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FOOTE, SAMUEL. (Con.). Mayor of Truro. An Appeal case before the J. D. Goodere,” is printed in W. Cooke's Memoirs of House of Lords, 1725, fol.

Foote, iii, 209–20. Mandamus to admit S. Ffoot into the office of A full and true account of the horrid murders, Alderman of Truro. MSS. formerly at Stowe etc., and of the trial and conviction of John Parliament Records,” No. cvii. cf. O'Conor's Bib Palmer, etc... Likewise the memoir (by S. Foote] liotheca Stowensis, ii, 339.

of the life and death of Sir J. Dineley Good

ere, Bart., who was murdered by the contrivance FOOTE, SAMUEL (2nd son of the preceding). | of his own brother, Capt. S. Goodere, on board

bapt. Truro, 27th Jan., 1720. d. Dover, 21st the Ruby Man-of-War, in King-Road, near BrisOct., 1777. bur. Westminster Abbey, 30th tol, Jan. 19, 1740-41. Two parts. Worcester, Oct. cf. Chetwood's Gen. Hist. of the Stage | printed and sold by J. Butler, in High Street, (1749), pp. 152–56; The Actor, or a Treatise 1782, 4°., pp. 84 and 24, 2/6. on the Art of Playing (Lond., 1750, 12°.), pp.

Nore.—Each part has a distinct title-page, pagina156, 166, 273; Thos. Davies' Life of John tion, and register. Memoir of Sir J. D. Goodere, pp. Henderson (1777), pp. 14-20, 30-32; H. Wal 1424. pole's Journ. of George III, from 1771-83, i,

The Diversions of the Morning. An Enter499; J. Ireland's Letters, etc., of John Hender

tainment. By S. Foote. 1747. Not printed. son (1786), pp. 126–30, 188; Life and Mem. of Elizabeth Chudleigh (Duchess of Kingston),

NOTE. — First produced at the Haymarket, 22nd

April, 1747. This entertainment was stopped by the Lond., R. Randall, 1788, 4°., pp. 15–20;

Westminster Magistrates on the second representation, Tate Wilkinson's Mem. of his own Life (Dublin, under a law limiting the playbouses in London to two 1791, 3 vols., 8o.), passim ; Boswell's Johnson, only. However, on the 24th April Foote issued an ad

vertisement, inviting his friends to come and drink a passim ; J. T. Kirkman's Mem. of C. Macklin,

dish of Chocolate with him "; subsequently, namely on i, 292, 361-62, 406; T. Davies' Garrick, passim;

the 1st June, “Mr. Foote's friends are desired to drink Wilson's Wonderful Characters, i, 248–69, 400 a cup of tea with him.” By this slight evasion of the -406 ; J. Cradock's Lit. and Miscell. Mem., law, " The Diversions of the Morning" was played for i, 30–35, 95; Life of Countess of Huntingdon,

35 nights. In March, 1748, the invitation was called i, 208–9, ii, 425; W. T. Parke's Musical Mem.,

“ Taking Chocolate in Ireland.” ii, 305-7; Diary of H. C. Robinson, i, 10,

An Auction of Pictures. An Entertainment. 345; Colman's Random Records, i, 113–14, By S. Foote. 1748. · Not printed. 121, 229–35, 252–54, ii, 69–70; Gent. Mag., Note.—First produced at the Haymarket in the xxviii, 44 (1758), xxxii, 8 (1762), xxxiii, 45, spring of 1748. xxxiv, 382, xxxv. 253, 297, xxxvi, 100, 339,

A Treatise on the Passions, so far as they rexxxix, 567, xl, 98, xliii, 101 (1773), xlv,

gard the stage. With a critical enquiry into 390–92, xlvii, 44, 508, 534, 625 (1777),

the theatrical merits of Mr. G[arric]k, Mr. lxxxviii, pt. 2, 304 (1818); Annual Register

Q[ui]n, and Mr. B[arr]y. The first considered (Characters), 1777, pp. 27-31; European Mag.,

in the part of Lear, the two last opposed in xxv, 14–16 (1794); N. & Q., 2 S., v, 22–24,

Othello. Anon. Lond., printed for C. Corbet, 85–87, 216 (1858), xii, 122 (1861); Chambers'

against St. Dunstan's-Church, Fleet Street, n.d. Journ., vii, 229–31 (1838); Chambers' Book of

11747), 80., pp. 44, 1/Days, ii, 476-79; Faulkner's Account of Fulham,

A Letter of Compliment to the ingenious pp. 331-35 ; Churchill's Rosciad (1761), pp.

author of A Treatise on the Passions i.e., S. 2, 12, 13.

