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DODDRIDGE, Sir John. (Con.).

DOIDGE, John SwEeT. (Con.). in Warwick Lane, 1714, 8o., pp. 147. Price | The Sunday School Reciter; including OrigTwo Shillings, sticht.

inal Dialogues and Selections in Verse. First MSS. Er. Coll. Lib., No. clxxi; Harl. Series. Redruth, J. S. Doidge ; Lond., H. J. MSS., 305, art. 12, pp. 99— 150; 2159, art. 1–3; Lansd. Tresidder; n.d. [186-), 8o., pp. 36, 2d. MSS., 806, art. 4, fol. 67—195; Cottonian MSS., Vitel

Note.—Contains "A Dialogue on King Rehoboam, lius, C. x, art. 29, fol. 220-50; Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 14, 289; JSS. Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm. iv, 8, 50 leaves;

or the danger of following bad advisers." By J. S. Hargrave MSS., Br. Museum, 489, art. 11; Cat. Roy.

Doidge. pp. 5—13. Instit. Lib., p. 368. cf. also “ The Present State of the Dutchy of Cornwall, Nov., 1714,Br. Museum Addit.

DOLLY PENTREATH. See Pentreath, D. MSS., 11, 827, fol.; 3,081 and 3,479, art. 1. The Report of Sir J. Doddridge, 28th May,

DONNALL, ROBERT SAWLE. b. Exeter. Resi1628, in the Cause of Buller v. Trelawny and

dent at Falmouth since 1814. others, in the Stannary Court. MSS. Trelawne.

The Trial of R. S. Donnall, Surgeon and

Apothecary, late of Falmouth, in the County DODDRIDGE, Rev. Philip, D.D. b. London, of Cornwall, for the wilful murder, by poison,

26th June, 1702. d. Lisbon, 26th Oct., 1751. of Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, Widow, his MotherThe Correspondence and Diary of Dr. P.

in-law, at the Assize at Launceston, Monday, Doddridge. By J. D. Humphreys. Lond.,

March 31, 1817. ... Taken in Shorthand, by 1829-31, 5 vols., 8o.

Alexander Frazer. Falmouth, printed by and Note.-Contains Letters from Dr. W. Oliver, q.v.;

for James Lake, 1817, 80., pp. xiv and 179. and an account of Dr. Doddridge's visit to Falmouth, 27th Sept., 1751, v, 232–33.

DOOGOOD, HENRY John. b. Bristol, 18th

Nov., 1813. d. Highgate, 5th Dec., 1869. DERING, FREDERICK BERNARD. b. Batavia, Many years resident in Cornwall. Island of Java.

The Coming Day and other Poems. By H. J. Dæring's Rock Boring Engine. Rep. R.C.P. | Doogood. 2nd ed., Lond., Cassell, 1863, 80., 3/6. Soc., 1867, p. 58; 1868, p. 26.

Note.-Contains a tribute to the memory of J.

Lander. DOIDGE, John SWEET (eldest son of J. S. Doidge, of Plymouth). b. Newton Abbot, Devonshire, DOTING, OR DOTYN, REV. John. R. of 14th Oct., 1827. Came to Redruth, Jan., Whitstone. d. Kingston, Somerset, 7th Nov., 1854.

1561. cf. Bliss' Wood (Fasti), ii, 98, 157; West Cornwall Almanack and Advertiser; con

Wood's Hist. of the Colleges, &c., of Oxford taining local and general information. Redruth,

(1786), i, 114. printed and published by J. S. Doidge. 1866,

DOWNING, REV. GEORGE Wesleyan Free 89., and since continued annually. A Directory of Redruth and its neighbour

