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bear our heavenly Father's correc-shall come again at the end of the tion, whensoever, by any manner world, to judge the quick and the of adversity, it shall please his gra- dead? cious goodness to visit us. And! And dost thou bclicve in the there should be no greater comfort Holy Ghost; The holy Catholic to Christian persons, than to be Church ;, The Communion of made like unto Christ, by suffering Saints; The Remission of sins ; patiently adversities, troubles, and The Resurrection of the flesh; and sicknesses. For he himself went everlasting life after death? not up to joy, but first he suflered The sick Person shall answer, pain: He entered not into his glory All this I steadfastly believe. before he was crucified. So truly T Then shall the Minister estenine, our way to eternal joy, is to suffer sins, and be in chiarity with all the here with Christ; and our door to

world; exkorting him to forgive enter into eternal life, is gladly to from the bottom of his heart, all perdie with Christ; that we inay rise solis that lave offendert him; and if again from death, and dwell with he hath otiended any other, to ask him in everlasting lise. Now, them forgiveness; and where he hath therefore, taking your sickness,

done injury or wrong to any man, whicl, is thus profitable for you,

that he make amerds to the utter

most of his power. And if he hath patiently, I exhort you in the name

noi before disposed of his goods, let of God, to remeinber the profession him then be admonished to make his which you made unto God in your Will, and to declare his debts, whal Baptism. And forasmuch as after he oweth, and what is owing unto this life there is an account to be him, for the better discharging of his given unto the righteous Judge, by conscience, and the quietniess of his

Executors. But men should oferte xvhom all must be judged, without

he put in remembrance to take order respect of persons; I require you

tor the settling of eir teipporal to examine yourself, and your estates, whilst they are in health. estate both toward God and man; 1 The Exhortation before repearsed so that, accusing and condenining may be said before the Minister begin yourself for your own faults, you

his Praver, as be shall see cause.

The Minister shall notomit earnestly may find mercy at our heavenly Father's hand for Christ's sakė,

to move sueh sick persons' as are of

ability, to be liheral to the poor. and not be accused and condemned 1 And then the Minister shall say the in that fearful judgment. There

Collect following. fore I shall relearse to you the Ar

Let us pray. ticles of our Faith that you may O MOST merciful God, who aco Christian man should, or no. ;' thy mercies, dost so put away the

Here the Minister shall rehearse the sins of those wlio truly repent, that Articles of the Faith, saying thus thou rememberest them no more;

this DOST tlou believe in God, the open thine eye of mercy upon

Father Almighty, Maker of this servant, who most earnestly heaven and earth ?

desireth pardon and forgiveness. And in Jesus Christ his only be- Renew in hin, most loring Father

, gotten Son our Lord ? And that he whatsoever liath been decayed by was conceived by the Holy Ghost, the trand and matice of the devil, born of the Virgin Mary, that he or by his own carnal will and frail suffered under Pontius Pilate, was ness; preserve and continue this crucified, dead, and buried; that he sick 'member in ine unity of the went down into liell, and also dia Church; consider his contrition, rise agai: t:ie third day; that he accept his tears, assuage his paing ascended into heaven, and sitteth as shall seem to the most expedion the right hand of God the Fa- ent for him. And forasmuch as he thor Almighty; and from thence putteth his full trust only in this a

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OF THE SICK. e-shall come acza när world, to je

judge is


ra- dead!
and And dost thou het
cort Holy Ghost; The
bie Church;. Tie Claus
in Saints; Tie Reis
The Resurrector and
'nt everlasting life after era

ed Tee siek Perez
ory All this I steadiacre

Then shail the

whether he retett 127 er

sins and le a CT 10' world; eskorting lad 10 from te bottom this st

sors that are un
thi he hath adding

then forgiveness 2497
done injury or
that he make aneres
most of his moter

De before dhe
ni bi'm then be ado
ar Mill, and to decla

be owath, and was him, for tire bett Conscience, and field Exrcutors. But men

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mercy, impute not unto him his UNTO God's gracious mercy and with thy blessed Spirit; and when The Lord bless thee, and keep thee. thou art pleased to take hin hence, The Lord make his face to shine take hiin unto thy favour, through upon thee, and be gracious unto the merits of thy most dearly be- thee: The Lord lift up his counteloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Inance upon thee, and give thee Amen.

peace both now and evermore, 1 Then shall the Minister say this Amen.

Psalm 130. De Profundis.

