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DAWSON, JAMES. Comedian. b. Scarborough,

DEEBLE, JOSEPH HARRY. (Con.). 16th Oct., 1799. cf. R. Dyer's Nine Years of

Deeble. Coleford, Printed by Charles Hall, an Actor's Life, pp. 25–48.

1842, 89., pp. 102. For private circulation only. The Autobiography of Mr. James Dawson. The Sorceress of Saragossa. By C. DevonTruro, J. R. Netherton, 1865, 89., pp. viii and shire (1846), q.v. 171. List of Subscribers.

Note.—The Prologue written by J. H. Deeble. DAWSON, REV. W. A., M.A.

The Jew and the Vintner. A True Story,

Anon. Second edition, n.p. [Falmouth], 1853, A Sermon Ton Eccles., xi, 7-8) addressed to

89., pp. 17, 6d. the Miners of Cornwall. Redruth, printed and

Azora, a Romaunt of the Moors, Reuben sold by H. Grylls, 1837, 8o.

Gray, Spirit Warnings, Ivan and Anna (a Rus

sian Tale), A Painter's Adventure, and MiscelDAYMAN, REV. PETER. . Pancrasweek,

laneous Poems. By J. H. Deeble. Falmouth, Devon. d. in America.

C. S. Dixon, 31, Market Street, 1855, 8o., pp. Twelve Sermons on Practical Subjects. By 200, 2/6. P. Dayman, Wesleyan Local Preacher, of the Kilkhampton Circuit. Stratton, printed and DE DUNSTANVILLE, FRANCIS, LORD [Sir Published by J. Roberts, 1843, 80., pp. 217. Fras. Basset (son of Fras. Basset), cr. Baronet

24th Nov., 17791; Baron de Dunstanville, of DEANE, THOMAS.

Tehidy, 17th June, 1796 ; Baron Basset, of The Laws and Customs of the Stannaries in

Stratton, 30th Oct., 1797. b. Walcot, 9th the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, revised

Aug., 1757. d. London, 5th Feb., 1835. cf. and corrected according to the ancient and

Gent. Mag., iii, 655–57 (1835); Annual Biog. modern practise, etc. By T. Deane, Gent. 1750, for 1836, pp. 35–39. fol.

Thoughts on Equal Representation. Anon.

Lond., printed for R. Blamire, 5, Strand ; sold DE BEAUMONT. See Elie de Beaumont,

by B. Law, Ave-Mary-Lane...1783, 80. J.B.A.L.L.

Observations on the Treaty of Commerce

between Great Britain and France. Anon. DEBELL, REV. PHILIP. Wesleyan Missionary. b. Cornwall. d. St. Christopher, West Indies,

Lond., printed for R. Blamire, 1787, 8o.

Thoughts on the Theory and Practice of the 25th Jan., 1803. cf. Methodist Mag., xxvi,

French Constitution. In 4 Letters. Lond., 493 (1803); xlvi, 140-41 (1823).

printed for R. Blamire, 1794, 8o. An Elegy written on the Death of Mr. P.

Note.—The 4th Letter is signed " An Englishman." Debell. Methodist Mag., xxxii, 224 (1809).

The Crimes of Democracy. Anon. Lond., DEBILL, NICHOLAS, of University Coll., Oxford.

| printed for R. Faulder, 1798, 8o. (son of John Debill). V. of Maker 1602–31,

A Speech made at the County Meeting at afterwards R. of Calstock. b. Cornwall, 1576.

Bodmin, on Monday, 15th May, 1809, against

certain resolutions proposed there. Anon. Lond., Academiæ Oxoniensis pietas erga...Jacobum, printed for J. Faulder, New Bond Street, 1809, Angliæ Regem. 1603, 4°. NOTE.—Contains verses by N. Debill.

NOTE._"Political Tracts.” A Volume so labelled is in

the Library of the Royal Instit. of Cornwall, with the folDE COURCY, ADMIRAL MICHAEL (3rd son of lowing inscription on the fly leaf : “My own Pamphlets,

John, 25th Lord Kinsale). d. Stockton House, De Dunstanville, the Gift of the Author to his Dearest near Saltash, 22nd Feb., 1824. cf. Gent. Mag.,

Friend, Miss Lemon, 1824.” It contains all the above

Pamphlets. xciv, pt. 1, 640-41 (1824).

Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled “ A Speech DE COURSON, AURELIEN.

made at the County Meeting, at Bodmin..."

Anon. 1809, 8o. See Budd, E. Histoire des Peuples Bretons dans le Gaule,

Richard Carew's Survey of Cornwall ... By et dans les Iles Britanniques, Langue, Coutumes,

Lord de Dunstanville. 1811, 4°. See Carew, Meurs, Institutions, &c., &c., avec un Glossaire

Rich. Cornouaillais, Armorican et Gallois. Paris, 1846, 2 vols., 8o.

Experiments in Agriculture. By Sir F. Basset.

Arthur Young's Annals of Agriculture, xxii, 145– DEEBLE. JOSEPH HARRY (son of Joseph Deeble). ||

62 (1794). b. Falmouth, 18th Oct., 1819.

Reply to a Circular Letter of A. Young's. ib., The Casket; a Collection of Poems. By J. H. | xxiv, 234-6 (1795).






DE FOE, Daniel. (Con.). A Fat Ox. By Lord De Dunstanville. ib., ... Lond., printed for Tho. Bickerton, at the xxxiii, 636-7 (1799).

Crown, in Pater-Noster-Row, 1719, sm. 4o., pp. Crops and Prices. ib., xxxiv, 263–5, 267–68 64, 1/--2nd ed., Lond., Bickerton, 1720, 40., (1800).

1/--Reprinted in “Smeeton's Hist. & Biog. Letter to Lord De Dunstanville. By Wrey Tracts,” (1820), ii, 23. l'Ans. Dated Whitstone House, Mar. 31, 1800.

Note.—A fictitious narrative, supposed to be by [Relative to the Culture of Potatoes). ib., xxxv, D. De Foe. 113–19 (1800).

A Tour thro' the whole Island of Great Crops in Cornwall. ib., xxxvi, 106–9 (1801).

Britain, divided into Circuits or Journeys. Mildew. ib., xliii, 471–2 (1805).

Giving a particular and entertaining account of

whatever is curious and worth observation... By Letter to the Rev. Canon Rogers, on the Ap- a Gentleman [i.e., D. Defoe). Third Edition, propriation of the Dunstanville Fund. By Sir || with very great additions... to the year 1742. C. Lemon. 1838, 8o.

Lond., printed for J. Osborn, &c., 1742, 4 vols., History of the Manor...of Castle Combe, in

8o. Wilts...with Memoirs of the Families of Dun

NotE.—The account of Cornwall contained in I, stanville, Badlesmere, etc. By George Poulett 337–56; II, 1–8. Scrope, M.P. Printed for private circulation. A Tour thro' the whole Island of Great [Lond., J. B. Nichols and Sons], 1852, 4°., pp. Britain... 7th Edition. Lond., printed for J. and x and 403.

F. Rivington, &c., 1769, 4 vols., 8o. Grecian Prospects. A Poem, in Two Cantos.

Note.-In this edition the account of Cornwall is By Rev. R. Polwhele. Helston, 1799, 4o.

comprised in I, 387-415 ; II, 1–8. Note.—Dedicated to Lord De Dunstanville. Sonnet written 25th Aug., 1825, to Lord De

DEGENHARDT, B. CHARLES. Dunstanville, on his return to his native country. On the Geological Formation of the Gold By Rev. R. Polwhele. Gent. Mag., xcvi, pt. 1, Regions of the Eastern Coast of Virginia. Rep. 552 (1826).

R.Č.P. Soc., 1838, pp. 162–63. Letter from Sir G. Rodney to Lord De Dunstanville. cf. Life and Corresp. of Lord Rodney, DE LA BECHE, SIR HENRY THOMAS, F.R.S. ii, 312, 335–37.

b. London, 1796. d. London, 13th April, 1855.

Report on the Geology of Cornwall, Devon, DE FOE, DANIEL (son of James Foe). b. Lon- land West Somerset. by H. T. De la Beche. don, 1663. d. London, 24th April, 1731.

