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CRAWFURD, JOHN, F.R.S. b. Islay, 13th The Improvement of Cornwall by Sea Sand.

Aug., 1783. d. London, 11th May, 1868. Communicated by an intelligent gentleman, well On the Sources of the Supply of Tin for the acquainted in those parts, to Dr. Dan. Cox. Bronze Tools and Weapons of Antiquity. Trans. Philos. Trans., x, 293–96, 305–6 (1675); Abr., | Ethnological Soc. of London, iii, 350-56 (1865). ii, 124 (1674).

CREWDSON, ELLEN (eldest daughter of George COXHEAD, REV. BENJAMIN. Baptist Minister.

Fox and wife of George B. Crewdson). %. d. Newbury.

Perran-ar-worthal, 1807. Evangelical Advice and Encouragement: A The Countries of Europe (Poems for my Farewell Discourse, addressed to a Congregation Children). Anon. Lond., Dean, 184, 12o., in Ebenezer Chapel, Truro, October 2nd, 1808.

pp. 51, 1/2-2nd ed., 184, 12o., pp. 51. Lond., printed by Richard Edwards, Crane Court, Fleet Street, for the Author; and sold by CREWDSON, JANE (2nd daughter of George Mr. Button, Paternoster-row, Mr. Michell and

For and wife of Thomas D. Crewdson). b. Mr. Harry, Truro; n.d. (1808), 80., pp. 28, 1/-. Perran-ar-worthal, 1809. d. Summerlands,

Note.-Prefixed is a letter signed “ John Davey," Manchester, 1863. on behalf of the congregation, requesting the publica

Aunt Jane's Verses for Children. Illustrated. Remarks relating to Christian Baptism, Oc By Mrs. T. D. Crewdson. Lond., C. Gilpin, casioned by the recent publication of Mr. Thorn 1851, 12o., pp. 145.—2nd ed., with additions, of Winchester, entitled “Modern Immersion not

Lond., Grant and Griffiths, 1855, 120., pp. Scriptural Baptism." By B. Coxhead (of Win 145, 3/6. chester), Baptist Minister. Lond., G. Wightman, Note.-Contains “ To Nanny at the Land's End. 1832, 12o., pp. ii and 122, 2/6.

A Poem,” pp. 109–113.

Lays of the Reformation and other Lyrics, COYNE, JOSEPH STIRLING. b. Birr, King's

Scriptural and Miscellaneous. By Jane Crewdson. County, Ireland, 1805. d. London, 18th July,

| Lond., Hatchard, 1860, 12o., pp. viii and 284,4/-. 1868.

The Singer of Eisenach. By Mrs. T. D. The Home Wreck. An [Original] Drama, in Crewdson. Selected from “Aunt Jane's Verses 3 acts, suggested by Tennyson's poem of “Enoch for Children." Lond., Griffiths and Farran, n.d. Arden.” [First produced at Surrey Theatre, [1860 ?), 12o., pp. 19, 6d. London, 8th Feb., 1869). Partly written by the A Little While and other Poems. By Mrs. late J. S. Coyne (Member of the Dramatic T. D. Crewdson. Manchester, William Bremner Authors' Society), and completed by his son, and Co., 11, Market Street; Lond., F. Pitman; J. Denis Coyne. T. H. Lacy, Theatrical Pub | [1864), 89., pp. 108. lisher, London, n.d. (1870), 12o., pp. 46, 6d. A Night Scene. Tract Magazine, 1863, pp.

NOTE.-The plot of this play is laid in Cornwall. 121–24.—Reprinted as “A Night Scene in a A summary of the piece appeared in the Cornish Teleg., Hospital,” in Gleanings for Mothers' Meetings, 14th April, 1869.

Cottage Readings, and District Visitors (Religious CRAIK, DINAH MARIA (dau. of Thomas Mulock Tract Soc., n.d. [1869], 89.), pp. 1–10.

and wife of George Lillie Craik). b. Stokeupon-Trent, Staffordshire, 1826.

CRISTALL, ANN BATTEN (daughter of the sucIn King Arthur's Land. A Week's Study of

ceeding). Cornish Life. By the Author of John Halifax.

