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HARVEY, Rev. Edmund George, B.A. (Con.). HARVEY, Rev. Edmund GEORGE, B.A. (Con.).

The Choral Service of the Church. A Sermon “Strawberry Leaves.” An old Cornish song preached before the Cornwall Association of newly set by E. G. Harvey. Mullyon, (1867, Church Choirs at its Fifth Meeting, held at S. fol. Mary, Truro, on Tuesday, September 11, 1860, “A Litany of the Holy Name.” Music by E. by the Rev. E. G. Harvey, Rector of Truro. Truro, G. Harvey. Mullyon, (1870,] fol. printed for the Association, by J. R. Netherton, 1860, 80., pp. 14, 6d.

HARVEY, FANNY. Works Manifest and Following. A Sermon Narrative of a voyage to Australia. Letters preached before the Mayor and Corporation of written by Fanny Harvey (formerly of Redruth Truro, on Monday, December 23rd, 1861, on Highway) to her Mother, while on board the the occasion of the Funeral of the late Prince emigrant ship Tornado, bound for Melbourne, Consort. By the Rev. E. G. Harvey. Truro, with a description of the country on her arrival. J. R. Netherton, 1861, 8o., pp. 8, 6d.

Redruth, printed and published by J. S. Doidge, “Orat qui laborat.”—“How the Parson caught 1869, fcp. 89., pp. 32. his fish on Christmas Day." By E. G. Harvey. Privately printed, [Mullyon,] 1869, 8o.

HARVEY, F. W. Note,-Extracted from “The Mullyon Gull," a

On a new sketching easel. By F. W. Harvey, manuscript monthly periodical edited by the Rev. E. G. Oxford. Rep. R.C.P.Soc., 1852, p. 100. Harvey, 1869-71. “A word of remonstrance" being an unspoken

HARVEY, G. W. Plymouth. address to the inhabitants of Mullyon. By the

The Logan Stone overturned, 1824. See Vicar of that parish, E. G. Harvey, B.A. Truro,

Goldsmith, Lieut. H. C. W. Lake, 1871, 80.

HARVEY, HENRY (7 son of Will. Harvey.) b.

Penzance, 10 May, 1804. d. Bodmin Asylum, La Rosaura. Polka Brillante. Dediée a

1857. Madame Harvey. Composée par E. G. H[arvey.]

Original poems and translations. n.p. or printer's name, (1846,) fol., pp. 5.

By H.

Harvey. MSS. penes Mrs. A. Harvey, Penzance. “When death is drawing near.” Lines translated from De la Motte Fouque's “Sintram.”

HARVEY, JOHN. A Cooper at Mousehole (son Set to music by E. G. Harvey, Truro, [1853,] of John Harvey.) b. Kerris. bapt. Paul, 8 fol.

Dec., 1714. d. Mousehole, 1799. cf. R. Undinen-Waltzen für das Piano Forte von

Treffry's Mem. of R. Trewavas, Sen., (1839,) pp. E. G. H[arvey), Bruges, Octobre, 1853. Lith.

8, 9, 14, 16, 24 ; Mem. of W. Carvosso, (1835,) A. Ancot, rue S. Georges, Bruges, [1853,) fol.

p. 6. “S. Matthias.” A Hymn Tune to “Jesu,

Note." It was beneath Mr. Harvey's roof that Refuge of my soul,” by E. G. Harvey. Truro,

Methodism was first received in Mousehole." [1859,) fol.

“S. Malo.” A Hymn Tune to “Jesu meek HARVEY, JOHN (4 son of Will. Harvey.) b. and gentle” by E. G. Harvey. Truro, (1862,] Penzance, 10 Feb., 1796. d. Penzance, 13

Oct., 1844. “S. Lucian.” A Hymn Tune to “ When our

The Canorum Conclave. In Two parts with heads are bowed with woe” by E. G. Harvey. Truro, s1862,1 fol.

an Appendix. By John Harvey, assisted by “0) Lord my God.” Lines from “The

other persons. MSS. Christian Year,” set to music by E. G. Harvey. Note.-Written on the occasion of erecting an Weston-super-mare, (1864,] fol.

organ in the Wesleyan Chapel, Penzance. Never printed,

but many copies circulated in MSS. There are varia“ The signal gun." Soldier's song, a German

tions in some of the copies. melody. Words and harmonies by E. G. Harvey. Weston-super-mare, (1864,] fol.

