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EGAN, PIERCE (son of James Egan). b. London,

ELIOT, EDWARD. (Con.). 4th Sept., 1773. d. London, 3rd Aug., 1849.

and Switzerland, in 1744-48. MSS. Port Eliot. Pierce Egan's Book of Sports and Mirror Ten Letters from W. Harte to E. Eliot, 1746of Life; embracing the turf, the chase, the ring, 52. MSS. ib. and the stage; interspersed with original memoirs Six Letters from Lord Chesterfield to E. Eliot, of sporting men, etc. Dedicated to George 1747 or 48. MSS. ib. Osbaldeston, Esq. Lond., Tegg, 1832, pp. iv Note.-Lord Chesterfield sent his son, Philip Stanand 414.

hope, as travelling companion with E. Eliot, under Rev.

W. Harte. One of the letters is of condolence with E. Note.--No. xxi, price 3d., « The Wrestlers," con

Eliot, on the occasion of his father's death. tains notices of the following Cornish wrestlers :Polkinghorne, George Saunders (of the Coldstream Three Letters from P. Stanhope, at Leipzig, Regiment of Guards), Francis Olver, Trewicke, John to E. Eliot, at Port Eliot. 1748. MSS. ib. son, Cocks, Benjamin Sambell.

A Letter from R. Nugent to E. Eliot. London,


Four letters from Edward Gibbon, of Benton MAND Louis LEONCE. See Dufrénoy, P. A.

(father of the Historian), to E. Eliot (who m.

his niece, Catherine Elliston). 1753, 1767. MSS. ELIOT FAMILY, of Cornwall. cf. Brydges' ed. of Collins' Peerage, viii, 3–7; N. & ., 3 S.,

Seven Letters from E. Gibbon (the Historian) iv, 305 (1863).

to E. Eliot. 1775–88. MSS. ib. Genealogical Memoranda, relating to the Letters from W. Pitt to Lord Eliot. Walmer families of Eliot, of Port Eliot, and Craggs, of | Castle, 10th Oct., 1797. MSS. ib. Wyserley. Copied from Documents in the pos | Letters from John Whitaker to Lord Eliot, session of the Rt. Honble. the Earl of St. Ger- 1793-95, about his “ Ancient Cathedral of Cornmans. Lond., privately printed by Taylor & Co., wall.” MSS. ib. Little Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 1868, Letter from Lord Chesterfield to Edward Eliot, 4°., pp. 16.

Esq., dated Bath, 19th Oct., 1748. Lord ChestNOTE.-Originally appeared in Miscell. Geneal. et / erfield's Letters (Mahon's ed.), v, 449-50. Herald, ii, 34-49. Genealogy of the Eliot family. Originally

ELIOT, EDWARD GRANVILLE (only son of Will., compiled by W. H. Eliot, jun. ; revised and en

2nd Earl). 3rd Earl of St. Germans. 6. Port larged by W. S. Porter. Newhaven, Conn., Eliot, 29th Aug., 1798. George B. Bassett and Co., 1854, 80., pp. 184. Advice to the Government on the subject of

NOTE.-The account of the Cornish family con. | Irish Education, in a series of Letters on Edutained in pp. 17-29, 181–2.

cational Reform, addressed to the Right Hon. Pedigree of Eliot family. Br. Museum Addit. Lord Eliot, M.P. By an Educational Advocate. MSS., 5,839, pp. 451-3, 460.

Belfast, printed for the Author, and sold by

W. H. Parker, Lond.... 1842, 12o., pp. iv and 71. ELIOT, LADY CATHERINE (dau. of Edward Reasons for not signing an address to Her

Elliston, and wife of Edward, 1st Baron Eliot, Majesty on the subject of the recent so-called of St. Germans). b. 1735. d. Port Eliot, 23rd Papal Aggression. By the Earl of St. Germans. Feb., 1804.

2nd ed., Lond., James Ridgway, 1850, 80., pp. 16. NOTE.-Lady Eliot was maternal cousin to Gibbon.