Poetical Sketches. By A. B. Cristall. Lond., 5 Illusts. Good Woods, Jan., 1867, pp. 61–71.

printed for J. Johnson, 1795, 8o., pp. 187, 5/

List of Subscribers. Penzance Public Lib.
Pedigrees of Crane, of Cornwall and Suffolk.

CRISTALL, JOSHUA. Figure and Landscape 1642. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 12,518.

Painter (son of Alexander Cristall and

daughter of John Batten). b. Camborne, 1767. CRANMER, Rt. Rev. THOMAS. Archbishop of d. London, 18th Dec., 1847. cf. Redgrare's

Canterbury. b. Aslacton, in Nottinghamshire, Century of Painters, i, 508–14; Johnstone's Cat. 1489. Burnt at Oxford, 21st March, 1556. of Edinburgh National Gallery, 1864, Supp.

Answers to the Fifteen Articles of the Rebells Acqua Pictura ... Original Specimens ... from of Devon (and Cornwall]. Anno 1549. MSS. works of Messrs. Payne ... Christal ... By J. Corp. Christ. Coll. Cumb.; cf. Strype's Memorials Hassell. Lond., Hassell & Co., 1818, obl. fol. ...of Arch-Bp. Cranmer (ed. 1812), ii, 799–839.

Note. -- Contains copy of landscape, “Moel y' NOTE.-See Rebellions in Part II.

Shaboed,” by J. Christal.

CROCKER, REV. JAMES, M.A. b. St. Levan. CROFT, Rev. Sir HERBERT. (Con.).

Essentials of Hebrew Grammar, with Points. The Abbey of Kilkhampton revived. Lond., By Rev. J. Crocker, Trinity College, Cambridge. Cambridge, Stevenson, 1829, broad sheet, 1 6,

NOTE.-cf. N. & Q., 4 S., i, 353, 467 (1868). A in a stiff cover, 2

copy in the Penzance Public Lib. (5th ed., 1780) bas, The Use of the Latin Subjunctive Mood, with | in an unknown hand, the names of a considerable copious Exercises and Instructions relative to number of the persons satirized in the epitaphs. correct Translation. By Rev. J. Crocker. Cambridge, Stevenson; Lond., Whittaker; 1830,

CROKATT, REV. GILBERT. d. 16th April, 1711. 129., pp. 147, 4 - Dedicated to Rev. C. V. A Consolatory Letter, written to the Lady Le Grice, M.A.—2nd ed., entitled “Rules and Shouell, on the surprising and calamitous Loss Exercises for the use of the Latin Subjunctive | of her Husband and two only Sons, viz., Sir Mood," Lond., J. W. Parker, 1835, 8o.

C. Showell, Admiral ... Sir John Narbrough, Essay on the Theory of the Latin Subjunctive Baronet, and James Narbrough, Esquire. Now Mood. By Rev. J. Crocker. Cambridge, Steven published at the desire of their Relations. By son; Lond., Whittaker; 1832, 120., 4.

G. Crokatt, M.A., and Rector of Crayford. A New Proposal for a Geographical System Lond., printed for George Strahan, at the Golden of Measures and Weights, conveniently intro Ball, over against the Royal Exchange, 1708, ducible generally by retaining familiar notions 8o., pp. 96, and Preface, etc., 14 sheets. and names. By J. Crocker. To which are added Remarks on a System of Coinage. Lond. CROKER FAMILY. N. & Q., 3 S., xi, 536 and Cambridge, Macmillan, 1864, 80., pp. viii (1867). and 170. Essentials of Arabic Grammar.

CROMPTON, REV. WILLIAM. V. of Lancast; Statements and Illustrations of Scripture Doc V. of Launceston. trine.

Saint Austin's Religion; wherein is manifestly NOTE. – These two works were announced as in proued, out of the Workes of that Learned preparation, but were never published.

