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ELLIS, HENRY S., F.R.A.S. b. Exeter.

On the Oysters in the West of England. By H. S. Ellis, Fair Park, Magdalen Road, Exeter. Journ. Bath & W. E. Soc., xii, pt. 2, 324–28 (1864). ELLISON, BENJAMIN. b. Birkenshaw, near

Leeds, 1784.

An account of the trial and execution of Benjamin Ellison, who was hanged at Bodmin, on Monday, the 11th of August, 1845, for the Murder of Elizabeth Ruth Seaman, at the borough of Penzance [7th July, 1845). Liddell and Sons, printers, Bodmin, n.d. (1845), fol., 6. sh. ELWINUS OP ALUNUS. Came from Ireland

into Cornwall with S. Breaca, circa 460. cf. Leland's Itin. (2nd ed., 1744), iii, fol. 4; Acta

Sanctorum, 27th Oct., xii, 293. EMIDY, T. H. (som of Joseph Antonio Emidy).

b. Falmouth, 5th July, 1805. d. Truro, 2nd March, 1871.

The Royal Cornwall and Devon Artillery Quadrilles. Composed and arranged for the Piano-Forte, by Thos. Emidy (of Truro). Dedi. cated, by permission, to Lady Rashleigh, of Prideaux. Truro, published at the Piano-Forte and Music Warehouse of Mrs. Heard and Sons, Boscawen Street; Lond., D'Almaine and Co., 20, Soho Square; (1855), fol., pp. 5, 2/6.

The Cornwall Archery Quadrille. Composed and arranged for the Piano-Forte, and dedicated, with permission, to the Ladies of the Truro Archery Club. By T. H. Emidy, Professor of Music. Published for the Author, No. 4, Charles Street, Truro (1864), fol., pp. 5, 2/6.

The Workingman's Club Waltzes. By T. H. Emidy.

NOTE.-Announced for publication in 1870, but never printed, in consequence of the author's death. ENGLISH, HENRY.

Glossary of Mining Terms used in South America, Cornwall, and Derbyshire. By H. English. 1830, 8o.

NOTE. — Originally appeared as a Supp. to The Mining Review. The Glossary of the Cornish Mining Terms was compiled by W. J. Henwood, F.R.S. ENGLISHMAN, An. pseud., i.e., Sir F. Basset.

See De Dunstanville, Lord. ENTY, REV. JOHN (son of a tailor in Cornwall).

d. 1743.

Memoir of Rev. J. Enty, by John Fox. Monthly Repository, xvi, 325–27 (1821).

Note.-A Satire on Rev. J. Enty, by Mr. Kellow of Fowey, is referred to in the above.

ENTY, Rev. Jonx. (Con.). The Ministry secur'd from Contempt. A Sermon (on Tit., ü, 15) preached at Exon, Sept. 10, 1707, before an Assembly of the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwal, by J. Enty. Lond., printed for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Old-Change, near St. Paul's, 1707, 40., pp. 32, 6d. Br. Juseum, Dr. Williams'.

NOTE.-The Dedication to the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall, is dated Plymouth, Oct., 1707.

The Innocence of Protestant Dissenters clear'd and vindicated in reference to the transactions of 41 and the death of K. Charles I. In a Sermon son Acts, xv, 7 and 8) preach'd at Plymouth, Jan. 30th, 1718, being a lecture day. By J. Enty. Lond., printed for J. Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1717, 80., pp. 59, 6d. Br. Museum.

A defence of the proceedings of the late Assembly at Exon (on the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall). Being a reply to Mr. Peirce's Remarks on those proceedings. To which are added some brief animadversions on a paper subscribed by Mr. Peirce, &c. ... And also a short postscript, containing some remarks on a late pamphlet of Mr. George Jacomb's. By J. Enty. Lond., printed for J. Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1719, 8°., pp. 84, 1/- Br. Museum, Dr. Williams'.

An Answer to Mr. Enty's defence of the proceedings of the Assembly at Exon. By J. Peirce. Lond., printed for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1719, 80. pp. 106. 1/6. Dr. Williams'.

Note.- At p. 97 commences ** A Reply to Mr. Enty's brief animadversions on a Paper,” &c.

The Western Inquisition; or a relation of the Controversy which has been lately among the Dissenters in the West of England. By James Peirce. Lond., printed for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1720, 80., pp. 192, 2/- Dr. Williams'.