Church Minister. b. St. Day. hood : being an alphabetical list of the names,

God's Mark; or holy lamentation for prevailresidences, and trades of persons, residing in the

ing abominations. A Sermon preached at the four parishes of Redruth, Illogan, Gwennap, Anniversary of the Trewellard branch of the St. and Stithians; with a brief history of Redruth, Ives Teetotal Wesleyan Society, by G. DownCarn Brea, and Gwennap Pit, and a list of the ing, T.T. Wesleyan Minister. St. Ives, 1849, mines and their managers. Redruth, printed 8o., pp. 15. and published by J. S. Doidge, 1866, cr. 8o.,

DOWNING, GEORGE WILLIAM (son of a Purser pp. xxiii and 352.

in the Navy). Admitted a Vintner by serviNote.- Preface and Index, pp. i-viii ; Introductory History of Redruth, by Miss G. Angove and Mr. James tude, 5th Feb., 1800. b. Plymouth (3), circa Johns, pp. ix-xxiii; Redruth Directory, wholly com 1778. d. on a voyage to the Cape of Good piled from personal survey of house to house visitation

Hope, circa 1820. by the Publisher, pp. 180; Illogan Directory, pp. 80; Gwennap Directory, pp. 32; Stithians Directory, pp. 20; The Great Hewas Mine; or the humours of Advertisements, pp. 40.

Cornwall. A Comedy, adapted for the Theatre The Wreck of the Ship General Grant, with Royal, Covent Garden. By G. W. Downing, loss of 68 lives, on her voyage from Australia late of Tower Street... Lond., published for the to London. [Containing the account of the Author, by C. Chapple, Pall Mall...n.d., 80., pp. drowning of à Redruth family in the ill-fated i-vii, i-x, and 9-115, 5 vessel, unheard of for nearly 18 months). Red An Address to the Independent Livery of ruth, printed and published by J. S. Doidge, London, on the advantage to be derived from a fcp. 8o., pp. 20.

Radical Reform in the Commons House of Par

DOWNING, GEORGE William. (Con.).

DOWRICHE, Ann. (Con.). liament, endeavouring to point out an effectual 1 ye French King, who was murdered in his owne method by which the flagrant abuses actually Court, by a traiterouse Fryer of St. Jacob's existing may be remedied...By G. W. Downing, order, 1st Aug., 1589. Licensed to Edw. Allde, late of Tower-street, a Free Vintner by servitude. in 1589. 3rd ed., Lond., published for the Author, by

NOTE.—This entry is copied from Carew Hazlitt's C. Chapple, Pall Mall...n.d., 80., pp. viii and “ Handbook to Early English Lit.," where it is suggested 83, 5

that the Song was written by A. Dowriche. Note.-Contains references to the law proceedings

DOWRICHE, DR. WALTER (elder bro. of Rev. respecting Crinnis Mines.

Hugh Dowriche). DOWNING, JAMES. b. Truro, 14th April, Mr. Serjeant Glanvyle to Mr. Hicks; to pro- 1781. d. Truro, 1859.

cure for his brother-in-law, Dr. Dunriche, the A Poem on the Death of our late beloved Escheatorship of Devonshire and Cornwall. Oct. Monarch, King George the Third, who was born

24, 1594. the 4th day of June, 1738... By J. Downing, who lost his sight in Egypt, in the year 1801,

DRAKE, GEORGE. being then a soldier in His Majesty's 20th Regt. An Act for confirming the agreement between of Foot. Bedford, printed by J. Webb...n.d. G. Drake, Esquire, and others, and Samuel [5th Feb., 1820), 80., pp. 8, 2d.

Parker, for granting leases of mines, etc., in the A Narrative of the Life of J. Downing (a county of Cornwall. 1822, fol. blind man), late a private in His Majesty's 20th Regt. of Foot; containing historical, naval, DRAKE, HENRY HOLMAN, LL.D. (son of John military, moral, religious, and entertaining re Pode Drake). b. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2nd flections. 3rd ed., Bedford [printed by W. March, 1820. White, High Street]; sold by the Author, All

Pedigree illustrating the descent of the eldest Hallows Lane ; 1840, 12o., pp. viii and 96.

