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BARHAM, Francis. (Con.).

BARHAM, FRANCIS. (Con.). A Key to Alism and the highest initiations, Ode on Cornwall. By F. B[arham,] Devonport. Sacred and Secular. With Miscellaneous Pieces, Cornish Mag., iii, 12–13, (1828). original and select. By A. F. Barham. Lond., Memoir of Thomas Foster Barham, M.B. By J. Johnstone, 1847, 8o., 5/2

F. Barham. In The Inquirer. See Barham, T. F.,

who d. 1869. Note.—This book contains under this general title the following works, etc.

NOTE.-F. Barham at one period advocated the General Title and preface, 3 leaves.

formation of a religious association, to be called Alists A, alphabetically interpreted, 1 leaf.

or Godists, some of his works on this subject have A. A, An odd Medley, 1845, 8o.

F. Barham or Alist Francis Barham on the title page. Alist, An autobiography, 1840, 8o.

F. Barham also published the following: The Alist or divine. 2 Parts only, 1840, 80.

A Life of Edward Colston, of Bristol. The Adamus Exul of Grotius, 1839, 80.

The fables of Lokman. Translated from the Arabic. Socrates, a tragedy, 1842, 89.

The Copernican Astronomy of the Bible.
A Lecture on the Advancement of Literature,
Science, and the Fine Arts in Bristol and the

BARHAM, THOMAS FOSTER (son of Joseph Foster, West of England, delivered at the Bristol Insti

who took the name of Barham by authority of a tution, Dec. 10, 1846. By F. Barham. Bristol,

Private Act of Parliament, and in accordance printed and published by J. Chilcott, 1847, 8o.,

with the will of Henry Barham). 6. Bedford, 8 pp. 16, 6d.

Oct., 1766. d. Leskinnick, Penzance, 25 Feb., Man's Right to God's Word. Translated (By

1844. cf. Gent. Mag., xxi, 441, (1844); Geo. F. Barham from the French Prize Essay of M.

Dyer's Life of Robt. Robinson, (1796), pp. 317– Boucher. With a recommendatory preface by the Hon. and Rev. H. Montagu Villiers, M.A... | Letter from a Trinitarian to a Unitarian. Lond., J. F. Shaw, 1847, 8o., pp. xv and 128, 2/6. Penzance, T. Vigurs, 1811.

The Bible revised. A carefully corrected trans- | Most Important Question. What is true and lation of the Old and New Testament. By F. real religion ? Penzance, T. Vigurs, 1814. Barham. Lond., Houlston and Stoneman; J. Abdallah or the Arabian Martyr, a Christian Wright, Bristol, (printed,] 1848, 18o.

drama in three acts [and in verse. Lond., Note.-Brought out in Parts.

printed by J. Hatchard and Son, 1820, 80., pp. Part I. The Book of Ecclesiastes, pp. viii and 36, 6d. Part II. The Song of Solomon, pp. xii and 30, 6d. Part III. The Book of Micah, pp. x and 28, 6d.

Note.--"Dedicated to Miss Lydia Grenfell, of Mar

azion, by the Author [T. F. Barham,] Leskinnic House, The New Bristol Guide, a poem, by F. Barham.

Apl., 1820." Bristol, 1850, 8o.

Abdallah, or the Arabian Martyr...with a The Pleasures of Piety. A poem. By F. Bar

Poem on the same subject, by James Montham. Lond., Hamilton, Adams and Co.; Whereat,

gomery, Esq. 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. Weston-super-mare, (printed,] 1850, 180., pp. By T. F. Barham, Formerly of St. John's Col94, 6d.

lege, Cambridge. Printed for the Author [by Improved monotessaron, a complete authentic

Vigurs, Penzance, and sold by Hatchard, Piccagospel life of Christ, combining the words of the

dilly, 1821, 80., pp. 46, 2/6. four gospels in a revised version and an orderly chronological arrangement. By F. Barham... NOTE.- Dedicated to Sir Rose Price, Bart., Presi. Lond., Rivingtons, 1862, 120., pp. 258, 3/6.

dent of the Bible and Jews' Societies and Church Mis

sionary Association at Penzance and to Lady Price, Elucidation of the causes of the phenomena

President of the Ladies' Bible Association. of the hot waters of Bath. By F. Barham. Bath, R. E. Peach, Bridge St. [Bath, printed by J. Elijah, a sacred poem in four cantos. By T. and J. Keene,] 1864, 12o., pp. 16, 3d.

