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n's Quest

. What means to
fur this word Sacrement
hd Ans. I mean a ce
e visible sign of an intain
to tual grace, Eisen unto 2, 3
br Christ

' himsel; 3 11
whereby we receive the
lo a pledge to assure us teha

& Quest. How many part d there in a Sacrament

Ans. Two; the ou reti sign, and the insats

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and received by the faithful in the who come to the Lord's Supper ? Lord's Supper

Ans. To examine themselves, Quest. What are the benefits whether they repent them truly of whereof we are partakers thereby ? their former sins, steadfastly pur

Ans. The strengthening and re-posing to lead a new liie; have a freshing of our souls by the Body livel: faith in God's mercy, through and Blond of Christ, as our bodies Christ, with a thankful rememare by the bread and wine. brance of his death; and be in

Quest. What is required of those charity with all men. I The Minister of every Parish shall diligently upon Sundays and Holy Days or on some other convenient occasions, openly in the Churchi, instructor ex amine so many Children of his Parish, sent unto him, as he shall think con venient, in some part of this Catechism. 1 And all Fathers, Mothers, Masters, and Mistresses shall cause their Chil dren, Servants, and Apprentices, who have not learned their Carecliisnu, O. come to the Church at the time appointed, and obediently to hear, and to be ordered by the Minister, until such time as they have learned all that is here

appointed for them to learn. " So soon as Children are come to a competent age, and can say the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, and can answer to the other questions of this short Catechism, they shall be brought to the Bishop. ef And whensoever the Bishop shall give knowledge for Children to be brought unto him for their Confirmation, the Minister of every Parish shall either bring, or send in writing, with his hand subscribed thereunto, the Names of all such Persons within his Parish, as be shall think fit to be presented to the Bishop to be confirmed.


. What is the cor
ble sign or forin in Barta

Ins. Water; wherea 2 son is baptized, in the 21 the Father, and of the day the Holy Ghost.

Quest. What is the inte spritual grace?

Ins. A death unto sit rew birth unto rightovuna being by nature born in s the children of wrath

, wes by made the children of si

Quest. What is required sons to be baptized? Ans. Repentance

, with forsake sin; and Faith

, ry they steadfastly believe te imises of God made to the pacrament.

Quest. Why then ay paptized, when by reasonal ender age they cannot

ente, y en they come wees in of such as shall receive it, Doc haere

, in the preser.ce of

oth by their sureties;

ses are bound 10 person
Quest. Why was the area
If the Lord's Supper orde
Als. For the continual


Dr Laying on of Hands upon those who are baptized, and come to

Years of Discretion.
1 Upon the Day appointed all that are the same; and also promise, that,

to be then confirmned, being placed by the grace of God, they will everand standing in order before the

nore endeavour themselves faithBishop; he, or some other Minister fully to observe such things as they, appointed by tm shall read this preface following:

by their own confession, have as.

sented unto.
. Because theyprze To the end that confirmation

Then shall the Bishop say,
may be ministered to the more
the Church háth thought good to tion, renew the solemn promise and

God, and order, that none shall be confirmed, vow that ye made, or that was but such as can say the Creed, the made in your name, at your BapLord's Prayer, and the Ten Com- tism ; ratifying and confirming the to such other Questions, as in the selves bound to believe and to do

short Catechism are contained : all those things which ye then unQuest. What is the outsin? Which order is very convenient to dertook, or your Sponsors then un.

be observed ; to the end that chil- dertook for you?
Ans. Bread and Wildren, being now come to the years 11 And every one shall audibly answer,

I do.
le Lord hath commanded is of discretion, and having learned
what their Godfathers and Godmo-

Quest. What is the infill thers promised for them in Bap-! OUR help is in the name of the

tism, may themselves, with their Lord;
Ans. The Body and DNI own mouth and consent, openly be- Ans. Who hath made fiesta

fore the Church ratify and confirmland ear the

Christ, and of the bereits
He receive thereby.

sign of the Lord's Super


thing signified? rish

, which are spirituality

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Bishop. Blessed be the name of us; And lead us not into temptă the Lord;

tion; But deliver us from evil. Ans. Henceforth, world without Amen. end.

