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FULTON, ROBERT. b. Little Britain, Pennsyl FURSMAN, REV. John, M.A. R. of Trevalga.

vania, 1765. d. United States of America, 1704-23. 24th Feb., 1815.

A Sermon preach'd at the Assizes held at Report on the proposed Canal between the Launceston for the County of Cornwall, on rivers Heyl and Helford. Map by Chas. Moody. | Thursday, Aug. 18th, 1715, by the Honourable 24th Nov., 1796, 8o., pp. 16.

Mr. Justice Powis & Mr. Justice Eyre. By

J. Fursman, Rector of Trevalga. Exon. Printed FURLY, REV. SAMUEL, M.A. R. of Roche, 1766 and sold by Philip Bishop in St. Peter's Church

-95. bur. Roche, 9th Aug., 1795, aged 61. yard, 1715, 80., pp. 24.

A Visitation Sermon, on John, viii, 17, preached Note.-Dedicated to the High Sheriff and the at Truro by the Rev. S. Furly, B.A. Printed for Gentlemen of the Grand Jury. the Author, 1779, 4o.

Note.-Dedicated to the Earl of Dartmouth. FURNEAUX, Rev. HENRY, M.A. (son of Rev. Tobias Furneau.) R. of Heyford, Banbury.

G. b. St. Germans, 26th June, 1829.

Historical Notices of St. Germans, in the County of Cornwall, with a description of the Review “Andromeda.” etc., by G. Helston Church. Plates. By the Rev. H. Furneaux,

Gram. School Mag., 1857–59, pp. 180–83. late Fellow and Tutor of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Plymonth, I. W. N. Keys and Sun, Bed G. i.e., E. C. GIDDY, ford Street, 1871, 80., pp. 56.

| G. E. G. FURNEAUX, JAMES. (eldest son of James Furneaux). b. Burdwan, Bengal, 1813.

Cornish Associations. Cornish Mag., iv, 62

64, (1829). Lenten Thoughts and other poems. By J. Furneaux. Lond., Rivington. Devonport, H.

G.–J. K. G. V. Harris... 1846, 80., pp. vii and 126.-2nd ed., 1847, 80., pp. viii and 102.

Fragment from English History. Death of

Earl Siward. By J. K. G. Helston Gram. School Note.-Contains - On a summer evening in Mount Edgecumbe Park," pp. 26-27; in 2nd ed., pp. 23-25. On

Mag., 1857–59, pp. 83–84. the deaths of Sir John M .. * * * and the Res. Chimneys and Chimney Sweepers, by J. K. G. Gerald P... C*.*, pp. 97-99; in 2nd ed., pp. ib., pp. 168–72. 63-65. The 2nd ed. is dedicated to W. H. Pole Carew, William Barentz, abridged from Emile Esq., M.P

Souvestre, by J. K. G. ib., pp. 269–72, 319-30.
The Poultry Pentalogue, or Five Rules for
Fancy Fowls and Fowl Fanciers. Intended for G.-P. E. G.
popular use and practical purposes. By 1.

Stanzas. Cornish Mag., iv, 86, (1829).
Furneaux, President of the Devon and Cornwall
Poultry Association. Lond., W. S. Orr... Ply.

G.--R. G.
mouth, published by Roger Lidstone...n.d.
(1853), pp. vi and 54.

Memoir of Mrs. Gill, who died at St. Thomas, On St. German's Priory Church, Cornwall. Launceston, 2nd Nov., 1827, aged 55. Wesleyan 2 vignettes. Trans. Ereter Dioces. Architect. Soc., Methodist Mag., li, 141, (1828). iii, 82–89, (1849). On Antony and Sheviock Churches. ib., v

GABRIEL, VIRGINIA. pseud., i.e. 1-5, (1856).

The Fishers of St. Ives. Cornish Ballad.

Composed by Virginia Gabriel. The Poetry by FURNIVALL, FREDERICK JAMES (son of Geo. Catherine J. Lacy. Dedicated to Miss Moriarty.

Fred. Furnivall). Barrister at law. b. Egham, | Lond., R. W. Ollivier, n.d., [1868], fol. pp. 5, Surrey, 4th Feb., 1825.

