. I do.

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Faith? 23. That is my desire inis. Wilt thou then

IF thou art not already baptized, make the Questions to the Sponsors N. I baptize thee in the name

serve for

both. of the Father, and of the Son, and

And again, after the Immerof the Holy Ghost. Amen.

sion, or the pouring of Water, and

the receiving into the Church, the If Ir Infant Baptism, and the receiving Minister may use the Remainder of

of Infants baptized in private, are to the Service for both. be at the same time, the Minister may


BAPTISM, To such as are of Riper Years, and able to answer for themselves. * When any such Persons as are of Riper Years are to be baptized, timely

notice shall be given to the Minister; that so due care may be taken for their examination, whether they be sufficiently instructed in the principles of the Christian Religion; and that they may be exhorted to prepare themselves, with prayers and fasting, for iüe receiving of this Holy Sacrament. And if they shall be found fit, then the Godfathers and Godmothers, (the People being assembled upon the Sunday, Holy Day, or Prayer Day appointed) shall be ready to present them at the Font, immediately after the Second Lesson, either at Morning or Evening Prayer, as the Minister, in his discre: tion, shall think fit. And standing there, the Minister shall ask, Whether any of the Persone here presented be baptized or no? If they shall answer, No; then shall the Minister


thus : DEARLY beloved, forasmuch as holy Baptism ; and by the Baptem. en sin, (and that which is born of Christ in the river Jordan, didst the flesh is flesh) and they who are sanctify the element of water, to in the flesh cannot please God, but the mystical washing away of sin; live in sin, committing many actual we bescech thee, for thine infinite tra asgressions; and our Saviour mercies, that thou wilt mercifully Christ saith, None can enter into look upon these thy Servanis; wash the kingdom of God, except he be them and sanctify them with the regenerate and born anew of Water Ioiy Ghost.; that they, being de and of the Holy Ghost; I Lescech livered from thy wrath, may. you to call upon God the Father, received into the Ark of Christ's through our Lord Jesus Christ, that Church; and being steadfast in of his bounteous goodness he will faith, joyful through hope, and grant to these Persons that wilich rooted in charity, may so pass the by nature they cannot have ; that waves of this troublesome world they may be baptized with Water that finally they may come to the and the Holy Ghost, and received land of everlasting life; there to go

1 made lively members of the same. through Jesus Christ our Lord. Then shall the Minister say,

Amen. ALMIGHTY.rand everlasting

| Or this. "the ark from perishing by water; the helper of a'r who Aee to thee didst save Noah and his famille, ALMIGHTY and immortal

y the Red Sea, figuring thereby thyldead, we cali apon thee for these dren of Israel thy people through believe, and the esurrection of the



both. And again at

to the Service for Lock

who ask;



Riper Years are to be bertas

that so due care marha 12 nar be exhorted to prepare


adav, Holy Day, or Prater
I the Font, inuediately ates
ng Prayer, as the Minister az

BAPTISM OF THOSE OF RIPER YEARS. 133 , make the Constituent persons

, that they, coming to thy ho-Saviour Christ, that except a man nel

of their sins, by spiritual regenera- he cannot enter into the kingdom of nd

sion, or the priest tion. Receive them, O Lord, as vod. Whereby ye may perceive the

the receiving into the one thou hast promised by thy well-be-great necessity of this Sacrament, ng Minister may used by loved Son, saying, Ask, and ye where it may be had. Likewise,

sliail receive; seek, and ye shåll immediately before his ascension find; knock, and it shall be opened into heaven, (as we read in the last unto you: So give now unto us chapter of Saint Mark's Gospel,)

let us who seek, find; he gave command to his disciples, open the gate unto us who knock; saying, Gò ye iniu all the world, liat these Persons may enjoy the and preach the Gospel 10 every

everlasting benediction of thiy hea- creature. He that believeth, and is and able to answer orienteret erashing, and may come to baptized, shall

be saved ; but he Live eternal kingdoin which thou that believeth not, shall be damnhast proinised by Christ our Lord. eu: Which also showeth unto us Amen.

the great benefit we reap thereby. ciendly instructed in der Then tlie Minister shall.say, For which cause Saint Peter the

Hear the words of the Gospel, Apostle, when upon his first preach, Ceiving of this Huly Danza written by Saint John, in the third ing of the Gospel many were pricked In the Godfathers and Game chapter, beginning at the first at the heart, and said to him and

the rest of the Apostles, Men and THERE was a man of the Pha- brehren, what shall we do? replied,

risees, named Nicodemus, a and said unto them, Repent and be ruler of the Jews. The same came baptized every one of you, for the to Jesus by night, and said unto remission of sins, and ye shall rehiin, Rabbi, we knoiv that thou art ceive the gift of the Holy Ghost : a Teacher come from God; for no For the promise is to you and your man can do these miracles that thou children, and to all that are afar off; doest

, except God be with him. even as many as the Lord our God

Jesus answered and said unto him, shall call. And with many other Sanctify: the element de Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Exa words exhorted he them, saying,

cept a man be born again, he can- Save yourselves from this untoward not see the kingdom of God. Ni-generation. For; as the same A poscodenius saith unto him, How can ile testifieth in another place, even

aman be born when he is old ? can Baptism doth also now save us, - he enter the second time into his (not the putting away of the filth mother's wonib, and be born? Je-lof the flesh, but the answer of a

sus answered, Verily, verily, I say good conscience towards God,) by ivered from thrillinto thee, Except a man be born Die resurrection of Jesus Christ. received into the draf Water and of the Spirit, he can-Doubt ye not therefore, but earn

not enter into the kingdom of God. estly believe, that he will favouraaith, joyful through That which is born of the flesh, is bly receive these present Persons,

fesh; and that which is born of the truly repenting and coming unto Spirit

, is spirit. Marvel not that I him, by faith ; that he will grant said unto thee, Ye must be born them remission of their sins, and again. The wind bloweth where it bestow upon them the Holy Ghost; "listeth, and thou hearest the sound that he will give them the blessing thereur ; but canst not tell whence of eternal life, and make them parit cometh, and whither it goeth : so takers of his

everlasting kingdom. every one tha: is born of the Wherefore we, being thus per

suaded of the good will of cur heaAfter which he shall say this Eshor-venly Father toward these Persons, tarjon following:

declared by his Son Jesus Christ, BELOVED, ye hear in this Gos- let us fakkfully and devoutly give

pel the express words of our thanks to hitra, and say, r succour, the life of

shall ask, Whether arrot
they shall answer, 1 LE

holy Baptism ; and by the of 'thy treil-belored Christ in the river Jack

the mystical washing or ire besceci tice

, for te mercies, thai thou nie Look upon these thy Senin them and sanctify that Holy Ghost; that they

Church; and being cooted in charity, mars vares of this troublat hat finally they marin and of everlasing : eign with thee, worino nrough Jesus Christ and Imen.

On this 1 LMIGHTY

God, the aid of all de helper of all who me

lieve, and the resument wd; we als


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