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GWIN, Thomas. (Con.).

H. A Letter to a Friend of the Danger of Apostacy; Written on occasion of G. Keith's Mission into the West-Country. By T. Gwin. | Account of the Arundell family of Trerice. Lond.... T. Sowle... 1706, 80., 1 sheet.

By H. Gent. Mag., xcix, pt. ii, 215, (1829.) A Faithful and Loving Warning to All People to turn to the Lord while their day of Salvation | H. Lasts. Chiefly intended for the Inhabitants of Mr. Prim writes an article for a magazine, by the Town of Falmouth. By T. Gwin. Exon., H. Helston Gram. School Mag., 1857–59, pp. printed by Sam. Farley, over against the New

22-25. Inn, 1709, 80., 1 sheet.

Hu the Mighty, by H. ib., pp. 149–55. An Epistle of Advice to Friends to Look to the Lord, and to Beware of the Snares of Satan.) H. Penzance, i.e., Williams, Henry. By T. Gwin. Lond...J. Sowle... 1709, 89., 1 sheet.

H. C. E. H., Morwenstow, i.e., Hawker, C. E. A Salutation of Love, To those who are entered on a Spiritual Travel ; with Cautions

H. J. H. against Sundry Dangers which may attend them | Lines supposed to have been written on St. in the way. By T. Gwin. Lond... Assigns of Michael's Mount, Cornwall. European Mag., J. Sowle... 1713, 80., pp. 32.

lxii, 450, (1812.) A Memorial of Anne Gwin. See Gwin, A.

The Will and Testament of Thomas Gwin, of H. M. T. H., i.e., Hutton, Rev. M. T. Falmouth; being some Religious and Serious Considerations, which he recommends to his H. T. H. Children and Friends, and such as may remain | St. Columb Parish. Gent. Mag., xcv, 202after his Decease. Written in the 52nd year of 205, (1825.) his age. Lond... Assigns of J. Sowle... 1720, sm. 80., 4 sheets.—2nd ed. Lond., printed and sold H. T. R. H., i.e., Higham, T. R. by Mary Hinde, at No. 2, in George Yard, Lombard Street, n.d., [1745,] 80., pp. 59.—3rd H. W. H., see under Keigwin, J. ed. Leeds, 1792, 80., 3 sheets.

A Letter to Friends of Port Isaac, in Corn H. W. A. H., i.e., Hamilton, W. A. wall, from Thomas Gwin, late of Falmouth, (Written 13th of 2nd Mo., 1710.) Lond...James H. W. E. H., i.e., Heygate, Rev. W. E. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1796. 80., 1 sheet.

HADDAN, REV. ARTHUR WEST, B.D. (son of Brief Notice of T. Gwin. Compiled from his

Thos. Haddan,) R. of Barton, Moreton-inMS. Journal, etc. The Friend, iii, 25, (1845.)

Marsh, 1857. b. Woodford, Essex, 31 Aug.,

1816. GWINEAR, ST. See Fingar, St.

Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland. Edited after

Spelman and Wilkins, by A. W. Haddan, B.D., GWYN, DANIEL. cf. N. Luttrells' Brief Histori

and William. Stubbs. Vol. i. Oxford, at the cal Relation, iv, 511.

Clarendon Press, 1869, 80. Case upon petition of John Russel, Gent.,

Note. - Church of Cornwall during the Saxon against Daniel Gwyn, concerning pacquet boats Period, A.D. 681-1072 (by the Rev. A. W. Haddan), pp. from Falmouth to Coruna. 1690, fol.


HADOW, Rev. GEORGE. V. of St. Just-in

Penwith, 1855. R. of Tidcombe, Devon, 1867. Carta Martini, Ducis et Comitis Cornubiæ

1 b. Madras. concedens Egidio de Gydlegh, nepoti suo mane

Mural paintings in St. Just Church. Journ. rium de Gydlegh, parcell. manerii de Leghatforde. Dat. 16 cal. maii anno creationis nostræ

R.I.C., Oct., 1865, p. 81-82. quinto. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 5,485, fol. HAIDINGER, WILHELM VON (son of Karl 101.

Haidinger.) Director of the Geological InstiNOTE.-J. Anstis has written above this charter

tute for the Empire at Vienna. b. 5 Feb., “ The following is certainly an infamous forgery."

1795. d. Vienna, 19 Mch., 1871.

HAIDINGER, Wilhelm von. (Con.).