Father, who lived neere twelue hundred yeares

before the time of Lvther, that he dissented CROFT, REV. SIR HERBERT, 5TH BART., B.D.

from Poperie and agreed with the Religion of (son of H. Croft). V. of Prittlewell. b. 1st

the Protestants in all the maine Poynts of Faith Nov., 1751. d. Paris, 27th April, 1816.

and Doctrine... Lond., printed for John Marriot, The Abbey of Kilkhampton ; or Monumental

1625, sm. 4o., pp. 30, Records for the year 1980 (sic). Faithfully in Saint Austin's Summes ; or the somme of scribed from original inscriptions, which are still Saint Austin's Religion... By William Crompton, perfect, and appear to be drawn up in a style M' of Arts, of Brazen-nose Colledge, in Oxford, devoid of fulsome panegyric or unmerited de and Preacher of the Word of God at Little traction, and compiled with a view to ascertain Kymbell, in Buckinghamshire. Lond., printed with precision the manners which prevailed in for John Marriot, 1625, sm. 4o., pp. 208. Great Britain during the last fifty years of the St. Austin's Religion ; wherein is proued out eighteenth century. Anon. Lond., printed for of the Workes of that Learned Father...that he G. Kearsley, at No. 46, Fleet Street, 1780, 4o.,

dissented from Poperie ... whereunto is added pp. 75, 3--2nd ed., 1780, 4o.-3rd ed., 1780, Saint Austin's Summes in answer to Mr. John 4o.-4th ed., 1780, 4o.—5th ed., with consider Breerely, Priest. Lond., printed for J. Marriot, able additions, 1780, 4o., pp. 141.

...1625, 4o. Br. Museum. Note on the 5th ed.-Part i, pp. 1–82,3/- ; Part ii, Note.-St. Austin's Religion, pp. 30 and Preface pp. 83–141, 2/6. Part ii has a distinct title-page and 1 sheet; St. Austin's Summes, pp. 206, Dedications, register.

&c., 2 sheets. The first page reads “ St. Avgvstine's The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 6th ed., Religion.” with considerable additions, 1780, 4o., pp. 141, A lasting jewel for religious women. In the 3/-,

summe of a Sermon, preached at the Funeral The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 7th ed. of Mistress Mary Crosse, late wife of Mr. (the second part), Lond., 1780, 4o.

Henry Crosse, of Barnstaple ... Novemb. 11, The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 8th ed., 1628, and now published, with some additions, with considerable additions (the second part, with a brief description of her life and death. 3rd ed.), Lond., 1780, 4o.

By Will. Crompton, Preacher of the Word of The Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc. 1783, 4°. || God at Barnstaple, in Devon. Lond., printed -- Improved ed., 1788, 89. – 11th ed., 1801, 4o. | for Edward Blovnt, 1630, 4o. -14th ed., 1808, 4o.

| A wedding ring fitted to the finger of every

CROMPTON, Rev. William. (Con.).

CROWLEY, REV. JAMES CAMPBELL, B.A. paire that have or shall meete in the feare of

R. of St. John's, near Devonport. God. A Marriage Sermon on Prov. xxxi, 29. Notice on the occurrence of the Night Heron Lond., 1632, 4o.

in Cornwall. Zoologist, ii, 575 (1844). Note.—Dedication signed and dated Barnstaple, Jany. 1, 1630.

CROZIER, HENRY ACHESON, M.R.C.S. ResiA wedding ring fitted to the finger of every

dent at Penzance from 1840 to 1850 (?). paire that have or shall meete in the feare of Madron Well. Signed H. A. C[rozier], Exon, God ... Printed in “Conjugal Duty," Part Ü. Dec. 8. Willis's Current Notes, Dec., 1855, pp. Lond., J. Watson, 1836, 80., pp. 223–249, 1/6. 93-94.

An explication of those principles of christian Parc-an-Chapel, Cape Cornwall. With woodreligion exprest or implied in the catechisme cut. Signed H. A. C., Exon, Feb. 1. ib., Feb., set downe in the Book of Common Prayer. 1856, pp. 11-12. Lond., 1633, 8o.

The Art of Embalming Dead Saints discovered, CRUTCHLEY, GEORGE FREDERICK. in a Sermon preached at the Funerall of Master Crutchley's Railway and Station Map of W. Crompton, the late Reverend and faithful Cornwall, shewing all the Railways and names pastor of the Church in Lanceston, Cornwall, of stations, also the turnpike roads, gentlemen's Jany. 5th, 1641, by G. Hughes, B.D., Pastor of seats, etc. Improved from the Ordnance Surthe Church in Tavistocke. Lond., printed by veys. Lond., G. F. Crutchley, n.d., 4°., 6d. A. N., for John Rothwell, and are to be sold at his shop, in Paul's Churchyard, at the sign of CRUTTWELL, REV. CLEMENT. the Sun, 1642, sm. 4o., pp. 52. Dr. Williams';

A Tour through the whole Island of Great Bod. Lib.