Foote). Signed J. T. Lond., C. Corbertt, n.d. The genuine Memoirs of the Life of Sir John [17471, 80., pp. 47. Dinely Goodere, Bart., who was murder'd by the The Roman and English Comedy consider'd contrivance of his own brother, on board the and compar'd. With remarks on the “SusRuby Man-of-War, in King-Road, near Bristol, picious Husband" (by Benjamin Hoadley), and Jan. 19, 1740, Together with the life, history, an examen into the merits of the present comic tryal, and last dying words of his brother, Capt. actors. By S. Foote, Esq. Lond., printed for Samuel Goodere, who was executed at Bristol, T. Waller, in Fleet-Street [March], 1747, 80., pp. on Wednesday, 15th April, 1741...Dedicated to 45, 1/-. the Rt. Worshipful Henry Combe, Mayor of The Knights; a comedy, in two acts [and in Bristol. By S. Foote, of Worcester-College, prose), as it is performed at... Drury Lane. By Oxford, and nephew to the late Sir J. D. Goodere, S. Foote. Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, opBart. Lond., printed and sold by T. Cooper, in posite Southampton Street, in the Strand, 1754, Paternoster Row, n.d. [1741?], 8o., pp. 36, 6d. 80., pp. vi and 47, 1/-:--Glasgow, printed in the Note." An account of the trial of S. Goodere,

year 1758, 12o., pp. 35. — Lond. Theatrical Esq., and Matthew Mahony... for the murder of Sir | Magazine (1778), ü, pp. 10. — Supplement to

FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.).

FOOTE, SAMUEL. (Con.). John Bell's “British Theatre," i, 252-81. Theatre Royal in Covent Garden. By S. Foote. Modern British Drama (1811), v, 249–60. Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, 1756, 80., pp. 56, Note.-First produced at the Haymarket, 1748.

1/—2nd ed., Lond., 1766, 80:-Lond., TheatriIt contains references to Cornwall.

cal Magazine (1780), iv, pp. 10.-Supp. to J. A new scene for the comedy called The

Bell's “ British Theatre,” iii, 104-37.–New ed., Knights, or Fresh Tea for Mr. Foote. Lond.,

Lond., printed for W. Lowndes, 77, Fleet Street, printed for J. Scott, in Fleet Street, 1758, 80.,

1788, 89., pp. vi and 47, 1/--Modern British pp. 16.

Drama (1811), v, 261-73. Mr. Foote's original address to the public.

Nore.—First produced at Covent Garden, 3rd Feb.,

1756. [In verse]. [Dublin (?), 1750 (?)], s. sh., fol. Br. Museum.

The Green Room Squabble; or a Battle Royal Note.-A Poem of 46 lines, commencing “ Hush!

between the Queen of Babylon [Mrs. Woffington] let me search before I speak aloud.”

and the Daughter of Darius [Mrs. Bellamy). A

Farce. By S. Foote. 1756. Not printed. Taste; a comedy of two acts sand in prose),

The Dramatic Works of S. Foote, Esq. Lond., as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal, in Drury

| printed for P. Vaillant, J. Rivington, etc., n.d. Lane. By Mr. Foote. Lond., printed for R.

[1757–87], 4 vols., 80. Francklin, in Russel-Street, Covent Garden,

Note.—This is a collection made up of pieces of 1752, 8°., pp. ix and 28, 1/-:-2nd ed., Lond.,

different dates and editions. printed for R. Francklin...1753, 89., pp. xii and 34, 11.-3rd ed., Lond., printed for T. Lowndes,

The Author. A comedy of two acts [in prose), in Fleet Street...1765, 80., pp. xii and 34, 1/

as performed at the Theatre Royal, in Drury -Lond., Theatrical Magazine (1777), ii, pp. 6.

