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trived to explain to his readers, by annexing to his volume for 1738, feigned proposals for printing a work, to be called Anagrammata Rediviva. This list, and others from different years, we give in the present edition, though we have rejected the barbarous jargon from the speeches themselves. A contemporary publication, the LONDON MagaZINE, feigned to give the debates of the Roman senate, and adapted Roman titles to the several speakers. This expedient, as well as Cave's contrivance, sufficed to protect its ingenious authors from parliamentary resentment; as the resolution of the commons was never enforced.

The debates contained in the following volumes, commence with the 19th November, 1740, and terminate with the 230 February, 1742-3. The animated attempts that were made to remove sir Robert Walpole from administration, seemed, in Cave's opinion, to call for an abler reporter than Guthrie. Johnson was selected for the task; and his execution of it may well justify the admiration which we have so often avowed for those wonderful powers of mind, which, apparently, bade defiance to all impediments of external fortune.

He was only thirty-two years of age, little acquainted with the world; had never, perhaps, been in either house, and certainly had never conversed with the men whose style and sentiments he took upon himself to imitate. But so well and skilfully did he assume, not merely the sedate and stately dignity of the lords, and the undaunted freedom of the commons, but also the tone of the respective parties, that the public imagined they recognised the individual manner of the different speakers. Voltaire, and other foreigners of distinction, compared British with Greek and Roman eloquence; and ludicrous instances are detailed by Johnson's biographers, of praises awarded to Pulteney or to Pitt, in the presence of the unsuspected author of

the orations which had excited such regard"! For Johnson confessed, that he composed many of the speeches entirely from his own imagination, and all of them from very scanty materials.

This confession he undoubtedly made from his love of truth, and not for the gratification of vanity. When he heard that Smollett was preparing his History of England, he warned him against relying on the debates as authentic; and, on his death-bed, he professed that the recollection of having been engaged in an imposture was painful to him. That this was a refined scrupulosity the most rigid moralist must allow; but, nevertheless, it is matter for congratulation, that the liberality of parliament no longer subjects its reporters to the subterfuges which we have thus briefly attempted to describe. And a comparison of this age and its privileges with the restrictions of former times, may not be without its use, if, by reminding us that we were not always free, it teaches us political contentment, suggests to us the policy of moderation, and enables us to love liberty, and yet be wise.


See Boswell, and sir John Hawkins.

The List of fictitious Terms used by Cave to disguise the real

Names that occur in his Debates.

Abingdon, Ld... Adonbing or Plef

Ambrose, Captain. . Ambreso
Archer.. Arech
Argyle, Duke of.. Agryl
Arthur.. Aruth
Anne., Nuna
Aston.. Anots
Aylesford, Lord.. Alysfrop
Baltimore, Lord.. Blatirome
Barnard, Sir John..Branard
Barrington.. Birrongtan
Bath, Earl of.. Baht
Bathurst, Lord.. Brustath
Bedford, Duke of.. Befdort
Berkeley, Lord.. Berelky
Bishop.. Flamen
Bladen, Mr... Bledna
Bootle, Mr...Butul
Bowles, Mr... Bewlos
Bristol, Lord.. Broslit
Bromley, Mr... Bormlye
Brown, Mr... Brewon or Buron
Burleigh.. Bruleigh
Burrell, Mr... Berrull
Carew, Mr... Cawer
Carlisle, Earl of.. Carsilel
Carteret, Lord.. Quadrert
Castres, Mons... Cahstrehs
Charles.. Chorlo
Chesterfield, Earl of..Castroflet
Cholmondeley, Earl of..Sholmlug
Churchill.. Chillchurch
Clutterbuck, Mr... Cluckerbutt
Cocks.. Cosck
Coke, Mr... Quoke
Cooke.. Coeko
Cooper, Mr... Quepur
Corbet, Mr... Croteb
Cornwall, Mr... Carnwoll
Danes.. Danians
Danvers.. Draneys
Delawarr, Lord.. Devarlar
Devonshire, Duke of.. Dovenshire
Digby.. Dibgy
Drake, Mr... Dekra
Earle, Mr... Eral
Edmund.. Emdond
Edward., Eddraw
Elizabeth.. Ezila
Erskine, Mr... Eserkin

