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HAMLEY, Coll. William GEORGE. (Con.). HARDING, Lieut-.COLL. WILLIAM, F.G.S. (Con.). A New Sea and an Old Land : Being papers A paper on Morwenstow at the suggested by a visit to Egypt at the end of College Hall, 16 Dec., 1863. 3 plates. Trans. 1869. By W. G. Hamley, Colonel in the Corps Ereter Dioc. Architect Soc., 2 S., i, 209–19, (1867.) of Royal Engineers. Illustrations. Lond., W. Blackwood and Sons, 1871, cr. 8°., 10/6. HARE, NICHOLAS, Junior (son of Nicholas Hare.) NOTE.—Originally appeared in Blackwood's Mag.,

b. Liskeard, 22 Nov., 1820. cvii, 85-104, 179-97, 356-75, (1870.)

Royal Institution of Cornwall. Excursion to

Liskeard and neighbourhood, Saltash, Trematon HAMLEY, COMMANDER WYMOND (3 son of

Castle, St. Germans, etc., on Monday and TuesWill. Hamley.) b. . d. 3 Mch., 1865.

day, August 10th and 11th, 1868. Anon. (Recf. O'Byrne.

printed from the Cornish Times.) Liskeard,

Cornish Times Office, n.d., [1868,] 120., pp. 21. HAMMOND, EDWARD. Merchant and Seyne

Owner: Mayor of St. Ives, 1644 and 1657. cf. Clarendon's Hist. of Rebellion, (1849), iv, 1 Calendar of natural history, kept at Liskeard. 146–47.

in Cornwall, from the year 1838 to 1846. Rep.

R.C.P. Soc., 1846, pp. 18–24. HAMMOND, COMMANDER GRAHAM EDEN |

The Ornithology of Liskeard. ib., 1846, pp. WILLIAM (2 son of Admiral G. E. Hammond.)

25–35. b. Fowey, 3 March, 1814. d. Woolwich, 23

Rubbings from 37 Cornish Monumental Jan., 1847. cf. O'Byrne ; Gent. Mag., xxviii,

Brasses. ib., 1867, p. 74. 439, (1847.)

General Index to the Nineteen Annual Reports HANCOCK, RICHARD (son of William Hancock.)

of the R.C.P. Soc. From No. 17 (1849) to No.

35 (1867,) both inclusive. By N. Hare, Jun. b. Liskeard, 13 July, 1853.

ib., 1868, pp. 1-18. On the mineral deposit of Old Wheal Vor Mine, Breage. Rep. R.C.P. Soc., 1870, pp. 101–

Notice of Birds near Liskeard, by N. Hare,

Jun., Esq., in a Letter to E. H. Rodd. Trans. HANNE, CHARLES. Roman Catholic Priest. P.N.H. and A. Soc., i, 211-12, (1848.)

b. Deviock, 14 June, 1711. d. Haggerston, | Notice of Birds, etc., found near Liskeard. ib., Middlesex, 27 Apl., 1799. cf. Oliver's Hist. of I, 314-16, (1849.) Catholic Religion, p. 319.

On rubbings from Cornish monumental brasses.

ib., i, 317–21. HANSON, REV. THOMAS. Wesleyan Minister Rubbings from Sepulchral Monuments. ib., ii,

in Cornwall. b. Horbury, near Wakefield, 1 86–87. (1852.)
May, 1733. d. Horbury, ? 18 October, 1804.
cf. Memoir of W. Carvosso, (5th ed.,) p. 34.
Some Account of the Life of Mr. Thomas

An incident in Natural History. Journ. R.I.C., Hanson. [Written by himself, and dated Crowan,

1864, p. 78. 11 March, 1780.] Arminian Mag., iii, 477–85,

An ancient bill in chancery. ib., 1867, pp. (1780.)- Reprinted in Rev. T. Jackson's “Lives

239-42. of Early Methodist Preachers,” (1837–8,) iii,

Redwory manor and the family of Pomeray. 275–84.

| ib., 1867, pp. 243–44.


More about Pilchards. Once a Week, xii, 23233, (1865.)

HARDING, REV. ISAAC. Wesleyan Minister

at St. Just, 1847–50.

Conference Expulsions and the “Fly Sheets." A Statement read before the Members of the St. Just Quarterly Meeting, by the Rev. Isaac Harding. Penzance, 1849, 8°., pp. 15. HARDING, LIEUT.-COL. WILLIAM, F.G.S. (son

of Robert Harding.) 6. Upcott House, Pilton, Devon, 1792.