1st Prayers which may be said with the

foregoing service, or any part thereof the deep have I called of, at the discretion of-the Minister. unto thee, O Lord; Lord, hear A Prayer for a sick Child. iny voice, O let thine ears consider well the O ALMIGHTY God and merci

ful Father, to whom alone bevoice of my complaint.

long the issues of life and death; If thou, Lord, wilt be extreme to look down from heaven, we hummark whaí is done amişs ; 0 Lord, bly beseech thce, with the eyes of who may abide it?

mercy upon this Child, now lying For there is 'mercy with thee; upon the bed of sickness; Visit therefore shalt thou be feared. I look for the Lord, my soul doth deliver him in thy good appointed

him, O Lord, with thy salvation ; wait for him; in his word is my time from his bodily pain, and save trust.

his soul for thy mercies’ sake; that My soul fleeth unto the Lord be- if it shall be thy pleasure to profore ihe morning watch ; I say, be- long his days here on earth, ne may fore the morning watch. live to thee, and be an instrument

O Israel, trust in the Lord, for of thy glory, by serving thee faithwith the Lord there is mercy; and fully, and doing good in his genewith him is plenteous redemption.ration : or else receive him into

And he shall redeem Israel from those heavenly habitations, where all his sins.

the souls of those who sleep in the T'Adding this:

Lord Jesus enjoy perpetual rest and O SAVIOUR of the world, who felicity: Grant this, o Lord, for Blood hast redeemed us; save us Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who and help us, we humbly beseech liveth and reigneth with thee and thee, O Lord.

the Holy Ghost, ever one God, Then shall the Minister say,

world without end. Amen. THE Almighty Lord, who is a

most strong tower to all those T A Prayer for a sick Person, when who put their trust in him, to whom

there appeareth but small hope of

recovery all things in heaven, in earth, and

FATHER of mercies, and God under the earth, do bow and obey,


of all comfort, our only nelp in le now and evermore thy defence ; time of need ; We fly unto thee

for and inake thee know and feel, that

succour in behalf of this thy serthere is none other name under vant, here lying under thy hand in licaven given to man, in whom, great weakness of body: Look "receive health and salvation, but graciously upon him, O Lord; and

the more the outward man decav. only the name of our Lord Jesus eth, strengthen him, we beseech Christ. Amen.

thee, so much the more continually 1 Here the Minister may use any party with thy grace and Holy Spirit,

in in his discretion, he shall think con the inner man; Give hin unfeignvenient to the oceasion; and after ed repentance for all the errors of

This life past, and steadfast faith ju N

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he put in remembrances 1 for the sculine di

estates this the 13

The Extranet
may be said forth
his Prater as beste

The Minister sana
10 mtr stehick pred
ability. In beliwal 9
And then the Minister said

Colleet fxww

Let us prae
MOST mercitul

cording to the pas
hy mercies, dost sa ti
ins of those who
hou rememberest the
pen thine eve of metsit
1!' servant, the more
srech pardon and have
new in hin, most lurt
ha soerer hath beide
e traud and mic
bv his own carnal E
59; prescrve and count
k member in vie n'
kirch; consider his er
cept his tears, 22
shall seem to the past

for him. And forico teth his full trust and

at shall say

thy Son Jesus, that his sins may O BLESSED Lyrd, the Fathem be done away by thy mercy,


cf mercies, and the God of all pardon sealed in Heaven, before he comforts, we beseech thee, look go hence, and be no more secn. down in pity and compassion upon We know, O Lord, that there is no this thy aillicted servant. Thou word impossible with thee; and writest bitter things against him, that, if thou wilt, thou canst even and makest him to possess his foryet raise him up, and grant him a mer iniquities : Thy wrath lieth longer continuance amongst us: hard upon him, and his soul is full Yet, forasmuch as in all appcar- of trouble: But, O merciful God, ancé the time of his dissolution who hast written thy holy word for draweth near, so fit and prepare our learning, , that we, through him, we beseech thee, against the patience and comfort of thy holy hour of death, that afte his depar- Scriptures, might have hope; give ture hence in peace, and in thy him a right understanding of him.. favour, his soul may be received self, and of thy threats and prointo thine everlasting kingdom; mises; that he may neither cast through the merits and mediation away his confidence in thee, nor of Jesus Christ thine only Son, our place it any where but in thee. Lord and Saviour. Amen. i Give him strength against all his 4 A Commendatory Prayer for å sick temptations, and heal all his dis

