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James Bradstreet Greenough, Benjamin Leonard D'Ooge, Moses Grant Daniell
Ginn, 1901 - 685 pagine

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Pagina 333 - This was the most unkindest cut of all; For, when the noble Caesar saw him stab, Ingratitude, more strong than traitors...
Pagina 201 - In primis hoc volunt persuadere, non interire animas, sed ab aliis post mortem transire ad alios, atque hoc maxime ad virtutem excitari putant, metu mortis neglecto.
Pagina 100 - Though but a youth, he refused to obey Sulla's command. A price was set on his head and he was obliged to flee for his life. Often he was in great peril, and once he was taken, and escaped only by bribing his captor. His friends interceded for him, pleading his youth, and finally obtained his pardon, Sulla saying, " Take him, since you will have it so ; but I would have you know that the youth for whom you are so earnest, will one day overthrow the aristocracy. I see in him many Mariuses.
Pagina 64 - Pass. inf. iri used with verbs to form the fut. pass. inf. eo [old dat. of is], adv., thither, there (in sense of thither). — Often translated by more def. expressions in Eng., to the place (where, etc.), on them (it, him, etc.) : usque eo ut, to that degree that, so far that.
Pagina 138 - Caesar ever fought. In this campaign, the coast towns of the west and northwest (Brittany) are reduced to submission. III. After a brief conflict with the mountaineers of the Alps, who attacked the Roman armies on their march, the chief operations are the conquest of the coast tribes of Brittany (Veneti, etc.), in a warfare of curious naval engineering in the shallow tide-water inlets and among the rocky shores. During the season, the tribes of the south-west (Aquitani), a mining population, allied...
Pagina 37 - ... [con-pleo], 2. va, fill up, fill. — With a different conception of the action from Eng., cover, man (of walls). complexus, -a, -um, pp of complector.
Pagina 143 - Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt Belgae, aliam Aquitani, tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur. Hi omnes lingua, institutis, legibus inter se differunt. Gallos ab Aquitanis Garumna flumen, a Belgis Matrona et Sequana dividit.
Pagina 133 - F., filial affection, affection (for the gods, or one's country, etc)., patriotism. piluin, -i, [?], N., a pestle. — Also, a javelin (the peculiar weapon of the Roman legion, with a heavy shaft 2 or 3 in. thick and 4 ft. long, and an iron head, making a missile more than 6 ft. long, and weighing over 10 Ibs.) : pilum murale, a still heavier missile for use in siege works.
Pagina 205 - Neque quisquam agri modum certum aut fines habet proprios; sed magistratus ac principes in annos singulos gentibus cognationibusque hominum qui una coierunt, quantum et quo loco visum est agri, attribuunt atque anno post alio transire cogunt.
Pagina 202 - Alii immani magnitudine simulacra habent, quorum contexta viminibus membra vivis hominibus complent; quibus succensis circumventi flamma exanimantur homines.

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