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BATE, Charles Spence, F.R.S. (Con.). Pathology of Dental Caries. xiv plates. ib., 1864.

On the Dentition of the Mole. ib., 1867.

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An Elegy on the death of Mr. Thomas Vigurs. Bath, Printed by W. Gye, and sold at his office. Price ld., or 6,- per hundred. n.d. [1750), 8o., pp. 8. Bi. Museum.

NotE.—Dedicated to Rev. Mr. Wills, of St. Agnes.


Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb., Principal of the
East India College, Haileybury, Herts. b. Pen
zance, 25th Aug., 1778. d. Brighton, 11th
Oct., 1837. cf. Jour. R.I.C., 1869, April, p. xiv.

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BATTEN, CAPT. See Civil War Tracts, 1646 BATTEN, JOSEPH HALLET. Son of the pre(in PART II).

ceding. Lute Bengal C.S., F.R.G S., M.R AS.

b. Haileybury, Herts, 5th May, 1811. BATTEN FAMILY.

Official Report on the Province of Kumaon, Private Case between Elizabeth Darley and

with a Medical Report on the Mahamurree, in George Vincent Langworthy, relating to the

Gurhwal, in 1849-50. Ed. under the orders of

the Honble. the Lieut. Governor of the North Batten Estates in Cornwall, and other lands in | Devon and Cornwall. Privately Printed, 1774,

West Provinces, by J. H. B., Esq., Commissioner fol.

of Kumaon. Secunda Orphan Press, Agra, 1851,

8o., pp. 467. BATTEN, REV. HENRY, M.A. P. C. St. Mary's, Note of a visit to the Niti Pass of the grand

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vii, 310-16, 1838. [Bibl. Univ. Genère, xxii, 402Family Prayers for the Mornings and Even

406, 1839). ings of every day in the week, prepared for the

Journal of a visit to Melum and the Odonta use of the Members of St. Paul's congregation,

Dhoora Pass, in Juwahir. ib., xi, 1157–81, 1842, Penzance, and respectfully dedicated to them

Snow on the Himalayas. Calcutta Jour. Nat. by the Rev. H. B. Penzance, F. T. Vibert,

Hist., iv, 537-39, 1814. 1845, 16o., pp. 48.

Reply to Capt. Hutton's Remarks on the line A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Church,

of Perpetual Snow. ib., v, 383–87, 1845. Penzance, April 5th, 1847, before the Guild Brothers, commonly called the Odd Fellows of BAUERMAN, HILARY, F.G.S., London. the Manchester Unity. Penzance, T. Beare,

On the New Deep Adit in the Upper Hartz 1847, 80., pp. 12.

Mines. With Plan. Rep. Miners' Assoc. of D. A Sermon preached before the Mayor, Cor

& C., 1868, pp. 11-22. poration, and Inhabitants of Penzance, in St. Mary's Church, Nov. 18, 1852, on the occasion of the public interment of His Grace the late

BAWDEN, JANE. A Friend. b. Penzance. Duke of Wellington. Penzance, F. T. Vibert,

d. 7th July, 1827, and was buried at Truro. 1852, 8o., pp. 14, 6d.

A Short Account of Jane Bawden. Liskeard,




BEALE, WILLIAM. (Con.). printed by R. Esterbrook, Pike Street, n.d., | What ho! a fourth Madrigal for four voices, (18), 120., pp. 4.

words by H. Robertson. Op. 9. Lond., 1816, fol. Jane Bawden. A Short Memoir. Manchester, Go rose; a glee for four voices (the words Friends' Tract Assoc., No. 86, pp. 4.

translated from the French of Bernis, by

Charlotte Smith). Lond., (1818?), fol. BAYLE, MR. pseud., i.e., Penneck, Rev. H.

The evening walk; a glee for four voices. [Begins “How sweet the calm”). The poetry

by Miss Carter. Lond., 1819, fol. BEAL, Rev. WilliAM. b. Devonport, 4th May,

Ah! tell me no more, my dear girl ; Canzonet, 1785. Many years resident at Liskeard.

the words by Dr. Walcot. Lond., 1820 ?), fol. The Fathers of the Wesley Family, and refer- | Collection of Glees and Madrigals. Lond., ences to their times. Weymouth, Benson ; Birchall, 1820. Lond., Mason ; 1833, 120., pp. 122.—2nd ed., 1 Brutus; a song, the words by Wm. Smith. with many additions, Lond., Freeman, [1862), | Lond., [1822 ?), fol. cr. 8°., pp. 80.