house of Carew...from Edw. I. Parochial Hist. An Autobiography of James Downing (a

of Cornwall (1867), i, 72. blind man), late a soldier in Her Majesty's 20th

Genealogies from the above, traced back to the Regiment of Foot, to which several additional

Conquest. n.d. [Nov., 1869), s. sh., fol. Privately pieces are added. Written in easy verse, and

| printed. published by request. 6th ed., Truro, printed

Note.-Other sheets (now, 1870) are in preparation. and published for the Author, by J. R. Endean,

Pedigree of Petit and Tresahar, with letterBoscawen Street, 1854, 80., 1/2

press explanation. Parochial Hist. of Cornwoll, DOWNING, MR., of St. Ives. See Bale, John,

iv, 77. Bp. of Ossory.


Halsetown, St. Ives, 1846. DOWRICHE, Ann (dau. of Sir Rich. Edgcumbe and wife of Rev. Hugh Dowriche). cf. Furr's

Sermons and Literary Remains of Rev. R. Select Poetry, pt. ii, 359–60.

G. Dangerfield. (1859), 9.V.

The Christian Ministry. A Sermon preached The French Historie. That is a Lamentable

in St. Mary's Church, Penzance, on Wednesday, Discourse of three of the chiefe and most famous

June 16th, 1852, at the Visitation of the Venerbloodie broiles that have happened in France,

able the Archdeacon of Cornwall, by W. H. for the Gospell of Jesus Christ, namelie: 1.

Drake, Perpetual Curate of the Ecclesiastical The Outrage, called the winning of S. James

District in the parish of St. Ives. Lond., J. H. his Street, 1557. 2.—The Constant Martirdome

Parker; Penzance, F. T. Vibert [printed] ; Truro, of Annas Burgæus, one of the K. Councell,

J. R. Netherton; 1852, 80., pp. 20. 1559. 3.—The Bloodie Marriage of Margaret, Sister to Charles the 9, Anno 1572. Pub DRAYTON, MICHAEL. 6. Hartshill, Warwicklished by A. D[owriche] ; Imprinted at London,

| shire, 1563. d. London, 1631. by Thomas Orwin for Thomas Man ; 1589, 4'., 42 leaves.

Connan, Prince of Cornwall. A Play. By

M. Drayton and Thomas Decker. Written in Note.-At the back of the title are the arms of the Edgcumbe family, after which follows a dedication "To

1598. Not now known.. the right worshipfull her loving bro. Master Pearse

A Chorographicall description of all the Tracts, Edgecumbe.” Between the dedication and the prose Rivers...and other parts of this Renowned Isle address to the reader is an acrostic to her brother. of Great Britain... Divided into Two Books...

A Frencheman's Songe, made upon ye death [of] | Digested into a Poem, by Michael Drayton,

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DREW, Samuel. (Con.). Esquire. Lond., printed for John Marriott, Drew). Lond., Ward and Co.; Bodmin, J. H. John Grismand, and Thomas Dewe, 1622, fol. Drew (printed] ; 1861, sm. 8o., pp. 304, 3/6. NOTE.--The Cornish portion (comprised in pp. 1-|

A Morning Excursion. A Poem. By S. Drew. 6) is reprinted in the App. to D. Gilbert's Cornwal, iv, 1 1791. MISS. Now lost. 293–311.

An Ode on Christmas. By S. Drew. 25th

Dec., 1791. MSS. DREW, LIEUT. EDWARD, R.N. (son of Robert

Note.-A poem of 89 lines, penes Mr. J. H. Drew, Dreu). b. Forleigh, near St. Columb, 7th

Laura Place, Bath. Dec., 1792. d. Bidna House, near Bideford,

Reflections on St. Austell Churchyard. 17th March, 1870. cf. OByrne's Naval Biog.

By Dict.

S. Drew. 17th Aug., 1792. MSS.

Note.—A poem of 1200 lines, penes Mr. J. H. Drew. DREW, JACOB Halls, formerly Publisher at Remarks on T. Paine's “Age of Reason.”