Parson at the point of departure. tempers: Break not the bruised 0 ALMIGHTY God, with reed, nor quench the smoking flas

whom do live the spirits of Shut not up thy tender mercies in just men made perfect, after they displeasure ; but make him to hear åre delivered from their earthly of joy and gladness, that the bones prisons; we humbly commend the which thou hast broken may re. soul of this thy servant, our dearjoice: Deliver him from fear of the brother, into thy hands, as into the enemy, and lift up the light of thy hands of a faithful Creator, and countenance upon him; and give most merciful Saviour; most hum-him peace, through the merits and bly beseeching thee, that it may be mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord. precious in thy sight : Wash it, we Anen. pray thee, in the blood of that immaculate Lamb, that was slain to " A Prayer which may he said by the take away the sins of the world ;

Minister, in behalf of all presenta tnat whatsoever defilements it may

the Visitation. have contracted in the midst of O GOD, whose days are without through the lust of the tiesh, or the not be numbered; make us, we wiles of Satan, bcing purged and beseeel thee, deeply sensible of the done away, it may be presented shortness and uncertainty of human pure and without spot before thee. life; and let thy Holy Spirit lead in And tech us who survive, in this, through this vale of inisery, in holi

. and other like daily spectacles of ness and righteousness, all the mortality, to see how frail and un- days of our lives : That, when we certain our own condition is; and shall have served thee in our geneso ty number our days, that we may ration, we may be gathered uato seriously apply our hearts to that our fathers, having the testimony of ho'y and heavenly wisdom, whilst a good conscience ; in the commuwe live here, which may in the end nion of the Catholic Church ; in the bring us to life everlasting, trough confidence of a certain faith ; in the the merits of Jesus Cirist thine comfort of a reasonable, religious

, only Son our Lord. Amen. and holy hope ; in favour with thee | A Prayer for Persons troubicd in our God, and in perfect charity

Hud or in Conscience with the world. All which we ask


cl mercies, aiz comforts, we bestu eta down in pity and contes louis the abliceed Server writest bitter things at and makest fin ta pats


rard upon it and do

who hast written tot our learning, that we patier.ce and comfort al


Trough Jesus Christ our Lord. GREAT and mighty God, who

bringest down to the grave, 5 A Prayer a'lrich may be said in case and bringest up again; we bless thy of suddeo surprise and immediate wonderful goodness, for having

turned our heaviness into joy and O MOST gracious Father, we fly lour mourning into gladness, by

unto thee for mercy in behali restoring this our brother to some mer iniquities: The qf this thy servant, here lying un- degree of his former health. Bless

der the sudden visitation of thine ed be thy naint, tiiat ihou didst not of trouble: Bil, Ulu land. If it be thy will, preserve forsake him in' his sickness; but

Mis life, that there may be place for didsi visit him with comforts from repentance: But, if thou hast other above; didst support him in pa

pointed, let thy mercy sup- tience and submission to thy will; Scriptures, might are

buy to him the want. of the usual and, at last, didst send him seasonani n'a rieht widersteunt pportunity for the trimming of his ble relief. Perfect, we beseech

lamp. Stir up in himn such sorrow thee, this thy mercy towards him ; for sin, and such fervent love to and prosper the means which shall thee, as may in a short time do the be made use of for his cure: That work of many days: That among being restored to health of body,

the praises which thy Saints and vigour of mind, and cheerfulness of temptations, and heal 2: holy Angels shall sing to the honour spirit, he may be able to go to thine

of thy mercy through'eternal ages, house, to offer thee an oblation with reed, nor quench irse it may be to thy unspeakable glory, Igreat gladness; and to bless thy Shut not up thy tender that thou hast redeemed the soul of holy name for all thy goodness to

this thy servant from etemal death, wards him, through Jesus Christ

and made him partaker of the ever- our Saviour: To whom with thee arhich thou hast broccia lasting life, which is through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, be all honola

and glory world without end Inice: Deliver hiin frontosa Christ our Lord. Amen.

of A Thanksgiving for the beginning of Amen.

a recovery

silt, and of the treat wises; that he missingen away his condence place it ans where Gire hin strength are

Lernpers: Break not

displeasure ; but make it of joy and gladnes, the

enemr, and lift up the countenance upon his, din peace, through ti z zlediation of Jesus Ca

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A Prayer which mear des Minister, in behalf de the Visitation.