Propositions relating to the controversy among the Dissenters in the West, concerning the Trinity. In a letter to the Rev. Mr. J. Enty. By James Peirce). Lond., printed for T. Bickerton, at the Crown, in Pater-noster-row...1720, 8o., pp. 24, 3d. Br. Museum.

Truth and Liberty consistent and maintain'd; being a farther defence of the proceedings of the Assembly at Exon, in answer to Mr. Peirce; wherein the reader will find obviated whatever is material in certain Propositions, in an anonymous letter to Mr. J. Enty. By J. Enty. Lond., printed for J. Clark, &c. MDDCXX (1720 ?], 80, pp. 235, 2). Br. Museum.

A reply to Mr. Enty's late piece, intituled “Truth and Liberty consistent, etc.,” as far as

ENTY, Rev. JOHN. (Con.).

ENTY, Rev. JOHN. (Con.). it relates to the controversy concerning the of faith in matters of religion, and particularly Trinity. By the Author of the Propositions as to the doctrine of the deity of our Saviour, addressed to him [J. Peirce). Lond., printed is considered ; and the Assembly of the United for J. Noon, at the White-Hart, in Cheapside... Ministers of Devon and Cornwall is further 1721,8°., pp. 85, 1/-, Br. Museum, Dr. Williams'. defended. To which is added a second letter to

The Security of Truth, without the assistance Mr. Nation, in answer to his vindication of himof persecution or scurrility ; being an Answer self. Anon. Lond., 1732, 8o., pp. 70. to Mr. Enty's “Truth and Liberty consistent NOTE.—Contains also "A Postscript; being a third and maintain'd." By J. Peirce. Lond., printed letter to Mr. Nation,” pp. 71–87. cf. “J. Darling's for John Clark, at the Bible and Crown, in the Cyclop. Bibliog., " sub Enty, John. Poultry, near Cheapside, 1721, 80., pp. 136, 1/6. Bod. Lib.

ENVERNUS. A stated Ministry and Presbyterian ordination Seal Hunting in Cornwall. Once a Week, iv, vindicated. By John Withers. St. Paul's love | 406–8 (1867). to souls considered and recommended. By J. Enty. Being Two Sermons, preach'd at the ENYS, FRANCIS (2nd son of John Enys). b. Ordination of Mr. Peter Jilleard, at Crediton, 1752. d. Enys, 12th April, 1821. in the County of Devon, October 21, 1724... To

Anecdotes of the Cornish Sheriffs. MSS. at which is added Mr. Jilleard's confession of faith

| Enys. cf. N. & Q., 3 S., viii, 474 (1865). ... Lond., printed for J. Clark and Richard Hett, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry, near | ENYS. JOHN (son of Thos. Enus). Cheapside, MDCCXXV, 80., pp. 102, 1/ Br. Museum.

29th March, 1625. Sale of a Messuage in

the Parish of St. Keverne, from NOTE.—Enty's Sermon, pp. 43—93.

J. Enys to

Nath. Pearse. Harl. MSS., 6,243, art. 8. A Sermon (on Ps. cxxxii, 17-18] preached at Exon, October the 11th, 1727, being the day of ENYS, LIEUT.-COL. JOHN, 29th Regt. (3rd their most excellent Majesties' ... Coronation,

son of John Enys). b. 1772. d. i1th Oct., by J. Enty. Exon, printed by And. Brice, for

1802. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxii, 981 (1802). Aaron Tozer, jun., Bookseller, at the sign of the Bible, in the High-Street, 1727, 80., pp. 36, 4d.

ENYS, JOHN SAMUEL, F.G.S. (son of Samuel Br. Museum.

Oliver Hunt and Lucy Ann Enys; his father, A Preservative against several abuses and

in 1813, took the name of Enys only, by corruptions of Reveal'd Religion; containing

royal license). b. 21st Sept., 1796. Remarks on a late book of Mr. Joseph Hallet, jun., entitled A Collection of Notes, etc. By

Remarks on the intensity and quantity of the J. Enty. Exon, printed by Andrew Brice, for

junction changes of Sussex and Cornwall, conAaron Tozer, jun., Bookseller, at the Bible, a

sidered as mining districts. By J. S. Enys. little below St. Martin's Lane, in the High-Street,

Lond., E. Stanford, 6, Charing Cross, 1863, 80., 1730, 80., pp. xx and 200, 2/ Br. Museum,

pp. 30.—Lond., E. Stanford, 1869, 8o., 1/-. Dr. Williams'.