HALL, Rt. Rev. GEORGE. (Con.). Neue varietät von Vivianit. (A mineral found The triumphs of Rome over despised protesat St. Agnes.] Wien, Sitz. Ber., 1848, pp. 75–77. tancie. Anon. Lond., printed Anno. Dom. 1655,

Vivianit in einem Röhrenknochen. Haidinger, | 4o., pp. 148; and dedication 1 leaf. Bericht, iv, 263-64, (1848.)

Note. — Dedicated “To the victorious Roman

Catholique Knight, That foyld the Vicar and won the HAIGG, PHILIP.

Lady," signed " Vicar of Non-such." Memorandum de possessione tenementorum

HALL, Rt. Rev. JOSEPH, D.D. Bp. of Exeter, in Dunheved et in Launceston, per P. Haigg, ex

1627-41. Bp. of Norwich, 1641-56. b. Ashby familia de Dudston alias Dobelday. Tanner MSS.

de la Zouch, 1 July, 1574. d. Heigham, near ( Boil. Lib.,) 196, art. 11.

Norwich, 8 Sept., 1656. HAILSTONE, Rev. John. Woodwardian Pro

The Great Mysterie of Godliness... Also the fessor of Geology, Cambridge, 1788. Resign

| Invisible World... In three books. By J. Hall. ed, 1818. cf. Cornish Mag., (Mem. of Sir

B. [i.e. Bishop of] Norwich. Lond., printed for H. Davy,) iv, 186–87, (1829); Paris' Life of

John Place, at Furnivals Inne-gate, in Holborn. Sir H. Dary, (1831,) pp. 35–37.

A.D. MDCLII, 120.-Reprinted sin facsimile

for W. Pickering, 1847, 12o. NOTE.—Dr. Beddoes was a Plutonist, and Professor Hailstone, a Neptunist. Each of them appealed to the NOTE.—The account of the Cure at Madron Well rocks of Cornwall in confirmation of his own geological is contained in “ The Invisible World," Bk. i, Sect. 8, theories, and in the year 18.. met at Penzance to pp. 169-70. inspect the rocks. Sir H. Davy and Davies Gilbert assisted these gentlemen in their researches.


Reply to a circular letter of A. Young's, dated

Merryfield, Torpoint, 18 Feb., 1795. Young's The History of the Constitution of the Duchy | Annals of Agriculture, xxiv, 217-9, (1795.) of Cornwall, (1834.) See Clayton, Sir W.

HALL, THOMAS, M.D. d. Bodmin, 26 Sept., HALCOMB, John, Serjeant-at-Law. b. 1790. 1806. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxiv, pt. ii, 609, (1804.) d. New Radnor, 3 Nov., 1852.

Letters on Prisons. By J. C. Lettsom. Gent. Analysis of the Report of the Case of Rowe Mag., 1805–1808. v. Young, on a Bill of Exchange, decided in the

NOTE.- Account of death of Dr. Hall, in a comHouse of Lords, (July, 1820); with Remarks

munication from Mr. Neild to Dr. Lettsom, dated Launthereon. 1821, 80.

ceston, 27 Sept., 1806. Letter xxxiv, in Gent. Mag., Report of the Trials and Subsequent Proceed lxxvi, pt. ii, 1019, (1806.) ings in the Causes of Rowe v. Grenfell, Rowe v. Brenton and another, and Doe (dem. Carthew)


son of Rev. Will. Cradock Hall, V. of Pilton.) r. Brenton, relative to the Claims made by the Lessees of the Duke of Cornwall to the Copper

b. Torquay. Mines within the Duchy Lands; and involving The Mineralogist's Directory; or A Guide to also the question of Title to the lands and the Principal Mineral Localities in the United estates of the Tenants. Lond., 1826, 8°., pp.

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. By T. 139.

M. Hall. Lond., E. Stanford, 1868, 80., pp.

xii and 168. HALFORD, MR.

NOTE.- Account of Minerals found in Cornwall, Representations drawn up by Mr. Halford | pp. 32-52, 130-31. concerning the tin mines of Cornwall and Devonshire, 1577. Lansd. MSS. 24, art. 49. See Carey, I

| HALL, WILLIAM (son of Jonathan Hall.) b. Sir G.

Kensington, 1809.