Britain, divided into Journeys... Lond., C. & J. Note.-Dedicated to the Worshipful the Mayor, Robinson. 1801, 6 vols., 80. Recorder, and Aldermen of the Town of Lanceston.

NOTE. — Cornwall described in I, xlis—liii ; II, An Useful Tractate to further Christians of 257—300. these dangerous and back-sliding times in the Practice of the most needful Duty of Prayer. CRUWYS, W. Being the substance of several Sermons, preached Draught of a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of in the Town of Columpton, in Devon, by W.

Oxford from Bp. Robinson, respecting the case Crompton, M.A., Minister of that part of

of John Trepsack, and also an appeal to him as Christ's Church there. Lond., printed by J. H.

visitor of Balliol College [in the case of W. for Philemon Stephens, 1659, 80., pp. 152. Br.

Cruwys], 23rd June, 1719. Rawlinson MSS., Museum.

Bod. Lib., class B 376, art. 24.

Petition in an Appeal from W. Cruwys, CRONKE, DICKORY. b. near St. Columb, 29th Blundell Scholar, of Balliol College, to the

May, 1660. d. St. Columb, 27th May, 1718. Bishop, as Visitor of the College, against the The Dumb Philosopher. By D. De Foe

Master and Fellows, 13th June, 1719. Camel

ford. ib., B 376, art. 78. (1719), q.v.

Reasons and objections against the Bishop

issuing a commission to heads or fellows of CROSSFIELD, ROBERT THOMAS.

colleges or halls, to hear and determine Cruwys' The Trial of R. T. Crossfield for high treason, case. ib., B 376, art. 79. at the Session House, in the Old Bailey, on Answer by Cruwys to a paper of remarks Wednesday, the 11th, and Thursday, the 12th from the master and fellows upon his former May, 1796. Taken in short hand by Joseph reply to their vindication, May, 1719. ib., B 376, Gurney. London, sold by Martha Gurney, art. 80. Bookseller, Holborn Hill, 1796, 80., pp. 328 and iïi.

CUDLIP, ANNIE (daughter of Commander Geo. NOTE.-R. T. Crossfield was arrested at Fowey, and

Thomas and wife of the succeeding). b. Aldseveral of the witnesses came from that place.

borough (Suffolk), 25th Oct., 1837.

False Colours. A Novel. By Annie Thomas CROUCH, LUCRETIA.

(Mrs. Pender Cudlip). Lond., Tinsley Brothers, A Testimony from the West Division of 1869, 3 vols., 8o. Cornwall Monthly Meeting, concerning Lucretia NOTE.—A considerable portion of the scene of this Crouch, in Test, concerning Deceased Ministers

novel is laid at Penzance. for 1859,” pp. 16–20.

The Helston Flora Day. By An Old Con

CUDLIP, Annie. (Con.).

CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN. b. Blackwood, in

Dumfriesshire, 1785. d. London, 29th Oct., tributor [i.e., A. Thomas). The Queen, xliii,

1842. 432-33 (1868).

A Cornish Carnival. By A. Thomas. Harper's The Land's End of Cornwall. The Parterre New Monthly Mag., xxxix, 61-63 (1869).

(Lond., E. Wilson, 1834-37), iv, 113–22 (1836). CUDLIP, Rev. PENDER HODGE, M.A. (son of CURGENVEN, ELIZABETH. d. Truro, 7th Dec.,

W. E. Cudlip). b. Porthleven, near Helston, 1856, aged 105. cf. Gent. Mag., vii, 249 (1857).
April, 1835.
Music. By T. G. P. fi.e., T. Johns, P. G. Hill,

CURGENVEN, JOHN BRENDON, M.R.C.S. (son and P. H. Čudlip). Helston Gram. School Mag.,

of Jas. Curgenren). b. Tretane, St. Kew, 28th pt. i, pp. 14-17 (1852).

