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HEMPEL, CHARLES FREDERIC, Mus. Doc. (Con.). the High Sheriff of Cornwall. Lond., Rivingtons, God speed the ship. Respectfully dedicated 1867, 8°., pp. 32, 1/2

to the New Zealand Company. The words by

H. S. Stokes, set to music by Charles F. Hempel, Note.- Dedicated to T. S. Bolitho, Esq., High Sheriff of Cornwall.

Organist at St. Mary's, Truro. Published by

the Author, (185-,] pp. 4, 2/-. The Rev. John Keble. Letter dated Pen- | A year ago. Poetry by Lord Viscount Strangzance, 26 Apl., 1866, and signed P.H. The ford. Music by Charles F. Hempel, Organist of Guardian, xxi, 443, (1866.) cf. Coleridge's Life of St. Mary's, Truro. Lond., printed for the Author Keble," pp. 479–80.

by Haddon, Bros., and Co. To be had only of

the Author, 30, Lemon St., Truro., (1854,] fol., HELIGAN FAMILY.

pp. 4, 2/Obits and pedigree of the noblemen and gen Andante pour le piano. Par Carl F. Hempel, tlemen of the blood of Fitz-Yva and Beaupré, Mus. Bac. Oxen. (sic). Lond., Jewell and Letchwith the alliance of Heligan. MSS. in Coll. Arm., ford, [1855,) fol., pp. 3, 1/2 P. 1, fol. 210.-Reprinted Herald and Geneal., The reaper and the flowers. [Begins “There vii, 229–31, (1871.)

is a reaper.”] Poetry by Longfellow. Music by

Carl F. Hempel, Mus. Bac. Oxon. Lond., HELLINS, REV. John, B.D., F.R.S. Curate Jewell and Letchford, 17, Soho Square, (1855,]

of Constantine, 1779-83; V. of Potterspury, fol., pp. 5, 2/-:-Reprinted. Lond., J. H. Jewell, Northamptonshire, 1790–1827. b. North [185-,) fol., pp. 5, 2/6. Tawton. d. Potterspury, March, 1827. bur. To the heroes of Alma and Inkerman's plain. 9 Apl.

Song, the poetry by Capt. Ward. The music by Theorems for computing Logarithms. Philos.

Charles F. Hempel. Lond., Jewell and Letchford, Trans., lxx, 308–17, (1780.)

[1855,] fol., pp. 6, 2/-. A new method of finding the equal roots of

"Summer Twilight.” Andante Cantabile. Coman equation by Division. ib., lxxii, 417–25,

posed for the piano-forte and dedicated to Miss (1782.)

Stewart Richardson, of Pitfour Castle, by Carl

F. Hempel, Mus. Bac. Oxon. Lond., Ashdown NOTE.- Both these papers are dated from “Con and Parry, (185-,] fol., pp. 5, 2/.. stantine, Cornwall."

The sea bird, song. [Begins “Sea bird ! rockHEMPEL, CHARLES OR CARL FREDERIC, Mus.

ing lightly.”] The poetry by the Rev. John

Anderson, Minister of Kinnoull. The music by Doc. Oxon. (eld. son of the following.) b.

Carl F. Hempel, Organist of St. John's EpisTruro, Sept. 1811. d. Perth, 25 Apl., 1867.

copal Church, Perth. Lond., J. H. Jewell, 104, cf. The Choir and Musical Record, v, 360, (1867).

Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, [1857,] fol., Heave one sigh for me at parting. A much | pp. 8, 26.—Reprinted. Lond., J. H. Jewell, admired song. Composed with an accompani- (185-,) fol., pp. 8, 3/ment for the piano forte and with the greatest Endymion. Poetry by Longfellow. Music deference, dedicated, by permission, to the right by Carl F. Hempel, Mus. Bac. Magd. Hall, Oxon. honorable the Countess of Falmouth, by Charles Lond., Letchford, 17, Soho Sq., (185–) fol., pp. Hempel, Jun. Lond., H. Faulkner, (18--, fol., | 6, 2/6. pp. 5, 2/6.

| The Royal Perthshire Rifles, grand march, Cornwall Railway Quadrilles, composed and composed for the piano forte, and dedicated to most respectfully dedicated to the right hon the ladies of the fair city of Perth, by Carl F. ourable The Earl of Falmouth. By Charles F. Hempel, Mus. Bac. Oxon., Organist and Choir Hempel. Lond., published for the author, by Master of St. John's Episcopal church. Lond., Leoni Lee and Coxhead, [1847,] fol., pp. 5, 3/ J. H. Jewell, [1858,] fol., pp. 7, 2/6.

Around the old oak tree. Composed for and Perth Volunteer Rifles Grand Galop, composed sung by Mr. George Tedder. The poetry by and dedicated to the Ladies of Perthshire, by Captain Ward. The music by Charles F. Hempel. Carl F. Hempel. Lond., J. H. Jewell, [1859,] Lond., Jewell and Letchford, [1853,] fol., pp. 5, fol., pp. 5, 3. 2

“Le Bérylle” Mazurka. Composed and dedi'Longfellow's Excelsior, (Begins “The Shades cated to Miss Georgina Moncreiffe, by Carl F. of Night,"] set to music by Chas. F. Hempel, Hempel, Mus. Doc. Oxon. Lond., J. H. Jewell, Organist to St. Mary's, Truro. Lond., published (185–) fol., pp. 5, 3/for the author by Chas. Jefferys, 21, Soho “Morna" Valse brilliante, for the piano. DediSquare, to be had likewise of the Author, 30, cated to Miss Helen Richardson, of Pitfour Castle, Lemon St., Truro, (1854,] fol., pp. 5, 2/6. by Carl F. Hempel, Mus. Doc. Oxon. Lond., HEMPEL, CHARLES FREDERIC, Mus. Doc. (Con.).

HEMPEL, CHARLES WILLIAM. (Con.). Joseph Williams, 123, Cheapside, [185-) fol., accompaniment for the organ or piano forte. pp. 9, 4/

Composed and...dedicated by permission to... “Duncan Gray,” No. 1 of Scottish Gems. Ar The Lord Bishop of Lincoln. By C. W. Hempel, ranged and varied for the piano-forte, by Carl Organist of St. Mary's, Truro. Lond., published F. Hempel, Mus. Doc. Oxon. Lond., J. H. by H. Faulkner, 3, Old Bond St., [1820,] fol., Jewell, (185–,] fol., pp. 7, 4/

pp. 76, 20/- List of Subscribers. Fantasie à la Valse pour le piano. By Carl F. The Commercial Tourist or Gentleman TraHempel. Lond., J. H. Jewell, [185-, fol., 2/2 veller. A Satirical Poem, in four cantos. Anon.

“Oh that my head were waters." Solo con- | Embellished with coloured engravings designed tralto from the Oratorio “The Seventh Seal,” and etched by J. R. Cruikshank.] 2nd ed. composed by Carl F. Hempel, Mus. Doc. Oxon. greatly enlarged. Lond., sold by G. and W. B. Lond., J. H. Jewell, [185–) fol., pp. 5, 2/6. Whittaker, Ave-Marie-Lane. (Polyblank, printer,

“I heard a voice from Heaven." Solo tenore Truro,] 1822, 80., pp. 140.–3rd ed. Truro, and quartett from the Oratorio “The Seventh printed by and for W. Polyblank, High-Cross, Seal," composed by Carl F. Hempel, Mus. Doc. | 1832, 8o., pp. 109. Br. Museum. Oxon. Lond., J. H. Jewell, [185–) fol., pp. 7,