Director of the Ordnance Geological Survey. The Storm ; or a collection of the most re Map, woodcuts, and 12 plates. Lond., Longman, markable casualties and disasters which hap 1839, 8°., pp. 648, 14/, pened in the late dreadful tempest, both by sea Researches in Theoretical Geology. By H. T. and land. Anon. Lond., printed for G. Saw De la Beche. Lond., C. Knight, 22, Ludgate bridge, in Little Britain; and sold by J. Nutt, Street, 1834, 80., pp. xvi and 208. near Stationers'-Hall; 1704, 8o., pp. 272, and How to observe Geology. By H. T. De la Preface 1 sheet not paged.

Beche. Lond., C. Knight, 1835, 12o., pp. viii Note.—Letter signed W. T., and dated “From St. and 312. Kerearn Parish, in Cornwall, May 26, 1704,” pp. 148– Inaugural Discourse at the Opening of the 50; Letter signed “R. P., May 28, 1704,"containing an Government School of Mines, 6th November, account of a ship laden with tin, whereof Anthony

1851. By Sir H. T. De la Beche. Lond., Jenkins, of Falmouth, was commander, which was blown from her anchorage at Helford to the Isle of Wight in printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1851, 8o., 8 hours, pp. 196—9; cf. also pp. 66, 209, 213, 223. pp. 24.

The Dumb-Philosopher, or Great Britain's Mining, Quarrying, and Metallurgical ProWonder; containing : I. A faithful and very

cesses and Products. By Sir H. T. De la Beche. surprizing account how Dickory Cronke, a Tin

In “Lectures on the Results of the Great Exhiner's son, in the County of Cornwal, was born

bition of 1851, delivered before the Society of dumb, and continued so for 58 years; and how,

Arts." (Lond., Bogue, 1852, 8o.), pp. 37–73. some days before he died, he came to his speech : Note.—The above four works contain references to with memoir of his life and the manner of his the Geology of Cornwall. death. II. A declaration of his faith and prin Notice of Fossils from the schistose rocks of ciples... III. His prophetical observations... To North Cornwall. Proc. Geol. Soc., ii, 225–26 which is added his Elegy, written by a young | (1835), Cornish gentleman, of Exeter Coll., in Oxford | On the Influence of Atmospheric Pressure on DE LA BECHE, Sır Hexey Thomas. (Con.). DIX, REV. EDWARD, M.A. (only son of Capt.

DENDY, WALTER COOPER. (Con.). the Tidal Waters of Cornwall and Devon. Edinb. | The Beautiful Islets of Britaine. By W. C. New Philos. Journ., xxvi, 415-19 (1839).

Dendy. Described and illustrated from sketches On the Connexion between Geology and Ag on the spot, by the Author. Re-issue, with adriculture in Cornwall, Devon, and iTest Somerset. | ditions. Lond., Bickers, 1860, post 8"., pp. Agric. Soc. Journ., iii, 21-35 (1842).

151, 3, 6. On Estuaries and their Tides. Philos. Jlag., Note.-Account of Scilly, with map and 8 woodxxiv, 485-91 (1844); Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 211-18 cuts, pp. 37–66, in both editions. (1846). On the Formation of the Rocks of South

DEXVERS, MR. b. 1728. d. Frogwell, near Wales and South-Western England. Jcm. of Callington, 4th Oct., 1802. . Geol. Survey of Great Britain, i, 1–296 (1816). The Grace of God manifested in the conversion

and happy death of Mr. Denners. By J. Kingston. DELANY, MARY (dau. of Bernard Granville).

Methodist Mag., xxix, 77–81 (1806). b. Coulton, Wiltshire, 14th May, 1700. m. firstly Alex. Pendarves, of Roscrow (who d. DENNIS, ALEXANDER. b. Sawah, St. Levan, 1724); m. secondly Rev. Patrick Delany, D.D.

1739. d. Madron, 6th July, 1823. (who d. 1768). d. Windsor, 15th April, 1788.

Journal of a Tour through great part of The Autobiography and Correspondence of

England and Scotland, in the year 1810, perMary Granville (Mrs. Delany), with interesting formed by A. Dennis, of Trembath. Penzance. Reminiscences of King George the Third and T. Vigurs. 1816. 120, pp. 163. Queen Charlotte. Ed. by the Rt. Hon. Lady Llanover. Lond., R. Bentley, 1861, 3 vols., DENNIS, THOMASINE (dau. of the preceding). 89.-Second Series, 1862, 3 vols., 89., 50,

b. Sawah, 29th Sept., 1771. d. Sawah, 30th Note.—The account of Mrs. Delany whilst she was

Aug., 1809. cf. D. Gilbert's Cornwall, iii, 33. wife of Mr. Pendarves, is contained in 1 S., i, 22—109.

