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DUNN, Rev. Samuel. (Con.).

DUNSFORD, MARTIN. Sketch of Daniel Isaac. ib., 8th Dec.

Miscellaneous Observations in the course of Sketches of Chalmers. ib., 15th and 22nd

two Tours through several parts of the West of Dec.

England. By M. Dunsford, Merchant. Portrait. Sketch of Jabez Bunting. ib., 29th Dec. Tiverton, printed and sold by E. Boyce, 1800, 4o.

Sketch of William M. Bunting. ib., 6th Jan., 1867.

DUNSTAN, CAPT. RICHARD. Sketch of R. Treffry, Sen., and R. Treffry, Reports of Experiments in Blasting with the Jun. ib., 10th Feb.

tamping wedge invented by R. W. Fox. By Angels instructed by the Church. ib., 11th R. Dunstan, of Wheal Vyvyan Mine. Rep. July, 1868.

R.C.P. Soc., 1838, pp. 141-43. British Methodist Local Preachers. Christian | DUNSTAN, WILLIAM HENRY. 6. Falmouth, Advocate," New York, 24th Sept., 1866.

1820. The Centenary of British Methodism. ib., Dunstan's Aların Bell for the Black Rock. 6th Oct.

Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1838, p. 151. The Branches of British Methodism. ib., 29th Oct.

DUNSTANVILLE. See De Dunstanville. Anecdotes of Rev. J. Wesley. ib., 22nd and 29th Nov., 6th, 13th, and 20th Dec.

DUNSTERVILLE, COMMANDER EDWARD, R.N., Meditation on the close of 1866. ib., 27th late of the Hydrographic Office, Admiralty Dec.

(son of Edward Dunsterville, Ship Owner). b. Personal Scrutiny. ib., 6th Jan., 1867.

Penryn, 2nd Dec., 1796. Remarks on Entire Sanctification. ib., 13th The Lights of the British Islands. Corrected

to July, 1847. Ed. by Commander E. Dunster

ville, R.N., Hydrographic Office, Admiralty. Adam Clarke as a Preacher. Methodist Quart.

Lond., printed by Geo. E. Eyre and Wm. SpotRev," New York, Jan., 1867.

tiswoode, Printers to the Queen, 1847, 8o., 1/6. Our Ministry. ib., July.

Continued annually until 1870.

The Light-houses, Lighted Beacons, and FloatMemoir of Mrs. Charles Wesley. Ladies'

slev « Ladies' | ing Lights of the United States. Corrected to

ing Lights of the Repository," Cincinnati, Aug., 1866.

Oct., 1847. Ed. by E. Dunsterville...Prepared Comfort to Bereaved Mothers. ib., Nov.

by the Light-house Board at Washington, and Memoir of Mrs. Adam Clarke. ib., Feb., 1867.

republished by the Hydrographic Office. Lond., Memoir of Joseph Benson. ib., April.

Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 8o., 1/6. Continued annually until 1870.

The Light-houses of the Coasts and Lakes of Sketch of G. Steward and Jos. Sutcliffe. British North America. Corrected to April, Western Adrocate," Cincinnati, 8th May, 1867. 1847. By E. Dunsterville ... Lond., Eyre and

Sketch of J. W. Etheridge. ib., 15th May. Spottiswoode, 1847, 8o., 6d. Continued an-
Sketch of Jas. Everett. ib., 22nd May. nually until 1870.
Sketch of James Bromley. ib., 29th May. The Lights of the West India Islands and
Wesley's Closing Scene. ib., 11th July. adjacent coasts. Corrected to Sep., 1847. Ed.

by E. Dunsterville.... Lond., Eyre and SpottisLetters of Rev. J. Wesley. “ Zion's Herald,

woode, 1847, 80., 6d. Continued annually until

1870. Boston, U.S., 10th Aug., 1867. Recollections of R. Watson. ib., 21st Sep.

The Admiralty List of the Lights of the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Sea of Azof.

Corrected to 1847. By E. Dunsterville... Lond., The Duty of Class Leaders. Guide to Holi Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 80., 1/6. Conness," New York, Oct., 1867.

tinued annually until 1870.

