Roman Villa

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UPenn Museum of Archaeology, 29 gen 1998 - 110 pagine

This edited volume, based on the first Williams Symposium on Classical Architecture, held at the University of Pennsylvania in April 1990, focuses on the theme of the well-appointed Roman country house. Using archaeological and textual evidence, the chapters address issues of villa composition, economy, and society. The volume also explores the possible reasons that Greeks did not embrace the villa lifestyle as the Romans so eagerly did. Finally, this book provides a promising foundation for future studies of the nature of the villa phenomenon.

Contributors: Lisa Fentress, Chrystina Häuber, Adolf Hoffmann, Ann Kuttner, Hans Lauter, Guy Metraux, Richard Neudecker, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill.

Symposium Series 9
University Museum Monograph, 101


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Hellenistische Vorläufer der römischen Villa Hans Lauter
The Villa as Cultural Symbol Andrew WallaceHadrill
Villa Hadriana Raum Licht und Konstruktion Adolf Hoffmann
Realism and romanitas in the Architectural Vistas of the 2nd Style Ann Kuttner
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