Lane. By S. Foote. Lond., printed for Lond., 1779, 89.-Supplement to John Bell's

R. Francklin, in Russel Street, Covent Garden, “ British Theatre," 163–83.—Lond., printed for

1757, 80., pp. 43, 1/--Lond., Theatrical W. Lowndes...1799, 80., pp. xi and 28, 1/-.

Magazine (1778 ?), ii, pp. 10.-New ed., Lond.,

printed for T. Lowndes, 77, Fleet Street... 1782, NOTE.-First produced by D. Garrick, at Drury Lane, 11th Jan, 1752, and acted 5 times. It mainly consists

8o., pp. 48, Prologue and Epilogue unpaged, 1/of selections from the characters in “ The Diversions," -Supp. to J. Bell's “ British Theatre," iii, 2141747, and “ An Auction," with a thread of story suffi. | 46.- Modern British Drama (1811), v, 274–85.. cient to connect them for dramatic purposes.

-Mrs. Inchbald's “ Collection of Farces,”(1815), The Englishman in Paris. A comedy in 2 | vii, 197–231. acts (and in prose) as it is performed at Covent Note.-First produced by D. Garrick, at Drury Garden. By S. Foote. Lond., printed for Paul

Lane, 5th Feb., 1757. After being played one season, Vaillant, 1753, 89., pp. 51, with Epilogue

its reproduction was prohibited by the Lord Chamberlain,

at the instance of Vir. Aprice, who had been satirized unpaged, 1/-. -Lond., Theatrical Magazine 1778),

in the character of Cadwallader. ü, pp. 10.-Supp. to J. Bell's “ British Theatre,' ui, 80–103.

The Diversions of the Morning, altered. A

farce in two acts. By S. Foote, 1758. Not NOTE-First produced at Covent Garden, 24th March, 1753, under the title of An Answer to a French

printed. Farce, called “ The Frenchman in London."

NOTE.- Produced at Drury Lane, 17th Oct., 1758.

Act i is nearly the same as the first of Taste. Act ii is The Inquisition. A diversion. By S. Foote.

printed in J. Bee's Works of S. Foote, i, pp. Ivii-lxv. 1754. Not printed.

Will. Cooke's Memoirs of Foote, iii, 113-29. For the Note.—Played for a few nights at the Haymarket,

original play see ante under 1747. When this piece was in 1754.

reproduced at the Haymarket in 1762, a new second act

was substituted, called “Lindamira, a Tragedy à la The Actor; or a Treatise on the art of Playing. Mode, a burlesque tragic bagatelle, altered by $. Foote, A new work, written by the author of the

from Will Whitehead's Fatal Constancy." It is printed

in T. Meadow's Thespian Gleanings (Ulverston, 1805, former (Sir J. Hill, M.D.), and adapted to 8.). Tate Wilkinson's Wandering Patentee (1795), i, the present state of the Theatres, containing 285, iv, 237. impartial observations on the performance, etc., of Mr. Garrick.... Mr. Foote, etc. Lond., printed

The Minor. A comedy [in 3 acts and in prose] for R. Griffiths, at the Dunciad, in Pater-noster

written by Mr. Foote. As it is. now acting in Row, 1755, 120., pp. 284.

the new Theatre in the Haymarket. By

authority from the Lord Chamberlain. Lond., NOTE.—Account of S. Foote, pp. 156, 166, 273.

printed and sold by J. Coote... 1760, 80., pp. iv The Englishman returned from Paris, being and 91, 1/6.-2nd ed., 1760, 80., ppij the sequel to The Englishman in Paris. A farce 1/6.-3rd ed., 1760, 80., pp. iv and 91, 1/6. in 2 acts (and in prose), as it is performed at the The Minor. A comedy... as it is acted at the FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.).