Eugene, Prince.. Eunege
Falconberg, Lord.. Flacnobrug
Falkland.. Flakland
Fanshaw, Mr... Fashnaw
Fazakerly.. Fakazerly
Fenwick, Mr... Finweck
Fox, Mr... Feaux
Francis.. Farncis or Friscan
Gage, Lord.. Gega
George.. Gorgenti
Gibbon, Mr... Gibnob
Gloucester, Duke of..Glustre
Godolphin, Lord.. .Golphindo
Gore.. Gero
Gower, Lord.. Gewor
Grenville, Mr... Grevillen
Gybbon, Mr...Gybnob
Halifax, Lord.. Maxilaf
Haddock, Admiral.. Hockadd
Handasyd, Mr... Hasandyd
Harding, Mr... Hadringe
Hardwick, Lord.. Hickrad
Harrington.. Hargrinton
Hay, Mr...Heagh.
Heathcote.. Whethtoc
Henry.. Hynrec
Herbert.. Hertreb
Hervey, Lord.. Heryef
Hessian.. Hyessean
Hind Cotton.. Whind Cotnot
Hindford.. Honfryd
Hobart.. Hobrat
Holdernesse, Lord.. Hodrelness
Hooper.. Horeop
Hosier, Admiral.. Hozeri
Howe.. Hewo
Islay, Lord.. Yasli
Isham.. Ishma
Ilchester.. Itchletser
James.. Jacomo
John.. Juan
Keene, Mr... Knee
Ledbury, Mr... Lebdury
Lindsay.. Lisnayd
Litchfield.. Liftchield
Lockwood.. Lodowock
Lombe.. Lebom
Lonsdale, Lord.. Lodsneal
Lovel.. Levol

Lymerick, Lord.. Lyromick
Lyttleton.. Lettyltno
Marlborough, Duke of.. Maurolburgh
Malton, Lord.. Matlon
Manley.. Manly
Mary.. Marya
Montrose, Duke of.. Morontosse
Mordaunt.. Madrount
Morton.. Motron
Newcastle, Duke of.. Nardac secre-

Noel.. Neol
Norris, Admiral.. Nisror
Nugent.. Netgun
Ogle, Admiral..Oleg
Onslow.. Olswon
Orange.. Organe
Ord, Mr... Whord
Orford, Earl of.. Orfrod
Orleans.. Olreans
Ormond, Duke of..Omrond
Oxford, Earl of.. Odfrox
Oxenden.. Odnexen
Paxton.. Pantox
Pelham, Mr... Plemahm
Peterborough.. Petraborauch
Pitt, Mr... Ptit
Plumer, Mr... Plurom
Polwarth.. Polgarth
Portland, Duke of.. Poldrand
Powlett.. Powltet or Pletow
Pretender.. Rednetrep
Puffendorf.. Pudenfforf
Pulteney.. Pulnub
Quarendon.. Quenardon
Rainsford.. Rainsfrod
Ramelies.. Ramles
Raymond.. Ramonyd
Robert.. Retrob
Rochester.. Roffen
Saint Aubyn.. St. Aybun
Samuel.. Salvem
Sandwich, Earl of..Swandich

Sandys, Mr... Snadsy Scarborough, Lord.. Sarkbrugh Scroop, Mr... Screop Sidney, Lord.. Sedyin Selwin, Mr... Slenwy Shaftsbury, Lord..Shyftasbrug Shippen, Mr... Skeiphen Sloper.. Slerop Somers.. Sosrem Somerset.. Sosermet Southwell.. Suthewoll Strafford.. Stordraff Stair.. Stari Stanislaus.. Stasinlaus Sundon.. Snodun Talbot.. Toblat Thomas.. Tsahom Thomson, Mr... Thosmon Tracey.. Tryace Trenchard.. Trachnerd Trevor, Mr... Tervor Turner.. Truron Tweedale, Marquis of.. Tewelade Tyrconnel, Lord.. Trinocleng Vernon, Admiral.. Venron Vyner, Mr... Vynre or Venry Wade.. Weda Wager, Admiral.. Werga Wakefield.. Wafekeild Waller, Mr... Welral Walpole, Sir Robert.. Walelop Walpole, Mr... Walelop Walter, Mr... Gusbret Watkins, Mr... Waknits Wendover.. Wednevro Westmoreland.. Westromland William.. Wimgul Willimot, Mr... Guillitom Winchelsea, Lord.. Wichensale Winnington, Mr... Wintinnong Wortley, Mr... Wolresyt or Werotyl Wyndham..Gumdahm Wynn..Ooyn Yonge.. Yegon

The List of fictitious Characters used by Cave to disguise the

Places that occur in his Debates.

Almanza.. Almanaz
America.. Columbia
Amsterdam.. Amstredam
Aschaffenburg.. Aschafnesburg
Austria.. Aurista
Barbadoes.. Bardosba
Barcelona.. Bracolena
Brittany.. Brateney

Blenheim.. Blehneim or Blenhem
Bourbon.. Buorbon
Brandenburg.. Brangburden
Bristol.. Broslit
Britain., Lilliput
Cadiz.. Cazid
Cambridge.. Guntar
Campechy.. Capemchy
Carolina.. Carolana

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