Harmony; a glee for four voices, which Note.- Preface to 2nd ed., dated Liskeard, March, gained the prize given by the Adelphi Glee Club,

1840, the words by E. Taylor. Lond., [1841), Britain and the Gael, and the Gaelic Indices around Devonport and Liskeard. An Outline In the pleasant summer day; a cheerful glee, by W. B. Lond., Whittaker; Plymouth, James the poetry by W. E. Baker. Lond., (1843), fol. Sellick sprinted]; 1855, 120.

When lightly whisper through the air. Song, Britain and the Gael, or notices of old and the words by J. L. Ellerton. Lond., [1851), fol. successive races, but with special reference to the ancient men of Britain and its Isles. Some BEARD, JOHN. Toun Clerk, Penzance. b. Pennotes also on the early Briton, the Saxon zance. bapt. 16th April, 1769. d. Penzance, Church, and the Reformation. An Outline. 6th November, 1828. Lond., Whittaker; Plymouth, James Sellick

A Plain and brief Statement of an extraord[printed] ; Liskeard, Matthews and Philp; 1860,

inary and interesting ('ase lately decided in the sm. 8°., pp. 161.

Court of Chancery, on a petition preferred BEAL, REV. WILLIAM (ellest son of the preceding),

originally in the year 1807, to the Lord Chan

cellor, by William Harris, an infant, against LL.D., F.S.A. 1'. of Brooke, Norwich. 6. Shef

John Tremenheere, Gent., the Steward and field, 9th Dec., 1815.

Receiver of his Estates in the Connties of CornThe West of England Magazine. Ed. by Rev. wall and Devon, for his Removal from the office W. B. Plymouth, 1810-1847 (:).

of Receiver. Truro, Printed at the Cornwall

Gazette Office, by T. Flindell. 1810, 4"., pp. 56. BEALE, William. 6. Landrake, 1st January, To the Worshipful the Mayor, the Right

1784. d. London, 3rd May, 1854. cf. A Dic Honourable and Worshipful the Recorder, the tionary of Musicians, 1824, i, 67.

Worshipful the Justice, and the Aldermen and An Original Air, with Variations, for the

Commonalty of Penzance. This translation of P. Forte. Lond., (1802), fol.

their charter, diligently collated with, and made Madrigal for four voices. [Begins “This

literally from, the original, is respectfully prepleasant month of May”). Lond., 11813), fol.

sented by their faithful and obedient humble When whispering strains; a glee (for four

servant, J. B., Town Clerk. Pensance, 1st voices) in commendation of music, the words by

January, 1825. J. P. Vibert, Lithog., Penzance. W. Strode. Lond., (1813:), obl. fol.

fol., pp. 22. Awake, sweet muse [the words by R. Hewitt),

Note.--- An Abridgment of this is printed in the

Cornish Teleg., 23rd November, 1864. the madrigal which gained the prize cup given by the Madrigal Society, Jan. 12th, 1813. Lond., [181:7, fol.

BEARD, REV. THOMAS. V. of Alternon. d. A First Book of Madrigals, Glees, etc., for

1663. cf. Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy, 3, 4, and 5 voices. Op. 6. Lond., 1815, fol.

pt. ii, p. 191. Sonata for P. Forte, with an accompaniment for the Violin. Lond., [1815), fol.

BEARE, THOMAS, flo. temp. Queen Eliz. A second Sonata for the P. Forte, with an Mineralogy. MSS. accompaniment for the Violin. Op. 8. Lond., The Bailiffe of Blackmore. Harl. MSS., No. (1816), fol.

| 6380. (Jour. R.I.C., 1865, April. App. p. 35).

p. 191.

BEAUFORT, Rev. John. R. of St. Columb

BEDFORD, Hannah. (Con.). Major, 1644–79. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii,

to be sold, and for investing the clear purchase monies under the direction of the High Court of

Chancery, in other Estates, to be settled in lieu BECHER, JEAN JOACHIM. b. Spire, 1625 ;

thereof, and to the same uses. Lond., Eyre and d. London, 1685. Physician to the Elector of

Strahan, 1806, fol., pp. 22.
Bavaria, but afterwards, in 1680, a refugee in
England. He visited the Cornish mines in

BEDFORD, REV. JOHN. R. of St. Gerrans, 1682. cf. Biog. Univer., 1811; Nouvel. Biog.

1663-96. Gen., 1855; Rose; Trans. R.G.S.C., iv, 87–94 (1832).