FOOTE, SAMUEL. (Con.). Theatre Royal, in Drury Lane.-6th ed., Lond., A Letter to Mr. F . . te, occasioned by the printed and sold by J. Coote, 1764, 89., pp. Christian and Critical Remarks on his Interlude iv and 74, 1 6.—7th ed., Lond., printed for J. called The Minor. To which is added an ApCoote, 1767, 80., pp. vi and 80, 1/6.—The New pendix relative to a serious address to the English Theatre, 1776, 80--Lond., Theatrical Methodist themselves. Anon. Lond., printed Magazine (1778), ii, pp. 14.

for T. Pote, Bookseller, next Serjeant's Inn The Minor...Printed under the Inspection of Gate, Fleet Street, (Oct.], 1760, pp. 28, 6d. James Wrighten, Prompter. Exactly agreeable A Letter to Mr. Foote, occasioned by his to the representation at... Drury Lane. Lond., | letter to the Reverend Author of the Christian W. Lowndes, 1788, 89., pp. 14.—Lond., printed and Critical Remarks on the Minor, containing for the Proprietors, under the direction of John a Refutation of Mr. Foote's Pamphlet, and a full Bell, British Library, Strand...1792, 120., pp. defence of the principles and practices of the 73.-J. Bell's “ British Theatre," (1797), ii, pp. Methodists. By the Author of the Christian 61.—Modern British Drama (1811;, v, 286–301. and Critical Remarks. Lond., printed for P.

-Mrs. Inchbald's Collection of Farces (1815), Wicks, in Paternoster Row, (Oct.], 1760, 80., V, 181-234.

pp. 28, 1/Note.-First produced, as a 2 act play, at the Crow Observations good or bad, stupid or clever, Street Theatre, Dublin, 28th Jan., 1760. Reproduced,

serious or jocular, on Squire Foote's dramatic with alterations, at the Haymarket, 1760. In this play the Rev. Geo. Whitfield was satirized under the name

entertainment, intitled The Minor. By A. of " Squintum."

Genius. Lond., printed for J. Wilkie, at the A Letter to David Garrick, Esq., occasioned by

Bible, in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1761, 80., pp. the intended representation of the Minor at...

15, 3d. Drury Lane[signed Anti Profanus), Lond., sold by

Belinda's Account of a comedy, called the Mr. Field, Pater-noster Row...1760, 80., pp. 48.

Minor, introduced upon the stage at Edinburgh, Nore.- Supposed to have been written by the Rev. |

Saturday, Nov. 24th, 1770, n.p. or d., 80., pp. 4. Martin Madan.

Br. Museum. An additional scene to the comedy of the

The Theatre, licentious and perverted; or a Minor [being a satire on S. Foote]. Anon.

Sermon for reformation of manners. Preached Lond., printed for J. Williams, Bookseller, on

on the Lord's Day, Dec. 2nd, 1770, partly occaLudgate Hill, 1761, 80., pp. 19.

sioned by the acting of a comedy, entitled The The Methodist; a comedy [in three acts, in

Minor, in the licensed theatre of Edinburgh, on prose, by Israel Pottinger), being a continuation

Saturday, the 24th of Nov. preceding. By and completion of the plan of the Minor, written

James Baine, A.M., Minister of the Gospel, at by Mr. Foote, as it was intended to have been

Edinburgh. Inscribed to S. Foote, Esq., 2nd

ed., Edinburgh, printed by J. Reid...1770, 80., acted at...Covent Garden, but for obvious reasons suppressed. With the original prologue

pp. 40, 4d. 3rd ed. 1771, 80., pp. 40, 4d.. and epilogue. Lond., printed for I. Pottinger

Apology for the Minor in a Letter to the Rev. in Ave Maria Lane, n.d. [1761), 80., pp. 60,

Mr. (James) Baine. To which is added the Prologue, Epilogue, and Songs, unpaged, 1/6. —

original epilogue. By Samuel Foote, Esq. 3rd ed., Lond., n.d. (1761), 80., pp. 60, 1;6.

Edinburgh, printed for J. Wood, and sold by Christian and Critical Remarks on a droll or

him, at his shop, below the Tron Church, 1771, interlude, called The Minor. Now acting by a

80., pp. 24. company of stage players in the Haymarket, and

The Dramatic Works of S. Foote, Esq. said to be acted by authority, in which the

Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, T. Lowndes, etc., blasphemy, falsehood, and scurrility of the piece

n.d. [1763–81], 4 vols., 80., 30/-. are properly considered, answered, and exposed.

