The history of the bucaniers of America containing, i. The exploits and adventures of Le Grand [&c., by A.O. Exquemelin, and works by 3 other authors].

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Pagina 182 - and eat it, helping it down with frequent gulps of water, which, by good fortune, they had at hand. The fifth day about noon they came to a place called Barbacoa: here they found traces of another
Pagina 129 - they all threw down their arms, and craved quarter for their lives; only the governor of the city would crave no mercy, but killed many of the pirates with his own hands, and not a few of his own
Pagina 188 - and drums beat, in token of this alacrity of their minds : thus they pitched their camp for that night, with general content of the whole army, waiting with impatience for the morning, when they intended to attack the city. This evening appeared
Pagina 192 - towards the city, plighting their oaths to one another, that they would fight till not a man. was left alive. With this courage they re-commenced their march, either to conquer or be conquered, carrying with them all the
Pagina 160 - and were unfortunate in all their attempts. Being arrived at Savona, they found not captain Morgan there, nor any of their companions, nor had they the fortune to find a letter which captain Morgan at his departure left behind him in a place where in all probability they would meet with it. Thus, not knowing what
Pagina 122 - and delays, expecting to be relieved by him in a Short time, when he would certainly come to their aid.' Upon this intelligence captain Morgan immediately ordered all their plunder to be carried aboard; and withal, he told the Spaniards, that the very next day they
Pagina 122 - within 15 days;' which captain Morgan granted. But not long after, there came into the town feven or eight pirates who had been ranging in the woods and fields, and got considerable booty.
Pagina 129 - that they were forced to kill him, notwithstanding all the cries and tears of his own wife and daughter, who begged him, on their knees, to demand quarter, and

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