HENDER, CAPTAIN DEGORY. cf. Carew's “He rode upon the cherubims." Solo basso, Survey, (Dunstanville's ed.), p. 176. from the Oratorio “The Seventh Seal.” Com A copy of Captain Hender's Letter to the posed by Carl F. Hempel, Mus. Doc., Oxon... | Earl of Essex : with an account of his services Lond., J. H. Jewell, (186-,] fol., pp. 9, 4/-. and losses and a desire he would move the

“Dies Iræ.” Chorale from the Oratorio “The Queen on his behalf. Dec. 23, 1595. Lansd. Seventh Seal.” Composed by Carl F. Hempel, MSS. 80, art. 14. Mus. Doc. Oxon. Lond., J. É. Jewell, [186 Captain D. Hender complains to Lord fol., pp. 5, 2/6.

Burghley that his hard usage hath broken even The Seventh Seal. An Oratorio, composed by his heart and his wits, Jan. 3, 1595. ib. 80, art. C. F. Hempel, and performed in the Sheldonian 66. Theatre, Oxford, 19th March, 1862. Not printed. D. Hender's Observations on a war with Spain, NOTE.—This was Mr. Hempel's diploma composi

with a method of repelling the invasion tion. The only portions printed were the four picees

threatened. 1595. ib. 98, art. 18. already mentioned. Mr. Hempel was preparing the entire work for the press at the time of his sudden

HENDERSON, JAMES, C.E. (son of Lieut. Col. decease.

Geo. Henderson, R.E.) b. Aberdeen, 15 Oct.,

1821. Resident at Newham, Truro, since 1853. HEMPEL, CHARLES WILLIAM (son of C. F. Hempel ?) Elected organist of St. Mary's,

On the method generally adopted in Cornwall Truro, May, 1804. 6. Chelsea, 28 Aug., 1777.

in dressing of tin and copper ores. Proceedings d. Wolsingham Place, Kennington Road,

Instit. of Civil Engineers, xvii, 195–220, (1858). London, Mch., 1853. cf. A Dictionary of Musi HENDERSON, LIEUT. R.M. Engaged in erecting cians, (1824), i, 359–60.

Watt's Engines in Cornwall, in 1779. cf. Psalms from the New Version, selected for Smiles' Lives of Boulton and Watt, (1865), pp. the use of the congregation of St. Mary's, Truro, 261–62, 281. by the organist. Truro, printed and sold by W. Harry, 1805, fcp. 80., pp. 55, 1/

HENLEY, SIR ANDREW, Bart., of Bramshill,

Hants, (son of Sir Robt. Henley, Knt.) cr. NorE.—Preface signed C. W. Hempel.

Baronet, 30 June, 1660. d. circa 1675. Sacred Melodies adapted to the Psalms of Copies of the Correspondence of Sir A. David, according to the Version of Brady and Henley, chiefly relating to his private affairs and Tate. Selected and composed for the congrega estates in Cornwall, Devonshire, etc., written in tion of St. Mary's, Truro, by C. W. Hempel. 1659–69. Sloane MSS., Br. Museum, 813. Lond., [1812,] 80., pp. 50, 7/.

Note.—These comprise, inter alia, the following. Note.—List of Subscribers. Dedicated to Lord

Lease of the Rectory of Paul from A. Henley to Viscount Falmouth.

Henry King, of Truro, Gent., dated 24 Dec., 1659. fol.

12. A Morning and an Evening Service...also Letters from Sir A. Henley to his brother-in-law, Mr. twenty original melodies, adapted to selected

Godolphin, in friendly terms. Bramshill, 14 Dec., 1662, portions of the psalms of David, and two

Payments towards the grand assessment and rates anthems... The whole in score with a separate of the poor in the parish of St. Just, 1655-9. fol. 84.

fol. 51.

HENNAH, LIEUT. EDWARD, R.N. (eld. son of HENNAH, REV. WILLIAM VEALE (eld. son of

Capt. Will. Hennah.) 6. Tregony, 12 Aug., Rev. Rich. Hennah, who d. 1846). Chaplain, 1800. d. Hastings ? cf. O'Byrne.

