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EDMONDS, RICHARD, Jox. (Com.). commences as follows: “ The King against Edmonds; The Land's End District; its Antiquities, and others; set down for trial at Warwick, 29th Jarch, i Natural History. Natural Phenomena. & Scenery: 1820. Brief Remarks tending to show," etc., etc.

also a brief Memoir of R. Trevithick, C.E. By “ The Tuck Vet” retucked, or Porpoises in R. Edmonds (late of Penzance), Secretary for stead of Pilchards !!!... Penzance, 1824, 12o. | Cornwall to the Cambrian Archæological AssoSee Jeffery, John.

ciation. With map, 6 plates, and several woodBy His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. The

cuts. Lond., J. R. Smith ; Penzance, F. T. Philosophic Alphabet, with an explanation of i Vibert: 1862. 8o.. pp. 270, 7 6. its principles... To which is added a Philosophic A Statistical Account of the Parish of Madron, System of Punctuation. By G. Edmonds. Lond., containing the Borough of Penzance 1839. 89 Simpkin; Birmingham, F. & J. Turner sprinted];

I NOTE.-Reprinted from Journ. Statist. Soc. of Lond., 1832, 89., pp. iv and 96.

ii, 198—233 (1839). George Edmonds' complete Ancient Classical

On the Phænician Tin Trade of Cornwall. Dictionary. [Stevens and Pardon, Printers,

With Remarks on the Great Irruption of the Sea Bell Yard, London), n.d. [1837], 12o., pp. 16.

in the Eleventh Century, Sand Hillocks, Raised Note.— Without title-page.

Beaches, the Causeway between Marazion and George Edmonds' complete English Grammar, St. Michael's Mount; and on the origin of the with a supplemental Grammar of Etiquette. names Marazion, Market Jew, Iktin, and Britain. 5th ed., Lond., published for G. Edmonds, Esq., By R. Edmonds. Reprinted from the Annual 19, East Street, Lamb's Conduit Street...1837, Report and Transactions of the Plymouth Institution 12o., pp. 16, 11d.

and Deron and Cornwall Natural History Society, The Tri-National Grammar. By G. Edmonds. 1867–8. Plymouth, Isaiah W. N. Keys and (Colophon, “Published by G. Edmonds, 12, Sons, 52, Bedford Street, 1868, 80., pp. 23. Church Row, Old St. Pancras, and 25, Bow Street; Stevens and Pardon, Printers, etc.'];

Notice of an Extraordinary Literary Blunder. n.d. (1838), 12o., pp. 16.

Signed R. E. N. & l., 2 S., vi, 108 (1858). A Universal Alphabet, Grammar, and Language; comprising a scientific classification of the radical elements of discourse, and illustrative

Meteor of 29th June, 1832. Literary Gazette, translations from the Holy Scriptures and the

7th July, 1832, p. 430. Principal British Classics; to which is added a

An Ancient Church [Perran zabuloe) restored Dictionary of the Language. By G. Edmonds. to light. Letter dated Redruth, 24th Sept., London and Glasgow, R. Griffin and Co., n d. 1830. 10., 3rd Oct., 1055, p. 634. (1856), 4°. Preface, pp. vii; Contents, pp. vii ;

Remarkable Appearance of the Sun. Letter Introduction, pp. 34 ; Book I, Alpbabet, pp.

dated Penzance, 20th May, 1842. ib., 28th 152; Book II, Translation, pp. 44, Notes, pp.

May, 1842, p. 364. iii, Addenda and Corrigenda, pp. ix; Book III,

Extraordinary Movement of the Sea in Mount's Dictionary, unpaged.

Bay, 5th July, 1843. ib., 15th July, 1843, p. 464.

cf. West Briton, 28th July, 1843; Trans. Roy. EDMONDS, RICHARD, SEN. Town-Clerk of Soc. of Edinb., XV, 610, 615, 623 (1843).

Marazion, 1805-60. 6. St. Buryan, 20th May, : 1774. d. Penzance, 14th April, 1860.

Notice of the Great Meteor, June 29, 1832. On a Granite Vein discovered in Herland | Lond. and Edinb. Philos. Mag., i, 306–7 (1832). Mine. Trans. R.G.S.C., iii, 332 (1827).