A Letter to the Revd. Mr. Enty, in answer The Granite near Penryn. Lond. and Edinb. to his slanderous pamphlet, entitled A Presery Philos. Mag., ii, 321-25, 483 (1833). ative against several abuses and corruptions of Reveald Religion, &c. Being a defense of

The Duty of the Steam Engines in the Mines several Notes and Discourses, contain'd in a

of Cornwall, at different periods. Trans. Instit. book, entitled A free and impartial study of the Scriptures recommended. By J. Hallet, jun.

Civil Engineers, iii, 449-66 (1842). Lond., printed for J. Noon, at the White Hart, near Mercers'-Chapel, in Cheapside, 1730, 80., Premiums offered by J. S. Enys. Rep. R.C.P. pp. 43, 6d. Br. Museum, Dr. Williams'.

Soc., 1834, p. 12. ** A Defense of a late pamphlet, entitled A Tables relative to the Properties and Practical Preservative, &c., in answer to an abusive letter Application of Steam. ib., 1835, pp. 44-49. of Mr. J. Hallet, jun. By J. Enty. Lond., | The application of expansive Steam. ib., printed for Aaron Tozer, jun., at the Bible, in 1836, pp. 70–76. the High-Street; Exon, MDCCXXX, 8o., pp. 60. The Duty and Horse-power of Steam Engines. Br. Museum, Dr. Williams'.

ib., 1837, pp. 70–76. A Letter to the author of the Vindication of On Expansion Diagrams, etc. ib., 1838, pp. Mr. Nation's Sermons; in which the importance | 154-61.



ESTCOTT, John. (Con.). On Light Vessels. ib., 1842, pt. 2, pp. 72; | Deputy for Devonshire and Cornwall...and con1851, pp. 35.

cerning the fees due from John Smyth, of TreOn Ships' Fastenings and Steamboats. ib., gonnoke, Mrs. Acham, of Plynt, Tho. Hearel, of 1842, pt. 2, p. 109.

Trenouth, Mrs. Boskawen, Mr. Baud, and Mr. On Double Cropping as lessening the risk of Holland. Launceston, 13th May, 1620. Ashgrowing Potatoes. ib., 1846, pp. 15–17. molean MISS. (Bod. Lib.), 836, art. 142, fol. 513

Floating Light Vessels and Buoys. ib., 1851, p. 35.

On the Construction of Boats. ib., 1854, p. ETHERIDGE, REV. JOHN WESLEY, A.M., Ph.D. 41.

Wesleyan Minister in Cornwall, 1833–36 and Hornblende and Serpentine. ib., 1863, p. 42. 1853–66. b. Youngwoods, Isle of Wight,

Probable Course of the Tyrian Ships to Corn 24th Feb., 1804. d. Camborne, 24th May, wall. ib., 1866, p. 68.


The Apostolic Ministry and the question of On the Cell Growth of Timber in reference its Restoration, considered in an Exposition of to the thinning of Plantations. Rep. R.I.C.,

Part of the Fourth Chapter of the Epistle to 1860, p. 46; 1861, pt. 1, pp. 37–39.

the Ephesians. By J. W. Etheridge. Falmouth, Flint Flakes of Lyell's First Stone Period.

J. Trathan, 1836, 12o., pp. 166. Journ. R.I.C., April, 1867, p. 223–25.

NOTE. – Inscribed to the Wesleyan Society, Fal

mouth. Experiments on Steam Engines. Brit. Assoc.

Jerusalem and Tiberias : Sora and Cordova. A

Survey of the Religious and Scholastic learning Rep., 1834, p. 104; 1844, p. 90. The application to Government for a deposi

of the Jews; designed as an Introduction to the tory for Mining Records. ib., 1839, p. 174.

study of Hebrew literature. Lond., 1856, 12o., A constant Indicator for Steam Engines. ib.,

pp. xi and 508, 7/6. 1841, pp. 307–25; 1842, p. 98.

Note. — The prefatory " Memorandum” is dated The performance of Steam Engines in Corn

Penzance, June, 1856. wall. Brit. Assoc. Section, 1836, p. 130.