Morwenstow Church. Ecclesiologist, x, 355, (1850.)

[On the word] Liskeard. Letter signed H.
West Briton, 30 Sep., 1869.
HARPER, Rev. THOMAS NORTON (son of Will.

Harper.) b. City of London, 26 Sept., 1821.
Now a Father in the Society of Jesus.

The Field of Rephidim. A Visitation Sermon in the Diocese of Exeter. Written by the Vicar

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HARPER, Rev. Thomas Norton. (Con.). HARRIS, HENRY THOMAS. (son of John Olver of Morwenstow, in Cornwall, (i.e., the Rev. R.

Harris.) b. Hayle, 5 April, 1851. S. Hawker.] Delivered in the Parish Church of

The Hayle Miscellany. A Monthly Journal. St. Mary Magdalene, Launceston, June 27, 1845. New Series. [1st No. dated Feb., 1870.] Hayle, By T. N. Harper, B.A., Curate of Stratton. printed and published by H. T. Harris, 1870, Lond., Edwards and Hughes, 1845, 8o., pp. 16, cr. 80., pp. 16, 1d. Continuing 1/ Bod. Lib.

HARRIS, JOHN (eldo son of John Harris.) b.

Bolennowe, Camborne, 14 Oct., 1820. cf. The NOTE.-In consequence of the death of Mr. Hawker's

New Briton Journ., (America,) 2 Apl., 1859. father after this sermon was written, and before the day appointed for its delivery, the Bishop permitted Mr.

Lays from the mine, the moor, and the mounHarper to read it.

| tain. By J. Harris. Lond., Simpkin, (Oct.),

1853, 120., pp. 112, 1/6.-2 ed. with lithoHARRIE OR HARRY, ALEXANDER, M.A., graph frontispiece and several additional poems.

(Cornish ?) Fellow of Exeter Coll., Oxford, Lund., A. Heylin, (Apl.], 1856, 89., pp. 186, 4,1613–28.

The Land's End, Kynance Cove, and other

| poems. By J. Harris. Lond., A. Heylin, 1859, The Revelation revealed, (1659.) See Hicks, Will.

(Sept., 1858,] 80., pp. 180, 3/6. Threni Exoniensium in obitum...D. Johannis Note.-The above were written whilst the author Petrei, Baronis de Writtle... Oxon., 1613, 4o.

was working as a miner, his other works were composed

at Falmouth. Note.-Contains verses by A. Harrie.

The Mountain Prophet, the Mine, and other

poems. By J. Harris. Lond., A. Heylin, (Sept.), HARRINGTON, JOHN (youngest son of Dr. 1860, 80., pp. 158, 4/ Harrington of Bath.) b. 1759. d. Penzance,

A Story of Carn Brea, essays and poems. By 18 Feb., 1819. bur. Gulval, 24 Feb. cf. J. Harris, Cornish Miner... Lond., Hamilton, Gent. Mag., lxxxix, pt. i, 279, (1819.) Adams & Co., [Mch.], 1863, 8°., pp. 239, 4/

The Shakspere tercentenary first prize poem. HARRIS, ABRAHAM, M.D. (son of Nicholas By J. Harris. Adjudicators : The Right Hon.

Harris.) 6. Gongo Soco in the Brazils. Resi | Lord Lyttleton, G. Dawson, M.A., C. Bray, Esq. dent at Camborne.

Taunton, Coventry, (22 April,] 1864, 80., 6d. Report of two cases of Compound Fracture Note.-The original MSS. of this work is preserved of the Skull, trephining; removal and elevation

in the Shakspeare Museum, at Stratford-on-Avon. This

poem was selected from upwards of 80 contributions, of depressed bone ; recovery. Lancet, ii, 377,

and the prize, a gold watch, presented to the author. (1864.)

A case of Hydro-Encephalocele. Trans. Lond. | Shakspere's Shrine, an Indian story, essays Obstet. Soc., vi, 115-16, 1865. [Lancet, ii, 40, and poems. By J. Harris. Lond., Hamilton, 1864.]

Sep. 1, 1866, 80., pp. 236, 5/Membrane expelled from uterus, a few days

Rilla Rock, the maid of the moor. By J. before delivery at full term. ib., vii, 47-48,

Harris. Penryn, 1867, 8o., pp. 22, 3d. (1866.)