The Visibility of the Stars by day. ib., iii,

238–9 (1833). EDMONDS, RICHARD, JUN. (eldest son of the

The Mirage as seen in Cornwall. ib., viii, preceding). b. Penzance, 18th Sept. 1801.

169-70 (1836).

On Earthquakes and Extraordinary Agitations Hymns for the Principal Festivals of the

of the Sea. ib., xxxi, 45-52 (1866). Church, and for other occasions. Two hundred

On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea not copies are, by permission, offered to the Rev.

produced by Winds or Tides. ib., xxxvii, 35Henry Batten, M.A., the Incumbent of Penzance,

40 (1869). for the benefit of the Penzance Church School. By the Author of the Original Hymns si.e., Rich | On Lunar Periodicities in Earthquakes, &c. ard Edmonds), a Member of his Flock. Lond., | Edinb. New Philos. Journ., xxxvii, 271-79 (1845). Longman ; Penzance, T. Beare; 1857, 8°., pp. Great Thunder-Storms, etc., on 5th July and 206, 1/2

1st Aug., 1846. ib., xli, 412-14 (1846). NOTE.-185 Hymns, 44 of which are by R. Edmonds. On the Origin of the Sand-hillocks of St.



EDMONDS, RICHARD, JUN. (Con.). Ives Bay, etc. ib., xliii, 181-84 (1847).

Barrows, Urns, and other Sepulchral Remains, Oscillation of the Waters in Lake Ontario. found near Penzance. ib., i, 229-36. ib., xlv, 107–109 (1848).

On Ancient Mill-stones and British Villages Extraordinary Agitation of the Sea, 23rd near Penzance. ib., i, 245-50. May, 1847. ib., xlv, 109–110.

The Tolmên of Constantine. ib., i, 309 (1849). On the Rapid Diminution of the Sand-banks | Ancient Cave near Penzance compared with in Mount's Bay. ib., xlv, 113–15.

Caves in Scilly and Sepulchres in Sardinia. ib., Land Shells found beneath Sand-hillocks in i, 310-13. Cornwall. ib., xlvii, 263-65 (1848).

Hill Castles, Cliff Castles, and other supposed On the Fragment of a Bronze Furnace, etc. British Dwellings, near Penzance. ib., i, 341-6. ib., 1, 58-61 (1851).

Also found as a Pamph., with a title page, 1849, The apparent Visibility of Stars through the 8o. Moon immediately before their occultation. ib., | Fragment of a Bronze Furnace discovered lvi, 137-39 (1854).

near St. Michael's Mount. ib., i, 347–51. Also Account of an Earthquake, etc. ib., iii, 280– found as a Pamph., with a title page, 1849, 8o. 285 (1856).

Druidical Temples near Penzance. ib., i, 381– • Contributions to the Biography of Richard 6 (1850). Trevithick, C.E. ib., x, 327–336 (1859).

The Wind and the Lightning of 14th Dec., Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea in the | 1850. ib., ü, 19-20. West of England, and Earthquake Shocks in Crucifix found at Penzance. ib., ü, 46–7 Cornwall in 1858 and 1859. ib., xii, 1-14 | (1851). (1860).

The Calling of the Sea and the Wind. ib., ii, Earthquakes in Cornwall & Yorkshire, Whirl | 103–5. wind near Penzance. ib., xii, 203-206 (1860). Ancient Mill-stone found at St. Just. ib., ii,

Earthquakes in Cornwall on 13th Jan., 1860. | 106–7 (1852). ib., xiii, 100-105 (1861).

Extraordinary Vegetable Productions. ib., ii, Ancient British Caves, etc. ib., xiv, 201-202.

Notes on Earthquakes and Agitations of the Inscribed Stone found in St. Hilary. ib., i, Sea. ib., xiv, 203-206.

290–94 (1853). The Buried Church in the sands of Gwithian. ib., xvii, 14–16 (1863).

On Sand-banks in Mount's Bay. Quart. Journ. St. Michael's Mount and the Phoenicians. ib.. | Geol. Soc. of Lond., iv, p. lxxviii (1848). xviii, 173–81.

| On Land Shells below Sand-hillocks on the Bee-hive British Dwellings at Bosphrennis

| Coast of Cornwall. ib., v, p. xcü (1849). and Chapel Euny, near Penzance. ib., xviii, 187–190.