3/Political, Religious, and Love Poems. Ed. by F. J. Furnivall. Published for the Early GAMMON, HANNIBAL. R. of St. Mawgan. b. English Text Society, by N. Trubner and Co., London, 1582 ? cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. London, 1866, 8o., pp. xlviii and 267.

ii, p. 249; Brooke's Puritans, iii, 530; Bliss'

Wood, iii, 103-4 ; Degorei Wheari... Pietas Note-Contains “The Story of the Adulterous

erga Benefactores, (Epistolæ Euchuristici), pp. Squire of Falmouth in Dorsetsbire (sic) and his brother, pp. 93-102.

85-93, (Charisteria), p. 133.


GARLAND, CHARLES. (Con.). Gods ivst desertion of the vnivst, and his Leeds, H. W. Walker, 1868, 80., pp. xii and persevering grace to the righteovs, in a sermon 475, 6/6. preached at the Assises, at Launston, the 18. Note.—Preface dated Penzance, Dec. 1867. of July, 1621. By Hannibal Gammon, Minister of Gods word at S. Maugan, in Cornwall...

The Cornish Telegraph, Mining, Agricultural, Lond., printed by G. Eld for Thomas Thorp,

and Commercial Gazette. [A weekly newspaper). and are to be sold at the signe of the blacke

Penzance, 1851, fol. Still in progress. beare, in Pauls Church-yard, 1622, 4o., pp. 38. Note.- Mr. Garland edited this paper from its

The Praise of a Godly Woman. A Sermon commencement, on Friday, the 3rd Jan., 1851, until preached at the solemne Funerall of the Right

1853. Honourable Ladie, the Ladie Frances Roberts, The Stars. A Poem, signed C. G- d, in at Lanhiderock-Church, in Cornwall, the tenth Diamond Mag., No. 5, Oct., 1831. [Lond., F. of August, 1626. By H. Gamon, Minister of | F. Moore), pp. 146–7. the Word of God, at St. Maugan, in the same Wings of the Dove. A Poem, signed C. Countie. Lond., printed by I. H. for John G- d, in The Pocket Album. (Lond., Jos. Grismond, & are to be sold at his shop, in Ivie Robins, Blackfriars, 1831-32.) Lane, at the signe of the Gunne, 1627, sm. 4o., Remorse. ib. pp. 37. Dr. Williams'; Br. Museum.

The Bride. ib. NOTE. – Dedicated “ To the Trvly Noble John

The Prophecy. ib. Roberts, Son and Heire to the Right Honourable

The Portrait. ib. Richard, Lord Roberts, of Truro," and dated St. Maugan, The Three Glorious Days. ib. the 19 August, 1626.

The Sleeper. ib. God's Smiting to Amendment, or Revenge

The Ocean. ib.

The Last Slumber. ib. ment, with Preseruatives against Reuolting. In a Sermon preached at the Assises, in Launceston,

Modern School Books. Lond. Quart. Rev. vii, the 6. of August, 1628. By H. Gamon.

330-50, (1857). Minister of God's Word, at S. Maugan, in

American Poets. ib., xvii, 36–73, (1861). Cornwall. Lond., printed for John Clark, and

GARLAND, THOMAS. b. Bridge, Illogan, 1st are to be sold at his shop, under S. Peters Church, in Cornhill, 1629, 40., pp. 38. Bod.

Aug., 1771. d. Illogan, 15th Sept. 1827. Lib.

Memoir of Thomas Garland, of Illogan. By

his son Thomas Garland. Wesleyan Methodist NOTE.- Dedicated to “ The Worshipfvll Jonathan

Mag., lii, 361-65, (1829). Rashleigh, Esquire, & to the vertuous Gentlewoman, his wife," signed “Your Worships humbly deuoted and sincerely louing kinsman Hanniball Gamon, St.

GARLAND, THOMAS (son of the preceding). Maugan, the 26. of Sept., 1628."

b. Cambridge, near Redruth, April, 1804. d.

Fairfield, 30th July, 1865. cf. One and All, GARBY, JOHN (son of Thomas Garby). b. May and Oct., 1868. Garby's Place, Redruth, 20th Oct., 1812. d.

Christian Life, the True Preparation for Death. Cachias, Brazil, 8th March, 1864.