Sophia St. Clare. A Novel. In two volumes. DE LECLUSE, CHARLES.

Anon. Lond., printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's Letter from Guzman de Silva, the Spanish

Churchyard, 1806, 2 vols., 12o. Cornwall County Ambassador, to Sir W. Cecil, dated London,

Poems. MSS. 17th August, 1564, for one C. de Lecluse, merchant, who complained that he had suffered injury from a Magistrate, at St. Ives, Cornwall.

DENZELL, JOHN (son of John Denzell, of St.

Margan). Created Serjeant-at-Law, 23 Hen. (Latin). MSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm. iii, 8,

VIII. d. 3rd Jan., 1535. bur. St. Giles' in art. 54, fol. 116.

the Fields, London. cf. Dugdale's Origines DELTA, pseud., i.e., Boase, W. M.

Judiciales (3rd ed.), pt. i, 251, pt. ii, 83.

Nine Readings of J. Denishill, Serjeant-at-Law, DE LUC, JEAN ANDRÉ, THE ELDER, F.R.S. upon the Statute 4 Hen. VII, beginning with

b. Geneva, 8th Feb., 1727. d. Windsor, 8th the second reading. MSS. Camb. Unir. Lib., Hh. Nov., 1817.

ii, 1, art. 1, ff. 28-45. Geological Travels. By J. A. De Luc. Trans NOTE.--A French version of the above is stated in

Bishop Tanner's “ Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibernica," to lated from the French. Lond., 1810, 11, 13,

have been amongst the MSS. of Sir William Glynn, 5 vols., 8o.

Bart., 1672. NOTE.-In vol. iii, Cornwall and Devonshire, pp. 229.

DERRICK, FRANCIS. An Elementary Treatise on Geology ... By

The Kiddle-a-wink, or Ghostly Stories on the J. A. De Luc. Translated from the French

Western Coast; comprising Gualmara, or the MSS., by the Rev. H. De la Fite. Lond.. |

House of Bitterness ; A Tale of Love ; A Life Rivington, 1809, 89., pp. xxvii and 415.

Lost; in Beeton's Christmas Annual (1864), pp. On a Phenomenon of St. Michael's Mount,

nomenon of St. Michael's Mount, 1-59. in Cornwall. Tilloch, Philos. Mag., xlii, 429-39

Mildred's Wedding A Family History. (1813).

By F. Derrick, Author of the “Kiddle-a-wink."

Lond., F. Warne and Co., 1865, 3 vols., 80. — DENDY, WALTER COOPER, M.R.C.S.

Lond., Ward, Lock, and Tyler, n.d. (1869), 80., The Beautiful Islets of Britaine. By W. C. pp. viii and 336 (Library of Popular Authors). Dendy. Lond., Longman, 1857, 80., pp. xii

Note.-Reprinted from Englishwoman's Domestic and 151.

Mag., is, 1, etc. (1864).


DERRICK, Francis. (Con.).

DEVONSHIRE, CHARLES. (Con.). Olive Varcoe. A Novel. By F. Derrick. etc. Falmouth, printed by Fred. H. Earle, Lond., Saunders, Otley, & Co., 1868, 3 vols., 80., Arwenack Street, 1846, 80., pp. iv and 78. 31 6.

· Eugene Aram. A Drama, in three acts. Not Simple as a Dove. A Novel. By the Author Printed. of “Olive Varcoe.” Lond., Tinsley Bros., 1869, The Love Chase, or the Magic Phials. A 3 vols., 80., 31/6.

Farce. Not Printed. Beneath the Wheels. A Romance. By the

_ Note.—The above pieces were all produced at Author of “ Olive Varcoe.” Lond., Tinsley Falmouth. Bros., 1870, 3 vols., 8o., 31/6.

Patience Caerhydon. A Story. By the Author DEVONSHIRE, REAR-ADMIRAL SIR JOHN of “ Beneath the Wheels." Lond., Tinsley FERRIS, K.C.H. (son of Thomas Devonshire). Bros., 1870, 3 vols., 80., 31/6.

b. Truro, 1775. d. Stonehouse, 19th Feb., NOTE.-Reprinted from the Englishwoman's Do

1839. cf. Gent. Mag., xi, 658 (1839); O'Byrne's mestic Mag., vol. iv, v, vi, vii (1868), where it is called Naval Biog. Dict. The Journal of Miss Patience Caerhydon,of Gualmara."