The Admiralty List of the Lights on the DUNN, WALTER (3rd son of James Dunn, Sen.).

Eastern and Western Coasts of South America, b. Mevagissey, 1789. d. Mevagissey, 23rd

and the Western Coast of North America.

Corrected to Feb., 1847. By E. Dunsterville... July, 1849.

Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 8o., 6d. The Word and Truth of God Illustrated. Continued annually until 1870. Dated Mevagissey, 18th March, 1817. Methodist | The Admiralty List of the Lights on the Mag., xl, 746–51 (1817).

| North and West Coasts of France, Spain, and DUNSTERVILLE, COMMANDER EDWARD. (Con.).

DUPREZ, Louis. (Con.). Portugal. Corrected to March, 1847. By E. | with photographs. Plymouth, published by Dunsterville ... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, | Duprez, 1870, 80., 1/-. 1847, 8o., 1/- Continued annually until 1870. Duprez's Devon and Cornwall Almanack for

The Admiralty List of Lights on the West 1870, with photographic illustrations of Exeter Coast of Africa. Corrected to Jan., 1847. By Cathedral, Dr. Temple, Members of Parliament E. Dunsterville... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, for both Counties, Plymouth Sound, etc., etc. 1847, 8o., 6d. Continued annually until 1870. Price One Shilling. Published by Duprez, West

The Admiralty List of Lights in South Africa, of England Portrait Studio, the Hoe, Plymouth. East Indies, China, Australia, Tasmania, and n.d. (1870), 8o., pp. 34. New Zealand. Corrected to August, 1847. By

Note.- Title from the cover. E. Dunsterville... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1847, 80., 1/- Continued annually until 1870. DURELL, REV. EDWARD, A.M. Curate of

The Admiralty List of the Belgian, Dutch, Withiel. Danish, Prussian, Russian, Swedish, and Nor

The Triumph of Old Age; an elegiac poem, wegian Lights. Corrected to May, 1847. By

in eight cantos, occasioned by the death of Mrs. E. Dunsterville... Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode,

Gilbert, of the Priory, Bodmin...By E. Durell, 1847, 8o., 1/-. Continued annually until 1870.

Curate of Withiel. Bodmin, printed and pubAdmiralty Catalogue of Charts, Plans, Views,

lished by J. Liddell ; Lond., Whitaker; 1818, and Sailing Directions, etc. Edited and revised

8o., pp. 156. List of subscribers. by E. Dunsterville....Published by order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Lond.,

NOTE.-In N. & Q., 4 S., v, 397–98 (1870), will be

| found particulars of a copy with MSS. poems by Mrs. Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1860, 80., 3/- Con

John Hunter, addressed to Mr. W. Clift. tinued annually until 1870.

The India Directory; or Directions for Sail DURGAN. pseud., i.e. ing to and from the East Indies... By James

The Origin of a Festive Custom at Helston. Horsburgh, F.R.S. ... Corrected and revised ac

- The Furry-day. In a letter dated Cornwall, cording to the most recent Surveys, by Com

June 8. Gent. Mag., lx, 520 (1790). mander E. Dunsterville, R.N. 7th ed., Lond., W. H. Allen & Co., 1859, 2 vols., 4o.-8th ed., DUSTOW, THOMAS. 6. Newlyn, Feb., 1811. 1864, 2 vols., 4o., 86/-.

d. Madron, Dec., 1867. Note.- Various slight differences are found in the titles of the different editions of the Admiralty Lists

A Copy of Verses on the Loss of the “John of Lights," published between 1847 and 1870.

Gray.” By T. Dustow, Penzance. n.p. or d.

[Penzance, Jan., 1867], 4°., s. sh. DUNSTONE, JOHN. b. Camborne, 1787. d. NOTE.—The “Jolin Gray” was lost in Mount's Camborne, 9th Jan., 1856.

Bay, 7th Jan., 1867. Memoir of J. Dunstone, of Camborne, in

DYER, ROBERT. Cornwall, who was blind for 44 years, till his death, in 1856. By J. B. [i.e., John Budge).