A Sermon on the death of Thomas Garland, Esq., The Condurrite and Native Copper at Wheal Fairfield, Redruth, with a brief sketch of his Druid. Trans. R.G.S.C., vi, 194–95, (1846). I life. By Thomas Hughes. Lond., Hamilton,

Occurrence of Gold in a cross course in Adams, and Co., 1865, 80., pp. 32, 1/-. Cornwall. ib., vi, 265–66.

Memorials, Literary and Religious, of T. A Catalogue of Minerals found in Cornwall, Garland. 1868. See Garland, C. with their localities. ib., vii, 72-92, (1848). Letters on the Recent Agitations in Wesleyan

List of Cornish Minerals. Quart. Journ. Geol. Methodism. By T. Garland. Lond., printed Soc. of Lond., v, pp. xcii-xciii, (1849).

for the Author, sold by J. Mason, 1852, 80.,

pp. 48, 6d. GARLAND, CHARLES (son of the succeeding). The Cornubian. A weekly newspaper. b. Illogan, 10th March, 1813.

[Edited by T. Garland). Falmouth, 1830, fol. Outlines of Scripture Doctrine and History. NOTE.No. 1, dated Friday, 1st Oct., 1830. Mr. By C. Garland. Published by Joseph Potter, Garland's connection with the paper ended on the 18th Haverfordwest, 1842, 120.

Dec., 1832. Memorials, Literary and Religious, of Thomas Memoir of T. Garland, of Illogan, 9.v. Garland, Fairfield, Redruth. [Ed. by his brother | List of words in common use in West CornC. Garland). Lond., Hamilton, Adams, and Co., | wall. Journ. R.I.C., April, 1865, pp. 45–54.

GATES, JACOB, Barrack-Serjeant, Truro. b.

Truro, 1749. d. Truro, 4 Nov., 1822. Memoir of Jacob Gates. By Jos. Burgess. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., xlvi, 273–4, 1823).


son of Major Edward Echlin Gayer). b. near Newcastle-under-Lyne, 6 July, 1801.

Memoirs of the family of Gayer. Compiled from authentic sources, by A. E. Gayer. Exclusively for private distribution among friends and relatives. Westminster, printed by Nichols and Sons, 25, Parliament Street, 1870, 40., pp. 47.

Note.- The Gayer family were originally resident in Cornwall. A view of Liskeard forms the frontispiece of the work. GAYER, JOHN, M.P. for Liskeard, 1557, Hel

ston, 1571, (eld. son of Reginald Gayer, of Liskeard.)

The Substance of Gayer's Book touchinge the Tynne Causes. Cottonian MSS., Titus B. iv, f. 317; State Paper Office, Domestic Correspondence, July, 1604, No. 138.


Garland.) 6. Lewanick, 14 March, 1812.

The Young Local Preachers' Guide. A Guide to young men in the pursuit of knowledge under difficulties, in the Bible Christian connexion... By T. W. Garland, Minister of the Gospel. Plymouth, Sellick [printed)...Liskeard, Philp, 1860, 80., pp. xii and 115.

NOTE.—Preface, dated Liskeard, July 20, 1860. [Synopsis of subjects in] One of a Thousand. By Rev. T. W. Garland. 1866, s. sh.

Note.- This work has not been printed. It is intended to be pp. 250; price 3s. to subscribers.

TheGenuineness, Authenticity, and Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. Bible Christian Mag., iv., 173–78, 211-16, (1868). GARRETT, REV. John. V. of Paul 1857 to


A Pastoral Address to the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Paul, near Penzance, by the Vicar [the Rev. J. Garrett], on the close of the first year of his ministry amongst them, and at the opening of the new year, 1859. Penzance, E. Rowe, 1859, 80., pp. 19.

Note.—Dated Lower Lariggan, Penzance, Jan. 1859.

A Reply to the Rev. John Garrett's Pastoral Letter (so called). By Henry Brown, 9.v.

Columbia Mission. Dedicated by permission to Miss Burdett Coutts. A sermon preached in St. Stephens', Westminster, on the Sunday before Advent, 1860. By John Garrett, M.A., Vicar of St. Paul, near Penzance, and Commissary to the Bishop of Columbia. Lond., Rivingtons, Waterloo Place, n.d., [26th Dec., 1860), 80., pp. 22, 3d. GASCOYNE, JOEL.