The Diary of Sergeant W. Hall, of Penzance, HALL, Rt. Rev. GEORGE (son of Rt. Rev. Jos. Cornwall, Late of H.M. 41st Regt., containing

Hall, Bp. of Ereter.) Fellow of Ex. Coll.,1632. the incidents connected with two years campaign Archdeacon of Cornwall, 7 Oct., 1641. V. of in Scinde and Affghanistan during the late war. Menheniot, 1637. Archdeacon of Canterbury, To which is added the Sermon preached to the 14 Aug., 1660. Bp. of Chester, 1662–68. | troops on the Sunday after the battle (sic,) by d. Chester, 23 Aug., 1668, aged 55. bur. the Rev. J. N. Allen, B.A., Assistant Chaplain Wigan. cf. Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy, to the Scinde Field Force. Also the particulars pt. ii, p. 26.

| of numerous shooting excursions in India after

HALL, William. (Con.).

HALS, WILLIAX. (Con.). game of all descriptions, including the lion and to have been comprised in one volume, consisting of other wild beasts of the jungle. Penryn, printed

200 sheets, to be delivered in weekly numbers of four

sheets each, price 6d. a number. The numbers were to for the author by T. Whitehorn, Broad St., n.d.

be delivered " at Mr. Thomas Paine's, Bookseller, near (1848,] 89., pp. iv and 77.

the Southsea House, in Bishopsgate-street, London; at

Mr. Brice's printing-office, in Exeter ; and at the House HALLET, JOHN.

of Mr. Hals (Nephew and Heir of the Author and Pro

prietor of this Work), at his house in Truro." The second Dispensatio Johanni Hallet de Talland in com. part was commenced first, “not only because the proper Cornub. concessa, ut, una cum uxore et liberis necessaries for the first part are not yet compleated, but suis et quatuor aliis, carnes in tempore Quadra

as considerable additions are preparing by a very Great

Hand.” gesimali comederet ; 4 Mart., 166. Rawlinson

Soon after Hals' death, the MSS. of his history came MSS., Bod. Lib., class A, 290, art. 25.

into the hands of Mr. Andrew Brice, who, in 1750, pub

lished the volume containing the parts referring to the HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD, F.R.S., F.S.A.

parishes from Advent to Helston. After Brice's death

they remained in the custody of his partner and successor (son of Thos. Halliwell.) 6. Sloane St., Chelsea,

in the business, Mr. Thorn, of Exeter. On his death 21 June, 1820.

in 1785, they came to his son, and on the latter's death Rambles in Western Cornwall, by the footsteps

shortly after, they were missing, and being advertised

for in the Exeter papers were recovered on information of the giants, with notes on the Celtic Remains

given by Mr. George Browne, of Bodmin. Subsequently, of the Land's End district and the Islands of whether by loan or as security for money lent, they were Scilly. By J. O. Halliwell. Lond., J. R. Smith, with that gentleman, and were lent by him about 1794 1861, sq. 8°., pp. viii and 245, 7/6.

to Dr. Whitaker. On Mr. Browne's death, in 1795, the

MSS, still remained with Whitaker, until his death in A Dictionary of Archaic and provincial words,

1808. In April of the following year they were returned obsolete phrases, proverbs, and ancient customs, by the widow to G. F. Collins Browne, who, under the from the 14th century. By J. 0. Halliwell. supposition that they were his grandfather's property, Lond., J. R. Smith, 1847, 2 vols., 80.—2nd ed.,

presented them to Dr. Taunton, of Truro, who had

married Whitaker's daughter. In 1819 the ownership was 1850, 2 vols., 80.–Brixton Hill, [112 copies

discussed in a protracted correspondence between Dr. only] printed for private circulation, 1852, 2 Taunton, and Col. Thorn, grandson of Brice's partner, vols., fol.

but, as Col. Thorn failed to establish his claim, they

remained with Dr. Taunton, whose widow bequeathed Note.-Contains an account of the Cornish dialect them to H. S. Stokes, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, of with “ The Cornwall Schoolboy," and "A Western Cornwall, whose property they now are. Eclogne,” (ed. 1847,) pp. xii-xiii.

The Parochial History of Cornwall, founded Sketches of the Provincial Dialects of Eng-l on the Manuscript Histories of Mr. Hals and land. By J. 0. Halliwell. Lond., J. R. Smith, | Mr. Tonkin... By D. Gilbert, (1838), 9.v. 1847, 8o., pp. 18, 2/-.

The History of St. Michael's Mount. By W. Note.—This is the introductory part of the pre

Hals. MSS. vious work, sold separately, with a new Title.

