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opinion, superior to any other elementary books with which I have an acquaintance. Wishing them a speedy introduction into the various schools in this extensive country,

I am,

Gentlemen, yours, &c. &c.


University of Pennsylvania, June 8, 1810. Gentlemen,

Having examined the Selections of M. L'Homond, &c. which you propose to publish, I have no hesitation in recommending them as the best elementary books I have ever met with.

The pure Latinity of the selections from Sacred History, the interesting Historical and Biographical Sketches of the others, so excellently calculated to excite and inform the youthful mind, together with the neatness and accuracy of your editions, will, i hope, give them a speedy and general introduction into our schools.

Wishing you that success which your undertaking merits,

Gentlemen, yours, &c.



I am,


Germantoron, Mount-Airy College,

April 30, 1810. Gentlemen,

Having been presented with three books, viz. “ Epitome Historia Sacræ," De Viris illustribus urbis Romæ,and “ Narrationes Excerptæ, in order to obtain my opinion of their publication in this country, I can declare, for myself, that it is a very desirable object. The latter I am well acquainted with in the practice of teaching. The two first I approve, and think these works are better calculated than any elementary books now in use: how. ever, the well known character of the author, M. L'Homond, is a sufficient recommendation.


Philadelphia, Friends' Academy,

April 27, 1810. Having perused with attention three books, viz. Epitome Historiæ Sacrae," “ De Viris islustribus urbis Romæ,” and “ Narrationes Excerptor," of which my opinion was requested, I do not hesitate to believe them to be good elementary works, and, (from the judicious selection of matter, the brevity of the sentences, and size of the volumes, better calculated to interest the young student and engage

his attention, than any of the Selectæ, now, generally used in our Schools. And I hope the laudable undertaking of the publishers may meet the encouragement to which it is entitled.


Lower Dublin Academy, April 28, 1810. Gentlemen,

Having examined the “ Epitome Historiæ Sacra,"

"' « De Viris illustribus urbis Romæ,and “ Narrationes Excerpta," I have no hesitation in declaring them to be good elementary books, containing the substance of voluminous works, and better adapted for beginners, than selections now made use of in our Schools.

Teacher of the Latin and Greek Languages,

and the Mathematicks.

Clermont College, April 28, 1810. Gentlemen,

Having taught, during fifteen months, the « Narrationes Excerptæ," having also attentively examined the.“ Historia Sacræ," and « De Viris illustribus urbis Roma," I have no

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hesitation to recommend them as excellent School books, and much better calculated to facilitate the acquisition of the Latin language, than selections now in use.

FRANCIS GLASS, Junr. Teacher of the Greek and Latin Languages.

Philadelphia County, Germantown Road, April 24, 1810. « Narrationes Excerptæ,and “ De Viris illustribus urbis Roma," are books which I have put into the hands of boys commencing the study of the Latin language, and from experience can vouch for their utility as elementary books: “ Epitome Historia Sacræ,” I think ought to precede them.


[The Publishers beg leave to note, that in addition to the preceding approbation of distinguished Critics, the works have also the commendation of all the several Baltimore Seminaries, to which they have been shown. Indeed, there are none who have examined them, who have not determined to adopt them into their Seminaries, as books amply super

seding, (if we include a small Poetic Selection, i. e. counterpart to “ Narrationes Excerptæ,' intended to be published) all the usual elementary works, preparatory to the study of Cæsar and the fellow Prose Authors. Besides their intrinsic excellence, their moderation of cost (being but about three dollars for the four). strongly recommend them to the ceconomy of teachers, and to the favour of the public.]

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