Original Poems on various subjects. By John Our Children's Matin Hymn. German Melody. Harvey, 1838–40. MSS. penes Mr. W. G. The Words and Harmonies by E. G. Harvey.

Harvey, Penzance. Lond., Novello, (1864,] 120.

A paraphrase on the Lord's Prayer. By John Our Children's Evensong. German Melody. Harvey, written, 24 Sep., 1843, 80., pp. 16. The Words and Harmonies by E. G. Harvey. | MSS. penes Mr. W. G. Harvey. Lond., Novello, (1864,) 120.

A tale of the dark ages. A Fragment. Anon. The Worle Te Deum. An easy arrangement |

n.p. or d. [Penzance, Ě. Paddy ?) go. s. sh. for the use of Parish Choirs by E. G. Harvey. To Mr. Tailor Gann. Signed John Harvey. Lond., Novello, (1865,] 12o., pp. 7, 4d.

n.p. or d. [Penzance, E. Paddy,] 8o. s. sh.

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Harvey, of St. Columb). b. Helston, 22 Apl.,

The Tourist's Guide through Cornwall, by 1803. d. 13, Ladbroke Terrace, Notting Hill,

Road, by River and by Rail. Illustrated with London, 7 June, 1861. bur. St. Erth.

original etchings from sketches taken on the spot Memoir of Nicholas Oliver Harvey, M. Inst.

by T. H. Harvey. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1861, C.E.-Excerpt Annual Report of the Institution 120., pp. 89, 1/6. of Civil Engineers, 1861–62, [vol. xxi, 558-60, Harkylogy. Mr. Theodosius Smitheram's ac1862.) Lond., printed for W. Clowes and Sons, | count of the sayings and doings of the Cambrian Stamford Street and Charing Cross, 1862, 80., Archaeological Association. Recited at Truro, on pp. 5.

Thursday evening, September 4th, 1862. By T. A.D. 1839, June 12, No. 8,103. Specification H.H. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1862, 18°., pp. 15, of Nicholas Harvey, of Hayle... Cornwall, and William West, of Saint Blazeys, (sic), in the same county, Machinists, for “An improved HARVEY, WILLIAM. valve for machines for raising water and other A larger and new description of the parish of liquids.” Drawing annexed. Lond., 1839, fol.

Linkinhorne, in the county of Cornwall, with Reprinted. Lond., Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1850, all its bounds, limits, rivers, brooks, highways, fol, pp. 4, 5d.

villages, situations, nature, value, fertility, rates, A.D. 1846, Mch. 3, No. 11,366. Specification

rents, etc. By W[illiam] H[arvey], 1728, fcp., of N. Harvey, of Hayle Foundry, in the parish pp. 28. MSS. penes Rev. James Dingle, Vicar of Saint Earth, (sic), in the county of Cornwall, of Ruswarp, Whitby. for “Certain improvements in filtering of water for steam engines and boilers.” Drawing an HARVEY, Rev. WILLIAM Woodis, M.A. R. nexed. Lond., 1846, fol. — Reprinted. Lond., of Truro, 1839-60 ; Prebendary of Exeter, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1855, fol., pp. 4, 6d.

1859-64. b. Penzance, 15 June, 1798. d. An experimental enquiry concerning the Torquay, 6 Oct., 1864. cf. Gent. Mag., xvii, relative power of, and useful effect produced by

662, (1864.) The Cornish and Boulton and Watt pumping Sketches of Hayti; from the expulsion of the engines, and cylindrical and waggon-head boilers. French to the death of Christophe. By W. W. By Thomas Wicksteed. Lond., John Weale, 59, Harvey, of Queen's College, Cambridge. Lond., High Holborn, 1841, 4o., pp. viii and 34, with L. B. Seeley and Son; Thames Ditton, L. B. 6 Tables.