F. Barham. Printed for the Author [by Vigurs, A rhymed harmony of the gospels. By F. Penzance, and sold by Hatchard and Son, PicBarham and Isaac Pitman. Printed both in cadilly, 1822, 80., pp. 38, 2/Phonetic and in the customary spelling... Lond., Colonel Gardiner. A Christian Drama in three F. Pitman ; Bath, I. Pitman, (printed,] 1870, parts. By a Bible Student formerly of St. John's 8°., pp. 262, 2/6.

College, Cambridge, [i.e., T. F. Barham.] Lond., The writings of Solomon comprising the Book sold by Hatchard and Son, Piccadilly... and of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and Vigurs, Penzance, [printed,] 1823, 80., pp. 59, Psalms lxxii, cxxvii. Translated by F. Barham. 2/6. Printed both in phonetic and in the customary

NOTE.-" To the Military and Naval Bible Society spelling... Lond., F. Pitman; Bath, I. Pitman,

this little work is most respectfully dedicated and the [printed,] 1870, 16°., pp. 288, 1/6.

profits of the publication devoted by the Author."




BARHAM, Thomas FOSTER, M.B. (Con.). Pergolesi's celebrated Stabat Mater or Cal- Barham. A new ed. 54th ed.) revised and envary. With English words written for the pur- larged. Lond., Whitfield, Green and Son, 1867, pose substituted in the place of the ancient | pp. viii and 176, 2/6. Latin Verses, and the instrumental parts arrang An Introduction to Greek Grammar on a new ed for the organ or piano forte, which may be plan, for the use of Schools and Private Students. accompanied (ad libitum) by two violins and By T. F. Barham, Late of Queen's College, Camviolincello, calculated either for public or family bridge. Lond., Rowland Hunter, St. Paul's use. By T. F. Barham...Printed for the author, Churchyard, 1829, 89., pp. xii and 152, 4/6. and sold by J. Power, 34, Strand...engraved by | Greek roots in English rhymes, illustrated by J. P. Vibert, Penzance, 1829, fol., pp. vi and examples for fixing the sense and assisting the 40, 10/6.

memory. By T. F. Barham. Lond., published by Reliquiæ Seriæ, or Christian Musings. Part Baldwin and Cradock, 1837, 120., pp. xvi and 1. Earth and Comet, or Deep Things of God. Part II. Short Pieces in verse. By EAAXIETOE, | The Enkheiridion of Hehfaistiown concerning

pseud. i.e., T. F. Barham,] Formerly of St. metres and poems, translated into English and John's College, Cambridge, and author of various illustrated by notes and a rhythmical notation publications. Lond., sold by Hatchards... 1836, with prolegomena on rhythm and accent. By T. pp. 81, 1/6.

F. Barham, M.B. Cambridge, printed at the

University Press for J. and J. J. Deighton, 1843, NOTE.-T.F.Barham also published the following:The Unlawfulness of Oaths for Christians. Lond.,

80., pp. x and 230, 8/6. Hatchard, 1833. Lander Africanus. A Musical Drama. Printed for

Note.—The Prolegomena are highly commended in

Grote's Hist. of Greece, iv, 107. the Author, by T. Vigurs, Penzance, 1834.

The Scripture Millennium Nigh. 1840.
Scripture Doctrine. A Lay Sermon. Lond., Hatch-

Philadelphia or the claims of humanity, a plea ard, 1842.

for social and religious reform. By T. F. Barham. Joseph Foster Barham, eldest brother of T. F. Bar- | Lond., Chapman and Hall, 1858, 80., pp. viii ham was born near Bedford, 1 Jan, 1759. He published

and 448. in 1823 a tract entitled “Considerations on the abolition of negro slavery."

Free Catholicism; the Principle of Unity in

the Christian Church. An address delivered at BARHAM, THOMAS FOSTER, M.B. (eld. son of the

the opening of Philadelphia Hall, Newton, for preceding). Physician to Exeter Dispensary.

religious worship, Feb. 23, 1862. By T. F.