An Latimer ay Kernow. A Dictionary of the

Cornish Language. By W. Hals. MSS. HALS, WILLIAM. 6. Tresawsen, Merther, 1655.

d. Tregury, St. Wenn, 1737. cf. N. and Q., HALSE, JAMES, M.P. (son of John Halse.) 6. 3 S., xii, 22, (1867); Gent. Mag., lx, pt. ii, Truro, 1769. d. Regent Street, London, 14 608, 711, (1790), lxi, pt. i, 32, (1791).

May, 1838. bur. Kensal Green Cemetery. cf. The Complete History of Cornwall. Part ii Gent. Mag., x, 214, (1838). being the Parochial History. [Exeter, A. Brice, Trash, dedicated without respect to James 1750), fol., pp. 160.

Halse, Esq., M.P. Anon. [By W. M. Praed.)

Penzance, printed by T. Vigurs, Bookseller, NOTE.- The first part was never printed, hence there is no general title page. The second part, so far

1833, 13°., pp. iv and 31. as it is completed, contains the account of 72 parishes

Note.—The Dedication to Jas. Halse, is dated “St. -Advent to Helston-brought out in ten numbers, after the issue of which the publication was discontinued.

Ives, Dec. 20, 1832." This is an extremely rare work. A copy with MS. notes by Lysons, was sold at his death, in 1820, for £168; at

HALSE, SIR NICHOLAS (son of John Halse of Geo. Chalmer's sale a copy produced £15. The Br. Efford, near Plymouth,) and grandfather of the Museum copy was purchased from Mr. Thos. Rodd, in

Historian. Governor of Pendennis Castle. d. 1841, for £25, after having been for a fortnight in the

1637. possession of Mr. Grenville. The most perfect impression is that in the Grenville Lib., Br. Museum, as it Great Britains Treasure : Environing this possesses the printed wrapper to the first number of the

famous Ile with brazen walls invincible, mantained work, on which is detailed at great length the Author's intentions regarding the plan and progress of the un

with great gaine by forces invisible: Unto Charles dertaking. From this it appears that the History was the First ... Most humbly presenteth Francis HALSE, SIR NICHOLAS. (Con.). Stewart, eldest son to the late Earl of Bothwell. By whose loyall care and special diligence the subsequent treatises have been recovered and painfully re-collected out of the old papers and fragments of that worthly and lately deceased Knight, your Ma''s faithful and ingenious Servant, Sir N. Halse, 1636. Egerton MSS., Br. Museum, 1140, 8o.

HALY, REV. NICHOLAS (son of Nicholas Haly.)

Curate of St. Erth. Curate of Harford, Ivybridge, Devon. V. of Egloskerry with Tremaine, 1871. 6. Saltash, 31 July, 1810.

The Lord Our Helper. A Sermon on ii Chronicles, xxxii, 6–7, preached in the parish church of St. Erth before the Volunteers, by the Rev. N. Haly. Published by request, 1860, 80.

NOTE.-The treatises, five in number, are in the original binding, with silver clasps. In the third is contained a scheme of substituting a coinage of “Mun. dick and Sinder Tinne" for copper coin.

HAMBLEY, JOHN. A Native of the diocese of

Exeter. Executed, Chard or York, July 20 or
Sept. 9, 1587. cf. Challoner's Mem. of Missionary
Priests, (1803,) i, 107–108.

HALSEY, REV. JOSEPH, M.A., R. of St. Michael

HAMBLY, LOVEDAY, of Trigangeeves. d. 14 Penkivel. Ejected, 1662. b. 1626. d. 1 Oct.,

Oct., 1682, aged 78. 1711. cf. Palmer's Noncon. Mem., (1775,) i, A Relation of the Last Words and Departure 285-86.

of that Antient and Honourable Woman L.

Hambly, of Trigangeeues, in the Parish of Austell, HALSEY, JOSEPH, M.D. (son of the preceding.)

in the County of Cornwall. With further Testib. 1 Dec., 1663. bapt. St. Michael Penkivel,

monies concerning her Life and conversation. 8 Decr. cf. Calamy's Hist. Account of his own

Lond., printed by John Gain, living in the Upper Life, (1830,) i, 189.

Moor-Fields, near the Flying Horse, 1683, 4o.,

11 sheets. Determ. Philosophicæ de Attributis Dei Viventis : quam... sub præsidio M. Gerardi de

Note.-Contents of the above.