Seeley, (printed] 1827, 80., pp. xvi and 416,

10/6. NOTE.—Contains an account of an 80-inch cylinder

The character and ministry of the Church of engine erected for the East London Water Work Co., at Old Ford, by Harvey and Co., of Hayle, to which Messrs.

England. A sermon preached in the Parish Harvey and West's patent double beat valve was applied Church of Falmouth, on Sunday April 27, 1834. with great success, pp. 3, 17, 33.

By Rev. W. W. Harvey, B.A., of Queen's College,

Cambridge, Joint-Curate of Falmouth. Published HARVEY, THOMAS HINGSTON (3 son of Rev. at the request of the Congregation. Lond., W. W. Harvey.) Resident at Constantinople

printed for J. G. and F. Rivington ; James Lake, since 1863. b. Penzance, 26 Feb., 1831. bapt. Falmouth, 1834, 8o. 22 Apl.

Note.—This sermon is No. xv, in the collected In Memoriam R.C. obiit, Feb. viii. A.D. | edition of his sermons published in 1835. 1851. ætat xx. n.p. or d. 16o., pp. 2.

The Efficacy of the Gospel. A Sermon preached NOTE.—Dirge dated 9 Feb., 1851: Response dated

in the Parish Church of Falmouth, on Sunday, 29 March, 1853.

April 26, 1835. By Rev. W. W. Harvey, B.A.,

of Queen's College, Cambridge, Joint-Curate of The Lay of the old Church Clock. Dated

Falmouth. Published by request. Lond., printed Truro, March 18, 1851, 89., pp. 4.

for J. G. and F. Rivington, and James Lake, Glyglumgleagh. A legend of the olden time.

Falmouth, 1835, 80., pp. 40. By the author of “ The Famine,” “ A trip on Truro River,” etc. Truro, J. R. Netherton, Note. This sermon is No. iv, in the collected 1849, 80., pp. 12.

edition of his sermons published in the same year. St. Michael's Mount. By the author of Sermons preached in the Parish Church of “Glyglumgleagh”... Lond., Hope and Co., Great Falmouth, by Rev. W. W. Harvey, M.A., of Marlborough St., 1852, 120., pp. 14.

Queen's College, Cambridge, Joint-Curate of NOTE.-Signed T.H. H. and dated Penzance, August

Falmouth. Lond., printed for J. G. and F. Riv20, 1852. Dedicated to Ellen Georgiana Harvey, of

ington, and sold by James Lake, Falmouth, 1835, Lamorna Cottage, Penzance.

8°., pp. xii and 366, 12/-.

The lyrch 18, 185liegend of the

HARVEY, Rev. WILLIAM Woodis, M.A. (Con.). I HARVEY, Rev. WILLIAM W.OODIS, M.A. (Con.).

Sermon on the knowledge of a resurrection to On the Use of Granite. By Zeta si.e., Rev. come [on II, Cor., v, i.] by Rev. W. W. Harvey, W. W. Harvey.] Cornish Mag., iii, 107-11, in “ Original Family Sermons." Lond., Parker, | (1828.) 1833–35, 5 vols., 120.

Essays on Conversation No. 1. ib., iii, 163–66. Note.—Mr. Harvey's Sermon is No. xix, in vol. v, HASLAM. REY. WILLIAM. Curate of Perran. pp. 279-92.

zabuloe, 1842-1846 ; Incumbent of Baldhu, 8 The dangers of a sea-faring life. A sermon

Mch., 1847–1855 ; R. of Buckenham, Norfolk, preached in the Parish Church of Falmouth.

1851-71; V. of Little Missenden, Bucks, 1871. By Rev. W. W. Harvey, M.A., (Joint-Curate of Falmouth.) Falmouth, printed and published by

Perran-zabuloe with an account of the past James Lake, printer, &c., 1836, 80., pp. 15, 3d.

and present state of the oratory of St. Piran

in the Sands, and remarks on its antiquity. The Tribulation and Triumph of Christ's Holy Catholic Church. A Sermon preached in St.