Luda, a lay of the Druids, hymns, tales,

essays, and legends. Lond., Hamilton; Exeter, HARRIS, ARTHUR (son of Will. Harris, of Hayne.) F. Clapp, [Oct.), 1868, 80., pp. 272, 5/

Captain of the Mount. b. 1558. d. Kenegie, Bulo, Reuben Ross. A Tale of the Manacles, 16 May, 1628. bur Gulval.

Hymn, Song, and Story. By J. Harris. Lond.,

Hamilton. Exeter, Frederick Clapp, [Sept.), Charles Howard, Lord Admiral to Lord Burgh

1871, 89., pp. 386, 6/-. ley; that Mr. Harris of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall, may, on certain conditions, have a

_ Note.-Dedicated to Robert Alexander Gray, Esq., lease of that place for life, June 24, 1597. Lansd.

Camberwell. MSS., 84, art. 57.

The Converted Miller and the Miner. [A

poem.) Anon. Illustration. Lond., The ReliHARRIS, ARTHUR (4 son of preceding.) Petreian gious Tract Soc., No.1642, 80., pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. Fellow of Ex. Coll., 1614-21.

Nancy Gray. [A poem.] Anon. Illustration, Ivsta Fvnebria Ptolemæi Oxoniensis, Thomæ

Lond., The Religious Tract Soc., No. 1643, 89.,

pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. Bodleii. Oxon., 1613, 4o.

Betsy Blight. [A poem.) Anon. Illustration. Note.-Contains verses by “ Arthur Harris Ex. | Lond., The Religious Tract Soc., No. 1647, 80., Coll.," p. 55,

| pp. 8, 2/4 per 100.

shi The winner 100'er TractAar. Anon. Il


HAERIS, JOHN OLVER. (Con.). Old Roger Rough, the Cornish Streamer. [A The Cornish Herald. A Monthly Journal. poem.] Anon. Illustration. Lond., The Reli | [1st No. dated Apl., 1866.] Hayle, printed and gious Tract Soc., No. 1,639, 80., pp. 8, 2/4 per published by J. O. Harris, 1866, demy, 8o., pp. 100.

16, ld. Daniel Donor, the Pedlar. [A poem.] Anon.

NOTE.- This Journal was discontinued in Dec., Illustration. Lond., The Religious Tract Soc., | 1867, and gave place to the following. No. 1649, 80., pp. 8, 2/4 per 100. Widow Watt. Anon. Illustration. 3rd ed.

The Hayle Weekly news. [1st No. dated 1 Leominster Tract Assoc., No. 63, 80., pp. 8, 2/6

Jan., 1868.] Hayle, printed and published by per 100.

J. O. Harris, 1863, Demy 89., pp. 8, 1d. Old Robin Green. Anon. Illustration. 3rd NOTE.-111 health caused Mr. J. 0. Harris to ed. Leominster Tract Assoc., No. 75, 8°., pp.

transfer this paper to Mr. J. E. Harris, in Apl., 1869. 8, 2/6 per 100.

HARRIS, JOSIAH (son of Will. Harris.) b. Edmund Ivy, the Fisherman. Anon. Illustra

Mevagissey, 6 May, 1821. tration. Leominster Tract Assoc., No. 79, 80.,

The Bath Herald and General Advertiser for The Winding Wye. A Song. The Music by

Somersetshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Shirley Keeldar. (pseud. i.e.

the West of England. Printed and published

The words by J. Harris. Lond., Augener, (1863), fol., 2/

[every Saturday] by Mary Meyler... Bath, fol. History of Falmouth...including a poem on Note.—Edited by J. Harris from 1818 to 1852. Falmouth, written expressly for this work by The Western Luminary and family newspaper Mr. Harris, the Cornish Poet. By E. S. Tre for Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and Dorset. goning, (1865), q.v.

Printed and published severy Tuesdayî by the Note.- [The Poem] “On Falmouth,” pp. 5-8.

proprietress Mary Dewdney, Exeter, fol.

NotE.—Edited by J. Harris from 1854 to 1855. HARRIS, John, of Camborne.

The Wolverhampton Journal and Mining DisOn the labour market. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1844, | trict Advertiser. Printed severy Saturday] at p. 100.

the Journal Office, 28 King Si., Wolverhampton, Improved saw-setting machine. Woodcut, ib., 1 fol. 1849, p. 110.