TT And these Collects. Bishop: Lord, hear our prayer;. ALMIGHTY and everlasting

And thee.

will and to do those things which Bishop. Let us pray:

are good, and acceptable unto thy ALMIGHTY and verliving Divine Majesty; we sake our hungen

God, who hast vouchsafed to ble supplications unto thee for these regenerate these thy servalits by thy servants, upon whom, after the Water and the Holy Ghost, and example of thy holy Apostles, we hast given unto them forgiveness have now laid our hands; to certify of all their sins; strengthen them, them, by this sign, of thy favour we beseech thee, O Lord, with the and gracicus goodness towards Holy Ghost, the Comforter; and them. Let thy Fatherly hand, we daily increase in them thy manifold beseech thee, ever be over them: gifts of grace; the spirit of wis- Let thy Holy Spirit ever be with dom and understanding, the spirit them: And so fead them in the of counsel and ghostly strength, knowledge and obedience of thy the spirit of knowledge and true Word, that in the end they may obgodliness; and fill them, O Lord, tain everlasting life, through our with the spirit of thy holy fear, now Lord Jesus Christ; who, with theç and for ever. Amen.

and the Holy Ghost, líveth and Then all of them in order kneeling reigneth ever one God, world withbefore the Bishop, he shall lay his out end. Amen. hands upon the head of every one severally, saying,

O ALMIGHTY Lord, and everDEFEND, O Lord, this thy lasting God, vouchsafe, we be

Child (or, this thy Servant) seech thee, to direct, sanctify, and with thy heavenly grace; that he govern both our hearts and bodies, may continue thine for ever, and in the ways of thy laws, and in the daily increase in thy Holy Spirit works of thy commandments ; that more and more, until he come unto through thy most mighty protecthy everlasting kingdom.

tion, both here and ever, we may Then shall the Bishop say, be preserved in body and soul

, The Lord be with you.

through our Loru and Saviour JéAns. And with thy spirit.

sus Christ. Amen. And all kneeling down, the Bishop 1 Then the Bishop shall bless them, ki shall add,

saying thus: OUR Father, who art in Heaven,

THE blessing of God Almighty

the Father, the Son, and the Hallowed' be thy Name; Thy Holy Ghost, be upon you, and reKingdom come; Thy Will be done main with you for ever, Amen. on Earth, as it is in Heaven; Give

1 And there shall none be admitted to us this day our daily bread; And

the Holy Communion, until such forgive us our trespasses, as we time as he be confirmed, or be ready forgive those who trespass against and desirous to be confirmed.

Let us pray:

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THE FORM OH SOLEMNIZATION OF MATRIMONY. The laws respecting Matrimony, whether by publishing the Bans in Churches, or by, License, being different in the several States, every Minisi Ler in lent to the direction of those Laws, in every thing that regards the city contract between the Parties.

If any

L.And when the Bans are published, it shall be in the following form :-)
publish the Bans of Marriage between M. of - --, and N. of ----
of you know cause or just inpediment, why these two persunts should not be
joined together in holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it. [This is the first,
second, or third time of asking.)
1 At the day and time appointed for fort her, honour, and keep her, in
Solunanization of Matrimony, ihre sickness and in health, and, for-
Persons to be niatried shall come saking all others, keep thee only
into the body of the Church, or shall
be ready in some proper louse, with

unto her, so long as ye botli shall their friends and eighbours; and

live? there standing togellier, the Man om T The Man shall answer, I will. tire right hand, and the Woman on' Then shali the Minister say unio the the leti, the Minister sliall say,

Woman, ** DEARLY beloved, we are N. WILT thou have this Man

to thy weddod llusband, sight of God, and in the face of this to live together after God's orui,

company, to join together this nance, in the holy estate of MatriTop Man and this Woman in holy Ma- mony? Wilt thou obey him, and er trimony , which is commended of serve him, love, honour, and keep

in Saint Paul to be lionourable among him, in sickness and in health ; and, les all men; and thici efore is not by forsaking all others, keep thee

any to be entered into unadvisedly only unto him, so long as ye both orlightly; but reverently, discreetly, shall live?