Views. By the Rev. W. Haslam, B.A. Loud.,

John Van Voorst, 1844, 80., pp. viii, and 151, Mary's Church, Truro, on Friday, Aug. 30, 1839, at the triennial Visitation of the Right

4/6. Reverend Henry, Lord Bishop of Exeter, by the

Note.- Original preface dated Lambriggan, St.

Perran-zabuloe, 30 Aug., 1844. Rev. W. W. Harvey... Truro, printed and published by E. Heard, 1839, 80., pp. 34.

The Heavenly Jerusalem. A Sermon to the The duty and benefits of supporting Charitable

Cornish. By Rev. W. Haslam, Curate of St. Per. Institutions. A Sermon on Heb. xiii, 16, ranzabuloe. Truro, E. Heard and Sons, 1845, preached in St. Mary's Church, Truro, on Wed

120., 6d. nesday, Aug. 12, 1840. By the Rev. W. W. The Cross and the Serpent; being a brief Harvey, M.A., Rector of Truro. Before the history of the triumph of the cross through a Governors of the Royal Cornwall Infirmary, and long series of ages in prophecy, types, and fulpublished at their request. Truro, E. Heard,

filment. By Rev. W. Haslam, Perpetual Curate 1840, 80.

of St. Michaels, Baldiu. Oxford printed) and The House of God, the House of Prayer. A

Lond., J. H. Parker, 1849, 120., pp. xv and Sermon on Luke xix, 46, preached at St. Mary's 273.-1850, 120., 5-. Church, Truro, on the 10th Sunday after Trinity,

Religious Excitement. A letter to the Rev. E. Aug. 15, 1841. By Rev. W. W. Harvey. H. Browne, (1851,) q.v. Truro, E. Heard, 1841, 8o.

An Address to the people of Baldiu. By their Sermon x. The love of the Church of God, faithful minister, W. Haslam. Truro, J. R. and of his earthly sanctuary. Preached at the Netherton, Easter, 1853, 80., pp. 8. consecration of St. Michael's Church, Stoke Conversion.-A Lecture delivered by request Dameral, Aug. 1, 1845. By W. W. Harvey... at Penryn, in Cornwall, on the 12 July, 1853. in Eight Visitation Sermons,...and Two Consecra By the Rev. W. Haslam, Perpetual Curate of tion Sermons, (1845,) pp. 277-300.

Baldiu. Truro, printed and published by J. R. Discourses preached in the Parish Church of Netherton. Lond., J. and C. Mozley, 1853, 80., St. Mary's, Truro. By Rev. W. W. Harvey, M.A. pp. 27, 6d. ...R. of Truro. Lond., Rivington... Truro, Heard, A Letter to the Venerable the Archdeacon of 1846, 80., pp. xii and 362, 11/

Cornwall, on the occasion of a Lecture delivered Mutual Assistance, a Christian Duty. A at Penryn, on the 12th July, 1853. By the Rev. Sermon preached in Truro Church, to the Truro W. Haslam, Perpetual Curate of Baldiu. Truro, Friendly Society, on Whit-Monday, June 1st, printed and published by J. R. Netherton. Lond., 1857. By the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Truro, J. J. and C. Mozley, 1853, 8o., pp. 11.—2nd ed., R. Netherton, 1857, 120., pp. 16, 4d.

1853, 80., pp. 11. Reflections on the Mutiny in India. A Sermon Scriptural contrasted with fanatical converpreached in Truro Church, on Wednesday, sion, being a reply to a Letter of the Rev. W. October 7, 1857, (being the day of the General Haslam, addressed by him to the Venerable the Fast.) By the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Truro, J. Archdeacon of Cornwall. By the Rev. John R. Netherton, 1857, pp. 24, 1/-.