On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea, with

a refutation of the new theory thereon. Trans. The Calling of the Sea. Rep. R.C.P. Soc.,

Devonshire Assoc. of Science, etc. (1869). 1843, p. 47. Sepulchral Monument discovered on Carnsew

On Remarkable Lunar Periodicities in EarthCliff, in Hayle, in Dec., 1843. Plate. ib., 1844,

quakes, Extraordinary Oscillations of the Sea, p. 69. Note.- The above two papers are reprinted in

and Atmospherical Changes. Brit. Assoc. Section, • Courtney's “Guide to Penzance," App., pp. 53–58.

1845, pp. 20–22.

Thermometrical Maxima at or near the Moon's Ancient Customs in Cornwall. Trans. P.N.H. first quarter during 12 years.—1839–1850. ib., & A. Soc., i, 69–82 (1846).

1850, p. 32. Thunder Storms and Agitations of the Sea in On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea not 1846. ib., i, 102–6.

produced by winds or tides, with a refutation The Effects of Lightning at Polmenna in of the new theory thereon. ib., 1870, p. 160. 1846. ib., i, 155–6.

Four Whirlwinds at St. Just in 1846. ib., i, | The Antiquities of the Land's End district. 157-8 (1847).

| Archæol. Camb., iii, 275–95, 350-68 (1857); The Oscillation of the Waters in Lake Ontario

iv, 66–76, 173-83, 274-83, 426 (1858). in 1845. ib., i, 169–70.

Ancient Wells in Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, The Agitation of the Sea on the 23rd May, ' and Cornwall. ib., vii, 171–72 (1861). 1847. ib., i, 171-2.

The Lost Church in the sands of Gwithian. The Cromlechs near Penzance. ib., i, 195- | ib., ix, 52-54 (1863). 202 (1848).


EDMONDS, RICHARD, Jun. (Con.). Extraordinary Movement of the Sea, July, | The Death-watch; the ticking of Anobium. 1843, with notice...of Earthquakes which have Mag. Nat. Hist., vi, 468–69 (1834). occurred in Cornwall. Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 111121 (1843).

Extraordinary Oscillation of the Sea ... in Lunar Periodicities in Earthquakes, Atmos

Mount's Bay. Proc. Roy. Soc., V, 962 (1850). pherical Changes, and Hygrometrical Facts. ib.,

The Calling of the Sea. ib., v, 968.
vi, 196–210, 259–264 (1845). Also found as
Pamphlets, with title-pages, 1844 and 1845, 8o.
The Origin of the Sand-hillocks of St. Ives

Mr. Peel's Act. By Epsilon [i.e., R. Edmonds). Bay, Whitesand Bay, and Mount's Bay. ib., vi,

Cornish Mag., iii, 115 (1828). 301-304. Also found as a Pamph., with a

Cornish Customs on Midsummer Eve. ib., title-page, 1846, 8o.

iii, 137. The Rapid Diminution of the Sand-banks in

Proposed Reformation of the Laws of England. Mount's Bay. ib., vii, 31-33 (1847).

By E., Redruth si.e., R. Edmonds). ib., iii, 153. Land Shells found beneath the surface of

Penzance and Mount's Bay. ib., üi, 158. sand-hillocks on the coasts of Cornwall. ib., vii,

Trial by Jury. ib., iii, 183. 70–71 (1848).

Puns and Punning. By Redruth [i.e., R. On Earthquakes, &c. ib., vii, 164–67. Also

Edmonds]. ib., iii, 86–92. found as a Pamph., with a title-page, 1850, 8o.

Earthquake, 30th May, 1855, and Agitation Insulation of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall. of the Sea, 6th June, 1855. ib., vii, 279–84 Nature, iii, 309 (1871). (1855).

Agitations of the Sea and Earthquakes. ib., EDMONDS, THOMAS ROWE, B.A. (2nd son of vii, 355-68 (1858–59).

Rich. Edmonds, Sen.). b. Penzance, 20th June, Earthquake, 13th Jan., 1860. ib., vii, 381– 1803. 87 (1860).