March, 1831. Note.—Mr. Cudlip wrote from p. 16 to the end of

Harveian Medical Society of London. Report the article, beginning * We have thus traced music, etc." of the Committee for the Prevention of Venereal The first part was written by Tremenheere Johns and Diseases, read before, and adopted by, the Pascoe Grenfell Hill.

Society, July 1st, 1867. Edited by Charles R. CULLIFORDE, MR.

Drysdale, M.D., and J. B. Curgenven, Honorary

Secretaries to the Society. Lond., T. Richards, Copies of Mr. Culliforde's Reports of his 37. Great Queen Street, 1867, 89, pp. 15. Survey and Inspection of the Ports of Pool, Association for Promoting the Extension of Weymouth, Lyme, Exon, Plymouth, Looe, Fowy, the Contagious Diseases Act 1866 +

the Contagious Diseases Act, 1866, to the civil Falmouth, Penrin, Penzance, St. Ives. Humbly population of the United Kingdom. [First] presented to the Rt. Honble. the Lords Comm.

Report on the Extent of Venereal Disease : on of His Majesty's Treasury, June ye 25th, 1684.

the operation of the Contagious Diseases Act fol., vellum. cf. 7th Report of the Deputy Keeper

and the means of checking contagion. With of the Public Records (1846), App., ii, 57. Appendix. [Compiled and edited by J. B.

Curgenven and Berkeley Hill, Honorary SecCUMBERLAND, RICHARD. 6. Cambridge, 19th retaries to the Association). Lond., published for

Feb., 1732. d. London, 7th May, 1871. the Association, by H. Baillière, 219, Regent · The Brothers, a Comedy; as it is performed

Street, 1868, 8°., pp. 67, 1at the Theatre Royal, in Covent Garden. Lond.,

The Contagious Diseases Act of 1866 and its printed for W. Griffin, at Garrick's Head, in

extension to the civil population of the United Catherine Street, Strand, 1770, 80., pp. v & 72,

Kingdom. By J. B. Curgenven. Read at a 1/6.Bell's British Theatre (1797), xii, pp. vi

Meeting of the Health Department of the and 81.-Mrs. Inchbald's British Theatre (1808),

“National Association for the Promotion of xviii, pp. 75.Modern British Drama (1811), iv,

Social Science,” March 30, 1868. Lond., (W. W. 564-87. Dibdin's London Theatre (1815), iv,

Head, Victoria Press, 83A, Farringdon Street, pp. 64.

E.C.], 1868, 80., pp. 16. The Brothers; a Comedy, in five acts. By

On Baby Farming and the Registration of R. Cumberland. Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd,

Nurses. By J. B. Curgenven. Read at a Meetn.d. (1820), 80., pp. 48.The London Stage

ing of the Health Department of the “National (1824), ii, pp. 16.

Association for the Promotion of Social Science," Note.—The scene of this play is laid on “ The sea

March 15, 1869. Lond. [W. W. Head], 1869, coast of Cornwall."

8o., pp. 16.

(Second) Report of the Sub-Committee of the CUNNACK, G. J. b. Helston, Nov., 1824.

Association for Promoting the Extension of

“ The Contagious Diseases Act, 1866," to the Instrument for measuring the variable velocity of the Piston. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1848, p. 30.

civil population of the United Kingdom, with

a list of its members. Lond., E. Elfick, 22, Method of regulating the flow of the injection

Leinster Terrace, Lancaster Gate, 1869, 80., pp. water into the Condenser. ib., 1819, p. 105.

28. CUNNACK, R. J. (brother of the preceding). b.

Third Report on the Operation of the Con

tagious Diseases Acts; being a reply to stateHelston, June, 1826.

ments recently made at various meetings and Hydraulic Machine. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1849, in the public prints. With Appendix. Lond.,

published for the Association, by James Walton, Vestiges of the Ancient Tin Workings in the 137, Gower Street, 1870, 8°., pp. 96, 1Looe Pool Valley. Rep. Miners' Assoc. of C. & D., Note.—'These two Reports were compiled and edited 1867.

by J. B. Curgenven and Berkeley Hill.

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SS. notes

ib, vim Prayer.


CURGENVEN, John Brendon. (Con.). Paddington Committee for organising Charit Sheriffs of Cornwall. ib., iv, 17 (1863). able Relief and Repressing Mendicity. Rules, Editions of Camden's “Britannia." ib., iv, etc. [Compiled by J. B. Curgenven). n.d., | 109. s. sh., fol.