Nine years of an Actor's Life.—R. Dyer, late Lond., F. G. Cash...; J. Philp, Liskeard; 1857,

of the Theatre Royal, Plymouth... Lond., Long16o., pp. 48.—2nd ed., revised, Lond., W. and

man ; E. Nettleton, Plymouth ; 1833, 80., pp. F. G. Cash...1857, 16o., pp. 48.


NOTE.— The first and second years contain accounts

of theatrical journies into Cornwall, pp. 25—48. DUPREZ, LOUIS (son of Professor Duprez,

B.E.L.). b. Barnstaple, 5th April, 1844. Duprez's Devon and Cornwall Parliamentary Portrait Album : containing 50 photographs of the representatives of Devon and Cornwall, with statistics respecting the recent elections ; also portraits of the Mayors and High Sheriffs

E., Redruth, i.e., Edmonds, R. throughout the two counties. Plymouth, pub

E., C. E. lished by Duprez, 1869, 4o., 21/Duprez's Photographic Views of Plymouth

Fish and Fowl at the Land's End. Once a and neighbourhood. 20 photographs, with de

Week, v, 446–48 (1861). scriptive letter-press. Plymouth, published by Duprez, 1869, 80., 1/6.

EARE, SARAH, Duprez's Excursions up the Tamar, illustrated Case of S. Eare, Widow, v. William Parnell,

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EARE, SARAH. (Con.). [relative to the Duke of Wharton's visit to Cornwall, in company with Philip Lloyd, Esq., who went down to Saltash to be returned a Member of Parliament]. 1727, fol.

EDGCUMBE, LADY EMMA (only dau. of Dr.

John Gilbert, Arch-Bp. of York, and wife of George, 1st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe). d. Upper Grosvenor Street, London, 26th December, 1807. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxvii, 1238 (1807).

Letter from Lady Edgcumbe to D. Garrick, dated 8th Dec. (no year). In D. Garrick's Private Correspondence, ii, 368.


Extracts from History. By J. E., Falmouth [i.e., J. Earle). Selector or Cornish Mag., i, 4 (1826).

Note.-The first of a series of articles in vols. i, ii, and iii.




Ebden's Map of the County of Cornwall, divided into hundreds, laid down from trigonometrical observations by W. Ebden. Hoare and Reeves, Sc., 90, Hatton Garden, London, Feb. 1, 1825. Published by William Cole, late Hodgson and Co., 10, Newgate Street; size 17 in. by 133 in. EBEL, H.

A Review of W. Stokes' Cornish Mysteries. Kuhn's Beiträge, 1866, p. 128.

On the Cornish. ib., 1867, p. 145.

EDGCUMBE (ERNEST AUGUSTUS). 3rd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (son of Richard, the 2nd Earl). b. Richmond, 23rd March, 1797. d. in his yacht, on the Thames, 3rd Sept., 1861. cf. Gent. Mag., xi, 439 (1861).

Letter from the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe to his Tenantry. Plymouth, 1846, 8o.

Memorandum of Tenancy Regulations for Lord Mount Edgcumbe’s Estates, in Devon and Cornwall. Plymouth, 1846, 8o.

Extracts from a Journal kept during the commencement of the Revolution at Palermo, in the year 1848. By the Earl of Mount-Edgcumbe. Lond., Ridgway, 1849 (?), 8o.—2nd ed., 1850, 8°., pp. 65.

The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe to the House of Peers, on the Militia Bill, and on the effects of Past Legislation on the present War. Lond., J. Mitchell, Library 33 Old Bond Street; Plymouth and Devonport, Roger Lidstone (printed]; 1855, 80., pp. 32.

EDDY, JAMES. d. Gwennap. bur. 12th Nov.,

1861, aged 77 (?).

(John) Arthur's and (James) Eddy's Apparatus for Raising Mine Pumps. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1839, p. 96. EDDY, STEPHEN.

The Geology of the Grassington Mines, near Skipton, in Yorkshire. Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 186-89 (1846).

The Lead Mining District of Yorkshire. Brit. Assoc. Rep., 1858, pp. 16774.

EDGCOME, Mrs., née Pascoe. 6. Prospednick,

Sithney, 1738. d. Helston, 9th Nov., 1797.