Barham, M.B. Sold (and printed] by Chapple, b. Hendon, Middlesex, 10 Sept., 1794. d. Highweek, Newton Abbot, 3 Mch., 1869. bur. High

Newton Bushel; Whitfield, 178, Strand, Lonweek, 8 Mch. cf. Reg. & Mag. of Biog., i, 306,

don. n.d., (1862,] 12o., pp. 24, 6d. (1869); The Inquirer, a weekly [Unitarian Journal,

The Prospect of Eternity. A Sermon by the 6 Mch., 1869, p. 157, 13 Mch., pp. 167–68;

late Dr. Barham, which he was preparing for Trans. Devonshire Assoc., vol. iii, (1869).

the following Sunday morning service, at the

Free Christian Church, Newton Abbot, an hour Genuine Christianity, or the unitarian doctrine.

before his death, on Wednesday, March 3rd, briefly stated. By A Physician, [i.e., T. F. Bar

1869. Published by permission. Sold by J. ham.) Penzance, 1824, 80., 60.-2nd ed., enlarg

Pascoe, Bank Street, Newton Abbot. [Printed at ed. By a Physician. Falmouth, printed and sold

Western Times Office, Exeter,] 1869, 80., pp. 11. by James Philp and by R. Hunter, St. Paul's

The Iliad of Homer. Book I. Rendered into Churchyard, London, 1826, 12o., pp. 61, 1/2

English Hexameters. By T. F. Barham, M.B., A Reply to the Rev. C. V. Le Grice, [q.v.,] by

Cantab. A Memorial Publication. Lond., Fred. the Author of The Unitarian Doctrine briefly Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row, E.C., 1871, 80., stated. 1824, 80.

pp. 28. The Beginning : or God's three self unequal making Motious, spoken of in the first, second

Note.- Preface signed “C. B[arham,] Truro, Sept.,

1871." and third verses of the first book of Moses called Genesis, I by T. F. ·Barham ?] Penzance, Letters on the Atonement. Monthly Repository, 1826, 4o.

xiii, 235, (1818), xiv, 356, (1819). One God the Father or the Unitarian doctrine briefly stated. By T. F. Barham. 3rd ed. enlarged.

NOTE.-T. F. Barham published further communica

tions to the Monthly Repository in 1822 and following Lond., John Mardon, 19, St. Martin's le Grand;

years. [Welsford, printer, Exeter,] 1835, 8o., pp. 120.

One God the Father or the strict and proper The first Sabbath morning. An Ode. Wesleyan monotheism of the gospel vindicated. By T. F. | Methodist Mag., xlvi, 707, (1823).

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BARHAM, Thomas FOSTER, M.B. (Con.).

BARNES, REV. R. W.. (Con.). St. Michael's Mount, the Iktis of Diodorus Public Opinion. Considered in Letters between Siculus. Trans. R.G.S.C., iïi, 86-1/2, (1825). one of his Friends and R. W. Barnes. Lond.,

On the Temperature of Mines. ib., iii, 150–65. Mozley ; Truro, J. R. Netherton (printed,] 1855,

An Account of some Ancient Circles on Botrea 8o., pp. 238, 6/2 Hill, in the parish of Sancreed, etc. Plate. ib., Let Well Alone: or Removal of Blemishes iri, 192–202, (1826).

from Church and State. By Alazon (pseud. i.e., Abstract of Meteorological Journal kept at R. W. Barnes. Lond., Longman ; Truro, J. R. Penzance. Selector or Cornish Mag., ii, 92, (1827). Netherton, (printed,] 1860, 80., pp. 197, 6)

Meteorological Register kept at Exeter. Rep. Confirmation, Holy Communion, Ordination, R.I.C., 1839, p. 73, and continued until 1849. Four Sermons. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Lond.

Meteorological Register kept at Exeter. Rep. Longman ; Truro, J. R. Netherton sprinted, R.C.P.Soc., 1840, p. 69; 1841, p. 142.

1860, 80., pp. 64, 1/6. On Metrical Time; or the Rhythm of Verse,

Christmas Day Sermons preached in the Ancient and Modern. Trans. Philol. Soc., 1860

Parish Church of Probus, Cornwall, Christmas 61, pt. i, 45–62.

Day, 1864. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Lond., On the Amount and Distribution of Sunshine.

Rivingtons; Truro, J. R. Netherton (printed,] Trans. Devonshire Assoc., pt. iii, p. 111, (1864).

1864, 80., pp. 26, 1/2 On the Principle of Rhythm, as applied to

New-Year's Day Sermons preached in the English Verse. ib., pt. v, pp. 39-44, (1866). | Parish Church of Probus, Cornwall, on New

Note. Will. Barham, 2nd son of the preceding, Year's Day, 1865. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. published at Gravesend in 1847 “Descriptions of Niagara;

Lond., Rivingtons; Truro, J. R. Netherton selected from various travellers, with original additions."