The Life of the Rev. Adam Clarke, L.L.D., The connexion between improvements in Pit F.A.S.... By J. W. Etheridge... 2nd Edition. works and the duty of Steam Engines in Corn- | Lond., Mason, 1858, post 8°., pp. viii and 439, wall. ib., 1841, p. 103.

6/-, Photographs of Quarries near Penryn, showing

The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke, D.C.L. the structure of the Granite. ib., 1858, p. 80. By J. W. Etheridge... Lond., Mason, 1860, post

8o., pp. viii and 450, 6/EPSILON. pseud., i.e., Edmonds, R.

Note.- Preface dated Truro, May, 1860.

The Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan ben ERISEY, Mary. (1727). See Killigrew, Sir

Uzziel on the Pentateuch ; with the Fragments Peter (d. 1704).

of the Jerusalem Targum ; from the Chaldee. ERTHUSYO. pseud., i.e.

By J, W. Etheridge, M.A... Genesis and Exodus

(vol. i). Lond., Longmans, 1862, 120., pp. viii The Traveller or a Shy Fish glancing at “The and 580.—Leviticus, Numbers, and DeuteronoTuck-Net.” A Poem by Ertlusyo. Penzance, my (vol. ii). Lond., Longmans, 1865, 12o., pp. 1824, 120. See Jeffery, John.


Note.--Preface to Genesis and Exodus, dated St. ESPRIELLO, Don MANUEL ALVAREZ. pseud., Austell, Oct. 24, 1862. i.e., Southey, Robert.

The Sacraments; a discourse delivered at St.

Mary's Chapel, Truro, by J. W. Etheridge, ESQUIROS, HENRI ALPHONSE. 6. Paris, 1814.

M.A. Published by request. Truro, printed L'Angleterre et les Anglais. xxi. Paysage and published by W. J. Clyma, 1865, 12o., pp. et Meurs de Cornouaille. Revue des Deux Mondes, 35. xlviii, 399-441 (1863).

Faithful Endurance and High Aim. Being Cornwall and its Coasts. By A. Esquiros. a Sermon preached on the death of the late Lond., Chapman and Hall, 1865, 8o., pp. vii Rev. J. W. Etheridge, M.A., Ph.D., in Wesley and 301, 9/-.

Chapel, Camborne, by Thomas Hughes. Lond.,

Hamilton Adams & Co., 1867, 8°., pp. iv and ESTCOTT, JOIN.

114, 2/-. Letter to the King of Arms, from J. Estcott, Memoir of Miss Mary Anne Job, who died at

ETHERIDGE, Rev. John Wesley. (Con.). EZEKIEL, SOLOMON (son of Ezekiel ? Ezekiel). Truro, 15th July, 1834. By Rev. J. W. Etheridge.

b. Newton Abbot, Devon, 7th June, 1781. d. Wesleyan Methodist Mag, lvii, 876 (1834).

Penzance, 9th March, 1867.

Remarks on the Censures of the authorized EUSEBIUS EXONIENSIS. pseud., i.e., P

version of the Holy Scriptures, contained in a whele, Rev. R.

pamphlet by the Rev. Hart Symons; translated from the Hebrew by S. Ezekiel. By John

Rogers, M.A., Canon of Exeter and Rector of EVANS, Miss RACHEL (dau. of the Rev. Will.

Mawnan. Lond., 1822, 16o., pp. 15, 6d. Evans). b. Kilworthy House, near Tavistock,

The Life of Abraham ; being the first, second, 1813.

and third of a series of Lectures on the Lives Home Scenes; or Tavistock and its Vicinity. of the Patriarchs, delivered at the Penzance

Evans. Illustrated. Lond., Simpkin ; | Hebrew Society for Promoting the Diffusion of Tavistock, J. L. Commins; 1846, 80., pp. viii | Religious Knowledge, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, and 258.

184-, 12o. Note.-Contains Excursions to Cotehele, Pentillie,

The Life of Isaac ; being the fourth, fifth, &c.

and sixth of a series of Lectures on the Lives

of the Patriarchs, delivered at the Penzance EVANS, THOMAS (son of John Evans). 6. Bide Hebrew Society for Promoting the Diffusion of ford, 15th Aug., 1803.

Religious Knowledge, by S. Ezekiel. Penzance, Copy of a Letter (on Iron and Wooden Ships),

printed by T. Beare, 1845, 12o., pp. 24.