The Preface, by Benjamin Coales, dated Reading, Vries, philosophiæ Doctoris ejusdemque Facultatis the 20th of the 1st Month, 1683. in illustri academia Ultrajectina professoris ordi A Copy of a Letter sent to M. D., (Margery Dyer,) narii publicè ventilandam proponit Josephus

and Friends at Plymouth, the 14th day of 10th month, Halsey, Anglus. Trajecti ad Rhenum, ex

1682, by Thomas Salthouse, Richard Tregenow, Loveday

Beauchamp, Anne Salthouse, with several Servants, &c. officina Francisci Halma Academiæ Typographi

A Farther Testimony concerning Dear Loveday cIɔ Iɔc Lxxxvi 4o., unpaged. Br. Museum. Hambly, from Thomas Salthouse, dated Austell, in

Cornwall, the 20th of the 10th month, 1682. NOTE.—The Dedication reads " Viro præter omnes The Testimony of Thomas Curtis, n.d. optimè de me merito, D. Josepho Halsey, A.M., quondam Coll. SS. Trinitatis Cantabrigiæ Socio. . .parenti honor HAMEBY, JOHN. ando...ut et...D.D. Hugoni de Fortiscuto... necnon viro reverendo D. Johanni How, A.M...D.D.D. Josephus De J. de Hameby, commisso prisonæ de Flete Halsey.”

pro debitis Ducis Cornubiæ. 18, Edw. III. Br. Dissertatio Medica inauguralis de Lympha,

Museum, Addit. MSS., 4, 484, art. 13, pp. 60–63. quam... pro gradu doctoratus, summisque in Medicina honoribus et privilegiis ritè ac legitimè

HAMILTON, WALTER ADOLPHUS. consequendis, eruditorum examini subjicit A few calculations about the National Debt, Josephus Halsey, Anglus... Trajecti ad Rhenum, by W. A. H[amilton.) Helston Gram. School ex officina Francisci Halma, Academiæ Typo- Mag., (1857–59), pp. 87-88. graphi, clɔ lɔc xci., 4°., pp. 14. Br. Museum. | Old Cornish Legend, by W. A. H. ib., p. 183.

NotE.—The Dedication reads “ Viris Nobilissimis, D.D. Hugoni Boscawen Armig...D.D. Arthuri Fortescue Armig... hæc studiorum suorum specimina ... offert Josephus Halsey."


Single coat of arms of Hamley family. Br. Museum, Addit. MSS., 5,524, fol. 215.


HAMLEY, CAPT. CHARLES OGILVY, R.N. (2 Order to Charles Dinham to sieze the lands

son of Vice-Admiral Will. Hamley.) 6. Bodmin, of J. Halwell. Harl. MSS., 433, art. 1707.

24 April, 1817. d. 14 May, 1863.

Fleets and Navies, by Capt. C. Hamley, R.M. HALY, NICHOLAS. 6. Boconnoc, May, 1777. d. (Originally published in Blackwood's Mag.) W.

Saltash, 28 Feb., 1841. cf. Wesleyan Method Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, ist Mag., lxvi, 353–59, (1843.)

| 1860, 8o., pp. 195, 6/-.

HAMLEY, REV. EDWARD (son of Rev. Thomas HAMLEY, COLONEL EDWARD BRUCE. (Con.). Hamley.) Fellow of New College, Oxford, 5

Note.-Originally published in Blackwood's Mag., Nov. 1785. R. of Cusop, Herefordshire, 1804. Vols., lxxvi-lxxviii, (1854-55.) Messrs. Gould and LinR. of Staunton St. John's, Oxfordshire, 1806. coln, of Boston, America, anticipated the Author by a bapt. St. Columb Major, 25 Oct., 1764. d.

“ piratical reprint." Staunton, 7 Dec., 1837.

A Legend of Gibraltar. By Col. E. B. Hamley. Poems of Various Kinds. By E. Hamley. In “Tales from Blackwood,” (1858), i, pp. 67. Fellow of New College. Lond., printed by J. W. Myers, for T. Cadell and W. Davies...n.d., Note.--Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., [1795,] 8°., pp. 138.

lxx, 522-43, (1851.) Note.- Preface dated “Inner Temple, Aug. 10, Lazaro's Legacy, a tale of the siege of Gibral1795.” At page 85 is a half title which reads "Sonnets, | tar. By Col. E. B. Hamley. In “Tales from The second edition corrected.”