Marriages Bill. Speeches of the Earl of St. See ander Eliot, Edward.

Germans and Viscount Gage, in the House of

Lords, Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1851. Printed for the ELIOT, EDWARD (son of Rich. Eliot). Baron Marriage Law Reform Association. Lond., James

Eliot of St. Germans, 30th Jan., 1784. Com- | Madden, 8, Leadenhall Street, 1851, 8o., pp. 32. missioner of the Board of Trade, 1760-1776. Note.—Lord St. Germans' Speech, pp. 3—24. b. St. George's, Hanover Square, London, 8th

Marriage with a deceased wife's sister. Speech July, 1727. d. Port Eliot, 17th Feb., 1804.

of the Earl of St. Germans, in the House of cf. Gent. Mag., lxxiv, pt. i, 186 (1804); H.

Lords, Monday, June 21, 1852, on the presentaWalpole's Journ. of Geo. III, from 1771-83,

tions of petitions in favour of rendering lawful ïi, 26; Boswell's Johnson (ed. 1848), pp. 511,

marriage with a deceased wife's sister. Published 642, 680, 748 ; Mem. of Life and Writings of

for the Marriage Law Reform Association. Lond., E. Gibbon (ed. 1827), i, 16, 57, 226 ; ii, 75,

, 19; Seeleys, 1852, 80., pp. 24. 123, 125, 138; Chesterfield's Letters (Mahon's

Marriages Bill. Speeches of the Earl of St. ed.), i, 65, 169, 224 ; ii, 355, 364 ; iv, 337.

Germans, the Earl of Albemarle, the Lord Letters from E. Eliot to his father, R. Eliot, Ravensworth, and the Earl Grey, in the House written during his tour through Holland, Prussia, 1 of Lords, on the 25th April, 1856. Printed for

ELIOT, EDWARD GRANVILLE. (Con.). the Marriage Law Reform Association. Lond., T. Hatchard, 1856, 80., pp. 34.

NOTE.-Lord St. Germans' Speech, pp. 3—24. Addresses delivered at Meetings of the Senate of the Queen's University in Ireland, to confer degrees on Students of the Queen's Colleges of Belfast, Cork, and Galway. By the Rt. Hon. Maziere Brady...from the year 1852 to 1858. And those of the Lords Lieutenants of Ireland, who successively attended those meetings. Dublin, Hodges, Smith & Co., 1859, 8o., pp. iv and 102.—2nd ed., Dublin, Hodges, 1863, 80., pp. iv and 178.

Note.-Lord St. Germans' Speech contained in pp. 27—9.

ELIOT, Hon. EDWARD JAMES (2nd son of 1st

Baron Eliot). b. Port Eliot; 24th Aug., 1758. d. Port Eliot, 20th Sept., 1797. cf. Gent. Mag., lxvii, pt. 2, 896 (1797).

Nine Letters from E. J. Eliot to hïs Father. 1785–89. MSS. Port Eliot.

ELIOT, SIR JOHN, KNT. (son of Rich. Eliot,

who d. 1609). bapt. Port Eliot, 20th April, 1590. d. In the Tower of London, 27th Nov., 1632. cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 478–79; Gent. Mag., viii, 483 (1837); Sir R. Verney's Notes of the Long Parliament (Camden Soc., 1845), pp. 102– 4; I. DIsraeli's Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles I (1828), ii, 268–84, iv, 507– 48; Lord Nugent's Some Memorials of J. Hampden, i, 150–77; Echard's History (1720), p. 424 ; Aikin's Charles I, i, 265; Biog. Brit.; W. H. Dicon's Her Majesty's Tower (1870–71), iv, 3.

The Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England... By John Forster. Lond., Longman, 1840, 5 vols., 8o.

Note. - Account of Sir J. Eliot, i, 1–177. Reprinted from (Lardner's Cabinet Encyclopædia) Lives of Eminent British Statesmen, ii, 1–125.