St. Austell, then at Bodmin, now resident at | By S. Drew. St. Austell, Hennah, 1799, 12o. Bath. b. St. Austell, 13th Jan., 1793.

-2d. ed., St. Austell, J. H. Drew, 1820, 12o., Note.—See the first three entries under Drew, S. Anti-Jacobin Rev., p. 382, April, 1801. DREW, JOSEPH, M.B., M.R.C.S. (son of Jos. | Observations on a Pamphlet lately published

Drew and grandson of S. Drew). b. St. Austell, | by the Rev. R. Polwhele, entitled “ Anecdotes 10th Nov., 1826.

of Methodism." By S. Drew. 1800, 8o. Case of Death from Wound of the Heart. | An Elegy on the Death of Mr. John Patterson, Lancet, ii, 691-92 (1819).

of St. Austell, who was unfortunately drowned Report of an example of the passing of living

at Wadebridge, in Cornwall, on Tuesday, Feblarvæ from the uretha of a man aged 22. ib., i,

ruary 25, 1800. By S. Drew, St. Austell. 83–84 (1850).

Helston, printed for the Author, by T. Flindell, A report of two cases of sloughing phagedæna.

1800, 80., pp. 20, 4d. ib., i, 206-208.

Remarks on Two Pamphlets, entitled “MethDislocation without Fracture of the last odism Tried” and “Observations on Rev. R. Cervical Vertebra. ib., i, 599.

Polwhele’s Anecdotes of Methodism." By a

Friend of the Church. 1801, 8o. DREW, SAMUEL, M.A. (2nd son of Joseph Drew). Letter to the Author of “Remarks on Two

b. St. Austell, 3rd March, 1765. d. Helston, | Pamphlets,” etc. By S. Drew. 1801, 8o. 29th March, 1833. cf. Polwhele's Sketches, i, An Essay on the Immateriality and Immor96; Biog. Unicer. Supp. Paris, 1837 ; Rose; tality of the Human Soul, founded solely on Gent. Mag., ciii, pt. i, pp. 469–72, 512 (1833);

Physical and Rational Principles. By S. Drew. Annual Biog. for 1834, pp. 80–92; Sketch of Bristol, Edwards; St. Austell (printed] ; 1802, S. Drew, ly Rev. S. Dunn, The Methodist, New 80.–2nd ed., 1803, 8°., pp. 296, 7/----3rd ed., York, 24th Nov., 1866; Crispin Anecdotes revised, corrected, enlarged, and greatly im(Sheffield, 1827, 120.), pp. 76–77; Lives of the proved, Lond., T. Hamilton, 1811, 8°., pp. xxxix Illustrious, by J. P. Edwards (“S. Drew," ex and 275, 4/-:-5th ed., carefully revised and entracted from Sartain's American Niag.), ii, 43 larged by the Author (Portrait), Lond., Fisher, 54 (1852); S. Smiles Self Help (1866), 81,

1831, 80., pp. 364, 10/6.-6th ed., Lond., 1835, 110–15, 292, 320, 372.

8o.—Enlarged ed., with Portrait, 1838, 8o., 6/-. The Life, Character, and Literary Labours of

Note.-Dedicated to Rev. J. Whitaker. cf. Anti

Jacobin Rev., Feb., 1803; Annual Rev., April, 1804. An Samuel Drew, A.M. By his eldest son [J. H.

edition of 700 was first published by subscription, the Drew). Portrait and Fac-simile of writing. copyright was then sold for twenty pounds and thirty Lond., Longman; J. H. Drew, Printer, St. copies of the work. The supposed first draft of this Austell; 1834, 80., pp. xii and 530, 10/6, List Essay is now penes Mr. J. H. Drew. of Subscribers.—2nd ed., Lond., Fisher, 1835, An Essay on the Immateriality and Immor80., pp. 543, 10/6.