Note.—Edited by J. Harris from 1855 to 1856. HARRIS, JOHN EDWIN (son of John Olver

The Oxford University Herald, City and Harris.) b. Penryn, 3 July, 1837.

County Advertiser. Printed and published severy The Hayle Weekly News. [1st No. dated 24 Saturday] by Joseph Vincent, Oxford, fol. Apl., 1869.) Hayle, printed and published by J. E. Harris, 1869, demy 8°., pp. 8, 1d. Con

Note.-Edited by J. Harris in 1856. tinuing. See HARRIS, J. 0., (1868).

The Cambridge Chronicle and University Harris's New Selection of 50 Carols and Journal. Cambridge, printed [every Saturday) Anthems. Hayle, printed and sold by J. E. by C. W. Naylor, fol. Harris, n.d., (1870), 8o., pp. 24, 1d.

Note.—The University and Ecclesiastical DepartNOTE.-A similar Selection of Carols, etc., has been ment of this Chronicle was edited by J. Harris from printed annually, in October, for some years.

1852 to 1854. HARRIS, JOHN OLVER (son of John Harris.)

The Pulpit of Cornwall; its preachers and b. Penryn, 1 Dec., 1812.

their teachings. By Ishmael. (pseud. i.e., J. The Cornwall Temperance Journal. A Harris.] No. i, Feb. 14, 1859. Published by Monthly Periodical. [1st No. dated Apl., 1838.) F. T. Vibert, Penzance; Wm. Parkhouse, Truro, Falmouth, printed and published by J. 0. | and sold by all Booksellers, 80., pp. iv and 3Harris, 1838, to May, 1842, cr., 4°., pp. 8, 1d. I 56, 1/--No. ii, March 1, 1859... Printed and NOTE.-It was afterwards printed at Hayle until

published by William Parkhouse, (late Endean,) 1848, when Mr. Henry Mudge, of Bodmin, became the

| Truro; F. T. Vibert, Penzance, and all bookEditor, and the printing was transferred to the latter sellers, 80., pp. viï and 57–112, 1/--No. iii, place.

May 1, 1859, William Parkhouse, (late Endean,) The Hayle Miscellany. A Monthly Journal.

Truro; F. T. Vibert, Penzance, and all book[1st No. dated Jan., 1859.] Hayle, printed and sellers, 80., pp. xi and 112–44, 6d. published by J. O, Harris, 1859–66, demy 8°., NOTE. – No more published, although a fourth pp. 20, ld.

| number was announced.


HARRIS, Josiah. (Con.).

HARRIS, WILLIAM, M.P. for St. Ives, 1690-95; A Dialogue in Mevagissey Churchyard. A

(son of Christopher Harris of Kenegie.) d. 1709, Domestic Piece. By J. Harris, formerly Chief

aged 57. Editor of the Western Luminary. Bath, printed

A.D. 1682, 12 May, No. 218. Patent to John and published by Tabb, 18- -, 89., 2/-.

Tredenham, Charles Vivian, John Trewren, The Sabbath. By Josiah Harris. Wolver

Esquires, and William Harris, Gentleman, for

A new engine for the drawing of water after a hampton, printed and published by Geo. Williams,

more facile and advantageous way then hath 1855 ? 8o.

ever beene heretofore practised or found out, A biographical notice of Thomas Stark, the

which may be of great vse in drawing the water Mevagissey Quaker, with notes comprehending

out of the Tinn Mines in Cornwall, and other his domestic manners, politics, morals, religion. mines." Lond., 1682, fol.—Reprinted, Lond., How he got riches and disposed of them. His

Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1857, fol., pp. 4, 3d. death and the respect paid to his remains on the day of his burial." By Cantabar, [i.e, J. Harris.] HARRIS, WILLIAM (son of Will. Horris.) b. Bath, printed and published by Wood Brothers, | Newlyn, near Penzance, 3 March, 1818. 18- -, 80., 4d.

Lines on John Newcombe. A Member and The Test and Triumph of the Bible. An Alle

a Sunday School Teacher of the Independent gory. By J. Harris. Bath, printed and published

Society, Penzance, who died on the 6th day of by Meyler and Son, 18, 5, 8o.

September, 1850, after a long and painful illness, A Voice from the Police Court or the danger aged 23 years, by W. Harris, of Newlyn. n.p. or of too much punch. By Saint Meva, [i.e., J. d., [1850,] fol., s. sh. Harris.] Plymouth, Will. Brendon, 26, George Lines written on the deaths of Henry and St., 18- -, 80., 6d.