Sir John Eliot; a Biography. 1590-1632. By John Forster. Portrait. Lond., Longman, 1864, 2 vols., 8o., 30/

Sir J. Eliot, his grave and learned Speech, spoken in the High Court of Parliament, desiring an orderlie proceeding in matters of religion, and that it may not be onely disputed of, but firmely established, as it ought to be ; expressing the misprision and errour whereby His Majesty is traduced by evill members about him ; and the great danger of overwhelming that we were in by the Bishops' Articles and their proceedings; exhorting to maintaine our King, Country, and Religion, even with the sword, against all opposers; with a motion propounded for laying down of the grounds wherein the Arminians and we differ. Lond., printed for V. V., 1641, 4°. Without pagination.

The Argvments upon the Writ of Habeas Corpus, in the Court of King's Bench,.. Whereunto is annexed the Petition of Sir J. Elliot, Knight, in behalf of the Liberty of the Subject, Lond., printed by M. F., for W. Lee, M. Walbancke, D. Pakeman, and G. Bedell, 1649, 4o.,


Eliot (eldest son of 3rd Earl of St. Germans). b. 2nd April, 1827. bapt. St. George's, Hanover Square, 16th May. d. Port Eliot, 26th Nov., 1864. cf. Gent. Mag., xviii, 119 (1865).

Begins “ Address to the Right Hon. Lord Eliot,” sin recommendation of J. Kingsley's County Books]. [Dublin, 1841 (3)], 80, Br. Museum.

ELIOT, HARRIET (natural dau. of James Craggs and wife of Richard Eliot, who d. 1748). b. 1714. bur. St. Germans, 1st Feb., 1769, cf. Chatham Correspondence, iv, 373,

ELIOT, JEMIMA. Countess of St. Germans

(3rd dau. of Charles, 2nd Marquis Cornwallis, and wife of 3rd Earl of St, Germans). d. 2nd July, 1856.

Gleanings of Verse. Edited by Granville Edward Harcourt Vernon, and sold by the Countess of St. Germans, for the benefit of the distressed Irish, at the Bazaar held in the Regent's Park Barracks, May, 1847. [With a Preface by the Countess).' [Whittingham, Chiswick, 1847), 4°., pp. 64.

Note.-The Petition of Sir J. Eliot is comprised in pp. 91–95.

Eliot, Hampden, and Pym ; or a Reply of “The Author of a Book” entitled “Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles the First,” to “ The Author of a Book” entitled “Some Memorials of John Hampden, his Party and his Times.” [Signed I. D’Israeli). Lond., Coļburn and Bentley, 1832, 8o., pp. 50.

ELIOT, JOHN (3rd and youngest son of Rich.

Eliot, who d. 1748). Governor of Eust Florida. b. Port Eliot, 12th June, 1741. d. East Florida, 12th June, 1769. cf. Charnock's Biog. Navalis, vi, 391.

Speech in the Parliament at Oxford, 10th Aug., 1625, MSS. Port Eliot, in Sir J. Eliot's handwriting ; [Lands. MSS., 491, fol. 195).

NOTE. - It is doubtful whether this Speech were


ELIOT, Sir John. (Con.). delivered by Sir Robert Cotton or Sir J. Eliot. cf. Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 1627. ib., 1,721, art. 14. Forster's Life, i, 413; Life of Sir R. Cotton, in Edwards'

Sir J. Eliot's Speech against Secretary Cooke's Lives of Founders of Br. Museum, i, 93—96.

calling the Duke of Buckingham a great man. The Report of the Committee on the Stan

ib., 2,217, art. 20. [Printed in Rushworth, i, naries. 27th May, 1628. MSS. Port Eliot.

526). Negotium Posterorum. 1628–32. MSS. ib.

Sir J. Eliot's Speech to induce the RemonDe Jure Majestatis. 1629. 121 folios. MSS. ib.

strance. ib., 2,217, art. 29, pp. 36-40. The Project for New England for Mr. Hamp

Sir J. Eliot's Speech at the Committee, 30th den; or the grounds for settling a plantation in

Jan., 1628. ib., 2,217, art. 47. New England. 1629, fol. MSS. ib.