Note. This is a collection made up of pieces of By a Minister of the Church of Christ. The 2nd

different dates and editions. ed. corrected. Lond., printed for and sold by

The Liar. A comedy in three acts (and in Mr. Keith, in Grace Church Street, 1760, 80.,

prose), as it is performed at the Theatre in the pp. 41, 1/A Letter from Mr. Foote to the Reverend

Haymarket. By S. Foote. Lond., printed for Author of the “Remarks Critical, and Christian,

G. Kearsley, 1764, 80., pp. 66, Prologue and on the Minor," Lond., printed for T. Davies, in

Epilogue unpaged, 1/6.-Lond., printed for P.

Vaillant...1769, 80., pp. 69, Prologue and Russel Street, Covent Garden, [Oct.,] 1760, 80.,

Epilogue unpaged, 1/6. — Lond., Theatrical pp. 40, 1/

Magazine (1780), iv, pp. 18.–Supp. to J. Bell's NOTE.- Reprinted in J. Bee's Works of S. Foote, i, pp. xciii-cxiv. W. Cooke's Memoirs of S. Foote, iii, 160

“ British Theatre” (1784), ii, 142-95. Modern - 201.

British Drama (1811), v, 302–22. Mrs. Inch

FOOTE, Samuel. (Con.).

FOOTE, SAMUEL. (Con.). bald's Collection of Farces (1815), v, 273–331. J. Bell's “ British Theatre” (1784), ii, 1–29.-W. H. Oxberry's The New English Drama | Lond., printed for W. Lowndes, 76, Fleet Street, (1823), xv, pp. 48.—The London Stage (1824), 1797, 80., pp. 48, 1/--The Modern British ii, 1-16.—The British Drama (1824), i, 756–68. Drama (1811), v, 332-43.- Mrs. Inch bald's

The Liar...correctly given as performed at the Collection of Farces (1815), v, 237–70.-T. Theatres Royal, with Remarks. New York, Dibden's London Theatre (1815), xvii, pp. 28. published by Chas. Wiley, 3, Wall Street, 1824, -W. H. Oxberry's The New English Drama 129, pp. 51.

(1818), ix, pp. vi and 23. The Liar. A comedy in two acts. Altered The Mayor of Garret...correctly given as perand adapted by Charles J. Matthews. Lond., | formed at the Theatres Royal, with Remarks. T. H. Lacy, n.d. (1867), 80., pp. 50, 6d.

New York, published by Chas. Wiley, 3, Wall Note.--First produced at Covent Garden, 12tb Street, 1824, 120., pp. 32. Jan., 1762.

The Mayor of Garret... The British Drama The Orators (a comedy in 3 acts and in prose),

| (1824), i, 188–95.

The Mayor of Garratt. A farce in two acts. as it is now performing at the New Theatre in

Printed from the acting copy, with remarks the Haymarket, written by Mr. Foote. Lond.,

biographical and critical. By D- G (Geo. printed for J. Coote, in Paternoster Row...1762,

Daniel). Lond., G. H. Davidson, Peter's Hill, 80., pp. 67.—Lond., 1767,80.-Lond., Theatrical

Doctors' Commons. (J. Cumberland's “British Magazine (1777), ii, pp. 13.-Supp. to J. Bell's

Theatre” 1829), viii, pp. 27. “ British Theatre," iv, 231-52.- Modern British

The Mayor of Garratt, a comedy in two acts. Drama (1811), v, 323–31.

By S. Foote. Lond., printed by Thomas White, NOTE.-First produced at the Haymarket, 1762.

1831, 80., pp. 45.-J. Thomas' Burlesque Drama Geo. Faulkner, printer of the Dublin Journal, being libelled in this piece under the name of Peter Paragraph,

(1838), pp. 54.— The British Drama, illustrated brought an action against Foote, and recovered damages. (1864), i, 147–53. cf. Gent. Mag., xxxiii, 39, (1763), for Mr. Foote's Address The Mayor of Garrett. A farce. With a to the Public, after a prosecution against him for a libel.

history of the mock election formerly held there. cf. also Lord Chesterfield's Letters (Mahon's ed.), iv, 346, 359, 422.

Illustrated, with designs, by R. Seymour... Lond.,

T. H. Lacy n.d. [18–), 80., pp. 42, 6d. The trial of S. Foote, Esq., for a libel on

Note.-First produced at the Haymarket, 20th Peter Paragraph. By S. Foote. A diversion June, 1763. performed at the Theatre Royal, in the Haymarket, 1763. Printed in J. Bee's Works of

The Patron. A comedy in three acts sand in S. Foote, i, pp. cxvi-cxxii ; W. Cooke's

prose), as it is performed in the Haymarket. Memoirs of Foote, iii, 130-41; Wilkinson's

Lond., printed by G. Kearsly...opposite St. Wandering Patentee, iv.