A Sermon [on Gen., xxviii, 20) at the opening Alphabetum Minerale. Truro, 1682 (?).

of St. Charles the Martyr, Falmouth, 21st Feb.,

1663. Not published. BECKET, REV. NICHOLAS.

BEDFORD, CAPT. ROBERT TENCH, R.N. A Preparation to the most Holie Ministrie, Brother of Commander D. B. Bedford. b. Plywherein is set downe the true meanes to be well mouth, 14th Dec., 1812. d. Penzance, 2nd prepared to the same. In two Books. Written March, 1867. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Dict. in French by Peter Gerard, and Translated into English by N. B. Imprinted at London by

| BEDFORD, REV. THOMAS, M.A. R. of Wike Thomas Creed, for Thomas Man, 1598, sm. 8°.

St. Mary. d. 1803. Note.- Dedicated to the Author's loving Brethren, the Pastors and Ministers of Cornwall and Devon.

A Sermon son II Sam., xviii, 33] occasioned

by the death of Francis, Marquis of Tavistock. BECKFORD, WILLIAM, of Fonthill Abbey. b. |

Lond., J. Dodsley, 1767, 4o., pp. 14. London, 1760. d. Bath, 2nd May, 1844.

The Origin of our Grievances. A Sermon son

James, iv, 1]. Lond., John Wilkie, 1770, 4o., Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Lond., Bentley, pp. 20. , 1834, 2 vols., 80., 28/

A Proposal for the Advancement of ChristiNote.-Contains a long description of Falmouth anity into a Polite and Elegant System, ... in a and its neighbourhood, ii, 5—22.

Letter to a Friend. 1770, 4o., 1/..

A Sermon [on I Sam., vii, 6) preached at the BEDDOES, THOMAS, M.D. b. Shropshire, April, Parish Church of St. Paul, in the Town of Bed1760. d. Bristol, Dec., 1808.

ford, Ascension Day, Feb. 27. Lond., J. Wilkie, Memoirs of the Life of T. B., M.D., with an

1778, 4o., pp. 16. analytical account of his writings. By J. E. Stock. Lond., 1810, 4o., 31/6.

BEE, JON. pseud., i.e., Badcock, John. See Chemical Experiments and Opinions extracted

Foote, S. from a work published in the last century. (By John Mayow, of Cornwall). Ed. by T. B. BEEVERELL, JAMES, A.M. 1790, 80.

Les Délices de la Grande Bretagne et de l' Contributions to Physical and Medical Know

Irlande, les antiquitez .... Leide, 1707, 8 vols., ledge, principally from the West of England.

8o.—New edit., Leide, 1727, 8 vols., 80. Bristol, Biggs and Cottle; Lond., Longman; 1799, 80., 8/

Note.—Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, iii, 655–80. BEDFORD, COMMANDER DELBEUF BAKER,

BELL, REV. CHARLES DENT, M.A. V. of R.N. b. Plymouth (?), 1805. Resident at Pen

Ambleside. 6. Co. Derry, Ireland. zance. cf. O'Byrne's Naval Biog. Dict.

The Miners' Sons: Martin Luther and Henry

Martyn. Lond., S. Low and Son, 1853, 8o., BEDFORD, HANNAH. Daughter of Dr. Charles pp. 101, 1/..

Kendall, of Exeter, and wife of Rev. John Bedford, R. of Landulph, &c. d. Launceston, 1788. BELL, Rev. RICHARD. 6. Yorkshire, 4th June, Anno Quadragesimo Sexto, Georgii III Regis,

1820. Cap. 55. An Act for vesting certain undivided The Harvest and its Lessons. A Sermon Parts or Shares devised by the Will of Hannah delivered in the Wesleyan Chapel, Penzance, Bedford, widow, of and in several Estates in 23rd August, 1868. Published by request. Penthe Counties of Cornwall and Devon, in Trustees, zance, Beare and Son, 1868, 8o., pp. 20, 3d.

BELL, ROBERT. 6. Cork, 1800. d. London,

BELLOWS, John. (Con.). 12th April, 1867.

| Royal Naval School, London. Also a New Table Ancient Poems, Ballads, and Songs, of the of Equivalent Values of French and English Peasantry of England. Lond., Parker, 1857, Money, Weights, and Measures. Lond., Trüb8o., pp. 252, 2, 6.

ner, etc. ; John Bellows, Gloucester; (n.d., 186–), Note.-Contains some Cornish Ballads.

sm. 89., pp. 32, 1 --, or 1 fr. 25 c.