The Monarchie of Man. A Treatise, PhilosoAn Apology for Socrates (upon a judgment

phicall and Morall; wherein some questions of in ye Court of King's Bench, against ye privelege

the Politicks are obviously discust. By Sir J. of Parliament, 5 Čar. I). 1632. MSS. ib.

Eliot, Knight, Prisoner in the Tower, 1631. Verses. MSS. ib.

ib., 2,228, fol., pp. 426 [cf. The Statesmen, etc., Commission and Articles of Enquiry in Ad

pp. 125–77; Forster's Life of Eliot,i, 31, 581 miralty Suits. 1626. MSS. ib.

-616). Depositions before the Commissioners, in 1627,

Petition to the King concerning the loan, against Sir J. Eliot, as Vice-Admiral. MSS. ib.

1628. ib., 2,234, art. 17, pp. 279-282; cf. also Proceedings in Parliament on Election of

4,619, art. 6. [Printed in Rushworth, i, 429–31]. Knights of the Shire for Cornwall. 1627.

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 22nd March, 1627. ib., MSS. ib.

2,305, art. 21; 6,799, art. 96. Papers in the matter of the information against

Sir J. Eliot's Speech in answer to a Message Sir J. Eliot. MSS. ib.

of thanks from the King, 5th April, 1628. iv., Original Letters and Correspondence of Sir

2,305, art. 32; 6,800, art. 19. J. Eliot 1 vol. MSS. ib.

Answer of...Sir J. Eliot touching seditious Inventory of the goods of Sir J. Eliot, 6th

behaviour in Parliament. ib., 2,305, art. 120. April, 1633, at Cuddenbeake and Port Eliot.

Speech of Sir J. Eliot concerning the Election On a parchment roll, 40 to 50 feet long. MSS. ib.

at Newport, in Cornwall. ib., 6,799, art. 94. NOTE.—The MSS. by and belonging to Sir J. Eliot,

| Speech concerning the King's proposition for now at Port Eliot, are bound in morocco, and are in 10 yols. cf. “ 1st Rep. of Royal Commission on Historical

a supply, 2nd April, 1628. ib., 6,800, art. 16 MSS. (Lond., 1870, fol.),” pp. 42–44.

[cf. MSS., Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm. iv, 24, art.

16; printed in Rushworth, ii, 520–23]. The Collection of Sir J. Eliot's Speeches, Speech in the House of Commons upon the touching grievances, to induce the House to make subjects' grievances, anno 1640 (sic). ib., 6,801, a remonstrance to the King, 3rd June, 1628. art. 14. Harl. MSS., 37, art. 44, pp. 347–50; 721, art. Petition in the Star Chamber, that Sir J. 95, pp. 589-605 ; 2,305, art. 89; 6,799, art. Eliot and the other Members of the House of 103; 6,800, art. 67.

Commons may have their Counsel to visit them. Information against Sir J. Eliot and others. | iv., 6,846, art. 120. ib., 39, art. 46, pp. 412–422; 2,217, art. 55, pp. 88-94.

A copy of the Petition of Sir J. Eliot, a Sir D. Carleton's Explanation of his Speech, prisoner in the Gatehouse, to the King, concernwith Sir J. Eliot's Answer, delivered 20th May, ing the loan, 1628. Lands. MSS., 93, art. 40. 1626. ib., 49, art. 12, pp. 79-89.

Sir J. Eliot's Speech at a conference with the Sir John Eliot's Speech, 27th March, 1626. | Lords on the affair of the Duke of Buckingham, ib., 161, art. 25, pp. 61-63.

