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testimony of their heartfelt respect and esteem. But the death of O. RICH deprives them of the desired pleasure. It cannot, however, be otherwise than just, to express their gratitude (and indeed, that of their predecessors for many years previous to their entrance on office,) to the kind-hearted and learned American, who, in a foreign land, was one of the most uniform friends and supporters of the Library. When IRVING and PRESCOTT and TICKNOR acknowledge the assistance received in the prosecution of their literary labors, from Mr. Rich, the Trustees may at least be permitted to add their remembrance of his many disinterested services.

JONATHAN GOODHUE, the pride and model of the American Merchant, was for nearly a quarter of a century the medium of intercourse between foreign correspondents and the Trustees. He ever refused to receive any compensation for his labors—often, doubtless, tedious, and certainly interfering with his accustomed employments. But they were always volunteered, to use his own words, "freely and cheerfully, for the promotion of Science and Learning." His memory is united with the annals of the institution, and the present tribute (all that possibly he might have consented to receive,) is now added to the many which "length of days and an unspotted life" have accumulated on his tomb.

It is not among the smallest of the gratifications incident to their arduous and unceasing duties, that the Trustees are enabled to continue their mercantile connexions with the houses of Goodhue & Co., and of O. Rich, in the persons of their sons and partners. March, 1850.

Formerly U. S. Consul at Valencia, in Spain; for many years acting as Agent for the purchase of books for Congress, the New-York State Library, and for numerous societies and individuals, &c. Mr. Rich died in London, January 20, 1850.


The Regents of the University of the State of New-York, are by law declared ex officio Trustees of the State Library.

HAMILTON FISH, Governor, ex officio.

GEORGE W. PATTERSON, Lieut. Governor, ex officio.
CHRISTOPHER MORGAN, Secretary of State, ex officio.

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The Secretary of the Regents acts as Secretary of the Library Committee, and conducts the Correspondence on the part of the Trustees.

ALFRED B. STREET, Librarian,

ELISHA W. SKINNER, Assistant Librarian,
JOHN H. HICKCOX, Messenger.

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