Outline Dictionary for the use of Missionaries, BELLAMY, JOHN CREMER, M.R.C.S. b. Ply

Explorers, and Students of Language. With mouth, 7th Dec., 1812. d. Plymouth, 12th

an introduction on the proper use of the ordinMay, 1851.

ary English Alphabet in transcribing foreign The Natural History of South Devon. Maps languages, by Max Müller .... Lond. ; Glouand Plates. Plymouth, J. Thomas [printed]; cester, J. Bellows [printed] ; 1867, 8o. Lond., Simpkin; 1839, post 89., pp. 441, 121- English Outline Vocabulary, for the use of

The Housekeeper's Guide to the Fish-Market, students of the Chinese, Japanese, and other for each month of the year; and an Account of languages, arranged by J. Bellows. With notes the Fishes and Fisheries of Devon and Corn on writing Chinese with Roman letters, by Prowall. Lond. ; Plymouth [printed]; 1843, 12o. fessor Summers. Lond. ; Gloucester, J. Bellows -1862, 120.

[printed] ; 1868, 8o. A Thousand Facts in the Histories of Devon New French and English Dictionary. Lond., and Cornwall, in chronological order, forming Trübner; Gloucester, John Bellows; sm. 89., an epitomised view of the political development probable price, 7/6. In the press (1870). of those counties, and making especial reference On the Cornish Language. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., to the history of Plymouth; to which is added 1861, p. 28. an alphabetical list of all works relating to the On the real meaning of the word Marazion. counties. Lond. ; Plymouth, Latimer [printed]; / | West Briton, 15th July, 1869. 1850, 80.

Description of two green-streaked Wrasses BELLOWS, WILLIAM LAMB. b. Bere Regis, (Labrus lineatus, Flem.). Ann. Nat. Hist., xiii, Dorset. Resident about 20 years in Cornwall. 77, 1844.

Memoir of John Stickland, a Local Preacher

of the Wesleyan Connexion, late of East Holme, BELLAMY, P. F.

near Wareham, Dorset. By his son-in-law, Description of two Peruvian Mummies pre- W. L. Bellows. Printed for the Author, by sented to the Devon and Cornwall Natural L. Newton, Camborne; and sold by Simpkin, History Society, by Capt. Blanckley. Brit. Marshall, & Co., ... Lond. ; 1838, demy 12°., Assoc. Sect., 1841, p. 75; Ann. Nat. Hist., x, pp. 96. 95-100, 1842.

The Life of John Stickland, late of East BELLOWS, John. Son of W. L. Bellows. b.

Holme, ... compiled from his own papers, by Liskeard.

W. L. Bellows.—2nd ed., Lond., Chas. Gilpin ,

... [L. Newton, Printer, Camborne) ; n.d., 12o., Remarks [by J. Bellows] on certain anony 3. sheets.- 3rd ed., Lond., W. & F. G. Cash; mous articles There attributed to J. Bright), [Gloucester, Printed by G. J. Wait]; 1855, 16o. designed to render Queen Victoria unpopular:

2 sheets. with an exposure of their authorship. Gloucester, John Bellows, 6, Westgate Street, 1864, 8o. - | BENNALLACK, FRANCIS. 2nd ed., 1865, 8o., 64 sheets.

Mineralogia Cornubiensis.... by William Pryce. A Winter Journey from Gloucester to Nor 1778, fol. way (with Map). Lond., Trübner and Co.;

NOTE.- Mr. Bennallack not only assisted Dr. Pryce Gloucester, John Bellows, Steam Press, West

in collecting materials for the work, but also revised gate Street; 1867, 80., pp. 100, 1/6.

and corrected the composition. Two Days' Excursion from Gloucester to Llanthony Abbey and the Black Mountains.

BENNALLACK, John FERRIS. Son of the Map and Views. Gloucester, J. Bellows (n.d., preceding. Mayor of Truro, 1819–1822. b. 186-), 8°., pp. 40, 6d.—2nd ed., 186-, 802

Bosvigo, in Kenwyn, 1779. d. Truro, 22nd Tous les Verbes.-Conjugations of all the Aug., 1860. cf. Cornwall Gaz., 1860. Verbs in the French and English Languages. By John Bellows. Revised by Professor Beljame,

BENNET, Col. ROBERT. b. 1605 (?). B.A., LL.B., of the University of Paris, and King Charles's Triall justified, being the sum Official Interpreter to the Imperial Court, and of a charge at the last Sessions at Trewroe, George Strickland, late Assistant French Master, Cornwall, by Col. Rob. Bennet. - 1649, 4o.

BENNETT, CHARLES. The Blind Organist. b. BENSON, REV. JOSEPH. Wesleyan Minister.

Truro. d. Truro, 12th April, 1804. cf. Corn b. 1748. d. London, 15th Feb., 1821. wall Gazette, 3rd Oct., 1867 ; Gent. Mag., lxxiv,

Memoirs of Rev. J. B., by the Rev. James pt. i, 481 (1804); European Mag., xlv, 319

Macdonald. Lond., T. Blanshard, 1822, 8o. (1804).