Blackwood,” (1858), ii, pp. 64. Letter from E. Hamley to Dr. Parr, dated New

NOTE.-Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., College, March 30, 1795. Parr's Works, (1828), Las

as The Jew's Legacy, Ixx, 648-69, (1851.) viii, 185.

An Epitaph. Poetical Register and Repository Wellington's Career, a military and political of Fugitive Poetry. (Lond., F. and C. Rivington, summary. By E. B. Hamley, Captain, R.A., and 120.), 1805, p. 307.

Lieut.-Colonel, Professor of Military History To a Young Woman. [Dated, 1795.] ib., and Art, at the Staff College. W. Blackwood 1805, pp. 334-35.

and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1860, fcp. On revisiting Cornwall. ib., 1805, pp. 350-54. 8o., pp. vi and 113, 2, Sonnet. [Dated 1795.) ib., 1805, p. 399. Sonnet. Dated 1795.1 ib., 1805, p. 400.

Note.-Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag. as Sonnet. Dated 1795.) ib., 1805, p. 401.

a review of the Life of Wellington, by M. Brialmont

and Mr. Gleig, lxxxvii, 397-417, 591-610, (1860). Sonnet. Dated 1795.1 ib., 1805, p. 402. Sonnet. Dated 1795.1 ib., 1805, p. 403. The Operations of War, explained and illus

Lines written between Caernarvon and Bangor. trated, by E. B. Hamley, Colonel in the Army, ih., 1806-7, p. 248.

and Lieut.-Colonel, Royal Artillery; [Companion Verses written in Autumn. ib., 1806–7, pp. of the Bath), Knight of the Legion of Honour 302-3.

and the Medjidie; Formerly Professor of MiliTo Spring. ib., 1806–7, pp. 350-53.

tary History, Strategy, and Tactics, at the Staff Sonnet. [Dated 1795.) ib., 1806-7, p. 435. College ; Member of the Council of Military Sonnet. sDated 1795.) ib., 1806–7, p. 436. Education. W. Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh Sonnet. Dated 1795.1 ib., 1806-7, p. 437. and Lond., 1866, sm. 4o., pp. xxiii and 438, 28/-, Sonnet. Dated 1795.1 ib., 1806-7, p. 438. - 2nd ed., 1869, sm. 4o., pp. xxiii and 456, 28, -Sonnet. Dated 1795.1 ib., 1806-7, p. 439. The European Hurricane. Blackwood's Mag.,

Sonnets. Dated 1795.7 ib., 1808-9, pp. | cviii, 384-400, 513–30, (1870.) 446-51.

The Conduct of the War. Letters in The HAMLEY, COLONEL EDWARD BRUCE (4 son of

Times,” 22 and 24 Jan., 1871.
Vice-Admiral Will. Hamley.) 6. Bodmin, 27
April, 1824.

HAMLEY, VICE-ADMIRAL WILLIAM (2 son of Lady Lee's Widowhood, by E. B. Hamley,

Will. Hamley.) b. Bodmin, July, 1786. d. Captain, R.A. W. Blackwood and Sons, Edin

Chelsea, 7 Nov., 1866. bur. Brompton Cemetry, burgh and London, 1854, 2 vols., post 80., 21/-.

cf. O'Byrne ; Brenton's Naval Hist., ü, 389; --2nd ed., 1859, 1 vol., post 80., pp. 416, 6-:

Gent. Mag., ii, 846, (1866.) 3rd ed., 1869, 1 vol., fcp. 8°., pp. 416, 2/6.

HAMLEY, COLL. WILLIAM GEORGE (eld. son of Note.-Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag.

Vice-Admiral Will. Hamley.) b. Bodmin, 28 Ixxiii, 77-96, etc., (1853.)

June, 1815. The position on the Alma, sketched the day after the battle. By E. B. Hamley. 1855,

Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne and West oblong, 10/6.

Indian Reminiscence, by Col. W. G. Hamley, The Story of the Campaign of Sebastopol, R.E. Originally published in Blackwood's Mag. written in the camp, by Lieut.-Col. E. B.

Printed and published by W. Blackwood and Hamley, Captain, Royal Artillery. With illus Sons. Edinburgh, 1862, post 8°., pp. 372, 12/-trations, drawn in camp by the author. Map.

Note.- Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag., W. Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1 xc. 499-524, 555-81, 645-69, (1861), xci, 35-54, 178-270, 1855, 80., pp. xv and 339, 21/-,


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