A Lecture on the Hebrew Festivals, delivered from Thomas Evans, Esq., Mayor of Bideford,

at the Penzance Literary Institute, by S. Ezekiel. and an experienced Ship-builder, to E. 0. Tre

Penzance, printed by ř. T. Vibert, 1847, 12o., gelles, Esq., dated London, 18th Jan., 1850.

pp. 26. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1849, pp. 18-61.

Letter to Sir Rose Price, on the Christianising

of the Jews. 31st Jan., 1820. Reprinted, EVELYN, ANNE (dau. of Edward Boscawen, and Corn. Teleg., 13th March, 1867. wife of Sir John Evelyn). d. 1751.

A Lecture on the Passions and Feelings of Eight Letters from John Evelyn to his wife, | Mankind. 4°., pp. 48. MSS., penes Mr. Henry 1712-27. Br. Museum Addit. MSS.. 15,949. | Levin, Penzance. Ff. 50, 56, 58, 63–68, 87.

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EVELYN, JOHN (son of Rich. Evelyn). b. Wot

ton, in Surrey, 31st Oct., 1620. d. Wotton,
27th Feb., 1703.
Life of Mrs. Margaret Godolphin q.v.

EVEREST, Rev. William FREDERICK (son of

Geo. Everest). b. Plymouth, 21st April, 1817.

A Letter respectfully addressed to the Clergy and Laity of Cornwall, on an important subject. By the Rev. W. F. Everest, Chaplain of the County Gaol. Bodmin, printed by Liddell and Son, n.d. [1860), 12o., pp. 11.

F., J. F., Bristol.

Contentment. Cornish Mag., iv, 129–32 (1829). FAIRFAX, THOMAS (eldest son of Ferdinando,

2nd Baron), 3rd Baron Fairfax. b. Denton, in Yorkshire, 17th Jan., 1612. d. Nunappleton, 12th Nov., 1671.

The Life of the great Lord Fairfax...By C. R. Markham. Portrait, etc. Lond., Macmillan, 1870, 80., pp. xii and 480.

Note.—The account of the campaign in Cornwall contained in pp. 261-8.

Letter from Sir Thomas Fairfax to Speaker
Lenthall, on behalf of various gentlemen of
Cornwall, whose estates are under sequestration.
February 13, 1646–7. Tanner MSS. (Bod. Lib.),
59, art. 415.
FALMOUTH. See also Boscawen.

EX-ETONIAN, AN. pseud., i.e.

The Comic Adventures of Satan and Peter Pindar [i.e., J. Wolcot], in Epistles from Aunt Rachel to Aunt Trebitha. Dedicated to the Worthy Inhabitants of Cornwall. By an ExEtonian. Doctor ego, Medicus, Pharmacopola, sophus. Lond., printed for Allen and West, No. 15, Paternoster Row, 1795, 8o., pp. 29, 1/-.

NOTE.-Two Epistles, dated from Penzance.


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FALMOUTH, EDWARD (son of George Evelyn, FARINGTON, JOSEPH, R.A. 6. 1742. d. Parr's

3rd Viscount), 4th Viscount and 1st Earl. cr. Wood, near Manchester, 30th Dec., 1821. Earl Falmouth. 14th July, 1821. b. 10th

Britannia Depicta. See Byrne, W. May, 1787. d. Tregothnan, 29th Dec., 1841. cf. Gent. Mag., xvii, 209 (1842).

FARNABY, GILES, of the family of Farnaby A Letter on the subject of the re-establishing

of Truro ; Christ Church, Oxford. Admitted and extending the Stannary Courts of the Dutchy

Mus. Bac. 1592. cf. Bliss' Wood (Fasti), ii, of Cornwall. By the Earl of Falmouth. Lond.,

257; Hawkins' Hist. of Music, iii, 367. Nichols and Sons, 1836, 89., pp. 16. First Report of the Committee appointed at

Cantvs. Canzonets to fowre voyces, with a a General Meeting of persons connected with

song of eight parts. Compiled by G. Farnaby, the Mines of Cornwall, convened by public ad