Note.—Mr. Benson visited Cornwall in 1795, pp. Fugitive Poems.

Twelve Songs and a Cantata. Inscribed to
Mrs. Trevanion, of Caerhays. The words by BENTLEY AND BOULTON.
Mr. Walcot. Lond., Johnson, n.d., fol.

Report on the construction of a canal between Music for the Organ. MSS.

Fowey Harbour and the Padstow River. BENNETT, EDWARD T.

BERGER, JEAN FRANCOIS, M.D., of Geneva. Restoration of Euphorbia Peplis to one of its

Observations on the Physical Structure of old localities, with observations on a few other

Devonshire and Cornwall. Trans. Geol. Soc. of Cornish Plants, found in the early part of Oct.,

Lond., i, 93-184 (1811). 1850. Phytologist, iv, 1-5, 1851.

BERNOUILLI, JEAN, THE YOUNGER. b. Basle, BENNETT, JAMES. b. Prideaux, in Luxulyan, March, 1828.

4th Nov., 1744. d. Berlin, 13th July, 1807.

Etwas uber den Zinn-und Kupferbergbau in The Gardener, being Memoirs of the Life and

Kornwallis. (Something about Tin and Copper Death of William Stephens, of St. Blazey, Corn

Mines in Cornwall). 1783. wall. Compiled by J. B. Woodcut frontispiece. Lond., H. J. Tresidder, 17, Ave Maria Lane ;

BERRYMAN, WILLIAM RICHARD. Cornwall, Jas. Bennett, St. Blazey ; n.d., 18o., pp. 36, 4d.

Report from the Select Committee on MuniBennett's Easy Primer. Being an improved | cipal Corporations, with the minutes of evidence system of bringing the youthful mind acquainted

taken before them. Ordered to be printed, 4th with a knowledge of letters, &c.' Price One

June, 1833, fol., pp. 391. [Contains, “SaltashPenny. St. Blazey, Printed and Published by

Evidence of W. R. Berryman, Town Clerk "). J. Bennett; by whom hawkers and shops are supplied (n.d., 18–), 80., pp. 10.

BESEMERES, JOHN. Resident at Calcutta.

Old Salt; a Serio Comic Drama in two Acts. BENNETT, J. Hayle.

By John Daly. [i.e., John Besemeres. First proA Horizontal Steam Engine, with improved duced at the Strand Theatre, London, 12th Rotary Valves. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1866, p. xxiii. | Jan., 1868. Scene-Trefusis, Falmouth). BENNETT, MARY.

BESLEY, HENRY. Exeter. The Cornish Ale Wife. A Sketch from Life. The Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, and Dorset Chambers' Jour., ix, 8–9 (1848).

Sheet Almanacs. Exeter, Besley, 1828, s. sh.,

fol., 9d. Pub. annually. BENNETT, Rev. MYDHOPE WALLIS, B.A. d. A Trial for Infringement of Copyright [in the

East Looe, 7th Nov., 1824. cf. Gent. Mag., preceding work). Besley v. Carlyon. With some xciv, pt. 2, 565, 1824.

remarks on the defects of the laws of artistic

copyright. Exeter, Besley, 1854, 89., pp. 15. BENNETT, Rt. Rev. WILLIAM. Bp. of Cloyme. Note.—The defendant represented the proprietors d. London, 16th July, 1820.

of The Royal Cornwall Gazette. Remarks on Roman Architecture and Castra The West of England, or Cornwall, Devon... metation. Supp. to Polwhele's Cornwall, 1803. Book Almanac. Exeter, Besley, 1832, 12o.

Annually, 6d. BENNETTS, John. 6. Pertanarworthal. d. Kea.

1 The West of England, or Cornwall, Devon, On the Electro Magnetism of Veins of Copper Somerset, and Dorset Pocket Book. Exeter, Ore in Cornwall. Lond. & Edinb. Philos. Mag., | Besley, 1836, 8o. Annually, 2/6 and 3/6. ii, 17, 1833.

The West of England, Cornwall, Devon,...

Diary. Exeter, Besley, 1836, cap. 8o. Annually, BENNETTS, SAMUEL. 6. St. Mewan.

1/6 and 6d. Remarks on Dynamite. Communicated by 1 The West of England Pocket Railway Time Messrs. Webb and Bennetts. Rep. Miners' Assoc. Table. Exeter, Besley, February, 1848, 12o., - of D. & C., 1868, p. 25.

1d. [Continued monthly to the present time).

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