Amelia Potts, who died of Scarlet Fever, Janry. The Mevagissey Life Boat. By J. Harris. 21st, 1855. Addressed to their Mother by their Printed and published by Philip Giles, St. Aus Cousin, W. Harris, Newlyn. n.p. or d., (1855,] tell, 18- -, 8o.

fol., s. sh. The Sabbath and the working classes. Being a reply to certain sermons preached in the Abbey

HARRIS, WILLIAM [i.e., Arundell, W. A. H.] Church, Bath, by the Rev. Mr. Stevens. By A plain and brief statement...By J. Beard, J. Harris. Bath, printed and published by Wood (1810), q.v. Brothers, 18- -, 8o., 6d.

HARRIS, W. A. See Arundell, W. A. H. A Voice from the ocean grave. An Essay on the deaths of Richard Coombe, John Cockin, HARRIS, SIR WILLIAM SNOW, F.R.S. (son of Joseph Nettle, and James Hobba, of Holmbush, Thomas Harris.) 6. Plymouth, 1792. d. by drowning, near Mevagissey, on Sunday, the Windsor Villas, Plymouth, 22 Jan., 1867. 11th Sept., 1859. Also a supplement containing

A description and account of a new kind of notices of the sermons preached by the Rev.

Mariner's Compass. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1840, pp. W. Bamfield, M.A., and the Rev. Thomas Snell.

63–65. An article on the Teare Testimonial, etc., etc.

Observations on Meteorology. ib., 1841, p. 6. Respectfully dedicated to the Magistrates of Cornwall by A Philanthrophist, [i.e., J. Harris.] HARRISON, SIR GEORGE, K.C.H. Auditor of -2nd ed., Truro, printed by W. J. Clyma, St. the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster. d. Nicholas St., 1859, 8o.

Spring Garden Terrace, London, 3 Feb., 1841. A Tear and a Floweret. By J. Harris. This Substance of a Report on the Laws and work embraces a Messianic Sermon preached by Jurisdiction of the Stannaries in Cornwall. By the Rev. Dr. Etheridge, M.A., (at Mevagissey,] || Sir Geo. Harrison, K.C.H., one of His Majesty's also a notice of his Translation of the Targums Special Commissioners for Managing the Affairs of Onkelos...and a letter from the Rev. Mr. of the Duchy of Cornwall, and Auditor of the Hughes, speaking of his interview with the Revenues and Keeper of the Records of the said Doctor in his last hours. Truro, printed and Duchy, 1829. Lond., Longman, 1835, 80., pp. published by W. Lake, Boscawen St., 1871, 80., 178, 6/pp. v and 71.–3rd ed. Bristol, Marwood, Son Memoir respecting the Hereditary Revenues and Hall, 1871, 80.

of the Crown and the Revenues of the Duchies Life of Robert Raikes, Esq., and the History

of Cornwall and Lancaster, and remonstrance of Sunday Schools. Edited by J. Harris.

and petition addressed to the Chancellor and

Council of the Duchy of Lancaster. n.d., (1838), NOTE.—Now in preparation, (Dec., 1871.) | 80., pp. 91.


HART OR LYHARTE, Rt. Rev. WALTER. (Con.). Note.-At page 83 occurs the signature of Sir G. Note.-The “ Body Stone" of Bishop Hart is still Harrison, as author of the Memoir, and the date, 5 to be seen in Norwich Cathedral, the sculptured roof of Nov., 1838.

which was built by him. HARRISON, VICE-ADMIRAL HENRY, d. Graves

HARTE, Rev. WALTER, M.A. (son of Rev end, East Antony, 13 March, 1759. cf. Gent.

Walter Harte.) R. of Creed, 1750–74. V. of Mag., xxix, 146, (1759); Charnock's Biog.

St. Austell and St. Blazey, 1758–74. 6. 1700. Navalis, v, 24–32.

d. Bath, Mch., 1774. cf. Lord Chesterfield's HARRISON, REV. THOMAS. R. of Lanivet, 1639.

Letters (Mahon's Ed.), i, 47, ii, 29, 81, 159, d. ante 1660. cf. Walker's Sufferings, pt. ii, 313, 354, iii, 374, iv, passim. 262.