Tucker, Incumbent of Christ Church, Lanarth. The Music of the Church. A Sermon preached Truro, Heard and Sons, 1853, 80., pp. 39. before the Cornwall Association of Church A Correspondence with the Rev. W. Haslam, Choirs, on its first Meeting at St. Mary, Truro, Incumbent of Baldiu, Cornwall, to which is on the Festival of St. Michael and All Angels. appended A Letter to his Parishioners by the By the Rev. W. W. Harvey. Truro, J. R. Rev. Charles Lyne, Vicar of Tywardreath and Netherton, 1858, 80., pp. 24, 6d. Printed for Prebendary of Exeter. Truro, printed and pubthe Association.

lished by J. R. Netherton, 1854, 8°., pp. 16.

ded A Llyne, Vicaruro, printed p. 16.


HAUGHTON, Rev. Samuel, M.D., &c. (Con.). All this and Christ too; or the story of a Notes of a comparison of the Granites of Cornish Mine Girl. By Rev. W. Haslam. No. Cornwall and Devonshire, with those of Leinster 102, Norwich Series of Religious Tracts. Nor and Mourne. ib., xvii, 209–11, (1869.) Also wich, Samuel Jarrold, n.d. [186-), 80., pp. 4, 27 found as a Pamphlet, 1870, 80. for 250.

HAVILLAN, JOANNES, of Cornwall. Ancient rings, one silver found on skeleton at

Epitome Poematis Joh. Havillensis, AngliSt. Piran, the other gold, found in Kenwyn St.,

| Cornubiensis ; qui se illic nuncupat architrenium. Truro. Proc. Soc. Antiq., i, 60, (1844.)

Cottonian MSS., Titus, D, xx. art., 19, fol. 141

142. On the crosses of Cornwall. Rep. R.I.C., HAWEIS, REV. JOHN OLIVER WILLYAMS, M.A. 1845, p. 26.

(son of the following). b. Aldwinkle, 27 Nov., On the seal of the Dominican Friars, Truro. 1805. ib., 1847, p. 61.

The Power of Prayer. A Sermon on Mark On the Roche Rock. ib., 1849, p. 54.

xi, 24. By the Rev. J. 0. W. Haweis, Queen's On Tintagel Castle. ib., 1850, p. 43.

College, Oxford. In “ Practical Sermons” (Lond.,

J. W. Parker, 1845,) i, 393-404. Inscribed stone near St. Clement's, Truro.

Sketches of the Reformation and Elizabethan Archeol. Journ., ii, 77, (1846.)

Age. (Taken from the Contemporary Pulpit.) Ancient oratories of Cornwall. ib., ii, 225–39.

By the Rev. J. O. W. Haweis. Lond., W. Inscribed stone near Fowey, Cornwall. ib., ii,

Pickering, 1844, sm. 8°., pp. xii and 323, 6/388.

Note.- Originally published in the Brit. h Magazine. An account of some monumental and wayside Vols. xx-xxiv, (1841-43.) crosses still remaining in the west of Cornwall.

Sermons by the Rev. J. O. W. Haweis. ib., iv, 302–13, (1847.)

Morning Preacher at the Magdalen Hospital.

Lond., J. W. Parker, 1848, sm. 80., pp. viii and A Paper on the history and character of the 241, 5)churches in Cornwall. Trans. Exceter Dioces. Archi Three Sermons preached on particular occatect. Soc., ii, 92-103, (1847.)

sions, at All Saint's Church, Norwood. By the

Rev. J. 0. W. Haweis. Published by request, HASTINGS, EDWARD, 2 Baron Hastings (son and sold only at the National School Room, of Will. Hastings, 1 Baron.) d. 1507.