Practical, Moral, and Political Economy; or On Earthquakes, &c. ib. (1865).

the Government, Religion, and Institutions, most On Extraordinary Agitations of the Sea not conducive to individual happiness and to national produced by winds or tides. ib. (1868).

power. By T. R. Edmonds, A.B., Trinity Coll., On the Earthquake Sea-waves in Peru, New

Camb. Lond., Effingham Wilson, Royal ExZealand, etc., on the 13th and 14th Aug., 1868, change, 1828, 80., pp. viii and 304. 9/and in the West of England, on Michaelmas / Lite Tables, founded on the discovery of a Day, 1869; also on the Earthquake Shock felt | Numerical Law regulating the existence of every at Sea, near Peru, on the 24th Aug., 1869, and human being. Illustrated by a new theory of on the great Sea Waves near the Land's End, in the causes producing health and longevity. By 1809. ib. (1869).

T. R. Edmonds. Lond., Duncan, 1832, imp. 80. Optical Phenomena. Rep. R.I.C., 1841, p. 28. Periodicities in Atmospherical and other Phoe

On the Influence of Age on the Mortality of nomena. ib., 1844, p. 41. Also found as a

the Population of Sweden. Proc. Statis. Soc. of Pamph., with a title-page, 1845, 8o.

Lond., vol. i [No. 10, 17th April, 1837], pp.

1-17. Lunar Periodicities. ib., 1848, p. 46. The Climate of Australia. ib., 1850, p. 25.

On the Movement of the Populations of The Tolmên of Constantine. ib., 1857, p. 30.

| England and Sweden throughout 75 years, Earthquakes in Cornwall. ib., 1859, p. 28.

| ending with 1830. ib., pp. 17–22. Earthquakes in Cornwall and Yorkshire, and Whirlwinds near Penzance. ib., 1860, p. 51. An Enquiry into the Laws which govern the

Description of Cornish Antiquities for the | Mortality of the People of England; founded guidance of the Camb. Archæol. Soc. ib., 1861, | upon official records of births, deaths, and popupp. 12–14.

lation, for the last 70 years. By T. R. Edmonds, Bee-hive Cave at Chapel Euny, and Longi Actuary to the Legal and General Life Assurance tudinal Cave at Chyoyster. ib., 1861, p. 48–50. Soc., London. The Lancet, pp. 297–301, March Notes on Earthquakes, etc. ib., 1861, p. 56- | 9, 1850.

An Enquiry into the Law which governs the St. Michael's Mount and the Phænicians. ib., Mortality of the Population of England, in 1863, pp. 63–70.

various localities of Town and Country; founded Bee-hive British Dwellings. ib., 1863. upon Official Records of the Registrar-General.

ib., pp. 328–29, March 16, 1850.

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EDMONDS, Thomas Rowe. (Con.).

EDMONDS, Thomas Rowe. (Con.). On the Laws of Mortality and Sickness of On the Laws of Density of Steam, etc. The the Labouring Classes of England. ib., pp. Artizan, pp. 175-79, Aug. 1, 1865; The Engineer, 329–32, Oct. 21, 1854, and pp. 453–56, Dec. 2, 28th July, 1865. 1854.

On the Reform of the Income and Property

Tax. A Letter from Junius [i.e., T. R. Edmonds On the Law of Increase of the Population of

to Joseph Hume, Esq., M.P. Daily News, 8th England during the last 100 years. By T. R. Jan., 1853. Edmonds. The Assurance Mag., ii, 57–69 (1851). Second Report from the Select Committee on

On an unfair suppression of due acknowledg the Income and Property Tax... Ordered by the ment to the writings of Mr. Benjamin Gompertz. House of Commons to be printed 22nd June, By Professor De Morgan. ib., ix, 86–9 (1861).

1852. On the discovery of the law of human mor

Note.—Evidence of T. R. Edmonds, 24th April, tality, and on the antecedent partial discoveries

1852. Questions 2314 to 4565, pp. 121–48. of Dr. Price and Mr. Gompertz. By T. R. Edmonds. ib., ix, 170–84.

EDSALL, CHARLES STOKES (son of William On Mr. Gompertz's law of mortality. By Edsall). b. Helston, 16th June, 1797. d. Professor De Morgan. ib., ix, 214-15.