Map of the County of Cornwall, newly surveyed by J. Gascoyne, sold by J. Thorn, in the Minories... by Charles Blith, at the White Hart, in Launceston, 1700, fol. Br. Museum.

Note.-Dedicated to the Rt. Hon. Charles Bodville, Earl of Radnor, Viscount Bodmin, Lord Robarts, &c., Lord Lieutenant of the County of Cornwall.

GEACH, CHARLES, M.P. for Coventry, 1851,

(son of Geo. Geach). b. St. Austell, 1808. d. Westminster, 1st Nov., 1854. cf. Gent. Mag., xliii, 89, (1855).

The Risks of Life Assurance, suggested by a History of the case of Geach v. Ingall, in which the Imperial Life Assurance Company, by the verdicts of three different special juries, was defeated in an attempt to evade payment of a policy. 2nd edit. Lond., Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange, 1848, 80., pp. 26.

GEAKE, THOMAS. b. Lezant, 5 Aug., 1761.

d. Cuttenbeake, near St. Germans, 19 Nov., 1834. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lxi, 561– 73, (1838).

GEARING, ARTHUR. Secretary to the R.C.P.Soc.,

1855–56. Miners' Portable Ventilator. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1855, p. lx.

GASKIN, REV. GEORGE, D.D. (son of John

Gaskin), Prebend. of Ely, R. of Stoke Newington. b. Newington Green, Islington, 1751. d. at the Rectory, Stoke Newington, 29 June, 1829.

NOTE.- Dr. Gaskin was Secretary to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and was sent by it to visit their missions and schools in the Isles of Scilly in 1798. cf. Gent. Mag., xcix, pt. ii, 281-82, (1829).


Robt. Geffery, of Tredenick), Lord Mayor of · London, 1685. bapt. Landrake, 24 May,

1613. d. London, 26 Feb., 1703. bur. at St. Dionis Backchurch. cf. Herbert's Hist. of the Twelve Great Companies of London, ii, 587, 594, 605, 610, 614; Nicholls' Account of Ironmongers' Company, pp. 300, 307, 310, 317, 319, 325, 331, 336, 369, 378, 469, 474, 511- . 15, 574-75; White's Endowed Charities of London, p. 525; Lake's Hist. of Cornwall, ii,


GERUNTIUS. King of Cornwall. liv. 690. 397, 402; Harl. MSS., 2263, art, 57 ; B. B. Letter from S. Aldhelm to Geruntius. A.D. Orridge's Citizens of London and their Rulers, 690. S. Aldhelmi opera. (ed. Giles, 0.cford, 1844), (1867), p. 240; Accounts of Lord Mayors of pp. 83–89; printed also in Asigne's Patrologia vol. London, MSS., Guildhall Lib.; Howard's Alisceli. lxxxix, and elsewhere. Geneal. et Herald., i, 328; Malcolm's Londinium

Note. — Concerning the practices of the Celtic Redivivum, ii, 35, 38–39, 45–47, 571.

church, as to the tonsure, time of keeping Easter, etc. London's Annual Triumph. Performed on Thursday, Octob. 29, 1685, for the Entertain

GERVIS, MARIANNE NÉE EDGCOME. 6. Penryn, ment of the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Jeffreys, Kt.,

1795. d. Mylor Bridge, 1861. Lord Mayor of the City of London ; with a Original Cornish Ballads...Anon... 1846, 80. description of the several Pageants, Speeches, See Miles, S. E. and Songs, made proper for the occasion. All set forth at the proper cost and charges of the | GEWEN, THOMAS, of Boyton. M.P. cf. Sir J. Worshipful Company of Ironmongers. Com Bramston's Autobiography, (Camden Soc., 1845), posed by Matt. Taubman. Lond., printed for p. 13 : Burton's Diary, introduction, p. 18: ii, Hen. Playford, near the Temple Church, 1685, 333, 392, 424 ; iii, 180, 250, 529; iv, 22, 130, 49. Bod. Lib.

240, 304. London's Annual Triumph... Reprinted in

Oxoniensis Academiæ funebre officium in Me“Nicholls' Ironmongers,” pp. 338-54.

moriam ... Elisabethæ, Angliæ Reginæ. Oxon. Letter of Sir R. Geffery to Archbishop

1603, 40. Sancroft, stating that the Inhabitants of Christ Church are desirous of having a spire, 29

Note.-Contains verses by T. Gewen, of Exeter September, 1686. Tanner MSS., (Bodi. Lib.),

Coll., Oxford. 142, Art. 41.