Upper Norwood. Lond., printed by James Account of Lord Hastings' Estates in Leicester, Truscott, Nelson Square, 1852, 80., pp. 61, 2/6. Cornwall, &c., A.D. 1500. Harl. MSS., 3881, The Ministry of Heroes. A sermon preached art. 26, 4774, pp. 68, 72.

at All Saints, Norwood, on occasion of the

funeral of the late Duke of Wellington. By the HATCHETT, CHARLES, F.R.S. b. London, 2

Rev. J. O. W. Haweis. Lond., J. W. Parker Jan., 1765. d. Chelsea, 10 March, 1847.

and Son, 1852, sm. 89., pp. 19, 6d. Analysis of a triple sulphuret of lead, anti Light Sown for the Righteous. A Sermon, by mony, and copper, from Cornwall. Philos. Trans., the Rev. J. 0. W. Haweis. Privately printed, xciv, 63–69, 1804; [Also found as a Pamphlet, 1855, sm. 80. Lond., W. Bulmer and Co., 1804, 4o., pp. 7.] Is the Church bound for ever by the first four

An analysis of the magnetical pyrites, with Ecumenical Councils? By the Rev. J. O. W. remarks on some of the other sulphurets of iron. Haweis. Lond., Strahan and Co., 1870, 8o., ib., xciv, 314-45,

pp. 31, 1/. HATFIELD, S. E. See Miles, S. E.


Thomas Haweis.) R. of All Saints, Aldwinkle,

Northamptonshire, 1764. b. Redruth, 1 Jan. F.R.S., Fellow of Trin. Coll., Dublin (son of

1733. bapt. 20 Feb. d. Bath, 11 Feb., Samuel Haughton.) b. Carlow, 21 Dec., 1821.

1820. bur. in the Abbey Church. cf. Life and Notes on the serpentines of Cornwall, and Times of Countess of Huntingdon, i, 223–24, Connemara. Journ. Dublin, Geol. Soc., v, 136–39, 326, 391, 413–21, 486, ii, 314, 316-18, 487; (1850-53.)

Sidney's Life of Walker, p. 199 and passim; On the joint systems of Ireland and Cornwall, Public Characters for 1798–99, pp. 312–16; and their mechanical origin. Proc. Roy. Soc., xiii, Lit. Mem. of Living Authors, (1798), i, 243; 142, 1864. [Philos. Trans., cliv, 393, 1864.] Monthly Repository, xv, 187, (1820); Evangeli

HAWEIS, Rev. Thomas, LL.B., M.D. (Con.). HAWEIS, Rev. Thomas, LL.B., M.D. (Con.).
cal Mag., xxviii, 104, 129, 174, 237, (1820); Monument, 1764, 89., preface unpaged, then pp.
Upcott's Biog. Dict. of Living Authors; Gent. 1-208, 21:43rd ed. Lond., printed for S.
Mag., xxvii, 507-10, (1767), xc, pt. i, 277, Drapier, T. Hitch and P. Hill, *1765, 120., pp.
290 (1820); Biog. Univ. Supp. (Paris, 1839); J. 192.-9th ed. Lond., printed for J. Johnson,
Morison's Fathers and Founders of the London 1799, 120., pp. iv and 124.—Edinburgh, printed
Missionary Soc., (1840), ii, 170-207: J. by T. Maccliesh and Co., 1801, 12o., pp. 166.
Miller's Our Hymns," (1866), pp. 212–13; | Letters and sermous, with a review of Eccle-

siastical history and hymns. By John Newton, Evangelical Principles and Practice, being

| Rector of St. Mary, Woolnoth, London. Lond., fourteen sermons preached in the parish church

printed for J. Buckland, No. 57, Paternosterof St. Mary Magdalen, in Oxford... By the Rev.

Row, 1787, 6 vols., 120. T. Haweis, late of St. Mary Magdalen Hall, NOTE. — Contains “ An Authentic Narrative,” i, Oxford, and Chaplain to... the Earl of Peter 1-103. borow. Lond., printed by J. and W. Oliver, in Bartholomew-Close, and sold by...J. Painter, at

The Evangelical Expositor, or a commentary Truro, and W. Rawlings, at St. Columb, 1762,

on the Holy Bible, wherein the sacred text of 80., pp. viïi and 328.-2nd ed. corrected. Lond.,

the Old and New Testament is inserted at large, printed for the author, and sold by E. Dilly, at

the sense explained, and the more difficult pasthe Rose and Crown, Poultry... 1763, 89., pp.

sages elucidated, with practical observations. viïi and 328, 5)---New ed., 1835, 12o.