An Account of the Life and Death of Mrs. Edgcome. By Thomas Stanley. Dated Truro, July 10, 1801. Methodist Mag., xxiv, 483–87, 521–23 (1801). EDGCOME, JANE. See Stanley, Jane.

EDGCUMBE, Hon. GEORGE. Admiral of the

White (2nd son of 1st Baron Edgcumhe). 3rd Baron Edgcumbe. cr. Viscount Mount Edgcumbe and Valletort 5th March, 1781, and Earl of Mount Edgcumbe 31st Aug., 1789. b. 1731. d. Grosvenor Street, London, 4th Feb., 1795. cf. Gent. Mag., lxv, pt. 1, 174 (1795); Charnock's Biog. Navalis, v, 293-98; Chatham Correspondence, iii, 126-30; Thackeray's Life of Lord Chatham, ii, 97-99; H. Walpole's Journ. of Geo. III, from 1771–83, i, 171; Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 19,026, fol. 7.

Journal kept on board H.M. bomb the Terrible, Captains William Marsh and Hon. George Edgecumbe, in the Mediterranean, by Housman Broadley. 30th April, 1742, to 1st June, 1744. Rawlinson MSS., Bod. Lib., class A 335, art. 4, fol. 83-123.

An Act enabling George, Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, and Reginald Pole Carew, Esq., to establish and maintain a common ferry across the river Tamar, between Plymouth Dock and Tor Point. 1790, 89.

EDGCUMBE FAMILY. cf. Brydges' ed. of

Collins' Peerage (1812), v, 306–35. Genealogical Notes relative to the Edgcomb Family. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 6405, fol. 24.

EDGCUMBE, Ann. See Dowriche, Ann.

EDGCUMBE, Hon. George. (Con.).
Letter from Lord Edgcumbe to D. Garrick,
dated 14th Nov., 1775. D. Garrick's Private
Correspondence, ii, 109.

EDGCUMBE, PIERS, M.P. (son of Sir Rich.

Edgcumbe). d. 6th Jan., 1660, aged 56. bur.
Letter to E. Walker. 1644. See Coryton, W.


EDGCUMBE, Sir RICHARD (son of Peter EdgeJohn St. John and 2nd wife of Siř Piers Edg

cumbe). d. 8th Sept., 1491 (?). Will proved cumbe). d. 1553.

29th April, 1492. cf. 9th Rep. Dep. Keeper of

Records, pp. 81, 110; Oliver's Monasticon, Suppl., The Will of Lady K. Edgecombe. Test. p. 20; Ware's Hist. of Writers of Ireland Vetust., ii, 739.

(Harris' ed.), Book ii, pp. 323-4. Annuity to Katherine Edgecumbe. A.D. 1543.

The Voyage of Sir R. Edgecombe into Ireland, Trevelyan Papers (Camden Soc., 1857), pp. 182–83.

in the year 1488. Collated with a MISS. of

Dr. Sterne, late Bishop of Clogher, in the College EDGCUMBE, SIR PIERS (son of Sir Rich. Edg-| Library. In Walter Harris' Hibernica, 1757, cumbe). d. 14th Aug., 1539.

pp. 29–38 ; cf. Cottonian MSS., Titus, B xi, art. The Will of Sir P. Edgecombe. Test. Vetust.,

188 and 189. ii, 647–50.

The Will of Sir R. Edgecombe. Test. Vetust., Letter from Sir P. Edgecombe to Secretary

| i, 393. Cromwell, dated March 25, 1536. Cottonian MSS., Cleopatra, E iv, art. 169. Printed in

| EDGCUMBE, SIR RICHARD (son of Sir Piers Wright's Letters relating to suppression of Monas

| Edgcumbe). b. 1499. d. 1st Dec., 1561. teries(Camden Soc., 1843), pp. 117–19.

A Friend's Remembrance of Sir R. Edgcumbe. A Copy of the Accounts of Sir P. Edgecombe | By Rich. Carew. MSS. cf. Prince's Worthies and Roger Holland, the Feodaries in the Duchy (ed. 1810), pp. 344-50; Brydges' ed. of Collins' of Cornwall, in the reign of Hen. VII. MSS. | Peerage, v, 322–27. Lincoln's Inn Lib., 78, art. 24.