advisedly, soberly, and in the fear #1 The Wonian shall answer, I will. God of God.' Into this holy estate,

1 Then shall the Minister say, these two persons present come

Who giveth this Woman to be In. at how to be joined. If any man can married to this Man ? UC vhow just cause, why they may not " Then shall they give their Troth to

each other in this Manner: te lawfully be joined together, lei him Eile now speak, or else hereaster for 1 The Minister receiying the Woman arerer hold liis peace.

at her Father's or Friend's Hands, R. And also speaking unto the Persons

sall cause the Man with his Righi wiare to be warried, he shall say,

lland to take the Woman by her KEQUIRE and charge you

Right Hand, and to cay alter hiin

as followeth : both (as ye will answer at the the secrets of all hearts shall be this day forward, for better for creadful day of judgment, when I M. take thee N. to my wedded

Wife, to have and to hold, from disclosed) that if either of you worse, for richer for poorer, in Hal i know any impediment, why we may sickness and in health, to love and

not be lawfully joined together in 10 cherish, till death us do part, ac.
Matrimony, se do now confess it: cording to God's holy ordinance ;
For be ye well assured, that if any and thereto I plight thee my Troth.
persons are joined together other-
wise than as Goil's word doth allow,

1 Then shall hey loose their hands,

and the Woman with her Right neverth their marriage is not lawful.

liand taking the Man by his Right I The Minisier, ifise shall have rea

Hand, sliall likewise say after the son to doubt of the lawfulness of the

Minister: proposed , may demand suffciene curely for his indemnification; I Husband, to have and to hold, Or suspected, the Ministar shall say from this day forward, for betier

for worse, for richer for poorer, in .M. WILT thou have this Wo-sickness and in health, to love,

man to thy wedded Wise, cherish, and obey, till death us do Smits

, to live together after God's ordi- part, according to God's holy ordinance, in the holy estate of Matri- pance; and thereto I give thee my mony? Wilt thou love her, com-Troth.

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to the mani,



Let us pray:

Then shall they again loose their twixt them made, (whereof ladie Hauds; and the Man shall give unto Ring given and received is a tokea the Woman a Ring. And the Minis and pledge) and may ever remain ter taking the Ring shall deliver in perfect love and peace together

, Finger of the Wonan's Left Hand, and live according to thy laws And the Man holding the Ring there, through, Jesus Christ our Lord. and taught by the Minister, shall

Amen. WITH this Ring I thee wed, and " Then shall the Minister join their thee endow: In the name of the Those whom God hath joined Father, and of the Son, and of the together, let no man put asunder. Holy Ghost. Amen.

15. Then shat the Minister speak 'unto Then the Man leaving the Ring upon

the Company the fourth Finger of the Woman's FORASMUCH as M. and N. ,

have consented together in holy

Wedlock, and have witnessed the OUR Fathers who art in Heaven, same before God and this company Kingdom come; Thy Will be done their troth, each to the other, and on Earth, as it is in Heaven ; Give have declared the same by giving us this day, our daily bread'; And and receiving a Ring, and by joinforgive us our trespasses, as we ing hands; I pronounce; that they forgive those who trespass against are Man and Wife; in the name of us; And lead us not into tempta- the Father, and of the Son, and of tion; But deliver us from evil. the Holy Ghost. Amen. Amen.

1 And the Minister shall add this 0 ETERNAL God, Creator and

Blessing :
Préserver of all mankind, giver GOD

the Father, God the Son, of all spiritual grace, the author of everlasting life, send thy blessing preserve, and keep you: The Lord upon these thy servants, this man mercifully with his favour look and this woman, whom we bless insupon you, and fill you with all thy name; that as Isaac and Re-spiritual benediction and grace; becca lived faithfully together, so that ye may so live together in this these persons may surely perform life, that in the world to come yo and keep the vow and covenant bie-Imay have life everlasting. Amen.