Letter to Capt. Devonshire. Letters and The work is “Dedicated to my own people, the dear, kindly, ancient Cornish race, whose memory, like a

Despatches of Lord Nelson, iv, 382. • lengthening chain,' has followed me to many lands, but among whom I am now a stranger."

DEVONSHIRE, ADMIRAL RICHARD (son of My Love Amy. A Cornish Tale. Belgravia, Thomas Devonshire). b. Truro, 25th June, i, 299-322 (1867).

1784. d. Plymouth, 19th March, 1860. cf. • An Episode in the Life of Miss Tabitha Tre Gent Mag., viii, 527 (1860); O'Byrne's Naval noodle. ib., ïi, 305-18.

Biog. Dict.
Another Episode in the Life of Miss Tabitha
Trenoodle. ib., v, 489–98 (1868).

DIBDIN, CHARLES. b. Southampton, 1745.
A Sealed Heart. [A Valentine Story). Bow d. London, 25th July, 1814.
Bells (Extra Valentine Number, 12th Feb., Observations on a Tour through almost the
1868), pp. 2–4.

whole of England and a considerable part of

Scotland, in a series of letters, addressed to a DES MAISEAUX, PIERRE. b. Auvergne, 1666.

large number of intelligent and respectable d. London, June, 1745.

Friends. By Mr. Dibdin. Lond., G. Goulding, The Survey of Cornwall...By R. Carew. With n.d. [1801], 2 vols., 4o. the Life of the Author, by H**** C*****

Note.-Contains an account of Cornwall with 4 (pseud., i.e., P. Des Maiseaux), 1723. See views, I, 127–76, in letters addressed to Rev. Mr. PenCarew, R.

neck and Col. G. C. George. DEVILLE, Louis.


Witheridge, Devon, 2nd Aug., 1795. Excursions dans le Cornouailles et le Devonshire. Par L. Deville. Paris, E. Dentu, Editeur

Remarks on a heavy gale of wind experienced Libraire de la Societé des Gens de Lettres,

in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Sept., 1839, on board Palais Royal, 1863, sm. 89., pp. 180.

H.M. Brig “Reindeer." Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1842,

pt. ii, pp. 72–73. DEVONSHIRE, CHARLES (son of John Devonshire). b. Falmouth, 10th Dec., 1783. d.

DICKINSON, Rev. THOMAS GUSTAVUS. Indiana, U.S. America, 15th Oct., 1851.

The Church of England the pillar and stay Kenilworth, a Tragedy, in five acts. This

of the truth. A Sermon preached on the play is founded on Sir W. Scott's celebrated

opening of the Godolphin District Church, in romance of Kenilworth, and adapted to theatrical

the parish of St. Breage, on Thursday, July 11, representation ... Entered at Stationers' Hall. 1850, by the Rev. T. G. Dickinson, Curate of Falmouth, printed and published by James

St. Breage. Helston, J. C. Carlyon, 1850, 12o., Philp; and sold in London by Simpkin and pp. 23, 6d. Marshall ; 1830, 80., 1/. Clara, or the Marriage Feast. A Tragic

DILLWYN, LEWIS WESTON, F.R.S. & L.S. Drama, in five acts. By a Mechanic [i.e., C.

(son of Will. Dillwyn). b. Ipswich, 1779. d. Devonshire). Falmouth, printed and published

Sketty Hall, near Swansea, 31st Aug., 1855. by J. W. Dixon, near the Church, 1836, 80., 2/ The Botanist's Guide through England and

The Sorceress of Saragossa. A Play, in five Wales. By Dawson Turner, F.R.S., A.S., and acts. By C. Devonshire, Author of Kenilworth, | L.S., and L. W. Dillwyn. Lond., printed and

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Edw. Dir, R.N.). R. of Truro 1833-9; V. of Newlyn (East) 1839-56. b. 1804. d. Newlyn, 22nd Jan., 1856.

A Sermon preached in St. Mary's Church, Truro, on Thursday, August 25, 1836, at the Triennial Visitation of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter, by the Rev. E. Dix. Truro, 1836, 8o., pp. 19.