EDGCUMBE, RICHARD (son of Sir Rich. EdgEDGCUMBE, PIERS. M.P. for Cornwall 1585– cumbe, d. 1561). M.P. for Totness, 1563 and

92 (son of Sir Rich. Edgcumbe). b. 1537. d. 1588. 4th Jan., 160. bur. Maker Church. cf. Letters from R. Edgecomb to Mayor and N. & Q., 3 S., xii, 9, 176 (1868); Chancery | Burgesses of Totness, dated Mount Edgcumbe, Proc., Eliz., i, 268; Raylinson MSS., class B 8th Sept., 1565 (?). cf. Hone's Year Book (1832), 285.

p. 755. Mr. Waad to Sir W. Cecil...and that P. Edgcombe is a fit man to be Knighted. March 12, EDGCUMBE, SIR RICHARD (son of Peter Edge1567. Lansd. MSS., 9, art. 62.

cumbe). b. 1565. d. 22nd March, 1638. bur. A representation that the Mines in England Maker. ... were granted to Humphry and Schuttz ... Lease from Sir R. Edgecombe to Richard before Mr. Edgcombe's suit commenced. 1568. Bonython, of land in Cosawes. 1607. Br. Museum ib., 10, art. 19.

Addit. MSS., 15,553, fol. 114. Grant to P. Edgcombe, Esquire, to search and Letter to J. Rashleigh from R. Mohun and enjoy part of the product of some Mines in others, recommending John Mohun to Sir R. Ireland. 1579. ib., 28, art. 8.

Edgecumb. 10th Feb., 1627. MSS. Trelaune. Mr. P. Edgcombe shows to Lord Burghley that he has formed a scheme for improving Irish EDGCUMBE, SIR RICHARD. M.P. for Cornwall Mines. June 15, 1579. ib., 29, art. 1.

(son of Piers Edgcumbe). d. March, 1688. Leases from Sir Peres Eggecomb to Richard

cf. J. Evelyn's Diary (1870), p. 230. Boneython, of land in Coyssaweys, alias Cosawes. 29 Hen. VIII, 1 and 2 Phil. and Mary. Br. | EDGCUMBE, RICHARD (son of Rich. EdgMuseum Addit. MSS., 15,553, fol. 97.

cumbe). cr. Baron Edgcumbe, 20th April, The French Historie. By A. Dowriche 1742. b. 1679. d. 22nd Nov., 1758. bur. (1589), q.v.

Maker. cf. Gent. Mag., xxviii, 557 (1758).

Gratulatio Academiæ Cantab. de Reditu .. EDGCUMBE, PIERS. d. London, 8th July, Gulielmi. Cantab., 1697, fol.

1628. bur. St. Botolph's, Aldersgate. cf. Note. — Contains verses by “ Rich. Edgcumbe, Mailland's London (3rd ed.), ii, 1077.

| Trin. Coll., Commensalis."


EDGCUMBE, Richard. (Con.). Verses to Harry Day. cf. Correspondence of Musical Reminiscences; containing an account 4th Duke of Bedford, ii, 117.

of the Italian Opera in England from 1773. An Act to enable Rich. Edgecombe, Esq., to | The fourth edition, continued to the present time, sell lands not exceeding 20 acres, to and for the and including the Festival in Westminster Abbey. use of His Majesty, for building a Victualling By the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. Lond., John Office for the service of the Royal Navy, at Andrews, Old Bond Street; F. H. Wall, RichPlymouth, and to purchase other lands, to be mond (printed] ; 1834, 12o., pp xvi and 294, settled to the same use as the lands to be sold 8/-:-Lond., 1849, 12o., 8/-. now stand limited by his marriage settlements. Letter to John Burke, containing an account n.p. or d. [Lond., 1722), fol.

of the Baronetcy of Furnese. 22nd Dec., 1835. A Bill to impower and authorize Sir Robert Br. Museum Addit. MSS., 16,569, fol. 97. Furnese, Bart., to deliver...unto Rich Edgcumbe, Esq., certain South-Sea Bonds ... therein men EDGCUMBE, ROGER (? son of Sir Richard, tioned, and for letting lands of equal value upon d. 1638). the same trusts to which such Bonds...are now Threni Exoniensium in obitum...D. Johannis subject [5 Geo. II, c. 14). n.p. or d. [Lond., Petrei, Baronis de Writtle. Oxon., 1613, 4o. 1732), fol.