Truro, 6th April, 1869. On Mr. Gompertz's law of human mortality,

Copper-Ore Tables, shewing the Prices of and Mr. Edmonds' claims to its independent

Ores of different Produces, together with the discovery and extension. By T. B. Sprague.

mode of conducting the Copper-Ore Ticketing. ib., ix, 288-95.

By C. S. Edsall, Accountant. Truro, Heard Letter from Benjamin Gompertz. ib., ix, 296-8.

and Sons, 1854, 8o., pp. 432, 42/-. On the law of human mortality, and on Mr.

EDWARD V. Gompertz's new exposition of his laws of mortality. By T. R. Edmonds. ib., ix, 327-41. Grant to Edward, the King's Son, of the [Also found as a Pamph., printed by E. & C. Duchy of Cornwall, 15 Ed. IV [1475). Br. Layton, 150, Fleet Street, n.d., 80., pp. 15). Museum Addit. MSS., 15,663, fol. 248.

Mr. Edmonds; College Life. By Professor De Morgan. ib., x, 29–30 (1862).

EDWARDS, JOHN PASSMORE (2nd son of Will. On the recent imputations made as to Mr. Edwards). b. Blackwater, near Chacewater, Gompertz's accuracy. By T. B. Sprague. ib., 24th March, 1824. x, 32–44.

The Temperance Tract Journal. Ed. by On the value of Mr. Gompertz's Formula for

J. P. Edwards). Nos. 1 and 2, January and the number living, in terms of the mortality

February, 1851, 80., pp. 32, ld each. according to age, compared with the value of a similar Formula published in 1832. By T. R.

Note.- No more published. Edmonds. ib., x, 104–113.

The Public Good : devoted to the advocacy of great principles and advancement of useful insti

tutions and the elevation of man. By J. P. On the Elastic Force of Steam of Maximum

Edwards. Lond., published by J. P. Edwards, Density; with a new Formula for the expression

2, Horse-Shoe Court, Ludgate Hill, n.d. (1849– of such force in terms of the Temperature.

51), 3 vols., 8o., Lond., Edinb., and Dub. Philos. Mog. and Journ. of Science, xxix, 169-87 (1865).

Note.—Originally appeared in twopenny monthly

parts. On the Laws of Density of Saturated Steam,

Public Good Almanac for 1851. Ed. by J. P. expressed by a new Formula. ib., xxx, 1-11 (1865).

Edwards. Lond., published at “Public Good" On the Laws of Human Mortality, expressed

Office, Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row, 1851, by a new Formula. ib., xxxi, 1–16, (1866).

89., 2d.

The Poetic Companion, for the fireside, the NOTE. — The Penzance Public Library have [re

fields, the woods, and the streams. [Ed. by printed) copies of the three preceding papers, bound in one volume, with the following printed title : "On the

J. P. Edwards). Lond., “Poetic Companion” Laws governing Human Mortality, Pressure of Saturated Office, Lovell’s Court, Paternoster Row, 1851, 8o. Steam, and Density of Saturated Steam. By T. R.

NOTE.-Originally appeared in twopenny monthly Edmonds. London, 1866,” 8o.

parts. The first is dated January, 1851. On Vital Force according to Age and the The Peace Advocate and Correspondent. [Ed. “English Life Table." ib., xxxviii, 18-33 (1869). / by J. P. Edwards). Lond., published by J. P.

Edwards, “Public Good” Office, Lovell's Court,


EDWARDS, John PassMORE. (Con.). Paternoster Row. Nos. 1 and 2, January and Revolutions and Reforms. ib., vi, 107–111. February, 1851, 80., pp. 32, ld. each.

The Greatest Evil. ib., vi, 282–85. Note.—No more published.

The Two Sisters. ib., vi, 169-73. The Eclectic Review. Lond., 1852-60, 8o.

The New Movement. ib., vii, 38-39 (1849). Tait's Edinburgh Magazine. Edinburgh, 1852 The Advantages of Knowledge. ib., vii, 127– -60, 8o.

29. Note.-During the years above-mentioned Mr. Ed

The English in France. ib., vii, 250-52. wards contributed to these two publications.