R.N. V. of East Cowes, Isle of Wight. R. of

East Stoke, 1864. 6. Plymouth, 1799. HENNAH, LIEUT. FREDERICK, R.N. (4th son of A Description of specimens collected on the

Rev. Rich. Hennah. d. 1846.) 6. Plymouth, island of Ascension, by the Rev. W. P. (sic) 1804. d. Thorney Station, Sussex, Aug. ? | Hennah, (1835). Proc. Geol. Soc., ii, 189, (1838). 1845. cf. O'Byrne. ,

HENNELL, JOHN (son of John Hennell, of HENNAH, REV. RICHARD, M.A. V. of St. Coventry.) b. 19 Aug., 1836. Austell and St. Blazey, 1775–1815. R. of St.

HENNELL, THOMAS (bro. of above.) b. 1 April, Michael Penkivel, 1793–1815. bapt. Cuby, 26

1838. Dec., 1733. d. St. Austell, 13 April, 1815. Land and fresh water shells found in the

and fresh water sheus Jound cf. Gent. Mag., lxxxv, pt. i, 473, (1815); neighbourhood of Penzance. By Masters J. and

me Monthly Mag., xxxix, 584, (1815.)

T. Hennell. Trans. P.N.H. and A.S., i, 251-52,

(1848.) HENNAH, Rev. RICHARD, F.G.S. (eld. son of preceding.) Chaplain of Citadel at Plymouth.

HENSHAW, Rev. WILLIAM. Wesleyan Minister 6. St. Austell, 8 Mch., 1765. d. Plymouth,

at Launceston, 1803. b. Castle Donnington, 26 Mch., 1846. cf. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc. of

1775. d. Holywell, 27 March, 1841. Lond., iii, pp. xxiii-xxvi, (1847.)

Copy of a letter from Mr. W. Henshaw to A succinct account of the Lime Rocks of Ply

Mr. William Bramwell, Methodist Preacher, mouth. With 10 Lithographic Plates. By Rev.

Birstall, dated Plymouth Dock, Mch. 10, 1814. R. Hennah, Chaplain to the Garrison. Printed Printed York, Richardson, 1814, 80., 1 sheet. for W. Curtis, Plymouth, and G. and W. B.

NOTE.-Respecting revivals at Redruth and elseWhittaker, London. n.d., [1823,] 4o., pp. 71, where. 12/

Observations respecting the limestone of Ply HENTY, GEORGE MANSFIELD (son of George mouth. Trans. Geol. Soc., iv, 410-12, (1817); v,

and Maria Henty.) b. West Malling, Kent, 4 619-24, (1821); ii, 405, (1829); Proc. Geol. Soc., Jan., 1848; now (1872) resident in Spain. i, 1, (1826–27); Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles On the occurrence of Wood Tin at the Great et de Géologie, 2e Section, xiv, 324-25, (1828). Wheal Vor Mines. Rep. Miners' Assoc. of C. and

On the question as to the existence of metallic D., 1867, pp. 55–56. veins in the transition limestone of Plymouth. Thomson's Ann. Philos., v, 471, (1823.)

HENWOOD, GEORGE (son of Nicholas and Mary On the animal remains found in the transition Henwood.) b. Penryn, 25 Sept., 1809. limestone of Plymouth. Proc. Geol. Soc., i, 169–

On certain tin stream works in Cornwall. 70, (1834.)

By G. Henwood. Diagrams. 1853, 120., pp. The Redbreast. European Mag., xli, 47,

100, 2/6. (1802.)

Four Lectures on Geology and Mining, read On the death of a favourite Spaniel, dated

at the Mechanics' Institutions Leeds, Hull, March 15, 1802. ib., xli, 391–92.

Bradford, Harrogate, etc. By G. Henwood, M.E. Thoughts on home, dated Plymouth, Sept. 11, Dedicated (by permission) to Sir C. Lemon, 1802. ib., xlii, 222–23.

