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From the sure word of prophecy and the evident signs of the times, we are authorized in the belief, that the unprecedented and astonishing exaltation of the British Empire is, in the wise and gracious purpose of the Almighty, intended to facilitate the extension of the Redeemer's Kingdom; that your victorious armies will be the Pioneers of the Prince of Peace; and that your fleets, which disperse through the earth the various productions of nature and art, are destined to be freighted with the richer Treasures of the Saviour's Gospel. From the number and variety of your Religious and Charitable Institutions; from the readiness and liberality of the English in contributing to every good work; as also from the increasing disposition of the various denominations of Christians to unite their efforts in propagating the Faith of Christ—they are not, we have reason to hope, insensible how much it is in their power to benefit the world, and what high obligations are attached to their present pre-eminence among the Nations of the earth.

In May, of last year, the Right Reverend the Bishop of Maryland, Dr. Kemp, addressed the following Letter to the Secretary:—

I received, a few days ago, Seven Volumes of the Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society, and also Four Volumes of the Missionary Register. This was so acceptable a present, that I feel thankful to Almighty God, that it hath pleased Him to put it into the hearts of your venerable and useful Society, to look upon me with so much kindness. The exertions that have been made in your country, to spread the light of the glorious Gospel in all directions and by all means, are not only praise-worthy in themselves, but they hold up to other Nations an example, the influence of which cannot fail to do much good. Even in this act, there is a proof of the vigilance and anxiety of your Body to do good in all different ways. We, too, have an extensive field before us, even in our own country; but our Institutions, of every description, may be viewed as little more than in their infancy: still, with the Divine Blessing, we hope that they are advancing to maturity and strength: and the pious conduct of our Christian Brethren in other countries, cannot fail to inspire our hearts with the same sentiments, and to strengthen our hands in the same Cause. Be so good, Reverend Sir, as to present my cordial thanks to your venerable Society for so rich a gift. I pray that the Great Head of the Christian Church may sanctify their endeavours as a Body, and bless them as Individuals.

The Committee cannot but entertain an assured persuasion, that, through the goodness of God, sentiments of this nature are fast gaining ground among Christians; and that they are more generally awakening to a sense of that responsibility under which they

lie to Him who hath entrusted them, as His Stewards, with all their means of doing good upon earth.

It is a noble employment which is assigned to Christians—to be labourers together with God, in cultivating God's husbandry, and in erecting God's building / In these Mightier Acts of Jehovah—the establishment of Truth and Righteousness on the earth— His intelligent creatures are appointed by Him to bear a distinguished share. His purposes are not, indeed, suspended on the will of His creatures: they are all formed in wisdom, and directed to a sure end; but that end will be attained, through the instrumentality of His willing servants and the over-ruling of His rebellious creatures. There is no question put to us, whether the Earth shall quake, or the Tornado desolate kingdoms; but it is demanded of us, whether we will or will not promote the glory of God and the salvation of the world. It is marked as an event in the history of Providence quite out of the usual course of its proceedure, that when Elias, a man subject to Like passions as we are, prayed earnestly that it might not rain, it rained not on the earth by the space of three 3years and six months; while the Father of the Faithful himself was not heard, in his fervent intercession that the Elements might not avenge the outraged Majesty of Heaven on the wicked Cities of the Plain: but the relentings of the awakened soul, the sighs of the penitent, the surrender of the subdued will, the love of the grateful heart—these are the delight of Jehovah ; while His resistless hand will make the wrath of the wicked to serve Him, and the remainder of wrath He will restrain. Yea, the Malignant Spirits, themselves, shall reluctantly subserve His glory; while His gracious purposes shall be accomplished by His weak but willing Servants—the sincere but frail and imperfect Subjects of His Kingdom. These, He will arm as with Divine Power and guide with Heavenly Wisdom. Out of weakness, He will make them strong. By them, He will turn to flight the armies of the aliens. In their weakness, He will make perfect His own strength ; and will thus, as out of the mouths of babes and sucklings ordain to Himself everlasting



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some Account of the “british Ladies' church MissionARY MATERNAL sociaty."

The following circular will explain the benevolent object of this Society.

It having been ascertained, by recent communications from abroad, that very considerable benefit would accrue to the cause of Missions, by affording a supply of Child-bed Linen and other articles of Wearing Apparel to the Missionaries for distribution among the Heathen ; it is proposed to form a Society for the purpose of carrying this design into effect, to be designated the “ British Ladies' Church Missionary Maternal Society, for the Western-Africa and West-Indies Missions.

Such Ladies as may feel inclined to patronize this Society, are requested to forward their names to Mrs. William Williams, 37, Portland Place, under cover to W.Williams, Esq. M.P. and they are respectfully informed, that any of the articles of clothing which they might wish to select from the Lisl here with furnished, either to make or purchase, should be forwarded in a parcel, to the Chureh Missionary House, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, (carriage paid), Superscribed—“To the Rev. Josiah Pratt, from the British Ladies' Church Missionary Maternal Society, from Mrs. , or Miss , &c.” Those Ladies who feel indisposed to the trouble of making-up the articles themselves, may promote the good of another Charitable Institution, by purchasing sets of baby-linen ready made, of the Female Convicts in Newgate, under the direction of Mrs. Fry and the Ladies' Committee : thus affording employment to, and encouraging industry in, these un

happy objects of Christian Philanthropy.

List of Articles. Infants' Checked or Cambric Muslim Caps. — Calico or Cambris Muslin Shirts.