DILLWYN, Lewis Weston. (Con.).
sold by Phillips and Fardon, George Yard,
Lombard Street, 1805, 2 vols, 80., 14/- Roy.
Soc. Lib.

NOTE.— Contains list of plants in Cornwall, i, 124
DINGLE, REV. John. V. of Cubert, 16- to

1672. cf. Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy,

pt. ii, 136. DINHAM FAMILY.

Pedigree of the Family of Dinham. By Thomas Knyvet. 1640. Harl. MSS., 154, art. 17.

Pedigree of the Family of Dinham. By R. Broke. ib., 807, art. 103.

Descent of Dinham, &c. ib., 1074, art. 65; 1393, art. 72. DINHAM, CHARLES (son of John, Lord Dinham).

d. ante 1496. cf. Ninth Rep. Dep. Keeper of Records, p. 92.

Grant to C. Dinham of the ward and marriage of Johanne Durnford, with a pardon of £160 a year, which he paid for the same. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 1304.

Order to C. Dinham to seize the lands of John Halwelle. ib., 433, art. 1707.

DIX, THOMAS. Master of North Walsham


A New Map of the County of Cornwall, divided into hundreds. By T. Dix. With Engraving of the Cheesewring. Lond., W. Darton, 58, Holborn Hill, 1st Jan., 1821. Size, 17 in. by 13} in.

DOBBS, H., Helston.

Improved Repeating Time-Piece. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1835, p. 120.

DOCTON, THOMAS (son of Francis Docton). b.

Trevone, Padstow, 1st Sept., 1774. d. Little
Petherick, 1st March, 1863.

The Orphan's Prayer. Verses. Cornish Mag., iii, 67 (1828).

DINHAM, JOHN. cr. Baron Dinham, of Car- | DODD, SAMUEL (son of John Thomas Dodd). dinham, 28th Feb., 1466. b. 1430. d. ante

| b. London, 20th June, 1802. 26th Jan., 1496.

Inscribed Slab near Penzance. Archæol. J. Dinham appointed Senechal of the Duchy | Journ. xxi. 100 (1864). of Cornwall. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 26 (Grants, &c., from the Crown during the Reign of Edw. V,

DODDRIDGE, SIR John. 6. Barnstaple, 1555. Camden Soc., 1854, p. 24). J. Lord Dinham, one of the Assessors of the

d. near Egham, 13th Sept., 1628. County of Cornwall. ib., 433, art. 144.

The History of the Ancient and Moderne J. Lord Dinham appointed Chief Steward | Estate of the Principality of Wales, Dutchy of to the Duchy of Cornwall. ib., 433, art. 401. | Cornewall, and Earldome of Chester, collected

out of the Records of the Tower of London and DINHAM, LADY JEAN (daughter of Sir Rich. divers Ancient Authors. By Sir John DodArches and wife of the preceding).

ridge, Knight, late one of His Majestie's Judges The Lady Dinham hath four tuns of wine

in the King's Bench, and by himself dedicated yearly. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 1123.

to King James, of ever blessed memory. Lond., The Will of Lady Dinham. 26th Jan., 1496. printed by Tho. Harper, for Godfrey Edmondson Test. Vetust., i, 379, 431, ii, 496.

and Thomas Alcherne, 1630, 4o., pp. 142.

An Historical Account of the Ancient and DIODORUS SICULUS. b. Agyrium, in Sicily.

Modern State of the Principality of Wales, He wrote after B.C. 8.

Dutchy of Cornwall, and Earldom of Chester, Diodori Siculi Bibliotheca Historica. Ex

collected out of the Records of the Tower of recognitione Immanuelis Bekkeri. Lipsiæ,

London and divers Ancient Authors. By Sir Sumptibus et Typis B. G. Teubneri. 1853-4,

J. Doddridge, Knight. The Second Edition.

To which is added His Royal Highness the 4 vols., 8°.

Prince of Wales' Patent, both in Latin and NOTE.—Description of the Tin Workers near Be- English: also an account of his Dignities, Privillerium [i.e., the Land's End] and the Island Ictis, Book v, chap. 21 and 22; The Cassiterides, Book v,

eges, Arms, Rank, and Titles, and of his Sons clap. 38.

| and Daughters. Lond., printed for J. Roberts,

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