[printed,] 1865, 80., pp. 35, 1/2 BARNES, REV. REGINALD HENRY. V. of St. Appendix and Imaginary Criticisms. [By Rev. Mary Church, Devon, 1860. b. Exeter, 12th | R. W. Barnes.) Lond., Rivingtons ; †ruro, J. Feb., 1831.

R. Netherton (printed,] 1865, 80., pp. 132, 3/6. The Exeter Diocesan Calendar and Clergy List

The Repentance of Judas. A Sermon preached of Cornwall and Devon. Ed. by Rev. R. H.

in the Parish Church of Probus, Cornwall, on Barnes, Rev. Henry H. Du Boulay, and George

the Sunday next before Easter, 1865. By the Huxham. Map of the Diocese. Exeter, H. Besley,

Rev. R. W. Barnes. Lond., Rivingtons ; Truro, 1859, cr. 80., 1/- Pub. annually.

J. R. Netherton (printed,] 1865, 80., pp. 15, 6d.

Sermons preached at Looe and Morval, CornBARNES, REV. RICHARD WILLIAM. P.C. of wall, on the Second Sunday in Advent, Dec. 6,

East and West Looe, 1845-49; V. of Probus, 1868. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Truro, J. R. 1849 ; Prebendary of Exeter, 1853.

Netherton, 1868, 80., pp. 43, 1/2 The authority due to the opinions of Rev. H.

Sermon preached in the Parish Church of

Probus, Cornwall, on the First Sunday in the E. Head, Rector of Feniton, on Apostolic Suc

year, the Second Sunday after Christmas, January cession and other Theological Subjects, considered. By R. W. Barnes, Curate of Northleigh, Devon.

3rd, 1869. By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. With an

Appendix. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1869, 80., Honiton, Spurway, 1839, 80., pp. 81, 1/6.

pp. 67, 1/6. NotE.-Another edition has no date on title page. I Three Sermons preached in Exeter Cathedral,

on the 7th, 8th, and 9th Sundays after Trinity, A Sermon preached at the Visitation of the

July 11th, 18th, and 25th, 1869. By the Rev. Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Exeter, at the Cathe

R. W. Barnes. Lond., Rivingtons, 1869, 8o., pp. dral Church of St. Peter, Exeter, on St. Peter's

75, 1/6. Day, 1842. By R. W. Barnes, R. of Dunchideock

A Sermon on the Death of Henry, Lord and Shillingford. Exeter, P. A. Hannaford ;

Bishop of Exeter, preached in Probus Church, Lond., Kivington, 1842, 80., pp. 24.

on the 18th Sunday after Trinity, Sep. 26, 1869. The Last Three Sermons preached in the

By the Rev. R. W. Barnes. Truro, J. R. NetherChurch of Looe, Cornwall, by the late Perpetual Curate of East and West Looe, [i.e., R. W.

ton, 1869, 80., pp. 14, 6d. Barnes.] Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1850, 80., pp. 43, 1/6.

BARNWELL, Rev. EDWARD LOWRY, M.A. b. A Sermon preached in the Church of Probus,

Bath. Cornwall, on the day of Thanksgiving for the Bee Hive Huts at Bosphrennis, in the parish Taking of Sebastopol, Sunday, October 7, 1855. of Zennor. 7 woodcuts. Archæol. Camb., ix, 120By R. W. Barnes. Lond., Mozley; Truro, J. R. 29, (1863). Netherton (printed,] 1855, 8o., pp. 15.

Chûn Castle. ib., xi, 157, 195, (1865).


A Section of the Stream Works west of the Par Estuary, [illustrative of Mr. R. A. C. Austen's paper on the English Channel.] Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc. Lond., vii, 120, (1851).


of 1st Viscount Barrington). b. 1727. d. King's Bench Walk, Temple, 14 Mch., 1800.

On the Expiration of the Cornish Language. See Jeffery, Dorothy.

BASSET, John, M.P. (Con.). view to its future improvement, addressed to the Marquis of Hertford, Lord Warden of the Stannaries. Signed J. Basset, Dec. 3, 1836. Truro, E. Heard. n.d., [1836,] 8°., pp. 41.

Origin and History of the Bounding Custom, with remarks on the best mode of modifying the system to present purposes; together with some observations on the rise and progress of the Nullum Tempus Act. By J. Basset. Truro, E. Heard, 1839, 80., pp. 50.