Letter from Rev. W. Harte to the Rt. Rev. HARRISON. WILLIAM] bro. of Sir G. Harrison | Chas. Lyttleton, describing the site of the battle

of Stratton.] Dated Port Eliot, 13 Aug., 1743. St. Ives Election. On the petition of Sir

Stowe Poetical MSS., lxxv-lxxvii. cf. ÖConor's Walter Stirling, Bart., complaining of an undue return in James Robert Geo. Graham, Esq., and

Bibl. MS., Stowensis, (1819), ii, 439. Lyndon Evelyn, Esq. The reply of Mr. Harrison, Note—The above letter is printed in Lysons' Magna the petitioner's counsel on the above petition. Brit., (Cornwall,) p. 269. Lond., printed by W. Glendinning, 25, Hatton Garden, 1820, 80., pp. 101.


Descent and arms in Blazon of Harvey, of HARRISON, HARROD, AND Co.

Hale, in Cornwall. Harl. MSS., 1,052, art. 224. Harrison, Harrod, and Co.'s Postal Directory and Gazetteer of Devonshire and Cornwall, con HARVEY, REV. EDMUND GEORGE, B.A. (eld. taining a descriptive account of every town, son of Rev. W. W. Harvey.) R. of Truro, village, hamlet, and parish, followed by a 1860-65. V. of Mullion, 1865. b. Penzance, directory. Lond., printed for the Publishers, by 20 Feb., 1828. bapt. 19 Mch. Thomas Danks, 9, Crane Court, Fleet Street,

Our Cruise in the Undine. Journal of an 1862, 80., pp. viii and 1,008, 26/-.

English Pair-oar Expedition through France, Note.-Account of Cornwall, contained in pp. 758 Prussia, etc. By the Captain [i.e. E. G. Harvey.) 1,008.

With etchings by one of ourselves. Lond., J. HARRY, PHILIP, R.N. 6. 1786. d. Bodmin,

W. Parker, 1854, 80., pp. 156. 1815. bur. 12 May. cf. Gent. Mag., lxxxv,

Short Services for daily use in Families. pt. ii, 86, (1815.)

Lond., J. Masters, 1856, 120., pp. 54.—2nd ed.,

1864, 120. NOTE. — Author of poetical pieces in Cornwall

A Pastoral Address to the Parishioners of St. Gazette and West Briton under signature of H.

Mary, Truro, specially those dwelling in and HART, REV. EBENEZER STEAR, M.A. (son of near Castle Hill, Boscawen Row, Pydar Street,

Rev. Hugh Hart, D.D.) 6. Paisley, 18 Sept., and the more immediate neighbourhood of St. 1823. Minister of the Countess of Hunting Mary's Chapel. [By Rev. E. G. Harvey.) Truro, don's Chapel at St. Ives, 1851-59. Now J. R. Netherton, 1858, 12°., pp. 11. (Dec., 1871) at Chalford, Gloucestershire.

Note.—Dated Rectory, St. Mary, Truro, Lent, 1858. A Ramble in Cornwall. By E. S. H[art.] The Harbinger, The Mag. of the Countess of Hunting

Psalmody, Gregorian Tones, etc. A Letter by don's Connection, 1856, pp. 134–36.

E. G. Harvey, Curate of St. Mary, Truro. Truro, Memoir of the late Mr. Andrew Noal [b. at

J. R. Netherton, 1858, 120., pp. 12. St. Ives, 1785. d. at St. Ives, 20 Aug., 1856) A Form of Pointing the Canticles to the use By E. S. Hart. ib. 1856, pp. 177–80.

of the Anglican Chant. By E. G. Harvey.

Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1859, 120., pp. 11, id. HART OR LYHARTE, Rr. Rev. WALTER (son | Printed for the Cornwall Association of Church

of a miller.) Fell. of Ex. Coll., 1425. Provost Choirs. of Oriel, 1443, resigned, 28 Feb., 144. Bp. An Address to the Parishioners of St. Mary, of Norwich, 24 Jan., 1445 to 1472. b. Lan Truro, and others habitually attending Truro teglos-by-Fowey. d. Norwich, 17 May, 1472. Church. Containing a brief statement of the bur. Norwich Cathedral. cf. Blomefield's Nor Services, Schools, Societies, and other matters folk, (1739-45), i, 131; ii, 380-82, 488; connected with the Church in this Parish. By Itinerarium Willelmi de Worcestre (J. Nasmith's E. G. Harvey, Rector. Truro, J. R. Netherton, ed., 1778), p. 113.

1861, 80., pp. 30.

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