tality of the Human Soul ... By S. Drew. The Remains, Religious and Literary, of With Notes and a Memoir, by John Reid Miles. Samuel Drew, M.A.; comprising Sermons, Con Manchester, printed and published by Thomas troversial Pieces, Essays, and Letters. Ed. by Johnson, Livesey Street, 1847, 8o. his eldest son (J. H. Drew). Lond., Fisher and Nore.-Dedication by J. R. Miles, pp. -vii; DediJackson ; St. Austell, J. H. Drew; 1836, 8o., cation by S. Drew, pp. 1–3; Preface, pp. 5–15; Memoir, pp. 547, 10,6.

pp. iii-lxxiii; Essay, pp. 19–206. Samuel Drew, M.A., the Self-taught Cornish | An Essay on the Immateriality, etc. 1848, man. A Life Lesson. By his eldest son [J. H. | 12o., 4/-.


DREW, SAMUEL. (Con.). An Essay on the Identity and General Resur- An attempt to demonstrate from reason and rection of the Human Body; in which the revelation the necessary existence, essential perevidences in favour of these important subjects fections, and superintending providence of an are considered in relation both to Philosophy Eternal Being, Who is the Creator, the Supand Scripture. By S. Drew. Lond., sold by porter, and the Governor of all things. By S. T. Hamilton, Paternoster Row; and by the Drew. Cornwall, printed and published for the Author, St. Austell ; [April], 1809, 8o., pp. xxxii Author, by J. H. Drew, St. Austell; Lond., and 439, 10, 6.

Duncan ; [May), 1820, 2 vols., 80., 18,NOTE.-The Address to the Reader contains a Sketch Note.—Published by subscription. An edition of of the Author's Life, There is a List of Subscribers. 1000 copies. This was an edition of 1500 copies, the Author's re

Conversation on a Stage Coach between a muneration being 500 copies complete in boards, for the copyright of the work. The original MS. is now penes Deist and a Christian. By S. Drew. 1819, 80., Mr. J. H. Drew.

2d. — Reprinted (10,000 copies), Manchester An Essay on the Identity, etc. Second edition. | Tract Soc., 1820, 8o. Lond., printed for Richard Edwards, Crane Court, Note. Originally appeared in Methodist Mag., as Fleet Street. 1822. 8o. pp. xxxii and 487, 12/-. / “The Truth of God defended " (Conversation on a Stage Scriptural and Philosophical Arguments to

Coach, between a Deist and a Christian), xxx, 393-99,

441-45 (1807). prove the Divinity of Christ and the Necessity of His Atonement. By S. Drew, St. Austell.

The Imperial Magazine; a compendium of 1813, 89.-2nd ed., revised, printed, and sold religious, moral, and philosophical knowledge, by E. Hennah, St. Austell, n.d. (1813), 80., pp. comprehending religion, literature, moral phi48, 1/--3rd ed., Lond., R. Edwards ; sold also losophy or ethics, natural philosophy, chemistry, by the Author, St. Austell; 1814, 89., pp. 48,

review of books, historical narrative, antiquities, 1/6.-New York, 1826, 8°., pp. 32.

domestic economy, trade, miscellaneous articles, NOTE.-This work is the substance of an extempo.

poetry. [Ed. by S. Drew]. Liverpool, printed raneous discourse delivered at Redruth, in April, 1813.

Redruth. in April. 1813. at the Caxton Press, by Henry Fisher, printer The copyright was sold after the 2nd ed., for twenty in ordinary to His Majesty. Published at 87, pounds.

Bartholomew Close, London, 1819–30, 12 vols., The Unitarian's Serious Appeal on the Divinity 89.-1831-34, 4 vols., 8o. of Christ and His Atonement. By Thomas Prout, Note.—This work was printed in Liverpool until in Reply to S. Drew. Plymouth, 1813, 8o. Jan., 1821, when the Caxton press was destroyed by

The Divinity of Christ and the Necessity of fire. The publication of the Magazine was resumed at His Atonement vindicated from the cavils of Mr.

the Caxton press, in London, during the same year.