Observations on Cornish Mining as it is likely to be affected by the present tariff, proposed by Sir R. Peel. By J. Basset. Lond., J. Rodweli, 1842, 80., pp. 20.

On the Machinery used for raising miners in the Hartz. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1840, p. 59.

BARTLETT, GEORGE. b. Brixham, 10 Aug.,

1810. On the post tertiary formations of Cornwall and Devon. Brit. Assoc. Sect., 1841, p. 61.

BARTLETT, REV. John, B.A. (son of John

Bartlett, who d. Plymouth, Aug., 1866). V. of St. Blazey, 1853; V. of Millbrook, Devonport, 1863. b. Egg Buckland, Devon, 1829.

The History of the Parish of St. Blazey. A Lecture by the Rev. J. Bartlett, Vicar of St. Blazey, delivered Dec. 16, 1856. Lond., J. R. Smith; Plymouth, R. Lidstone (printed.] n.d., (1856, 80., pp. 40, 1/2

“I have a message from God unto thee.” A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. Blazey, Cornwall, on the 2nd Sunday after Trinity (June 5), 1853. By the Rev. J. Bartlett, B.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the Incumbent. Printed for Private Circulation. (Lidstone, Printer, Plymouth and Devonport,] 1853, 8o., pp. 20. BASSET, CAPTAIN. See Civil War Tracts, (1642),

in Part II.


F.R.S. (son of James Bastian). Professor of
Pathological Anatomy in University College,
London. b. Truro.

The modes of origin of lowest organisms, including a discussion of the experiments of M. Pasteur, and a reply to some statements by Professors Huxley and Tyndall. By H. C. Bastian. Lond. and New York, Macmillan and Co., 1871, 80

On the Falmouth Flora. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1856, pp. 83-112.

Op the mode of origin of secondary cancerous growths. The Medical Mirror, i, 622–31, (1864).

On the Structure and Nature of the Dracunculus or Guinea Worm. Trans. Linn. Soc., xxiv, 101–134, (1863).

Monograph on the Anguillulidæ, or Free Nematoids, marine, land, and fresh water, with description of 100 new species. ib., xxv, pt. ii, 73–185, (1865).

On the Anatomy and Physiology of the Nematoids, parasitic and free. Philos. Truns., clvii, pt. ii, 545-639, (1866).

The Human Brain. Macmillan's Mag., lxxiii, 63–71, (1866).

BASSET, Rt. Hon. FRANCES (only dau. of Baron

De Dunstanville). Baroness Basset of Stratton. 1835. b. Apl., 1781. d. Tehidy Park, 22 Jan., 1855. Monu. Illogan. cf. Gent. Mag., xliii, 304– 305, (1855).

BASSET, SIR FRANCIS. See De Dunstanville.

BASSET, JOHN, M.P. (son of Rev. John Basset, BATE, CHARLES SPENCE, F.R.S., F.L.S. (son of

who d. 1816). M.P. Helston, 1840. b. 17 Nov., Chus. Bate, who d. Chuley, near Ashburton, 19 1791. bapt. Illogan, 28 Nov. d. Boppart, on Oct., 1872, aged 83). b. Trenick House, near the Rhine, 4 July, 1843. cf. Gent. Mag., xx, Truro, 16 Mich., 1819. 323, (1843).

Catalogue of the Specimens of the AmphiRemarks and Suggestions as to the re-estab- | podous Crustacea in the Collection of the British lishment of the Mining Courts of the Duchy of Museum. By C. S. Bate. [Ed. by J. E. Gray.1 Cornwall: with a Letter addressed to the Earl | 58 plates. Lond., printed by order of the Trusof Falmouth, as Chairman of the Committee. By tees, [by Taylor and Francis,] 1862, 80., pp. iv J. Basset. Lond., J. Bigg, 1836, 80., pp. 14. | and 400.

Thoughts on the Stannary Bill, as framed in A History of the British Sessile-eyed Crusthe last Session of Parliament, and also with a tacea. By C. S. Bate and John Obadiah WestBATE, CHARLES SPENCE, F.R.S. (Con.).