Bart., M.P.... Lond., published at the office of the On the threatened invasion, dated Plymouth, Mining Journal, 26, Fleet St. Leeds, printed by Nov. 7, 1803. ib., xliv, 461, (1803.)

Samuel Moxon, Briggate, 1855, 8o.
Lines addressed to Mab, the fairy queen, on
Eliza's Marriage, dated Plymouth, Jan. 2, 1804.

Note.—Each lecture has separate pagination. ib., xlv, 224–25, (1804.)

A Great Mine Conference, the Gwennap Bal

Boys, the Prechen Cappen, the fox outwitted HENNAH, CAPT. WILLIAM, R.N., C.B. (3rd

by a cock, a legend of St. Germans, dialogue son of Rev. R. Hennah, V. of St. Austell.)

about India, China, railways and unions, and First Lieutenant of H.M. ship “Mars,” in the

the poor man and his parish church. Devonbattle of Trafalgar. b. St. Austell, 19 Aug.,

port, W. Wood, 52, Fore Street, T. J. Bond, 1767. d. Tregony, 22 Dec., 1832. bur. Cuby.

Plymouth, n.d., (1869,] 12°., pp. 50, 6d. cf. Johns and Nicolas Calendar of Victory, Note.—The three first articles, occupying pp. 1-33 (1855, p. 621; Gent. Mag., cii, 655, (1832.) | are by G. Henwood.

HENNAH, CAR. Hennah, Ship" Marss in the theory mouth, n..




(eld. son of John Henwood and Mary Jory, dau. Cornish Mining Photographs. No. 1. By G.

of Will. Jory). H.M. Assay-Master and SuperHenwood. Mining Journal, xxvii, 400, (1857.)

visor of Tin in the Duchy of Cornwall, 1832 Note.—The first of a series of articles in this and

to 1838. b. Perran Wharf, near Truro, 16 the succeeding volumes of the Mining Journal.

Jan., 1805.

Observations on the performance of a steamHENWOOD, LOVEDAY. A Friend. b. Cubert, engine recently erected at Huel Towan, in Corn

19 Aug., 1788. d. Truro, 31 May, 1844. bur. wall, by Mr. Samuel Grose, with considerations Friends' Burial Ground.

on other subjects connected with the theory of

the steam-engine. By W. J. Henwood... Truro, Extracts from the Memoir and Letters of the

printed by John Brokenshir, 1828, 80., pp. 23. late Loveday Henwood. Falmouth, printed by Jane Trathan and Son, 1845, 120., pp. 116 and

NOTE.-Dated Perranwharf, near Truro, Feby. 20, 1828, and printed for private distribution; reprinted in

Brewsters' Edinb. Journ. of Science, ix, 159-66, (1828). Note.-pp. 1-12 at the end of the work consist of Glossary of Mining Terms...By H. English, “ An Affectionate Address to those that live at Cubert, 1830, 80. signed L. H.-J. Trathan, Printer, etc., Market Strand, Falmouth,” which appear to have been printed previous

NOTE.—The Glossary of the Cornish Mining Terms to the Memoir and Letters.

was supplied by W. J. Henwood.

Object and Laws of the Penzance Natural Extracts from the Memoirs of the late L. Henwood. Lond., C. Gilpin, 1847, 8°., pp. 120,

History Society, with list of the donors, sub

scribers, and officers. Instituted 20th November, which include “ An Affectionate Address.”

1839. Penzance, printed by E. Paddy, book

seller, etc., 1840, 80., pp. 19. HENWOOD, Rev. OLIVER, Wesleyan Minister. b. Callington, 1786. d. Plymouth, 9 Nov.,

Note.-The Rules, (Lists of] Officers, Subscribers, 1860. cf. Wesleyan Methodist Mag., lxxiv,

...and Donations to the Museum, pp. 9-19, were drawn

up by W. J. Henwood, then one of the Secretaries. 96, 837, (1861).