Martin's Church, in Ludgate Street, 1764, 80., The Comic Theatre, being a free translation

pp. viii and 74.—2nd ed., Lond., printed for of all the best French Comedies. By S. Foote

G. Kearsly, 1764, 89., pp. viii and 74.–3rd ed., and others. Lond., printed by Dryden Leach,

Lond., printed for P. Vaillant...1774, 80., pp. for J. Coote, in Paternoster Row...1762, 5 vols.,

vi and 74, 1/6.—Lond. Theatrical Magazine 12o., each 3

(1780), iv, pp. 13.-Supp. to J. Bell's “British

Theatre," iv, 358–91.-Modern British Drama Nors.--Mr. Foote's name was put to this work, and it was announced that one Comedy in each volume

(1811), v, 344–57. would be translated by him; but “ The Young Hypocrite" NOTE.–First produced at the Haymarket, 1764. is said to be the only play in the collection that can with certainty be ascribed to him.

The Commissary. A comedy in 3 acts [and

in prose), as it is performed at the...Haymarket. The Mayor of Garret. A comedy in 2 acts,

By S. Foote. Lond., printed for P. Vaillant, as it is performed at the Theatre Royal, in

facing Southampton Street...1765, 80., pp. 67, Drury Lane. By S. Foote. Lond., printed for

1/6. — 3rd ed., Lond., 1775, 8o. — Lond., P. Vaillant, facing Southampton-Street, in the

Theatrical Magazine (1779), iii, pp. 17.-Supp. Strand, 1764, 80., pp. 48, 1/:-2nd ed., Lond.,

to J. Bell's “ British Theatre” (1784), iv, 49– printed for P. Vaillant, 1769, 80., pp. 48, 1/2

96.—Modern British Drama (1811), v, 458–76. The Mayor of Garratt... Lond., printed for Harrison and Co., No. 18, Paternoster Row...

NOTE.—First produced at the Haymarket, 1765. 1780, 8o., (Theatrical Magazine), v, pp. 11.

cf. J. Cradock's Memoirs (1828), iv, 119. The Mayor of Garratt...A New Edition. | Copy of the original license under which S. Lond., printed for T. and W. Lowndes, No. 77, Foote held the Haymarket Theatre. Dated, Fleet Street, 1783, 8o., pp. 48, 1/--Supp. to Westminster, 5th July, 6th Geo. III, (1766),

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FOOTE, SAMUEL. (Con.). Printed in W. Cooke's Memoirs of Foote, iii, The Maid of Bath... Written by the late S. 202-8.

Foote, Esq., and now published by Mr. Colman. An Occasional Prelude performed at the Lond., printed by T. Sherlock for T. Cadell, in opening of the Theatre Royal, in the Hay the Strand, 1778, 89., pp. viii and 67, and market, May, 1767. By S. Foote. Printed in Epilogne unpaged, 1/6.- Modern British Drama W. Cooke's Memoirs of Foote, iii, 142–59; J. | (1811), v, 411–26. Bee's Works of Foote, i, pp. cxxv-cxxxiii.

Note. First produced at the Haymarket, 26th The Devil upon Two Sticks. A comedy in 3 June, 1771. acts, as it is performed at the... Haymarket.

The Nabob. A comedy in 3 acts [and in prose), Written by the late Samuel Foote, Esq., and

as it is performed at the... Haymarket. Written now published by Mr. Colman. Lond., printed

by the late S. Foote, Esq., and now published by T. Sherlock, for T. Cadell, in the Strand,

by Mr. Colman. Lond., printed by T. Sherlock 1778, 80., pp. vi and 69, 1/6.-Lond., printed

for T. Cadell, in the Strand, 1778, 89., pp. vi and for W. Lowndes and S. Bladon, 1794, 80., pp.