1626. ib., 93, art. 44. Sir J. Eliot's Epilogue before the Lords against A Speech of Sir J. Eliot, not spoken but inthe Duke of Buckingham. ib., 161, art. 26, pp. tended. ib., 491, art. 15. 63-65. His Majestie's Message to the House, for re

Original Letter from Sir J. Eliot to Sir R. tayning Sir J. Eliot, 26th May, 1626. ib., 161, Cotton. Cottonian MSS., Julius, C ii, 184. art. 47. Sir J. Eliot's Speech in answer to the King's

Sir J. Eliot's Speech, May 10, 1626. AshMessage, 4th April, 1628. ib., 161, art. 70, pp. molean MSS., Bod. Lib., 800, art. 35, fol. 1596– 167–70; 1,721, art. 29, pp. 115-19.

164. Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 28th April, 1628, on

Sir J. Eliot's Speech at a conference about the right, liberty, and property of the subject. the Duke of Buckingham. ib., 830, art. 61. ib., 1,219, art. 103, pp. 330-33.


ELIOT, Sir John. (Con.).

ELIOT, Sir John. (Con.). Petition of Sir J. Eliot, prisoner in the Gate-/ Sir J. Eliot's Speech, 25th March, 1628. house, to the King, concerning the loans. Tanner Sloune MSS., Br. Museum, 826, fol. 50. MSS., Bod. Lib., 72, art. 5.

Notes of Proceedings in the House of ComSpeech of Sir J. Eliot in Parliament, 2nd mons, 23rd Feb., 1628, containing the Speech March, 1628–9. ib., 72, art. 150; 395, art. 3. | of Sir J. Eliot. ib., 826, fol. 147, [Printed in “Speeches and Arguments of the Conference.” Lond., 1642, 4o.).

Letter by certain justices of the co. of CornPart of Sir J. Eliot's Answer to the Informa- wall to others of their own rank, and to the tion brought against him in the Star Chamber, | freeholders generally, to join with them in taking 1628–9. ib., 72, art. 152.

care to elect men of moderation and gravity for

Knights of the Shire, 10th Feb., 1627. MISS., The Humble Petition of Sir J. Eliot, Knight,

penes John Harvey, Esq., at Ickwell Bury, in Hertprisoner in the Gatehouse, concerning the loan,

fordshire. 1626. MSS., Camb. Unir. Lib., Ff, iii, 17, art. Note.--Sir J. Trelawny, Bart., has the original of 3, pp. 114-16; [printed in Prymni's Tracts and

this letter; and at Montacute, in Somersetshire, is the

warrant, by Lord Keeper Coventry, for removing Sir J. Parl. Hist., ii, 209; Rushworth, i, 439).

Eliot and others from the office of Justice of the Peace, Sir J. Ellyott's Speeche in the Parliament which warrant was the cause of the letter. Hoyse, 1626. ib., Gg. iv, 13, art. 7.

Speeches in Parliament of Sir J, Eliot, 1626– Sir J. Eliott's Speech upon the Impeachment

27. MSS., ib. of the Duke of Buckingham, 2 Charles I. ib., li. v, 9, art. 11. [Printed in Rushworth, i, 353).

Speeches in Parliament of Sir J. Eliot, 1640 Sir J. Eliot, his Speech, 31st March, 1626.

(sic). MSS., ib. ib., Mm. iv, 38, art. 40, fol. 326. [Printed ib.,

Petition of Sir J. Eliot, when prisoner in the i, 220-21). Sir J. Eliot's Speech against the Duke of Buck

Gatehouse, concerning the loan. Br. Museum ingham on the £10,000 extracted from the East

Addit. MI SS., 2,531, art. 3. India Company, May, 1626. ib., Mm. iv, 38,

Mr. Eliot's Speech against the oath ex-officio, art. 62, fol. 92. [Printed, with variations, ib.,

ib., 1,200, art. 15. i, 352-56, 362].

Speech of Sir J. Eliot. ib., 2,531, art. 9. Sir J. Eliot, his Speech, not spoke, but found

Sir Dudley Carleton's Explanation of his in his chamber after the being committed to the

Speech, delivered May 12, 1626, with Sir J. Tower. ib., Mm. iv, 38, art. 66, fol. 95b.