BATE, CHARLES SPENCE, F.R.S. (Con.). wood. 500 illustrations. Lond. John Van Voorst, On the Homologies of the Carapace, and on 1863-68, 2 vols., impl. 80., 115/6.

the Structure and Function of the Antennæ in

Crustacea. ib., xvi, 36-46, 1855. (Also found as NOTE.-Brought out in 23 Parts at 5).. First Part dated 1 Oct., 1861, the last, 31 Dec., 1868.

a Pamphlet, 80.7

On the British Diastylidæ. ib., xvii, 449–65, The Pathology of dental caries. By C. S. (1856). Bate. From the Transactions of The Odonto On the genus Cuma. ib., xix, 106-107, (1857). logical Society of Great Britain. 14 plates. | A Synopsis of the British Edriophthalmous Lond., Cox and Wyman, 1864, 89., pp. 64. Crustacea. Part i, Amphipoda. ib., xix, 135–52.

On the British Edriophthalma. ib., xx, 524


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On Fossil Remains recently discovered in On the nidification of Crustacea. ib., i, 161Bacon Hole, Gower, also other Remains from | 169, 1858. [Annales des Sciences, Paris, ix, 255beneath the bed of the River Tawey. Brit. Assoc. 64, 1858.] Sect., 1848, pp. 62–63.

On some new genera and species of Crustacea Notes on some Tubicolæ. ib., 1849, pp. 72–73. amphipoda. ib., i, 361-62.

Notes on the Boring of Marine Animals. ib., On Pranzia and Anceus and their affinity to 1849, pp. 73–75.

each other. ib., ii, 165–72. Notes on Crustacea. ib., 1850, pp. 115–18. On some British Diastylidæ. ib., iii, 273–74,

On the Morphology of the Pyenogonidæ... (1859). ib., 1853, p. 66.

On the morphology of some amphipoda of the Notice of a New Crustacean. ib., 1856, p. 91. division Hypernia. ib., viii, 1–15, (1861).

On the British Edriophthalma. Brit. Assoc. Note on the supposed “Discovery of an exRep., 1855, pp. 18-62.

tremely minute Vertebrate Lower Jaw in mud On a New Species of Ione. Brit. Assoc. Sect., dredged at St. Helena, by Dr. Wallich.” ib., x, 1863, p. 98.

440-41, (1862). On a human skull and the bones of animals

nd the bones of animals Carcionological Gleanings. ib., XV, 81–88, found with pottery in a Kjokkenmodden, on the | (1865); xvii, 24-31, (1866); i, 442-48, (1868). coast of Cornwall. ib., 1864, p. 88.

On the Dentition of the Common Mole. ib., On an ancient Cornish Barrow. ib., 1864, p. xix, 377–81, (1867). On the genus Anceus. ib., 1865, p. 83.

Report of the Committee appointed to explore On the Homologies of the Carapace. Proc. the Marine Fauna and Flora of the south coast Linn. Soc., ii, 376–79, (1855). of Devon and Cornwall. Brit. Assoc. Rep., 1865, pp. 51-56. An attempt to approximate the data of the

On the importance of an examination of the Flint Flakes of Devon and Cornwall. Brit. Assoc.

structure of the integuments of Crustacea in the Sect., 1866, p. 50.

determination of doubtful species ... Journ. On the dentition of the common mole. ib., Liin. Soc., 111, 1-4, (Zool.) 1859. 1866, p. 69.

On the Fauna and Flora of the southern coast of Devon and Cornwall. Brit. Assoc. Rep., 1867, On the peridental membrane in its relation to pp. 275-87.

the dental tissues. Brit. Journ. Dental Sci., i, 5-7, On the Geographical Distribution of the British (1856). genera of the Sessile-eyed Crustacea. Brit. Assoc. On the Natural History of Ivory. ib., i, 69Sect., 1868, p. 69.

73, 99–105.

On the Structure of the Teeth. ib., ii, 35-40,

67–73, 195-97, 227-30, 257-58, 285–86, 313– Notes on Crustacea. 3 plates. Ann. Nat. Hist., | 14, 341-44, 369-71, 397-99, 425–27, (1858–59). vi, 109-111, (1850); vii, 297-300, (1851).

On a new genus and several new species of British Crustacea. ib., vii, 318–21.

On Absorption. Trans. Odontological Soc., i, On the Terebella Medusa. ib., viii, 237-39. | 21-30, (1858).

On the development of the Cirripedia, ib., . On a method for constructing lower palates. viii, 324–32.

ib., ii, 139-40, (1861). On some Crustacea dredged by Mr. Barlee, in On the Treatment of Inflamed Dental Pulp. the Shetlands. ib., x, 356-57, (1852).

ib., iii, 338–57, (1863).

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