Bachilar of Musicke. Lond., printed by Peter

Short, dwelling on Bread-street hil, at the signe vertisement, at Truro, on the 4th of November, 1835, in compliance with a requisition to the

of the Star, 1598, 4o., pp. xxi. Earl of Falmouth, as Chairman of the Standing

Note.—There are distinct volumes also, for the Committee for Mining affairs, for the purpose

scores of the altvs, tenor, and bassvs. of taking into consideration the present state of A Nosegay of Spring Flowers. Madrigal, in the Vice-Warden's Courts, and other matters four voices. The music by Giles Farnaby, A.D. relating to the Mining interests of Cornwall.” 1598. The poetry by Thomas Oliphant, Esq. Dated and signed Jan. 23. 1836, 80., pp. 12. Lond., Addison and Hodder, 210, Regent Street,

n.d. [1847), 4°., pp. 5, 2/FALMOUTH, EVELYN (eldest son of Rev. John The Whole Booke of Psalmes ... newly cor

Evelyn Boscawen, Cunon of Canterbury and rected and enlarged by Tho. Rauenscroft. 1621, R. of Wotton, Surrey). 6th Viscount. b. 18th 80.-Reprinted by W. H. Havergal, 1845, 8o. March, 1819. cf. Bailey's Monthly Mag., vii, | Note.-Contains Psalm 119, by G. Farnaby, pp. 1-3 (1863).

206—14, reprint p. 42; Ps. 121, pp. 214–16, ib., p. 44;

Ps. 122, pp. 216-18, ib., p. 44; Ps. 125, pp. 220-22, FALMOUTH, GEORGE EVELYN (eldest son of ib., p. 47.

Admiral Edward Boscawen). 3rd Viscount. b. 6th May, 1758. d. 14th Feb., 1808. cf. FARNABY. THOMAS (son of T. Farriabu and European Mag., liji, 103 (1808); Gent. Mag., grandson of Furnaby, Mayor of Truro). A lxxviii, 181 (1808).

Schoolmaster in Cornwall in 1596. b. London, FALMOUTH, GEORGE HENRY (only son of

circa 1575. d. Sevenoaks, 12th June, 1647. Edward, 1st Earl). 5th Viscount and 2nd Earl.

cf. Bliss' Wood, ii, 213; Aikin's Gen. Biog.; 6. Newbury, 8th July, 1811. d. London, 29th

English Cyclop. Aug., 1852. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxviii, 425

Note.-Wood says, speaking of T. Farnaby, “when

he landed in Cornwall his distresses made him stoop so (1852).

low as to be an abcdarian, and several were taught their

hornbook by him." FALMOUTH, Hugh (son of Hugh, 1st Viscount Falmouth). 2nd Viscount. b. 1720. d. Bath,

M. Val. Martialis Epigrammaton libri, anim4th Feb., 1782. cf. Gent. Mag., lii, 94 (1782);

adversi, emendati, et commentariolis luculenter European Mag.. xxx. 158 (1796): Beatson's | explicati. Londini, excudebat Felix Kingstonius Naval Hist.; J. Nicholls' Recollections and Re

impensis Gulielmi Welby, 1615, 8o., pp. 392.flections, i, 186–7.

Sedani, Typis Joannis Jannoni Academiæ Typo

graphi, 1624, 89., pp. 342. FALMOUTH, VISCOUNTESS M. F. E. See Bos Note.-The dedication in both editions is signed cawen, M. F. E.

Tho. Farnaby, and commences “ Virtutis juxta ac stem

matis splendore insigni v. vere nobili, D. Roberto KilleFANSHAWE, LADY ANNE (dau. of Sir John græo, equiti aurato, &c."

Harrison, and wife of Sir Richard Fanshawe). b. St. Olaves, Hart Street, London, 25th FARNHAM, REV. John. Curate of Lanteglos March, 1625. d. 20th Jan., 1678.

juxta Camelford 1722–40. bur. Lanteglos, Memoirs of Lady Fanshawe ... Written by *10th June, 1740. herself. To which are added extracts from the

Catalogue of the Libraries of Rev. Mr. Farncorrespondence of Sir R. Fanshawe. Lond., | ham, of Camelford, Rev. Mr. Edwards, of OkeColburn, 1829, 89., pp. Ixiii and 395, 9/--New hampton, and Rev. Mr. Odam. 1746. ed., 1830, 8°., pp. vii and 332.

Note.-Account of Lady Fanshawe's stay in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, 1st ed., pp. 55–62, 2nd ed.,

| FARNINGHAM, MARIANNE. pseud., i.e., Hearne, pp. 71-75.

Mary Anne.

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