A Few Days in Paris. ib., vii, 301, 315, 329,

344, 358.
Lives of the Illustrious (The Biographical
Magazine). Lond., J. P. Edwards, 2, Horse-shoe
Court, Ludgate Hill, 1852–55, 7 vols., 80., 7/6

EDWARDS, RICHARD, M.A., M.D. (3rd son of each.

John Edwards). b. Cornwall. d. Falmouth, NotE.-Originally appeared in sixpenny monthly

12th Sept., 1827. cf. Gent. Mag., xcvii, pt. 2, parts.

471 (1827); Annual Biog. for 1828, p. 433; The War a blunder and a crime. By J. P.

New Monthly Mag., xxi, 485 (1827). Edwards. Lond., published by Houlston and A.D. 1813, No. 3667. Specification of R. Stoneman, Paternoster Row, n.d. [1855], 80., Edwards, of the parish of Budock, Doctor of pp. 50, 1/

Physic, and William Williams, of the Borough Shot and Shell. (Ed. by J. Passmore Ed of Penryn, Surgeon, for the invention of “A wards]. 1855, 1d. weekly.

certain process for extracting arsenic from any Note.-Announced for publication, but was never

of the ores or other substances in which it is commenced, owing to the cessation of the Russian War. contained, in a purer state than it is at present

The Mechanics' Magazine. Lond., 1860-68, procured in this kingdom.” 2 section plans. 8o.

Lond., 1813, fol.—Reprinted, Lond., Eyre and

Spottiswoode, 1856, fol., pp. 7, 9d. • Note.-During the years above-mentioned Mr. Ed. wards was proprietor of this Magazine. He succeeded

MSS. additions to Pryce's Mineralogia. By Mr. E. J. Reed as Editor, upon that gentleman's ap Dr. Edwards. cf. Journ. R.I.C., Oct., 1864, p. ix. pointment to the Controllership of the Navy.

The Building News and Engineering Journal. EDWARDS, REV. WILLIAM. Wesleyan Minister [Ed. by J. P. Edwards). Printed and published in Cornwall 1824. d. Ipswich, 16th May, for the proprietor [J. P. Edwards), by E. J. 1860, aged 70. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., Kibblewhite, 31, Tavistock Street, Covent Gard

lxxxiii, 842 (1860). en, London. Plates. Weekly, fol., pp. 28, 3d. Note.-In progress. Mr. Edwards has been the

Memoir of Mrs. Amey Brokenshire (daughter proprietor of this paper since 1861. The circulation is

of Mr. Verco, of Rathern Bridge), who died at now (1871) 7,000 a week.

Brixham, 14th April, 1824, aged 71. Methodist English Mechanic and World of Science ;

Mag., xlvii, 716 (1824). with which are incorporated “The Mechanic," “Scientific Opinion," and the “ British and EDWARDS, ZACHARY. Foreign Mechanic.” [Ed. by J. P. Edwards).

Primitiæ. [In verse]. With eight photoWoodcuts. Lond., printed and published (for

graphs. By Z. Edwards. Lond., Provost & Co. the proprietor, J. P. Edwards) by E. J. Kibble

(successors to A. W. Bennett), 5, Bishopsgate white, 31, Tavistock Street, London. Weekly, fol., pp. 32, 2d.

Without, 1869, 89., pp. viii and 202, 7/6. Note.-In progress. Mr. Edwards has been the

Note.—Contains views of Tintagel Castle, Tintagel proprietor of this paper since 1869. The circulation is

Head, &c. now (1871) 27,000 a week.

Banquet to J. Passmore Edwards, Esq. [Lond., EFFINGAM, John. d. near Penryn, circa W. H. Collingridge, Aldersgate Street, n.d., 29th 6th Feb., 1757, aged 144. cf. Public AdrerOct., 1866], 80., pp. 8.

tiser, 18th Feb., 1757. • NOTE.—Without Title-page. The Mission of Richard Cobden. Houitt's

ELFIN.. Journ., iii, 200–203 (1848).

A Cornish Ghost Story. A Night's Adventures The Peace Congress. People's Journ., vi, 197– at the Devil's Stile, or Jacky Trevose and Mary 200, 225–28 (1848).

Trevean. By “Elfin." Truro, James R. NetherThe Pleasures of Knowledge. ib., vi, 323–25. | ton, Lemon Street, 1862, 8°., pp. 19, 3d.

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