GOD, whose daru

end, and those e
ot be numbered Date
eseceh thee, deeply means
oriness and uncertain
e; and let the Horst
rough this vale of me
ess and righteousko
ys of our lives: The
all have served there is
tion, we may be cute

r fathers, having the last
quod conscience; in Ltd
on of the Catholic Chure
niidence of a certain the
unfort of a reasonable.
d holy hope ; in larazi
I God, and in perkt

Forasmuch as all niortal men are subject to many sudden perils, diseases,
and sicknesses, and ever uncertain what time they shall depart out of thin
life; therefore, to the intent they may be always in readiness to die, whenso-
ever it shall please Alniighty God to call them, the Ministers shall diligently
from time to time (bu: especialių in the time or pestilence, or other infectious
sickness) exhort their Parishioners to the often receiving of the Holy Com.
munion of the Body and Biood of our Saviour Christ, when it shail be pub-
licly administered in the Church; that so doing, they may, in case of sudden
visitation, have the less cause to be disquieted for lack of the same. But if
the sick person be not able to come to the Choch, and yet is desirous to re
ceive the Communion in his house; then he must give timely notite to the
Minister, signifying also how many there are io communicate with him
(which shall be two at the least:) and all things necessary being prepared,
the Minister shall there celebrate the Holy Communion, beginning with the
Collect, Epistle, and Geapei, here following:
The Collect.

grant that he may take his sickness A LMIGHTY ever living God, patiently, and recover his bodily

Maker of mankind, who dost health, if it be thy gracious will; orrect those whom thou dost love, and that whensoever his soul shall and chastise every one whom thou depart from the body, it may be dost receive; we bescech thee to without spot presented unto thee,

hare mercy upon this thy servant through Jesus Christ our Lord th the world. All visited with thine hand; and to! Amen.

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The Epistle. Heb. xii. 6. The Gospel. St. John V, 24.

of the Lord, nor He that heareth my word, faint when thou art rebuked of him. believeth on him that sent me, hath For whom the Lord loveth, he chas- everlasting life, and shall not come teneth; and scourgeth every son into condemnation ; but is passed whom he receiveth.

from death unto life. 1 After which the Minister shall proceed according to the Form before, pre

scribed for the Holy Communion, beginning at the words, Ye who do truly, &e. TAt the time of the distribution of the Holy Sacrament, the Minister shal

first receive the Cominunion himself, and after minister unto those who are appointed to communicate with the sick, and last of all to the sick person. But if a man, either by reason of extremity of sickness, or for want of warning in due time to the Minister, or for lack of company to receive with him, or by any other just impediment, do not receive the Sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood, the Minister shall instruct him, that if he do truly repent him of his sins, and steadfastly believe that Jesus Christ hath suffered death upon the Cross for him, and shed his blood for his redemption, earnestly remembering the benefits he hath thereby, and giving him hearty thanks there for, he doth eat and drink the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ profitably to his soul's health, although he do not receive the Sacrament with

bis mouth. TWhen the sick Person is visited and receiveth the Holy Communion all at

one tiine, then the Minister, for more expedition, shall cut off the Form of

the Visitation at the Psalm, and go straight to the Communion. T In the times of contagious sickness or disease, when none of the Parish or

Neighbours can be gotten to comninunicate with the sick in their houses, for fear of the infection; upon special request of the diseased, the Minister alone may communicate with hiin.

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THE ORDER FOR THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD. Here is to be noted, that the Office ensuing is not to be used for any upban tized Adults, any who die excommunicate, or who have laid violent hands upon themselves. The Minister, meeting the Corpse at the entrance of the Church-yard, and going before it either into the Church, or towards the Grave, shall say, or

sing, I AM the resurrection and the life, can carry nothing out. The Lord in me, though he were dead, yet away; blessed be the name of the shall he live: And whosoever liv- Lord.' 1 Tim. vi... Job i. 21. eth and believeth in me, shall never 11. After they are come into the Church, die. St. John xi. 25, 26.

shall be said or sung the following I KNOW that my Redeemer liv. Atliem, taken from the 39th and

at though after my skin worms And LORD, let me know my end,

and the number of my days stroy this body, yet in my flesh that I may be certified how long I shall I see God; whom I shall see have to lives for myself, and mine eyes shall be- Behold, thou hast made my days hold, and not another. Job xix. as it were å span long; and mine 25, 26, 27.

age is even as nothing

in respect of We brought nothing into this thee; and verily every man living is

world, and

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