Mr. Drew's portrait forms the frontispiece to the first Thomas Prout and his associates. By S. Drew,

volume. He edited the work from the commencement St. Austell, Cornwall. Penryn, Cock, 1814, 8o., until the 2nd March, 1833. pp. 84.

The Bee. Fireside Companion and Evening Sequel to “The Unitarian's Serious Appeal,"

Tales. Ed. by S. Drew. Lond., Fisher, 1820, in further Reply to S. Drew. Hackney, 1815, 80.

8o., 12)A Comparative View of some of Mr. Drew's

The Queen-Bee. Ed. by S. Drew. Lond., Scriptural and Philosophical Arguments to prove

Fisher, 1821-22, 2 vols., 80. the Divinity of Christ and the Necessity of His

The Working-Bee. Ed. by S. Drew. Lond., Atonement. In a Letter to that Gentleman.

Fisher, 1823, 24, & 25, 3 vols., 8o. Lond., printed for Gale, Curtis, & Fenner, Pater

The Diorama and Fireside Companion. Ed. noster-row, 1815, 8o., pp. 23. Lond. Instit.

by S. Drew. Lond., Fisher, 1826, 80., 12., The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke, LL.D.,

The Tell-Tale and Fireside Companion. Ed. including in detail his various travels and extra

by S. Drew. 48 Engravings. Lond., Fisher, ordinary mission exertions in England, Ireland,

1827, 80., 12/. America, and the West Indies; with an account

The History of Cornwall, from the earliest of his death, on the 3rd of May, 1814...inter

records and traditions to the present time. spersed with numerous reflections, and con

Compiled by Fortescue Hitchins, Esq., and cluding with an abstract of his writings and

edited by Mr. S. Drew, of St. Austell. 12 plates. character. By S. Drew, of St. Austell, Corn

Helston, printed and published by W. Penaluna; wall. Lond., printed at the Conference Office,

and sold by Edwards, 53, Newgate Street, Lon14, City-road, by Thomas Cordeux, Agent... 1817, 80., pp. xix and 391. Published by J.

don; 1824, 2 vols., 4°., 63/-., large paper 94/6.

NOTE.-Although Mr. Hitchins wrote no part of this Soule and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal

work, as he died just as he was going to commence Church, in the United States. New York, 1818, it, yet the publisher retained his name on the title pagè. 8o., pp. xix and 391.-1820, 80., 8

The History appeared in parts, the first coming out in


DREW, SAMUEL. (Con.). 1815. After the publication of the eighth part, in 1817, coveries. By T. Coke, LL.D. 1807. MSS. the work was delayed nearly seven years, owing to the bankruptcy of the publisher. Mr. Drew received as

Note.—The above eight works, bearing the name his remuneration £200 and six fine copies of the work.

of Thomas Coke, LL.D., were virtually or principally

written by S. Drew. Principles of Self Knowledge...By Stephen Drew. Ed. by Samuel Drew. Lond., 1828, DREW, SAMUEL, M.D. (eldest son of J. H. 2 vols., 80. See Drew, Stephen.

Drew). b. St. Austell, 4th March, 1821. Sermons of the Rev. John Wesley, on several

Status and Salaries of Poor Law Medical occasions. With Portrait and Life of the Author.

Officers. Association Med. Journ., ii, 605 (1854); By S. Drew. Lond., Fisher, 1828, 2 vols., 80.,

iii, 1039-40, 1151-2 (1855). 20/-,

Wound penetrating the knee joint. ib., ii, Sermons on Important Subjects, by the Rev. G. Whitefield. With a Memoir of the Author,

Local Anæthesia. ib., iii, 193. by S. Drew, and a Dissertation on his Character,

Sounds we cannot hear. Intellectual Observer, Preaching, &c., by the Rev. Joseph Smith.

vii, 413–16 (1865). Portrait. Lond., Fisher, 184, 8o., 15/

The moral effects of the Poor Law. Truns. Copy of a Letter written by S. Drew, in

of the Nat. Assoc. for Promotion of Social Science, 1803. Methodist Mag., xxxvi, 781-84 (1813).