Flannel Blanket Robes. Coloured printed Cotton or Gingham Bedgowns. Diaper Napkins, 12 to form a set. Women's Printed Cotton or White Calico Bedgowns. Housewife or Calico Shifts. Coloured printed Cotton Shawls and Handkerchiefs, of all sorts. Boys' Smock Frocks, Housewife . Cloth. Rewards for Schools. Girls' White Cloth Aprons with bibs. Coloured printed Cotton Frocks, various sizes.

Pockets. Pocket Handkerchiefs.

Work Bags. Names of Subscribers and Contributors.

•,• The Ladies whose names are marked have contributed Articles of Clothing. Mrs. Aubery,Rectory, Long-breddy. * Mrs.T.Fowell Buxton, Cromer-hall. • Mrs. Charles Buxton, jun. Hampstd. Miss Bristed, Dorchester. * Mrs. Margaret Barclay, London. Mrs. Francis Cunningham, Pakefield. Misses Cunningham, Harrow. * Mrs. Cooper, Dorchester.

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instructions of THE committee to the Rev. Joseph BAiley, MRs. Bailey, AND Miss KNIGHT, PROCEEDING TO CEYLoN, Delivek ED JUNE 1, 1821.

peARLY BELovED IN THE LORDThe earnest applications for assistance which the Committee have received from the Missionaries in Ceylon, and the encreasing prospects of usefulness opening in that Island, have determined them to render further assistance to that Mission, by sending you thither. As two Missionaries are stationed at Kandy in the Interior, and two at Baddagamme in the South, Mr. Knight alone being left without a fellow-labourer while he greatly needs assistance, the Committee wish that you, Mr. Bailey, with Mrs. Bailey, should labour in conjunction with him; while the Society and assistance of his Sister will both encourage him in his own labours, and will enable you all to enter on some efficient plans for the good, it may be hoped, of the Female Children of the Heathem. The Committee refer you to the Instructions given, on former occa

sions, to the Society's Missionaries; and to those, more particularly, who were proceeding to the same quarter as yourselves. In these Instructions, and in the Addresses of different Friends of the Society to the respective Missionaries,which are all printed in the Annual Publications, you will find a series of Christian Counsels, growing out of actual knowledge and experience, which it will be your duty to read with attention and with prayer. On some points respecting your Spirit and Temper, the Committee wish to address to you a few words. It is our earnest prayer, on your behalf, that you may go forth to your labours in a truly humble, self-denying, and devoted spirit. You are yet but little acquainted with the difficulty of the great work before you ; and with the manifold temptations to an indolent, careless, and selfish course of conduct, by which you will

be surrounded. You feel, the Committee doubt not, much of your own weakness, and are going forth in dependence on Divine strength; but, if God spare you faithfully to labour for Him, you will attain, a few years hence, far deeper views of your own insufficiency, and a far more lively sense of your entire dependence on God both to strengthen you to labour and to bless you in your labours, than you can possibly now feel. It can never be too strongly impressed on your hearts, that Devotion, Diligence, Self-denial, and Charity, must shine forth in your characters and lives, if you would glorify your Heavenly Master. By a spirit of devotion, cultivated by regular habits of private, social,and public prayer, you must call down light and strength from Him whom you serve. All will go on ill, if you fail here ; but if you walk with God, in the habitual intercourse of a lively faith and fervent prayer, all will be well. Great diligence is needful to the success of your work. Carefully guard and earnestly pray against a sluggish and indolent way of going

through your work. Let it rather

be your constant aim—to Do As Much IN AS LITTE TIME, AS YOUR STATE OF IIEALt H AND oth Ert citt Cum St.ANCES will allow you to do well. This rule kept steadily in view, will rouse you from that listlessness, which is the snare of relaxing climates, while it will allow you all needful repose and relaxation. Not slothful in business, but fervent in spirit—serving the Lord. Seek to have a busy head, an active hand, a cheerful mind, and an humble and affectionate heart; and you will, under the blessing of God, be doing good wherever you go. A spirit of self-deN1A1, must be wrought into your habitual frame. It was the spirit of your Heavenly Master; and He declares all those not to be worthy of Him, who do not deny themselves, and take up their cross, and follow Ilium. And He hath shewn,

in others, what the grace of His Holy Spirit can effect, in conforming the Servant to his Lord. Such men as Martyn and Brainerd will rise up in judgment against those, who live in the indulgence of their own will. Your chief enemy is within. Selfindulgence, love of ease, desire of independence, and pride—these are our constant enemies, and such as are most difficult to be overcome. But the grace of Christ is sufficient for you ! The maintenance, toward all men, of the thus spirit of chanity, must be a ground of daily watchfulness and prayer. Cheerfulness and kindness will greatly conciliate all around you : not that you are, in any degree, to countenance others in sin ; but, in your testimony against sin and folly, and particularly as you will witness them in blinded and deceived heaTHENs, there should be a wise and tender charity—no needless austerity of behaviour—no gloom of countenance—no forbidding distance; but the considerate spirit which the Apostle meant when he said, Be pitijul, be courteous. With the MissionARIEs of othen comMUN10 Ns, you will cultivate, as Mr. Knight and your other Brethren have done, a spirit of harmony and love ; while, in all your proceedings, you will maintain that consistency of conduct which arises out of your relation to the United Church, and which is best calculated to cherish permanent good-will between yourselves and Christians of other Communions. Much advantage may arise from cultivating a friendly intercourse with EuroPEAN centleMEN near you; and, if they are disposed to enter into the Society's views, freely communicating with them on the objects and circumstances of the Mission. If you shall be found, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, to live in this Devout, Diligent, Self-denying, and Charitable temper, your light

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