Note.—Contains verses by R. Edgcomb. NOTE.—Lord Edgcumbe m. Matilda, dau, of Sir H. Furnese, Bart., of Waldershare, Kent. She d. 1721. EDGEWORTH, MARIA (eldest dau. of R. L.

Power of Attorney from R. Edgecumbe and Edgeworth). 6. Black-Bourton, near Oxford, others, to receive South-Sea Dividends. 10th 1st Jan., 1767. d. Edgeworthstown, 21st November, 1724. Br. Museum Addit. MSS., May, 1849. 15,949, fol. 83.

Popular . Tales. By Miss Edgeworth. 2nd Petition of the Miners of Derby to Lord

| ed., Lond., printed for J. Johnson, 1805, 3 vols., Edgecumbe, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. ib., 6682, p. 449.

Note. — Contains “Lame Jervas; a Story of a

Cornish Miner Boy,” i, 1–127.-Reprinted in Miss EdgeEDGCUMBE, RICHARD (son of Richard, 1st worth's Novel and Tales (1832), iv, 1–81, and in “Every

Baron). 2nd Baron Mount Edgcumbe. b. Boy's Stories” (Lond., Jas. Hogg and Sons, n.d., 1861,
1716. d. 10th May, 1761. cf. Walpole's 89.), pp. 419–79.
Noble Authors (Park's ed.), iv, 242; Chatham
Correspondence, i, 188; Gent. Mag., xxxi, 237

EDMONDS, FREDERIC, M.D., F.R.C.S. (5th (1761).

son of Rich. Edmonds, Sen.). b. Penzance, Fable of the Ass. By the late Lord E-g-e.

23rd April, 1810. New Foundling Hospital for Wit (1786), vi, 106-8.

A Letter to the Editor of The Lancet, with Ode to Health. Written 10th March, 1775 (sic).

the Explanatory Statement of the Defendant ib., vi, 108–9.

[i.e., F. Edmonds) in Millett v. Edmonds. Lond., Encaustic : or Count Caylus's Method of

J. Wade, 1866, 80., 1/-. Painting in the manner of the ancients. To Note. Respecting the reported poisoning of Jacob which is added a sure and easy method for

Curnow Millett, at Hayle, in Jan., 1864. fixing of Crayons. By J. H. Müntz. Lond.,

On the Temperature of Mexico. Rep. R.I.C., printed for the Author...1760, 80., pp. viii and | 1846, p. 71. 139.

Notice of Obsidian from Mexico. Geol. Soc. Note.-Dedicated to the Rt. Hon. Richard, Lord Proc., ü. 686 (1838). Edgcumbe, etc., who is styled “The Greatest Patron of Arts, and the best Judge of the Merits of Painting."

EDMONDS, GEORGE (3rd son of Rich. Edmonds, EDGCUMBE, RICHARD, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.S.A. Sen.). b. Penzance, 25th March, 1805. d.

(son of George, 1st Earl). 2nd Earl of Mount Croydon, 13th Sept., 1869. Edgcumbe. b. 13th Sept., 1764. d. 26th The King against Sir Charles Wolseley, Sept., 1839. cf. Gent. Mag., xii, 540 (1839). Baronet, and Joseph Harrison, Schoolmaster; Musical Reminiscences of an old amateur ; set down for trial at Chester, on the 4th April, chiefly respecting the Italian Opera in England

1820. Brief remarks, tending to show the unfor fifty years, from 1773 to 1823. 2nd ed.,

tenability of this indictment. By Jeremy continued to the present time. Anon. Lond.,

Bentham, Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. Lond., W. Clarke, New Bond Street, 1827, 12o., pp.

printed by John Mc Creezy, Black-Horse Court, 183.

Fleet Street, 1820, 8o., pp. 39. NOTE.—The 1st ed. was privately circulated.

NOTE.—This work has a second title-page, which

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