Eliot's Answer, May 20, 1626. ib., 4,106, art. Sir J. Eliot's Speech in Parliament upon religious grievances, June, 1628. ib., Mm. v,

Sir J. Eliot's Speech against the Duke of Buck1, art. 10, fol. 32. [Printed in Parl. Hist. Eng.,

ingham, 1626. ib., 4,155, art. 28. ii, 450-53; and in Rushworth, i, 591-927.

Letter from J. Hampden to Sir J. Eliot, dated Remonstrance of the Commons to Charles I,

Hampden, 21st March, 1631. ib., *5,016, fol. on the committal of Sir Dudley Digges and Sir

1. [Printed in Hone's Every Day Book, ii, 475-76).

Nr. Eliot's Speech in the House of Commons, J. Eliot. ib., Mm. vi, 62, art. 11, fol. 90-92.

1640. ib., 6,411, Ff. 62-63b.

Petition of Sir J. Eliot, prisoner in the GateThe Collection of Sir J. Eliot's Speeches in

house, concerning the loan. ib., 12,511. Parliament, “taken by H. W., T. B., and others." Information in the Star Chamber, May, 1629, Begins “We sit here as the greate councell of acainst divers parliament men, viz., Sir J. Eliot...; the king." MSS., penes J. Tollemache, M.P., at with the arguments of Mr. Will. Mason, of Helminghain Hall.

Lincoln's Inn, for Sir J. Eliot. ib., 12,511; Proceedings in the Star Chamber, in the mat MISS., Camb. Univ. Lib., Mm. v, 1, art. 10, fol. ter of Sir J. Eliot, Miles Hobart, P. Haymon, 74; Mm. vi, 57, art. 36, fol. 118–22. Printed in and D. Holles, and the pleadings thereon. MSS., Rushworth, i, 665-70, 686-91.

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Letter of Sir J. Eliot to the Duke of BuckSir J. Elliott, his Speech, in the Commons l ingham, dated Nov. 8, 1623. Cabula (1691), House of Parliament, Jan. 3rd, 1628. Hargrave MSS., Br. Museum, 226, art. 29. [Printed in

pt. 1, p. 377. Rushworth, i, 648-49).

ELIOT, John. M.P. for St. Germans (eldest The Petition of Sir J. Elliott, when prisoner

son of Sir J. Eliot). bapt. Port Eliot, 18th in the Gatehouse, to His Majesty. ib., 226, art.

Oct., 1612. bur. St. Germans, 25th March, 1865,


ELIOT, John. (Con.).

ELLACOMBE, Rev. Henry Thomas. (Con.). Papers relating to Sir John Eliot's eldest son, at St. Mary's, Penzance, on Tuesday, the 31st and the sums voted to him in consideration of of October, 1865, by the Rev. H. T. Ellacombe. his father's sufferings. The vote of £5000 in Lond., Bell and Daldy; Penzance, W. Cornish; 1646 and the son's petition. MSS. Port Eliot. / 1865, 80., pp. 23, 6d.

Original documents regarding the appoint- Bell Marks [Cornish]. Willis' Current Notes, ment of J. Eliot to be Vice-Admiral of the 1855, p. 29. county of Devon. MSS. ib.

List of the Ancient and Modern Bells in the

Parish Churches in Cornwall. Trans. Exeter ELIOT, JOHN CRAGGS (2nd son and heir of Edw. Dioc. Architect. Soc., 2 S., i, 407–9 (1867).

Eliot, 1st Baron Eliot). cr. Earl of St. Germans, 28th Nov., 1815. b. Port Eliot, 30th

ELLIOT, Rev. St. John. R. of Ladock 1749– Sept., 1761. d. Port Eliot, 17th Nov., 1823.

60; R. of Truro 1746-60. d. 1760. cf. cf. Gent. Mag., xciv, pt. i, 82 (1824).

Sidney's Life of Walker, pp. 43, 49-50, 446,

470. ELIOT, RICHARD. Judge of the Court of Com

mon Pleas, 1513–22. b. Cornwall (?). d. circa 1522. bur. Salisbury Cathedral. cf.