1865, pp. 556–7. Review of “Elements of Intellectual Phi

On popularization of the Church of England. losophy. By R. E. Scott.” Eclectic Review, ii,

In “Report of the Proceedings of the Church 90+-11 (1806).

Conference of Clergy and Laity, held at the Review of “The Principles of Moral Science,

Music Hall, Surrey Street, Sheffield, on Monday by Robert Forsyth.” ib., iii, 97–112; 211-24

and Tuesday, May 24 and 25, 1869...Printed by (1807).

order of Committee; pub. by Pawson & BrailsReview of Dr. Williams' Essay on the Equity

ford, Sheffield, 1865,” pp. 13–14. of the Divine Government. 1807. MSS. Now

Order as in France. Letter signed Delta. The lost.

Times, 20th Jan., 1870. Nore.-Written for the Eclectic Review, but never printed, owing to the influence of Dr. Williams' friends. DREW, STEPHEN. Barrister-at-Law; Member of A Commentary on the New Testament. By

the House of Assembly, Jamaica. b. Saltash (?). Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., printed by A. Paris,

d. Jamaica, 1826. cf. Memoir of W. Carvosso, 1807, 2 vols., 40., 84/

ed. 1835, pp. 141-151. The Recent Occurrences of Europe considered Principles of Self-Knowledge; or an attempt in relation to Prophecy, fulfilled and unfulfilled. to demonstrate the truth of Christianity... By By Thomas Coke, LL.D. 1808, 8o., 4/6. the late S. Drew, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Jamaica.

A History of the West Indies... Natural, Civil, [Ed. by Samuel Drew). Lond., Longman; J. H. and Ecclesiastical ... with an Account of the Drew, Printer, St. Austell; 1828, 2 vols., 80., Missions instituted in those Islands. By Thomas 20/-, Coke, LL.D. Liverpool, printed by Nuttall, Note.—Preface signed Stephen Drew, Jamaica, Fisher, & Dixon, Duke Street, 1808-11, 3 vols., March, 1826. 8o., 31/6.

Memoir of Mrs. Ratcliffe. By S. Drew, of A History of the Old and New Testament. Jamaica. Methodist Mag., xliv, 754-60, 827–33 By Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., 1809, 4o. (1821).

Six Letters in reply to the Rev. Melville Horne, in Defence of the Doctrines of Justifi DREWE, E. D. (dau. of Rev. W. D. Longlands cation by Faith and the Witness of the Spirit. and wife of Rev. W. B. Drewe, V. of Longstock, By Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., 1810, 80., 5/-. Stockbridge).

The Cottager's Bible; containing a short ex The Last Prior of St. Anthony (in Roseland). position and practical reflections on each chapter.

Anon. [By Miss Longlands). Truro, J. R. By Thomas Coke, LL.D. Lond., 1810, 4o.

Netherton; Lond., Mozley; 1857, 12o., pp. 80, A Series of Letters to the Rev. G. F. Nott, B.D.,

1/-. vindicating Mr. Wesley and his colleagues from

NOTE.—The first, but only one printed, of an inthe misrepresentations contained in his Sermons tended series of Tales founded on Cornish legends; the at the Bampton Lecture, entitled “ Religious remainder are still in MSS. Enthusiasm considered.” By Thomas Coke, LL.D. 1806. MSS.

DRYDEN, SIR HENRY EDWARD LEIGH, M.A., A System of Natural Philosophy deduced from | 4TH BARt. (son of the Rev. Sir H. Drydlen). the Newtonian Theory and the most recent dis- | b. Adlesthorp, Gloucester, 17th Aug., 1818.

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