71, 1 6.—Lond., printed for W. Lowndes and 58, 1/6.—Modern British Drama (1811), v, 377

S. Bladon, 1795, 80., pp. 59, 16.

Note.-First produced at the Haymarket, 29th NOTE.—First produced at the Haymarket, 30th

June, 1772. In this play The Antiquarian Society are May, 1768. Foote made between £3,000 and £4,000 by satirized for sitting in Council on the story of Whitthis piece in London, and nearly as much more in tington and his Cat. cf. Walpole's Letters, (CunningDublin.

ham's ed.), •, 398-400. Sodom and Onan. A satire inscribed to S.

The Primitive Puppet Show. A Diversion. Foote, Esq., alias the Devil upon Two Sticks. By Humphrey Nettle. Printed for the author

By S. Foote, 1773. Not printed. and sold at No. 23, opposite St. Dunstan's Church,

NOTE.—Under the above general title, Foote brought

out at the Haymarket, on the 15th Feb., 1773, a farce Fleet, 22nd June, 1772, 4o., pp. ii and 29, 2/

called "The Handsome Housemaid, or Piety in Pattens," The Lame Lover. A comedy in 3 acts and in a piece in which the characters were represented by prose), as it is performed at the... Haymarket.

Isomely dressed puppets nearly as large as life.

The Introductory Oration to The Primitive Puppet By S. Foote. Lond., printed for Paul Vaillant

Show, as delivered by Mr. Foote, is printed in J. Bee's ...1770, 80., pp. 74.-A Collection of New Plays.

Works of S. Foote, i, pp. cxxxvii-cxli. (Altenburgh, printed for Gottl. Eman. Richter, (1774), ii, 185–254.—Modern British Drama

Piety in Pattens; written by S. Foote, Esq., (1811), v, 394-410.— The British Drama (1824), | and first performed in his Primitive Puppet ü, 1299-1313.

Show. MS. 4o., formerly penes Rich. Heber. Note.--First produced at the Haymarket, 22nd

cf. Heber's Cat, pt. xi, (MSS.), No. 429. May, 1770, reproduced with considerable alterations, Note.--At Heber's sale this MS. was sold to Thos. 27th Aug. cf. Gent. Mag., xl, 378–82, (1770).

Rodd, a well known bookseller, for the sum of one Foote's Prologue detected with a miniature

shilling. prose epilogue on his manner in speaking it. The Bankrupt. A comedy in 3 acts and in By Philo-technicus Miso-mimides. Lond., print prose). Lond., printed for G. Kearsly, No. ed for the author, and sold by J. Williams, 38, 46, near Serjeant's-Inn... 1776, 89., pp. 97, 1/6. Fleet Street, 1770, 80., pp. 35.

--New ed., Lond., printed for W. Woodfall An Appendix to Foote's Prologue detected, and S. Bladon, in Paternoster Row, 1782, 80., containing, with other curious articles, A New pp. 63, 1,6. Occasional Epilogue, for the close of his theatre, Note.-- First produced at the Haymarket, 21st on Saturday, Sept. 15th, 1770. By Philo July, 1773. technicus Miso-mimides. Lond., printed for the

The Cozeners. A comedy in 3 acts, as it was author, and sold by J. Williams, 38, Fleet

performed at the Theatre Royal, in the HayStreet, 1770, 80., pp. 39. The Methodist and Mimic. A Tale in Hudi

market [1774]. Lond., John Wheble, Fleet

Street, 1778, 80., pp. 79, 16. brastic Verse. Lond., 1776, 80., 1/6.

The Cozeners... written by the late S. Foote, Note.-In this work Whitfield is represented as

Esq., and now published by Mr. Colman. Lond., sending a friend to Foote to propose that he should become a preacher, which proposal Foote rejects with

printed by T. Sherlock, for T. Cadell, in the disdain.

Strand, 1778, 80., pp. vi and 94, 1/6. The Maid of Bath. A comedy of 3 acts, as it Note.-First produced at the Haymarket, 3rd was performed at the Theatre Royal, in the

| Aug., 1774, contains references to the History of Dr.

William Dodd, who is represented under the title of Haymarket. Lond., John Wheble, Fleet Street,

Dr. Simony, and to the trial of Mrs. Catherine Rudd, 1778, 80., pp. 69, 1/6.

and J. and D. Perrean, see Dagge Hen, ante p. 102.

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