Engraving of the Death of Captain Faulknor.

ib., vi, 359 (1864). Case of poisoning by Nux Vomica ; recovery. Arundell of Lanherne. ib., vii, 167 (1865). · The Lancet, ii, 385 (1853).

To run amuck." ib., viii, 89 (1865). Rhinoplastic operation ; favourable result. ib., Elizabeth, Landgravine of Hesse Homburg, ii, 385.

third daughter of George III. MSS. notes Idiopathic Tetanus; death in 44 hours. Good from her Book of Common Prayer. ib., viii, 143. effects of the inhalation of chloroform. ib., i, Kar, ker, cor. ib., viii, 177. 597 (1854).

Hæver, aver, or eaver. ib., viii, 179,

Horneck Family. ib., viii, 277. On Cancer of the Ovaries and Stomach.

Scaramouche. ib., x, 69 (1866). Trans. Pathological Soc. Lond., xiii, 172 (1862).

Tyburn Gate. ib., x, 108. On Cancer of the three lower lumber Verte

“Ah! his trumpeter is dead.” ib., x, 245. bræ. ib., xiii, 226.

Parish of Forbury or Forrabury. ib., x, 344,

Price of Salmon in 1486. ib., xi, 116 (1867). The Waste of Infant Life. Read at a Meet The Name of Greig or Gregg. ib., 4 S., ii, ing of the Health Department of the National 545 (1868). Association for the Promotion of Social Science. On the derivation of Oxney. ib., iv, 371 Social Science, i, 222–34 (1867).

(1869). The Laws of Belgium relating to Illegitimate Children and Foundlings. Trans. of the Nat. CURIOSUS, pseud., i.e., Fuller, J. J. G. Assoc. for Promotion of Social Science, 531-39 (1867).

CURNOW, WILLIAM (son of John Curnow). b. wwwwwwwww

Minney, Penzance, 1st Nov., 1809. Hereditary convulsions confined to the males

List of Mosses found in West Cornwall. of a family during infancy and at the eighth

Trans. P.N.H. & A.S., iii, 56-64 (1865). month of intra-uterine life. Trans. Obstetrical Soc. Lond., ix, 116–17 (1867).

List of Jungermanniæ, &c., found near PenOn bromide of potassium in puerperal mania.

zance. Phytologist, i, 609-10 (1844).

Rarer Plants observed in the neighbourhood ib., ix, 155–56. Hereditary twin-bearing family. ib., xi, 106–8

of Penzance. ib., i, 1143-44 (1844), (1869).

CURZON, FRANCIS (son of Will. Curzon). b. On infantile remittent fever, erroneously called Exeter, 6th April, 1819. typhoid. Proc. Royal Med. Chi. Soc. Lond., vi, Lays and Legends of the West. By Frank 21–26 (1868).

Curzon. Lond., Whittaker & Co. ; Exeter,

Curzon and Son; Falmouth, Lake; 1846, sm. On Administration of Hospitals. Brit. Med. 89., pp. 220, 5/Journ., i, 248 (1869).

On the British Pharmacopæia. ib., i, 273. . On deformity of ear from maternal impression. ib., ii, 284 (1869). On Herpes contagiosus. ib., ii, 488.

Padstow. Signed A. Gent. Mag., xcv, pt. i, London Riots in 1780. Light Horse Volun- 320, pt. ii, 410 (1825); xcvii, pt. ii, 17 (1827). teers. By Tretane, i.e., J. B. Curgenven. N. & Q., 2 S., ix, 250 (1860).

D. i.e., Daniell, R. A.
Henry Peter. ib., xi, 300 (1861).
Curgenven of Sherborne. ib., xi, 507.

Green Rose. ib., xii, 233.

Thirteen Letters on the Ancient British “ The Parents' Friend." ib., xii, 348.

Language of Cornwall. Signed D. Classical On Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. ib., Journ., No. 34-43 (except No. 37), June, 18183 S., ii, 397 (1862).

Dec., 1820. Pope's Willow at Twickenham. ib., iii, 128 (1863).

D., E. H. W. D. i.e., Dunkin, E. H, W.

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