Letters to the Treasurers for Sequestrations GENN, WILLIAM JAMES, JUN. b. Falmouth,

from the Committee of Cornwall, (Anth. Nicoll, 30 March, 1846. d. Melbourne, Australia,

Anth. Rous, and Tho. Gewen) respecting their

procedings in that county, dated Truro, 12 24 June, 1870.

Oct., 1648. Br. Museum, Addit, MSS., 5494, Statistics of the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic fol. 78. Soc. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1864, pp. 20–23, and 14 pages of statistical tables.

GIBBINS, ELIZABETH T. (2 dau. of R. W.

Fox and wife of William Gibbins.) 6. 1801. GENTLEMAN, A. pseud, i.e., D. De Foe.

d. Falmouth, 5th June, 1837. GEOFFREY, ANTONY. cf. C. Fitz-Geffrey's Memoir of E. T. Gibbins in The Annual Affania, book iii.

Monitor." (Friends), No. 26, for 1838, (York, W.

Alexander and Co.), pp. 111-27. GEORGE, COL. G. C. cf. Polwhele's Cornwall, v. 97.

GIBBONS, ANNE (3 dau. of Sir. W. L. S. TreLetters numbered xviii, xix, xx, from C. lawny and wife of Rev. G. B.Gibbons.) h. PenDibdin to Col. G. C. George, Penryn, (1801.) quite, near Fowey, 1813. See Dibdin, C.

Mary Stuart : A Tragedy from the German GEORGE, SIMON. See Chamberlain, J.

of Schiller. Anon. Lond., A. Schloss, 42, Gt.

Russell St., [W. Byers, printer, Devonport.) GERARD. See Girardus.

1838, 80., pp. 162. GERRANS, REV. B. b. Truro.

Lyrical Ballads from the German of Schiller,

containing The Song of the Bell, and other Travels of Rabbi Benjamin, son of Jonah, of minor poems. By the translator of Mary Stuart. Tudela, through Europe, Asia, and Africa, from Devonport, W. Byers, printer, Fore St., 1838, the Ancient Kingdom of Navarre to the frontiers | 80., pp. 68. of China. Faithfully translated from the original Hebrew, and enriched with a Dissertation and

NOTE. –The profits of this work were given to the

fund for providing a chapel in Calstock. notes... By the Rev. B. Gerrans, Lecturer of St. Catherine Coleman, and Second Master of Queen

An Easter Offering. By Anne Trelawny. Elizabeth's Free Grammar School, St. Olave's, Lond., Edwards and Hughes, Ave Maria Lane; Southwark... Lond., printed for the Translator ; / W. Brendon, Tavistock, 184

W. Brendon, Tavistock, 1845, 80., pp. 44. and sold by Messrs. Robson, New Bond-Street...

Note.-Contains “Lines written on the opening of 1783,80., pp. xiii and 171, 5s. List of Subscribers. a chapel, in the mining district of Gunnislake, 1841."


GIBBONS, Rev. GEORGE BUCKMASTER. (Con.). Scenes and Sketches in Cornwall. Plate. and Thomas Gibbons, B.A., Curate and Anon. Tavistock, W. Brendon, Higher Market Lecturer of Tavistock. Lond., Simpkin, MarSt., 1844, 80., pp. 54.

shall, and Co. (Launceston, Cater and Maddox, Nore.-Sold for the benefit of The Orphan Asylum

printed,] 1842–3, 2 vols., 80. a nd The Falmouth Polytechnic, at their annual bazaar.

Note. — Appeared in monthly parts, price threeThe Tale of Trecarrell, or Legend of Laun

halfpence each. ceston Church, and other poems. By Anne | A Lecture on Experiment as the basis of Gibbons. Dedicated, by permission, to Her Theory read before the Members of the East Grace the Duchess of Northumberland. Laun Cornwall Experimental their annual ceston, T. W. Maddox, (printed] Simpkin, Mar meeting, held at Launceston, April 29th, 1845. shall, and Co., London, 1849, 80., pp. 48. By G. B. Gibbons, B.A.... Launceston, T. W.