The Metalliferous Deposits of Cornwall and Adieu ; or a friendly remembrance: in prose

Devon: with Appendices on Subterranean temand verse. By O. Henwood. Lond., 1828 ? 120.,

perature ;-The electricity of rocks and veins; pp. 68, 1/2

The quantity of water in the Cornish mines ;A Narrative of Mr. Chas. Barns, a Local and Mining statistics. Forming vol. v of the Preacher in the Methodist Connection, whose Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of lamented death was occasioned by an accident Cornwall. By W. J. Henwood, F.R.S., F.G.S., in his paper mill, Buckfastleigh, Devon, Nov. 4, ... Mining Engineer, Member of the Institution 1828. By 0. Henwood. Lond., 1828, 12o., pp. of Civil Engineers; of the Geological Soc. of 81, 1/6.

France; Hon. Mem. of the Yorkshire PhiloA Brief Memoir of Mr. George Coad, of sophical Soc. ; Cor. Mem. of the Plymouth InSaltash, Cornwall. By O. Henwood. Lond., stitution, and of the Lyceum of Natural Hissold for the Author by J. Mason, 1841, 120., tory of New York, sometime Her Majesty's pp. 154, 1/6.

Assay Master and Supervisor of Tin in the George Coad, The Letter Carrier, or pure Royal Duchy of Cornwall, and Secretary of the religion displayed in humble life, signed 0. Royal Geological Society of Cornwall. Penzance, H[enwood,] Plymouth, May, 1849. London J. Pope Vibert; Lond., Longman, 1843, 80., Wesleyan Conference Office, 2, Castle-street, pp. 512. At the end are 12 plates and 113 City-road, sold at 66, Paternoster-row, (Religious tables, with a diagram of the directions of Tracts,] No. 540, 120., pp. 8, 2/- per 100. electric currents. Price to Members of the Memoir of Mr. John Paul who died 2 June,

Society, 25/-.; to the Public, 30/1815. Methodist Mag., xl, 609-14, (1817).

Slavery at Gongo Soco, in Brazil, 1826–1857. The Better Land. [A Poem.) ib., lx, 400,

By W. J. Henwood, F.R.S ... Penzance, W. (1837).

Cornish, 1864, 80., pp. 8. The Suffering Christian. (A Poem,] dated NOTE.—Reprinted in Trans. R.G.S.C., vol. viii, Camelford, Sept., 1837. ib., lx, 800.

note pp. 289-96. Memoir of Mr. Nicholas Haly, of Saltash, ib., Address delivered at the spring meeting of Lxvi, 353–59, (1843).

the Royal Institution of Cornwall, on the 18th Memoir of Mrs. Elizabeth Geake, of Frog. May, 1869. By W. J. Henwood, F.R.S... Vice. well. ib., lxx, 422–28, (1847).

President of the Institution. Penzance, printed

Presented death wou ek fastleigh, Dievs, 120., PP.

HENWOOD, WILLIAM JORY, F.R.S. (Con.). by W. Cornish, 1869, 80., pp. 21. For private circulation only.--Reprinted. Truro, J. R. Netherton, 1869, 80., pp. 19.

Address delivered at the spring meeting of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, on the 17th of May, 1870. By W. J. Henwood, F.R.S.... President of the Institution. Penzance, printed by W. Cornish, 1870, 80., pp. 16. For private circulation only.

Address delivered at the spring meeting of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, on the 23rd May, 1871. By W. J. Henwood, F.R.S...President of the Institution. Truro, printed by J. R. Netherton, 1871, 80., pp. 65. For private circulation only.

Observations on Metalliferous Deposits and on Subterranean Temperature; Forming the eighth volume of the Transactions of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall... By W.J. Henwood, F.R.S...Penzance, printed and published by W. Cornish, Green Market, 1871, 80. Price to Members of the Society, 25/- ; to the Public, 36/-.