Also references to parallel scriptures; the marThe Communicants' Spiritual Companion, or

ginal readings and a chronology. For the use of an evangelical preparation for the Lord's Supper,

families and private christians of every denomi... With meditations and helps for prayer suitable

tion. By the Rev. T. Haweis, Rector of to the subject. By the Rev. T. Haweis, Late of

Aldwinckle, and Chaplain to the Rt. Hon. the Magdalen Hall, Oxford, and Chaplain to the Rt.

Earl of Peterborow. Lond., printed for E. and Hon. the Earl of Peterborow. Lond., printed

C. Dilly, in the Poultry, near the Mansion House, for E. Dilly, in the Poultry...and sold by J.

1765–6, 2 vols., fol., 42/-:-New ed., Glasgow, Painter, at Truro, 1763, 120., pp. xii and 144.

3 vols., 4o. -2nd ed., 1763 ? 12o., pp. xii and 144.—A new Note.-The work originally appeared in numbers. ed. revised and corrected. Dublin, printed by john Jones, 90, Bride Street, 1808, 12"., pp.

A faithful narrative of facts relative to the xii and 96, 1/1.9th ed. Lond. 1809, 120.

late presentation of Mr. H----'s [i.e. Rev. T. 10th ed. Lond., printed by J. Mawman, 39,

Haweis) to the Rectory of Al-w-le, [i.e. AldLudgate Street., 1818, 12"., pp. xii and 138.-

winckle) in Northamptonshire. Setting forth New ed. Jas. Robertson and Co., Edinburgh ;

the manner in which the same was obtained David R. Bleakley, Cork, 1830, 16o., pp. 223,

from the patron and the subsequent conduct of 2/-:-A new ed. revised with the Communion

Mr. M-n, si.e. Rev. M. Madan) and Mr. H-8, Office of the Church and additional prayers

[i.e. Rev. T. Haweis). To which are annexed selected from various authors by the Rev. James

some remarks on a manuscript narrative, subColley, M.A., Curate of Trinity Church, Shrews

scribed M. M[adan.) Lond., printed for the bury. Shrewsbury, published by John Davies,

author, and sold by the Booksellers in town and 1839, 240., pp. 239.— With an introductory

country, 1767, 4o., pp. 36, 1/-. essay, by Rev. B. Philpot, late Archdeacon of

Aldwincle. A candid examination of the Rev. the Isle of Man. Lond., J. Nisbet and Co., 1845,

Mr. M— 's conduct, as a counsellor and a 16o., pp. xl and 214, 1/6.-28 ed. Derby, Thos.

friend, agreeable to the principles of law and Richardson ; Lond., Simpkin, n.d., [18- -) 16o., conscience. Lond., printed for S. Bladon, 1767, pp. 258.—New ed. by Rev. Henry White, 1848,

80., pp. 59, 1/32o., 1/6.—1854, 320.

The Priest in Rhyme; an epistle to the Rev.

and learned Mr. Br-w—r, concerning the preNote.— The 1st and 2nd editions are of the same sentation of Mr. H- s to the living of impression.

Al-nk-e, etc. Lond., Hingeston, 1767,40.,1/-. An authentic narrative of some remarkable An answer to a pamphlet entitled “A faithful and interesting particulars in the life of * * * narrative of facts relative to the presentation of * * * * * [i.e. the Rev.John Newton. Commu- | Mr. H----s to the Rectory of Aldwincle," nicated in a series of letters to the Reverend Mr. etc. By M. Madan. Lond., Dilly, 1767, 80., 1)-. Haweis, Rector ef Aldwinckle. And by him, at Remarks on the Answer of the Rev. Mr. the request of friends, now made public. Lond., M- n to the Faithful Narrative, etc. By a printed by R. Hett, for J. Johnson, opposite the | Bystander. Lond., Lee, 1767,80., 1/

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