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HOWEVER painful it may be to a modest mind to obtrude itself, and its concerns, on the notice of the public-and still more painful to enter into details, which may excite a disagreeable sensation in any of the human kind-yet, circumstances frequently occur, in life, from which such details become a duty, to self, to society, to truth, justice, and honor. In such circumstances, for several years past, I have felt myself unfortunately placed. Had these ceased to operate, perhaps, I should never have taken up my pen to record them; most assuredly, I would never have exposed them to public animadversion. But, as this has not been the case, and even now is not, I flatter myself that I shall not be deemed unjustifiable, after a long forbearance, in presenting them to the eyes of my countrymen; and, from past experience, I feel emboldened to confide in their candor, and hope for their indulgence.

As this detail will principally consist of grievances, severe in their pressure, extensive in their operation, and of long continuance, it will naturally be supposed that the criminality

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Page 3, line 22—for Luchman, read Leechman.
Page 4, line 1-after obliges, insert me.
Page 9, line 26-after brethren, a period.
Page 18, line 14--for principles, read treasures.
Page 19, line 25–for Steward, read Stewart.
Page 20, line 28–for left, read slept.
Page 29, line 10 for these, read there.
Page 39, line 4-for affected, read effected.
Page line 7--for were, read was,
Page 42, line 5–place a, after first.
Page line 27-for me, read my.
Page 46, line 11--for Ballygurn, read Ballygozn.
Page 48, line 27-before on, insert or,
Page 52, line 9-for Colonel, read Captain.
Page 53, line 14-for Montello, read Montalto.
Page 55, line 15-for Down, read the town.
Page 66, line 232

for Mr. Cluncy, read Mr. Cluney.
Page 80, last line for Ventriloguist, read Ventriloquist.
Page 113, line 2--for British, read Scottish.
Page 120, line 15-for marry, read Bamff.
Page 129, line 4-for Stulker, read Stalker.
Page 150, line 18-for 1810, read 1801..
Page 164, line 18-before government, prefix of.
Page 169, line 24-before as,' insert se.
Page - line 22--for many, read may.
Page 175, last line for surmounted, read surrounded.
Page 185, line 8—for rhu, read rheu.
Page 213, line 5--for blended, read blind-led.

line 23—for insiduous, read insidious, Page

line 25--for the, read to.. Page 245, line for constrained, read overstrained.


Page ---,

Let not the préceding long list of errata be imputed to the printer. From my incapacity of writing plain, for several months, and the ima possibility of my attending the press, less could not be expected many errors in pointing, for the same reasons, were unavoidable, as will appear to the readers.

W, S. D.

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