Note.-In two parts, (usually found in two volumes) each with a distinct title page. Part i, pp. xxxi and 1-722; Part ii, pp. vii and 723-916. At the end of the second part are six plates and thirty-seven tables. “An account of the metalliferous deposits in Cornwall" occupies pp. 655-722, and “The Temperature of Cornish mines " pp. 745-49.

HENWOOD, WILLIAM JORY, F.R.S. (Con.). Descriptive Notice of the Morro Velho mine, Province of Minas Geräes, and on the relations between the structure of the containing rocks and the directions of the shoots of Gold in the Brazilian mines. (1844.) ib., vi, 143-46, 1846.· [Philos. Mag., xxv, 341–44, 1844.]

Notice of the Itabira and Santa Anna mines in Brazil. [1845.) ib., vi, 227–29.

Notice of Descoberta gold mine, in Brazil. ib., vi, 294-95.

Description of the Brazilian method of washing (dressing) gold. [1848.] ib., vii, 69, (1865).

Observations on the Providence Mines. [1851.] ib., vii, 179–84. [Edinb. New Philos. Journ., liv, 68–72, 1853.)

On the geological associations of Tellurium. [1853.] ib., vii, 228-29. [Edinb. New Philos. Journ., lvii, 363–65, 1854.]

Observations on Metalliferous deposits. [1869.] ib., viii, 1–722, (1871).

Observations on subterranean temperature. [1870.] ib., viii, 723–66.

On the changes of temperature which take place—at the same, and at different times,—on the surface and at depths of three, six, and nine feet in the Canga, at Agoa Quente, in Brazil. ib., viii, 767-80.

NOTE.—The above 3 articles constitute the whole of the 8th volume of the Transactions.

On a singular exudation of gas in the Union

Remarks on Mr. John Taylor's paper “ On the Mines, Gwennap, [1826.] Trans. R.G.S.C., iii,

accidents incident to steam-boilers." Philos. Mag., 203–7, (1827).

i, 408–11, (1827). Notice of some circumstances connected with

Observations on some late statements respectthe heave of a copper-lode by a flucan vein in the

ing steam-engines in Cornwall. ib. vii, 323-25, Consolidated Mines, Gwennap. ib., iii, 329–31.

(1830). On some of the deposits of stream tin-ore in

Mr. Farey's reply. ib., vii, 421. Cornwall, with remarks on the theory of that

| On the quantity of water afforded by springs. formation. (1828–29.] ib., iv, 57-69, (1832).

| ib., viii, 58. On the manipulation to which the ores of

Facts bearing on the theory of the formation Tin and Copper are subjected in the central

of springs and their intensity at various periods. mining district of Cornwall. [1828.] ib., iv,

ib., ix, 170–77, (1831). 145-65.

Notes on some recent improvements of the On the metalliferous deposits of Cornwall

steam-engine in Cornwall. ib., x, 97-103, (1831). and Devon. [1842.] ib., v, 1-386, (1843).

On a Geological survey of the mines of CornObservations on subterranean temperature in

wall, with a programme of an intended arrangethe mines of Cornwall and Devon. (1843.] ib.,

ment of the details of the metalliferous veins. v, 387-412. [Edinb. New Philos. Journ., xxxiv,

ib., x, 358–63. 246-56, 1843. On the quantity of water which enters the

On periodical variations in the quantities of Cornish Mines. ib., v, 413-44.

water afforded by springs, in a letter to Sir C. On the electric currents observed in rocks and

Lemon. Lond. and Edinb. Philos. Mag., i, 287– veins. ib., v, 445-60.

95, (1832). Statistical Notices of the Mines in Cornwall

Observations on the rise and fall of water in and Devon. ib., v, 461-82.

some wells in Cornwall, with brief notices of NOTE.-The above 5 articles constitute the whole of other matters bearing on the Phenomena of the 5th vol. of the Transactions.

Springs. ib., iii, 417–21, (1833).

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