Spiritual Songs, a Whitsun Gift. By Mrs. Maddox, Southgate Simpkin, London, 1845, Gibbons, Author of “Tale of Trecarrell,” | | 120., pp. 22, 6d. “ Easter Offering,” etc. Chiefly translated from | A Sermon [on Ps., lxxxii, 6) preached in the German and Italian. The profits are | Launceston church, on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 1847, intended to benefit the National Schools of being the day of the funeral of the late Duke of Launceston. Launceston, printed by J. Brimwell, Northumberland. By G. B. Gibbons, B.A. Broad St., 1861, 80., pp. 48.

Perpetual Curate. Printed in compliance with An Itinerary of Launceston, Cornwall, con the wishes of the congregation. London, taining some account of its antiquities, compiled Simpkin ; T. W. Maddox, Launceston, 1847,80., from various sources with a glance at its pros pp. 20. pects and commercial advantages, as connected with the opening of the railway. Anon. GIBBS, JAMES, M.D., of Ex. Coll. (son of Rev. Launceston, W. Philp, Broad St., 1865, 8o., pp. James Gibbs, V. of Gorran, 1660). d. Tregony, 74, 1/2

4 Apl., 1724. Note.—There is a short appendix by Richard Peter, A Consolatory Poem, humbly addressed to Mayor of Launceston, to whom the book is dedicated.

Her Royal Highness, Upon the much lamented The dedication, however, does not bear any signature.

death of His Most Illustrious Highness GIBBONS, EDWARD THEODORE (only surviving

William, Duke of Gloucester. By Dr. Gibbs. son of Rev. G. B. Gibbons.) b. Launceston, 31

Lond., printed for John Hartley, over against July, 1850.

Gray's Inn, in Holborn, and sold by John Nutt,

near Stationer's Hall, 1700, fol. pp. 8. Bod. Lib. Inscription at Castlegough, Cornwall. N. and

The First Fifteen Psalms of David, translated Q. 4, S. ii, 226, (1868.)

into Lyric Verse, propos'd as an essay, supplyGIBBONS, REV. GEORGE BUCKMASTER, B.A.

ing the Perspicuity and Coherence according to (son of Geo. Gibbons.) P.C. of Launceston, 30

the Modern Art of Poetry, not known to have Mch., 1837, P.C. of Laneast, 1866, V. of

been attempted before in any Language. With Werrington, 1869. b. London, 2 Jan., 1808.

a Preface containing some observations of the

great and general Defectiveness of former Then said the High Priest, are these things

Versions in Greek, Latin, and English. By so? and he said men, brethren, and fathers, Dr. Gibbs. Lond., printed by J. Matthews for hearken. (Acts, vii, 1.) A Sermon preached in

John Hartley, over-against Gray’s-Inn, in Holthe parish church of St. Mary Magdalene,

born. 1701, 4o., pp. 35. Bod. Lib.; Br. Museum. Launceston, before the Rt. Rev. Henry, Lord

Observations of various eminent cures of Bishop of Exeter, at his triennial visitation,

scrophulous distempers, commonly call'd the Sep. 23, 1839. By G. B. Gibbons, B.A., late

King's Evil, such as tumours, ulcers, cariosity of Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge, and bones, blindness, and consumptions... to which Perpetual Curate of St. Mary Magdalene.

is added An Essay concerning the animal spirits, Published by command of the Bishop. Laun and the cure of convulsions... By Dr. Gibbs. ceston, printed and published by T. and W. R.

Lond., printed for and sold by Ralph Simpson, Bray...n.d. [1839], 80., pp. 30.

at the Harp... in St. Paul's Church-yard, and Christ, the First Fruit. A sermon preached Philip Yeo, bookseller, Exeter, 1712, sm. 4o. in the church of St. Mary Magdalene, Launceston, on Easter day, 1841. By G. B. Gibbons. NOTE.-The observations pp. 1-68, and preface unLaunceston, 1841, 80., pp. 16.

paged. An Essay, pp. 1-29. Written in vindication of

a trial at Launceston, in 1710, concerning the cure of a The Christian Reader. Edited by George B. l lad from Plymouth. Some of the cases relate to persons Gibbons, B.A. Perpetual Curate of Launceston, | living at Tregony, Gorran, and other places in Cornwall.

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