ELLIS FAMILY, of Sennen. Foss' Judges, v, 158.

Notices of the Ellises of England, Scotland,

and Ireland. By W. S. Ellis. In 4 numbers. ELIOT, RICHARD, M.P. (3rd son of Will. Eliot,

1857–66. Not published. living in 1694). Auditor and Receiver-General

NOTE.- Notices of the Ellis family, of Sennen, will to the Prince of Wales. bapt. St. Germans,

be found in ii, 66–67, iii, 151, iv, 275. 28th Oct., 1694. d. 19th Nov., 1748. cf. Granger's Biog. Dict. (Noble's ed.), iii, 249,

ELLIS, CARTERET JOHN WILLIAM (son of John where he is called Edward Eliot.

Ellis, of Sennen). b. James Street, West20 Letters from R. Eliot to his son, E. Eliot

minster, 11th Sept., 1805. d. Clapham Park, (afterwards 1st Lord Eliot), 1724-48. MSS.

4th Oct., 1858. Port Eliot.

Truro, Redruth, and Penzance Railway ComELIOT, WILLIAM (4th son of Edward, 1st Baron).

pany, in continuation of the London, Exeter, 3rd Baron Eliot and 2nd Earl of St. Germans.

and Falmouth Railway, with a breakwater at b. Port Eliot, 1st April, 1767. d. 19th Jan.,

Penlee Point, Mount's Bay. n.d. [1836], fol., 1845. cf. Gent. Mag., xxiii, 426–27 (1845).

pp. 4. Letters from W. Eliot to his father, 1793–94.

Note.—Drawn up by C. J. W. Ellis. DISS. Port Eliot.

Published by desire, and dedicated to the Original Draft of Letters from Hon. W. Eliot Working Classes. A Lecture on National Edu-· to Lord Grenville. Hague and Berlin, 1793– cation, delivered at the Plymouth Mechanics' 94. MSS. ib.

Institute, in 1850, and at Burleigh, in the New Fourteen Letters from Lord Malmesbury to Forest, 1852. By C. J. W. Ellis, M.A., of Trin. Hon. W. Eliot. Berlin, 1793-94. MSS. ib. Coll., Cambridge, and Barrister-at-Law of the

Copies of 35 Letters from Hon. W. Eliot to Hon. Soc. of the Middle Temple. 2nd ed., Lord Grenville. Berlin, 1793. MSS. ib. Lond., E. Stanford, 6, Charing Cross, 1854, 8o.,

pp. 16. ELIOT, HON. WILLIAM GORDON CORNWALLIS (3rd son of 3rd Earl of St. Germuns). cr.

ELLIS, SIR HENRY, K.H., F.R.S. Principal Baron Eliot, of St. Germans, 14th Sept., 1870.

Librarian of the Br. Museum. b. Shoreditch, b. 14th Dec., 1829.

29th Nov., 1777. d. 15th Jan., 1869. Krim-Girai, Khan of the Crimea. Translated

Seal of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of from the German of Theodore Mundt, by Hon.

the Romans. Archæol., xxxii, 408, 1847; (Proc. W. G. C. Eliot. Lond., Murray, 1856, 8o., pp.

Soc. of Antiq., i, 165, 1847]. . xvi and 192. NOTE.— Translator's Preface signed Berlin, Oct. 26,

On the Early History of Lord Lieutenants of 1855.

Counties. ib., xxxv, 350-58 (1853).

Tanner’s Notitia Monastica for Cornwall, from ELLACOMBE, Rev. HENRY THOMAS, M.A., | Nasmith's edition, folio, 1787, with additions.

F.S.A. R. of Clyst St. George, Devon. b. May, | D. Gilbert's Cornwall, App., iv, 319–36. 1790.

Note.-The additions were communicated to D, The Bells of the Church. A Sermon, preached | Gilbert by Sir H. Ellis.

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