Let us pray.

THE VISITATION OF THE SICK. 1 When any Person is sick, noticefcious blood; and be not angry white

shall be given thereof to the Minis-us for ever.
ter of the Parish; who, coming into Ans. Spare us, good Lord.
the sick Person's House, shall say,

T Then the Minister shall say, PEACE be to this House, and to


Lord, have mercy upon us. 99 When he cometh into the sick. Christ, have mercy upon us.

Man's presence, he shall say, kneel- Lord, have mercy upon us. ing down,

OUR Father, who art in Heaven


not Lord, our Hallowed' be thy Name; Thy iniquities, nor the iniquities of Kingdom come; Thy will be done our forefathers; spare us, good on Earth, as it is in Heaven;

Give Lord, spare thy people, whom thou us this day our daily bread; And hast redeemed with thy frost pre-lforgive us our trespasses, as we for


au fend him.

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as it give those who trespass against things to them pertaining ; The us; And lead us not into tempta- youth, strength, health, age, weak.

tion; But deliver us from evil. ness, and sickness. Wherefore, (Amen.

whatsoever your sickness be, know Min. O Lord, save thy servant ; you certainly that it is God's visiAns. Who putteth his trust in tation. And for what cause soever thee.

this sickness be sent unto you; White Min. Send him help from thy whether it be to try your patience holy place;

for the example of others, and thật Hi Ans. And evermore mightily de- your faith may be found, in the day

of the Lord, laudable, glorious, and 8. Min. Let the enemy have no ad-honourable, to the increase of glory vantage of him;

and endless felicity; or else it be ali Ans. Nor the wicked approach sent unto you to correct and amend det to hurt him.

in you whatsoever doth offend the Min. Be unto him, O Lord, a eyes of your heavenly Father, know strong tower,

you certainly, that if you truly rein Ans. From the face of his enemy. pent you of your sins, and bear

Min. O Lord, hear our prayer, your sickness patiently, trusting in
Ans. And let our cry come unto God's mercy, for his dear Son Jesus

Christ's sake, and render unto him

humble thanks for his Father O LORD, look down from hea- ly visitation, submitting yourself

ven, behold, visit, and relieve wholly unto his will, it shall turn this thy servant. Look upon him to your profit, and help you forward with the eyes of thy mercy; give in the right way that leadeth unto

him comfort and súre confidence everlasting life. to in thee ; defend him from the dan- 1 ff the Person visited be very sick, Em ger of the enemy; and keep him in then the Minister may end lis Exhorw perpetual peace and safety, through! tation in this place, or else proceed :

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. TAKE therefore in good part the HEAR us; Almighty and most chastisement of the Lord: For,

merciful God and Saviour: as Saint Paul saith, in the twelfth Extend thy accustomed goodness chapter to the Hebrews, Whom the to this thy servant, who is grieved Lord loveth he chasteneth, and with sickness. Sanctify, we be- scourgeth every son whom he reseech thee, this thy Fatherly cor-ceiveth. If ye endure chastening, rection to him; that the sense of God dealeth with you as with sons: his weakness may add strength to For what son is he whom the Father his faith, and seriousness to his chasteneth not? But if ye be with repentance: That if it shall be thy out chastisement, whereof all are good pleasure to restore him to his partakers, then are ye bastards, former health, he may lead the and not sons. Furthermore, we residue of his life in thy fear, and have had fathers of our flesh, which

to thy glory: Orelse give him grace corrected us, and we gave them ek so to take thy visitation, that after reverence: Shall we not much

this painful life ended, he may rather be in subjection unto the dwell with thee in life everlasting, Father of spirits, and live ? For through Jesus Christ our Lord! they verily for a few days chastened

us after their own pleasure ; but 15 Then shall the Minister exhari the he for our profit, that we might be sick Person after this form, or other partakers of his holiness. These

words, good brother, are written DEARLY beloved,

know this, in holý Scripture, for our comfort Lord of life and death, and of all patiently, and with thanksgiving,

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